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What is orthodontics for jaw expansion? What are the reasons for resorting to it?

Dental Braces for Jaw Expansion, Jaw expansion is an issue many seek solutions for to overcome the complications arising from this problem. In this article, we will discuss one of the methods used in its treatment, which is the installation of dental braces for jaw expansion and treating problems related to crowding and overlapping of teeth.

Dental Braces for Jaw Expansion

Dental Braces for Jaw Expansion

Dental Braces Jaw Expansion

Dental braces are orthodontic wire installations that help in reshaping the teeth with the aid of brackets and bands, and are known as one of the popular methods to eliminate any oral problems that hinder its stability and the functional tasks of the teeth. We offer pain treatments after braces for immediate relief and excellent results at The Dental Center.

One of the major issues overcome by dental braces is jaw expansion, which can adversely affect the appearance and alignment of teeth, highlight gaps, allow for the accumulation of food residues, bacterial growth, and spread of infection in the mouth, causing other complications that negatively affect the overall health of the person, not just the health and safety of the teeth.

You can learn about orthodontic centers and the technologies used there through this article.

Is the Jaw Expansion Procedure Dangerous?

No, the jaw expansion procedure is not dangerous; it is completely safe for all medical conditions regardless of their health status and age, as it is performed by specialists, whether oral and maxillofacial surgeons or orthodontic specialists.

All operations for both lower and upper jaw expansion, or both jaws together, follow the same steps and aim to achieve the same goal without causing complications for the teeth or mouth.

Is the Jaw Expansion Procedure Dangerous?

Is the Jaw Expansion Procedure Dangerous?

What is a Jaw Expander?

A jaw expander is a medical device among the famous orthodontic tools, primarily aimed at expanding the jaw to accommodate all the teeth it contains, in addition to treating other dental and jaw problems the patient may suffer from. This tool plays a role in stimulating the expansion of the jaw cartilages or those between them, allowing for the growth of new bones and increasing bone tissue density.

What Are the Reasons for Jaw Expansion?

Jaw expansion is one of the procedures or techniques related to the famous specialty of installing dental braces. The jaw expansion technique is easily applied in treating various dental problems such as jaw crowding or overlapping of teeth on top of each other or protrusion of its structure, as it directly affects the jaw bones, aiming at their expansion and size increase, thus allowing the growth of new bones to accommodate the teeth present in the jaw.

How to Install a Jaw Expander

A jaw expander is one of the best therapeutic and cosmetic methods that can be used as an alternative to braces in treating simple and uncomplicated cases that only require reducing small spaces between teeth or rearranging the teeth in a harmonious sequence. The edges of this expander are installed and fixed by wires tied to the back teeth of the affected jaw, and the ends of the wires meet in the middle of the jaw expander tool hanging in the mouth cavity or on the jaw that includes the damaged teeth, where there is a small movable wheel in the middle of this tool, and discover the difference between decorative and medical braces through this article.

How to Install a Jaw Expander

How to Install a Jaw Expander

Benefits of Using a Jaw Expander

The benefits of using a jaw expander are numerous and varied and benefit all age groups of patients, regardless of their health problem or medical history. The benefits of the expander device installed for the jaws in case of understanding include rearranging and coordinating the teeth in the jaws and restoring their ability and capabilities to perform their functional tasks without any complications or risks threatening the health and safety of the mouth. It is a flexible tool that prevents new problems, treats old ones, and helps in the growth of bones and restructuring of the jaw cartilages so that the patient’s mouth is normal without any defect.

Types of Jaw Expanders

Jaw expanders are tools discovered as a result of the technological development in recent years, which also played an important role in their development and discovering types that help in solving many problems, such as:

  • Rapid or slow jaw expanders that depend on changing the speed of cartilage expansion and new bone growth, and increasing the density and mass of bone tissue in it.
  • Installing a movable jaw expander that is easy to control as the teeth move and straighten in their place.

Damages of Jaw Expanders

Jaw expanders are considered a therapeutic tool that positively affects the treatment of various types of dental, jaw, and oral problems in general. However, despite their significant role, they may cause some damages that could be:

  • During the first few days following the installation of a jaw expander, the patient may feel pain or general discomfort.
  • Frequent headaches that do not go away with painkillers but are controlled over time until they disappear.
  • The inability to chew food well, especially during the initial period after installation.
  • Difficulty swallowing when eating food that requires chewing.
  • Problems with speaking and not pronouncing the exits of words and letters well, especially in the initial phase that the patient has not yet adapted to.

What is the Suitable Timing for Installing a Jaw Expander?

Installing a jaw expander from the important installations that are beneficial to the patient’s teeth and oral health in general, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article in the previous lines. Installing this device is not limited to a specific group but depends on the age and life stage of the patient, where it is suitable for children from a young age to adults aged 30 years. However, after that or in advanced age stages, the expander is not the suitable solution, but one of the suitable solutions, which is considered the most appropriate, is to undergo surgery because the expander is not effective then, and you can learn about the different types of metal braces through this article.

What is the Suitable Timing for Installing a Jaw Expander?

What is the Suitable Timing for Installing a Jaw Expander?

Post-Jaw Expansion Instructions

Jaw expansion is one of the therapeutic steps that give good and beneficial results for dental and oral health. However, this step requires adherence to some medical instructions and guidelines necessary to maintain the expander device intact and the teeth in the best condition. These instructions include:

  • Expanding the jaw to a greater extent than needed by the teeth because after removing the expander, the jaw returns to its slightly narrower size, ensuring that when the jaw narrows again after removing the expander, its size is suitable for the teeth and not tight.
  • Keeping the expander device in place after the end of its installation period and achieving the desired result to maintain this result and ensure the jaw size is expanded for the number of teeth in it.

At The Dental Center, we help you overcome any pain after removing the braces safely and effectively.

Surgically Expanding the Jaw

Expanding the jaw can easily be done by some medical devices, the most famous of which is the jaw expander in its many types, as there are also other methods that help in expansion surgically. In most cases, these surgeries are the last and only solution for complex and advanced cases that do not benefit from installing any medical expanding devices, and the surgical jaw expansion process is done in a completely different technical manner than what is done by other medical devices. It relies on making one or more large surgical incisions in the mouth, with some rare cases requiring small incisions in the cheek cavity.

Then, the treating doctor places bones in the surgical incisions or openings made in the mouth cavity and fixes these factors with screws and plates, and sometimes granules are the means of fixation needed by the doctor to ensure the stability of the new bones and their natural growth afterwards, thus increasing the density and mass of bone tissue in the affected jaw and ensuring the repair of dental deformities and defects by following other steps in the installation of braces. Do not miss the opportunity to discover the cheapest dental braces price in Egypt through this article.

The Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

Dental patients always look for a comprehensive medical center that includes all dental medical services with a good level while maintaining their comfort and feeling of respect and understanding when dealing with them. The psychological world is very important for all patients, and this is what distinguishes our center. The Dental Center, not only this but also our center has extensive experience due to the presence of the most skilled doctors and consultants in the fields of therapeutic and cosmetic dentistry. Our medical team also ensures the use of the latest technologies and their application by the most advanced medical devices, and we provide high-quality sterilization and infection control methods that ensure the safety and health of patients’ teeth and getting their teeth free from any deformities and defects.

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