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How long do protruding teeth braces last? How much is its price in Egypt?

Duration of Prominent Teeth Braces, braces are among the techniques used in treating prominent teeth, especially the upper jaw teeth which are longer than the lower jaw teeth. Therefore, this article will explore the duration of braces installation, the number of sessions, types, and prices of braces.

Duration of Prominent Teeth Braces

Duration of Prominent Teeth Braces

Duration of Prominent Teeth Braces

Braces are a preferred technique by many dentists for treating various dental flaws. Many dental patients suffer from gaps between their teeth or misalignment and crookedness. Doctors diagnose many cases of misaligned jaw teeth and gum crowding with too many teeth growing over each other in many children from age 6 to adulthood.

Dentists always ensure to install braces for a time period that guarantees their proper fixation and stability. Many dentists in Egypt rely on several factors to estimate the necessary duration for each case, but the most important is the progression and advancement of the patient’s condition and medical history, recommending braces installation for a preliminary period ranging between 12 and 18 months, which may change to between 6 and 30 months or more or less depending on the severity of the injury or problem the patient is suffering from.

How many sessions for teeth braces?

Braces are among the oldest therapeutic and cosmetic methods used by dentists to fix all dental defects for patients, where metal braces were discovered many years ago and still enjoy high popularity among patients due to their effective and satisfactory results.

Over the past periods, braces have been developed and new advanced types were made especially after the huge technological advancements in recent years that helped enrich the dental field with many scientific updates and medical devices. Thus, reducing the number of necessary sessions for installing dental braces to only one session lasting half an hour and not exceeding an hour due to the use of all modern tools and procedures, and in difficult cases or those with complications, the sessions for installing their braces do not exceed two or three sessions.

How do I know if I have jaw protrusion?

There are many different symptoms that indicate teeth protrusion whether in the upper or lower jaw or the lack of alignment of their lengths with each other, so let’s learn about the symptoms of jaw protrusion in the following points:

  • The person always suffers from the inability to close their mouth.
  • Part of the gum appears when smiling, in which case the patient suffers from a gummy smile.
  • Short length of teeth in one of the jaws causing what is called a deep bite where the jaw teeth do not align with each other.
  • Disproportionate length of the jaw teeth and the increase in length of one over the other and the inability to bite the jaws on each other in what is called an open bite.
  • Inability to chew food properly.
  • Difficulty in speaking and not pronouncing letters and words correctly.

Causes of Teeth Protrusion

There are many techniques for treating different cases of teeth protrusion, but the causes determine the suitable method for each case, so it is necessary to know the causes leading to teeth protrusion to determine the appropriate treatment method and establish the correct treatment protocol, and we mention these causes in the following lines:

  • Genetic problems, a large percentage of cases suffering from teeth protrusion are due to genetic causes and defects in their genes, and signs of protrusion are clear in parents or family members.
  • Using the tongue to press on the teeth.
  • Individual sucking their fingers can be a contributing factor to the protrusion of the jaws or one of them.
  • People with various respiratory diseases who are forced to breathe through the mouth.
  • Increase in growth hormone level in the body secreted by the pituitary gland.
  • Tilting of lip corners especially the upper lip.
Why is orthodontic treatment applied?

Why is orthodontic treatment applied?

Why is orthodontic treatment applied?

Orthodontic treatment is a technique that is highly efficient in execution and achieving the desired results in short time periods sometimes depending on the progression of the case, and many doctors and patients choose the technique of installing braces to get rid of dental deformities such as crookedness, crowding, or gaps.

The reasons for treatment with braces also include trying to improve the functional tasks of the teeth in terms of good and correct pronunciation of all letters and word exits or eating in a way that does not cause embarrassment and the ability to bite and chew well thereby avoiding digestive system problems resulting from indigestion due to poor chewing, in addition to its effective role in beautifying the teeth and aligning them in a sleek attractive shape which positively reflects on his psychology and life.

Is it necessary to put a retainer after braces?

Yes, installing a retainer after braces is a necessary procedure that must be adhered to by the doctor and the patient to ensure the success of the braces installation results, as the patient needs after removing the braces to fix the teeth in the correct places to which they were moved and this is what the retainer helps to provide to the patient, where the retainer works on stabilizing the teeth in their new place so as not to have adverse results due to the teeth adapting after removing the braces to change after arranging them and tending to move again.

