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Details of the installation of orthodontics to modify the jaw and the causes of irregular teeth

Dental Braces for Jaw Correction, the method of installing dental braces is one of the best therapeutic methods or advanced technologies that aim to correct the jaw for teeth, and the role of braces here is to attempt restructuring or shaping the teeth and jaw bones to the correct position and this will be clarified in detail throughout this article about installing dental braces for jaw correction.

Dental braces for jaw correction

Dental braces for jaw correction

Dental Braces for Jaw Correction

Dental braces for jaw correction is a medical device that consists of wires and brackets with some bands that work to fix metal or other raw material supports to tighten and press the teeth with their help until they eventually move to their correct position or the desired location.

And the role of the braces here is to attempt to re-coordinate and shape the damaged or affected jaw teeth until the deviation of their position is corrected to the straight position, and you can learn about the differences between dental braces implants and traditional implants through this article.

Diagnosis of Jaw Correction with X-rays

X-rays are one of the medical examination methods that are used in discovering the extent and location of the damage in the mouth which might be in one of the jaws or both and in case of crookedness or protrusion of jaw teeth from the other, the role of the braces here is to re-correct and structure these teeth until they are capable of biting with the teeth of the opposite jaw.

And the X-rays clarify if one of the jaw teeth is protruding forward or backward compared to the teeth of the other jaw or which one of them is more recessed than the other or which one suffers from deformities of its teeth where the numbers of these X-ray analyses and medical examinations show the extent of protrusion of one of the jaws’ teeth over the other or the recession even if by one millimeter.

There are criteria that help in determining the diagnosis exactly or the results of the different medical examinations represented in examining the mouth with the naked eye or using X-rays to clarify the extent of the deformity which will be based on many decisions related to the treatment with braces and correcting the jaws.

Diagnosis of jaw correction with X-rays

Diagnosis of jaw correction with X-rays

Reasons for Irregular Shape of Teeth

Dental braces for jaw correction are among the most popular methods preferred by many to treat problems of bone irregularity in the shape of teeth or lack of symmetry in their appearance, and braces are prominent therapeutic techniques that deal positively with the causes that led to the deformation of teeth and jaws until they are prevented and the solution is provided, and these causes could be one of the following possibilities:

  • Genetic reasons that cause the disease to be transmitted from grandparents to grandchildren or successive conditions in the family.
  • Congenital deformities that occur during the formation stage in the mother’s womb.
  • The environment surrounding the child which might negatively affect their growth and the growth of their teeth and mouth contents or the person’s lifestyle and the factors that might affect the teeth and cause them harm.
  • Hormonal changes that are expected to occur during different stages of a person’s life or with aging such as hypothyroidism or hyperactivity of the pituitary gland.

Learn about the conditions for wisdom tooth extraction with braces through this article.

Jaw Correction in Severe Cases

Cases of tooth protrusion are the most absolute leading doctors and researchers to find numerous alternatives and different therapeutic methods that contribute to solving these problems and fit all cases suffering from them regardless of their ages and health conditions.

Normally, cases of tooth protrusion suffer from the advancement

of one of the jaws’ teeth over the teeth of the other jaw or vice versa, one of them suffers from recession backward but there are some severe cases where the rate of protrusion is clear and unnatural to a large extent.

And here in this case, the role of braces for correcting the jaws is appropriate to a large extent as long as treatment is sought at early and suitable stages unlike severe cases where there is no evidence of their response but with attempts, it’s possible to improve the appearance of the deformity somewhat, and The Dental Center makes dental braces almost invisible with transparent options.

Jaw correction in severe cases

Jaw correction in severe cases

The Best Age for Jaw Correction

Jaw correction is an important step that should be taken care of from the beginning of discovering the disease or deformity on the surface of the teeth so that the patient can get an effective and satisfying solution, and children or young people are the most responsive and with them, this technique is more effective and gives quick results within short time periods.

If their teeth suffer from the protrusion of the upper jaw, work will be done to move them backward and vice versa if the lower mouth is recessed downwards, it will be moved forward by braces.

The best age for jaw correction

The best age for jaw correction

Stages of Jaw Correction and Teeth Alignment

Jaw correction and teeth alignment are among the problems whose only treatment is dental braces for jaw correction and any other problems related to their teeth, as these patients suffer from the protrusion of one jaw and recession of another as well as they are exposed to shocks or bruises that facilitate the breakage or cracking of the teeth structure and the clarity of their suffering with chewing food or speaking and pronouncing exits of letters and phrases and problems related to lip attachment and appearing in a bad general shape.

