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The benefits of orthodontic implants and the difference between them and traditional implants

Dental Braces Implants, Implants Orthodontics are among the best methods used in treating tooth loss and gaps, and their vital role in eliminating any complications or potential risks will be explained in detail in the following points in the article.

Dental Braces Implants

Dental Braces Implants

Dental Braces Implants

The technique of installing dental braces implants is a method that helps to restructure and reshape the teeth again to appear in their correct, vital form free from any deformities or flaws. This is done by installing an orthodontic device that tightens or presses on the teeth for a long period until they move to their correct position or return to their proper alignment in the jaw cavity.

This article will clarify the effectiveness of this device in solving multiple dental problems, how it is applied, and what assists in its completion.

The Difference Between Orthodontic Implants and Traditional Implants

Dental implant surgery is one of the most important procedures resorted to in order to solve various dental issues. It has high effectiveness in filling gaps and spaces between teeth by implanting an artificial titanium root into the jawbone, which may fuse with it.

Then a crown is installed, unlike the orthodontic implant, which is placed between tooth roots or the roof of the mouth so it can easily connect to the fixed brace that moves the teeth to their correct or desired position, thus restoring their coordination and functional abilities at their best. The Dental Center offers modern techniques for dental implantation and orthodontics with high precision.

The Difference Between Orthodontic Implants and Traditional Implants

The Difference Between Orthodontic Implants and Traditional Implants

How Are Dental Braces Implants or Orthodontic Screws Placed?

The process of installing dental braces implants or screws, as they are called, involves several important and vital steps that play a significant role in fixing dental problems. These include:

  • Imaging the mouth and orthodontics with various radiographic techniques.
  • Using teeth in modern techniques for orthodontic installation, including computers that provide a three-dimensional shape of the teeth to accurately image the size of the implants, inspect them thoroughly, and determine the nature of the installation or insertion.
  • Selecting the appropriate length, width, and angle for the orthodontic implants to be installed in the gum cavity or the slit that appears at the jaw.
  • Possibly resorting to artificial constructions after dental braces implants such as crowns, bridges, and medical dentures.

Are There Risks Associated with Using Dental Braces Implants?

No, using dental braces implants does not cause any damage to the mouth and does not negatively affect the patient’s health during their rearrangement in a correct and healthy manner or even when being installed for the first time and does not cause any pain or diseases. You can find more information about the types and advantages of Diamond orthodontics in this article.

Are Orthodontic Implants Painful?

No, the process of installing orthodontic implants is not painful as it is done under anesthesia that makes patients not feel any pain or discomfort, in addition to the use of medical devices that assist all steps and

procedures, making the experience of installing orthodontic implants painless with amazing results at The Dental Center.

Disadvantages of Orthodontic Implants

Orthodontic dental implants do not cause any harm to the teeth or the oral cavity in general as long as they are installed or fixed in the jaw cavity correctly and in their designated place. The cases in which damage appears as a result of installing orthodontic implants are those where it is difficult to move these braces, preventing the teeth from being properly aligned. However, it is easy to leverage implants for some orthodontic movements.

When Are Orthodontic Implants Installed?

The installation of orthodontic implants varies from one medical case to another in terms of timing, duration, and location of installation. Some cases require implant placement at the beginning of treatment, unlike some patients who need to place the implant in the middle of treatment during tooth gap filling, and this implantation lasts in the patient’s mouth for months or during the rest of the treatment period. Details on how to relieve the pain of orthodontic rubber bands through this article.

Benefits of Orthodontic Implants

The technique of orthodontic implants is an important technology in solving many dental problems faced by all age groups and different health conditions, due to several benefits of these orthodontic implants, which include:

  • Reducing the treatment period or recovery duration.
  • Supporting the bone tissue in the jaw cavity.
  • Treating medical conditions that do not respond to other techniques and treatment methods.
Benefits of Orthodontic Implants

Benefits of Orthodontic Implants

Tips for Caring for Orthodontic Implants

Installing orthodontic implants is one of the best therapeutic and cosmetic techniques that yield the desired results and even amazes patients. The success rate depends entirely on adherence to medical guidelines related to this orthodontic treatment, which are:

  • Brushing teeth daily in the morning and evening with fluoride-rich toothpaste that prevents decay and ensures the removal of any deposits or impurities on the tooth surface.
  • Rinsing with a medical mouthwash characterized by different chemical substances that possess anti-cavity properties.
  • Using dental floss to remove any food remnants stuck between the teeth gaps.
  • Ensuring the use of Miswak to maintain a healthy and vital tooth structure free from any deformities or disorders.
  • Rinsing with water after any meal to remove any impurities stuck in the oral cavity.
  • Adhering to a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals that strengthen the tooth structure, especially calcium that maintains the enamel layer covering them.
  • Avoiding hard or tough foods that may press on the teeth and cause damage to them or break the orthodontic appliance, and avoiding any sticky foods that may stick to the orthodontic wires and move them from their place around the teeth.
  • Reducing the intake of carbonated and sweetened beverages or stimulants that may change the color of the teeth or turn the oral environment acidic, giving bacteria a chance to grow again and exacerbate the oral and dental health condition.
  • Avoiding starches, sugars, or acidic foods that make the mouth a fertile ground for bacterial growth, especially when neglecting to clean them after these meals or before bedtime.
  • Quitting smoking or reducing the use of tobacco as much as possible to preserve the teeth from decay or turning their structure yellow and gray and beginning their deterioration.

Details on manufacturing clear aligner trays through this article.

Tips for Caring for Orthodontic Implants

Tips for Caring for Orthodontic Implants

Duration of Wearing Dental Braces Implants

Orthodontics is one of the most prominent techniques that require long periods until the desired results are achieved for all patients, regardless of their health condition, medical history, or age. It is common in most medical cases for the period of wearing orthodontics to range between 12 or 18 months.

However, some cases may require wearing orthodontics for 9 or 24 months unlike difficult and severe cases that may require wearing orthodontics for 3 years to completely eliminate various oral problems from tooth decay, gum diseases, and famous jaw joint disorders.

Best Orthodontic Clinics in Egypt

Clinics at The Dental Center specializing in dental treatment and cosmetic procedures are among the best centers offering dental services at affordable prices and high-quality services by doctors and consultants from the most skilled medical staff in various universities and hospitals in Egypt and the Arab world.

The medical team at the center is committed to applying all modern techniques for all therapeutic and cosmetic methods known in the field of dentistry. It also provides the latest medical devices and advanced sterilization and infection control methods that maintain the health and safety of the patient and make them feel no pain or discomfort, so hurry up to join our center because you always deserve the best.

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