Duration of braces for adults

The duration of installing braces for all cases cannot be precisely determined, as the duration varies depending on the medical history of each case or the level of progression and development of the symptoms, in addition to many other factors, one of the most important being age, so it is noticed that the elderly need longer time periods to fully heal and achieve the desired results compared to children or adolescents under 20 years, and the average installation of braces ranges between 12 or 18 months in the normal but in the elderly it can reach up to 30 months.

Duration of braces for simple cases

The duration of installing braces varies from patient to patient based on their medical condition and the severity of their injury, and it is noted that simple cases of dental deformities do not require installing braces for a period ranging between 12 or 18 months as the maximum estimate as the position of the teeth is adjusted and any gaps between them are filled in a short period of time.

Types of braces with pictures and their prices

Types of braces with pictures and their prices

Many types of braces have been manufactured over the past years to satisfy all patients and fit their medical history, and these types have been divided into two sections:

  • Fixed braces: This type of brace is installed and also removed by the doctor in the clinic or medical center only and cannot be removed by the patient at home, and is made of transparent or metallic raw materials, and dentists recommend this type of brace in advanced and complex cases, and fixed braces are divided into metal braces and ceramic braces.
  • Removable braces: This brace is installed in the clinic by the doctor but can be easily removed by the patient at home for cleaning purposes.

This brace is suitable for simple cases of dental defects in children that need to move the teeth in order to restructure them in the correct place, in addition to their ability to fix the teeth in their places after removing the braces, and there is a type of removable brace that is installed on the head and neck to direct the growth of the jaw bones in the desired place to fix the teeth in it, and this type is suitable for children under puberty for their ongoing growth and development of their cells and bones during this period, and you can read details about the price of the lower jaw brace device for children and its types by clicking on this article.

  • Clear braces: Known as Invisalign, this type of brace can be removed by the patient at home and requires regular care and cleaning. It is known for its cosmetic role in improving the overall appearance of the teeth and its ability to maintain the stability of the teeth after removing the fixed braces, and is suitable only for simple non-complicated medical cases, and read more about the removable clear braces and its cost in Egypt through this article.

Stages of braces

The process of installing braces is carried out in several steps and the doctor determines these procedures based on the patient’s condition, so let’s mention these steps in detail below:

  • The first diagnostic stage: This stage begins with the first session in which the doctor requests X-rays and analyses that help him diagnose the patient’s condition and determine the problem and its causes and establish the treatment protocol, and the doctor in this session carefully examines the jaws to be able to determine the necessary treatment duration.
  • The second stage of installing the device: After examining the patient, the doctor determines with the patient the type of brace suitable for him, and depending on the raw material of each type, the duration required for its installation varies to ensure the correction of dental defects completely, then the doctor installs the brace device.
  • Adhering to regular sessions with the doctor: Dentists ensure to follow up all changes that occur after installing braces to monitor the success and progress occurring during the treatment period and intervene as necessary in case of any problems before any complications occur to the teeth and jaws.
  • Removing braces: After monitoring the success of all steps of adjusting and moving the teeth towards the correct direction of the braces wires and arranging them in a sequential order during the medical sessions, the doctor removes the braces from the surface of the teeth and takes pictures of the teeth to compare them with the X-rays before installing the braces.
  • The final stage of fixing the teeth: There are two types of retainers that are installed after removing the braces, and the results after the braces determine the suitable type of retainer whether it is a removable or fixed retainer for each case, and the doctor closely follows the changes and adjustments occurring after installing the retainer, and enjoy the amazing results and permanent stability after the braces, as we use modern and advanced techniques to move the teeth in a healthy and beautiful way in The Dental Center.

Tips during the duration of prominent teeth braces

There are some medical guidelines that the doctor advises the patient to follow in order to maintain the results of the braces and enhance them and increase the patient’s comfort, and these tips are summarized as follows:

  • Alleviating the pain resulting from installing braces by rinsing with a mixture of warm water and salt.
  • Brushing teeth with toothpaste to prevent the accumulation of food residues and the growth of bacteria and tooth decay.
  • Eating only foods allowed by the doctor and avoiding hard and sticky foods.
  • Sticking to warm drinks and avoiding sweetened or carbonated ones.
  • Regularlyattending sessions to adjust the braces wires due to the gradual movement of the teeth.

