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How much does a retainer cost after braces and when are braces removed?

How much does a retainer cost after braces? Do you want aligned teeth and a perfect smile? Or do you need a lasting result for long periods of life after removing braces? This can be achieved through orthodontic braces and completing its treatment period with an effective retainer to confirm the desired results after braces. Benefit from the information contained in this article.

How much does a retainer cost after braces?

How much does a retainer cost after braces?

How much does a retainer cost after braces?

The teeth retainer is one of the important and necessary steps after removing braces, because the condition of the teeth cannot settle permanently with the new condition, and the jaw bones, tissues, and gums cannot adapt to the current arrangement of the teeth. It requires installing a device responsible for protecting the teeth from their tendencies or changing from their correct position, and helping the other parts present to harmonize with it.

Teeth retainers are a set of custom-made plastic molds or wires, to maintain keeping the teeth in their new positions after braces, and through this article, we will talk about the types of retainers, their importance, as well as the drawbacks they contain, and more information about this topic, follow us.

Why do you need to install a retainer after braces?

Most patients need to install a retainer after completing the treatment period, to help stabilize and fix the teeth in the correct position for long periods of life without being subject to relapse or changing their arrangement after braces, and also to effectively integrate into the jaw bone.

There are different types of retainers for teeth after braces, whether fixed or removable, and they are designed for each patient using modern technology, and the choice between them is based on the extent of the patient’s need for their teeth.

When are braces removed?

During the last period of treatment with braces, and after ensuring that the teeth have been moved to the desired position, and correcting the occlusion between the jaws when biting, the doctor begins to schedule a last appointment to install rubber bands and clips that work to stabilize the final result of the braces. After a period of completing the work of these bands, the braces are removed, and the size and shape of the teeth are measured to manufacture the teeth retainer.

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What are the types and shapes of retainers after braces?

Retainers for teeth after removing braces include two main types that are chosen according to the extent of the patient’s need for their teeth and their health condition, which are:

  • Fixed Retainer

The fixed retainer is a small, thin wire that cannot be removed or removed, except after the end of the retainer installation period. It is fixed with an adhesive material on the edges of the front teeth, and it is possible that this retainer may be damaged or corroded over time, due to the difficulty of cleaning it or eating sticky and hard foods when chewing.

  • Removable Retainer

This retainer is designed specifically according to the size and condition of each patient’s teeth, as it is a transparent mold made of plastic that is installed on the lower and upper teeth together. It is also characterized by the ability to remove or put it on as the patient wishes when eating or cleaning. It can be worn during sleep only or all day, depending on the condition of each patient, and sometimes it is exposed to damage or breakage, which requires replacing it with a new retainer.

What are the types and shapes of retainers after braces?

What are the types and shapes of retainers after braces?

The importance of wearing a retainer after braces

The retainer after braces is considered one of the important devices that must be installed after removing braces, as it provides great importance after the end of the treatment period with braces, which is:

  • Strengthening the bones and rebuilding them appropriately with the correct position of the teeth, as it allows the integration of the tooth bones with their new positions.
  • It works to arrange and organize the teeth and gradually move them to the desired place, and protect them from returning to the old shape or being exposed to other problems.

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Disadvantages of braces retainer

Despite the importance and benefits of the braces retainer, it includes several drawbacks and negatives, which include the following points:

  • It is difficult to clean the teeth while installing a fixed retainer, as it takes a long time.
  • Exposure to sensitivity or feeling uncomfortable due to the permanent retainer being made of metal.
  • The possibility of food debris and lime layers accumulating on the tooth surfaces.
  • The removable retainer causes an increase in the amount of saliva secretions inside the mouth.
  • The removable retainer may lose its effectiveness and viability with the teeth, as a result of removing or moving it several times.
  • It is easy for bacteria and germs to grow between the removable retainer.

How long do I need to wear a retainer after braces?

The duration of using a retainer after braces depends on the health condition of the patient’s teeth, and the doctor’s view of the extent to which the teeth need this device. It is possible that the retainer will be worn for a certain period not exceeding six months or for life, to confirm the final result after the retainer.

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Does the retainer after braces adjust the teeth?

Yes, it is natural for the teeth to be in a state of constant change and growth, as well as the internal tissues in them, and it is possible that they may be exposed to erosion or relapse after a period and return to their previous condition before installing the braces.

For this reason, many doctors recommend the necessity of installing a retainer after braces for a certain period to help keep the teeth in their new position and give the bones and tissues present in the teeth a chance to adapt to their current position.

The retainer can be placed for life or for a short period after completing the treatment period with braces, and in case of installing a removable retainer, it should not be completely removed so as not to lose its effectiveness when used, and this is determined according to the condition of each patient.

Does the retainer after braces adjust the teeth?

Does the retainer after braces adjust the teeth?

Is the retainer after braces painful?

No, the retainer after removing braces does not cause pain, but it needs a period of time for the patient to adapt to the new position of the teeth. It is possible that the person may feel some pain during the first few days of installation, which gradually disappears after a short period of use.

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How to convince a child to wear a retainer after braces

When your child needs to install a retainer after braces, you should know that they will feel some pain due to the pressure from the retainer to prevent the teeth from moving, but this pain will soon disappear completely. We offer you some things that can help you convince your child to use the retainer, including:

  • Constant patience in teaching the child and reminding them to wear the retainer, as this matter takes time.
  • You can write some motivational messages in the morning and present them to your child, which will encourage them to wear the retainer all day.
  • Involve your child in choosing the color and shape of the retainer they prefer to install, and you can also print some cartoon pictures on the child’s retainer.
  • Simple explanation of how to use the retainer and the benefits it provides for the child in the long run.

Learn more about the information revolving around braces retention, click here.

Caring for the retainer after braces

We provide you with a number of tips that should be followed to maintain and care for the retainer after installing it on the teeth after braces, including:

  • Properly cleaning the retainer

Retainers are prone to the spread of bacteria and the entry of germs, which requires paying attention to cleaning the teeth using a soft toothbrush and suitable toothpaste, to be able to remove all food debris and bacteria present on the teeth.

  • Adhering to instructions

It is essential to regularly follow up with the instructions and guidance provided by the doctor in order to avoid the teeth returning to their previous condition or delaying the final result with the retainer, because if other damages occur inside the teeth, it may require more financial costs with another treatment.

  • Avoid eating and drinking while wearing the retainer

It is not advisable to eat and drink while wearing the removable retainer, which is prone to damage or breakage, and increasing the chances of developing tooth decay and accumulating food particles between the teeth. Therefore, it is important to avoid eating solid or sticky foods, especially when wearing the retainer inside the mouth.

  • Avoid losing the device

The removable retainer is one of the types most prone to loss or damage, which requires using a dedicated case for this purpose and in a distinctive color so that the retainer can be placed inside it every time it is removed, whether for eating or cleaning teeth.

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Cost of permanent retainer

The cost of a permanent retainer starts from 1500 Egyptian pounds to 3000 Egyptian pounds. It is necessary to take into account a set of factors that affect the overall cost of this device, the most important of which are:

  1. The quality of materials and ingredients used in the manufacture of this retainer.
  2. The quality of techniques and devices used during this procedure.
  3. The level of health care provided by the center.
  4. The experience and skill of the doctor.

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