And these cases require immediate treatment and if neglected, the difference between the teeth of the jaws will be clear over time until the differences between the jaws become more severe and the treatment here lies in correcting the jaws and repairing their crookedness or deviation until they become at an equal and one distance together and capable of biting each other.

And the treatment is carried out in two stages the first stage is installing a device for correcting the jaws to move them forward or backward easily and the pressure here is not big but it is with some gentleness so much so that it is easy to remove and reinstall it again to give some rest to the jaws or to eat and clean the teeth comfortably.

And the second stage is represented in installing fixed dental braces that are non-removable which must be tied to a degree that pulls on the teeth significantly until their position is adjusted within a short period of time.

The Impact of Dental Braces and Jaw Correction on Facial Features

The shape and features of the face can be affected when applying the technique of dental braces for jaw correction, as the jawbones or teeth of the mouth are not affected by any changes that might be caused by cosmetic surgery of the jaws in some pathological cases no matter the protrusion or recession by only one millimeter because the beauty of the person and the features of the face or bones were affected from the beginning which made them appear in a not good shape despite the braces doing their role in arranging the teeth of the jaws and making them aligned with each other.

And this is because this alignment negatively affects the soft tissues of the face and for example, when the upper mouth protrudes and the lower mouth recedes and installing the braces and performing the surgical procedures, the tissues of the face will be affected significantly not making them susceptible to change no matter how much the jaws and teeth are adjusted by any effective therapeutic method.

The Impact of Dental Braces and Jaws on the Gummy Smile

Dental braces and jaws are comprehensive therapeutic techniques whose role is not limited to correcting the jaws or moving the teeth back to their correct place again but they play a big role in eliminating the gummy smile and improving the general appearance of the teeth,where they work on treating the visible gums when smiling by trying to lift the mouth and move the teeth upwards.

The impact of dental braces and jaws on the gummy smile

The impact of dental braces and jaws on the gummy smile

Dental Braces and Jaw Correction with Surgery Assistance

Dental braces and jaw correction are best approached in various pathological cases suffering from tooth protrusion or one of the jaws receding, as it has the ability to treat various pathological cases at different age stages, and the experience of dental braces and jaw correction with surgery assistance is worry-free in the hands of the most skilled doctors at The Dental Center.

Where the role of braces is effective and quick in damaged teeth in children and young people due to the nature of their teeth and their growth at this age stage, they do not need any surgeries or surgical procedures.

However, the elderly, considering the severity of their condition and their health situation and medical history with chronic diseases at this age stage and the negative impact of age on their teeth, need both braces and surgeries.

And on the contrary, adults are dealt with both surgical and braces installation but within limits or some of their steps not all, as adults need surgery to change the function and appearance of the mouth and improve them significantly whereas braces work on improving the deformity of the teeth of the jaws and turning it into an ideal smile called the Hollywood smile.

Types of Dental Braces

Dental braces are among the most prominent therapeutic and cosmetic techniques that contribute to eliminating different dental problems as well as any gum disorder, and due to its high effectiveness and major role in treating deformations and defects of the teeth, technology has been applied to all its steps and procedures until different and numerous types have been reached to meet the needs of all patients’ cases and these types vary between:

  • Preventive dental braces.
  • Functional braces.
  • Surgical braces.
  • Traditional metal dental braces.
  • Removable clear braces.
  • Cosmetic braces made of ceramic and zirconium.

Dental Braces Pricing

Dental braces are the therapeutic and cosmetic technique most requested by doctors and most popular among patients due to its high capabilities in eliminating any problems facing all tissues of the oral cavity, therefore, it is noticed that its prices are somewhat high in some specialized centers and clinics, due to taking into account some factors.

And these factors are the cost of raw materials entering the manufacture of different types of braces and the cost of medical technologies and devices and sterilization methods followed in the treatment plan, and the experience of the treating doctor and the number of damaged teeth are among the most prominent factors determining the prices for dental braces which have been ranging recently between 10,000 and 30,000 Egyptian pounds.

The Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

The Dental Center is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a place that offers treatment and cosmetic services for teeth using modern technologies applied through advanced medical devices that support the application of modern sterilization and infection control methods, as the center includes a selection of the best orthodontic and maxillofacial surgeons from the most prestigious Arab universities, ensuring you get impressive and satisfying results.

If you are looking for excellence, comfort, and high-quality services at the hands of the most skilled medical teams, do not hesitate to join our family at the center.

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