What happens after orthodontic treatment?

The orthodontic technique aims to regulate the teeth and correct their crookedness and fix the jaws’ defects and add brightness and attractiveness to the smile, and the changes that occur to the teeth and jaw bones depend entirely on the extent of the technique’s procedures application and the patient’s adherence to the medical instructions during and after the treatment stage, and these changes can be summarized after removing the braces as follows:

  • Organizing the teeth and stabilizing them in an orderly sequence in their new places.
  • The ability to eat and chew food well without being deprived of any type of food or feeling embarrassed.
  • Cleaning the teeth freely and without any obstacle.
  • Using dental floss to clean the teeth without any caution.
  • Tooth sensitivity and weakness of their structure due to the weakening of the enamel layer covering them.
  • Appearance of yellow stains on the surface of the teeth due to the inability to clean them well during the installation of braces.
  • Resorting to installing retainers or other types of braces after removing the basic braces in some cases that need more support to complete their healing.
  • Possible appearance of some signs or tissue residues on the lips.

And after removing the braces, the doctor cleans the teeth, especially the area where the braces were installed on its surface, and gets rid of any remaining residues from food or drink deposits and adhesive materials or orthodontic tissues and disinfects the mouth and may resort to teeth whitening sessions in some cases, and in all cases after the doctor ensures achieving the desired results from installing braces, it is necessary to install retainers to maintain these results and ensure no adverse results occur.

When do teeth start moving after removing braces?

It is possible for the teeth to move away from their new places after removing the braces even if slight movements, which causes concern for many cases, but doctors can control this by installing retainers for many months after removing the bands or braces wires directly until they give stiffness to the jaw bones and teeth and stabilize them in the new places.

The difference between jaw protrusion and teeth protrusion

Some cases suffer from protrusion problems whether in the jaw or teeth, and there is a difference between the two and a difference in the symptoms that appear on the patient, and the difference between them can be explained through explaining their definitions as follows:

  1. Jaw protrusion: It is about protrusions in one of the jaws or both, and most cases of jaw protrusion are due to genetic or health causes or causes that appear at birth and may result from exposure to stimulating factors such as jaw collision or placing fingers in the mouth, and the only solution to treat jaw protrusion problems is undergoing surgeries aimed at correcting the jaw or installing braces.
  2. Teeth protrusion: Usually, children and adults suffer from teeth protrusion problems where there is a mismatch between the upper and lower jaw teeth together and protrusion of the upper jaw teeth and their length being longer than the length of the lower jaw teeth in what is known as a misaligned bite which requires quick therapeutic intervention.

Treating teeth protrusion without braces

Usually, dentists resort to installing braces to get rid of teeth protrusion problems, but there are some patients who do not prefer installing braces due to its high cost or their reluctance to feel embarrassed by its appearance on the surface of their teeth or it not being suitable for their medical condition, and in this case, the solution is to undergo jaw orthodontic operations, and doctors always advise patients to quickly get treatment so as not to occur other exacerbations that are difficult to treat.

Corrective surgery works on adjusting the angles of jaw bone deviation so that it becomes straight and fixed in another correct place, and gives the teeth an attractive shape and sufficient support for performing their functional tasks perfectly, thereby aiming to prevent tooth decay later, we understand the importance of a balanced and attractive smile, so we offer an effective and comfortable solution to correct the protrusion of the front teeth without braces at The Dental Center.

How much does teeth braces cost?

The pricing of medical services provided in clinics and dental medical centers is influenced by several factors, the most important of which are the efficiency of the doctor and his assisting team, the quality of the medical devices used, the extent of the patient’s teeth damage, the necessary treatment

procedures, and many more, and based on that, The Dental Center in Cairo determines the rate of braces prices between 7000 and 20000 Egyptian pounds, and this rate is subject to increase or decrease due to the difference in raw materials used and the types of braces suitable for the patient.

The best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetic

The Dental Center in Nasr City in Cairo is one of the medical centers that is famous for providing high-efficiency and professionalism dental treatment and cosmetic services, which is due to including a selection of the most skilled and competent young dentists who have been trained in the most prestigious and finest dental hospitals specialized in how to follow modern therapeutic and cosmetic techniques and how to use the latest medical devices for these techniques.

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