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How much do ornamental braces cost and the difference between them and medical braces?

How Much Does Cosmetic Braces Cost, Orthodontic technology is important in the field of dental treatment and cosmetics in Egypt due to its importance in treating various problems. The recent developments in its applications have shown different and modern types, including cosmetic braces, which have proven their effectiveness in many medical cases. This has led us to discuss it in detail in this article.

How Much Does Cosmetic Braces Cost

How Much Does Cosmetic Braces Cost

How Much Does Cosmetic Braces Cost

Cosmetic braces are one of the latest types of braces that have been discovered recently, with researchers and specialists keen on allowing people to benefit from the impressive results and effectiveness of braces after people have become afraid of how their teeth look with braces or do not want to install them so as not to negatively affect their psyche. Technology played the biggest role in this development, particularly in the emergence of clear braces.

And the price of cosmetic braces naturally varies from one place to another due to the difference in skill and experience of the human factors responsible for applying this process or assisting patients in receiving treatment, where the experience of the treating doctor or the number of damaged teeth in the mouth and the extent of their damage and location affect the cost of any medical service provided, and the extent of development of medical devices and technologies used in treatment is also among the most prominent factors.

You can learn about the criteria that determine the prices of installing braces through this article.

The Difference Between Cosmetic Braces and Medical Braces

Recently, there have been many and varied dental braces in terms of the functional aspect they perform, the period during which they are installed, how they are installed, and the basic idea on which the braces rely. The latest development helped in discovering a new type, which is clear cosmetic braces, which differs from traditional medical braces in the following points:

  • Clear or cosmetic braces are installed for a shorter time compared to traditional metal braces, which are installed for a long period due to the many adjustments they need. However, both are painful technologies that make the patient feel pain and discomfort due to their attempt to press on the teeth until they move back to their correct place again.
  • The appearance of clear or cosmetic braces on the teeth looks good due to the color similarity between them, unlike metal braces, which have a completely different color from the teeth and attract attention to them, which has made many afraid of installing them so as not to affect their general appearance and worsen their psyche and lose their self-confidence.

And more details about installing orthodontic braces bases are available by clicking on this link.

The Difference Between Cosmetic Braces and Medical Braces

The Difference Between Cosmetic Braces and Medical Braces

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cosmetic Dental Braces in Egypt

Installing cosmetic dental braces is one of the therapeutic and cosmetic methods followed in recent years with all patients, even from the age of 7 years, due to its many advantages, which are as follows:

  • Its simple cost that suits different segments of society.
  • Easy installation in specialized centers and clinics.
  • Its good appearance that does not negatively affect the psyche of patients.
  • The presence of the latest devices, technologies, most skilled doctors, and places equipped at the highest level in Egypt for its installation.

Despite these advantages, some disadvantages have appeared, which can be mentioned in the following enumeration:

  1. The materials used in manufacturing this type of braces are of unknown source and have no known properties or information.
  2. Researchers orspecialists do not know the materials that make up these braces, how long they stay in the mouth, whether they have the ability to interact with other mouth components or not, and how safe they are for patients’ health.
  3. These braces might be installed outside specialized medical places, exposing patients to the risk of infection and damage to the oral cavity.
  4. Colored stains might form on the surface of the teeth due to the installation of these braces.
  5. This type of brace may change the color of the teeth to yellow, pit their surface, or weaken and make their structure fragile, making them prone to falling out.
  6. Teeth are easily prone to decay, especially since it is difficult to clean teeth during their installation.
  7. Gum inflammation is one of the most common complications that occur in the mouth after installing this type of brace.

You can learn about the techniques used in securing braces through this article.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cosmetic Dental Braces in Egypt

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cosmetic Dental Braces in Egypt

The Purpose of Cosmetic Braces

Cosmetic dental braces are popular among teenagers and children due to their aesthetic appearance that suits their age or the nature of the age stage they are going through, with many colors and different shapes of this type of brace attracting them and being easy to coordinate with their clothes. This lifts the embarrassment off young people and children, making them not feel any negative psychological impact and not affecting their self-confidence.

From this, we deduce that the main purpose of this type of brace is to satisfy patients who avoid installing braces for fear of their unsuitable appearance on the teeth, and cosmetic dental braces can be fun and effective at The Dental Center.

How to Install Cosmetic Braces

Installing cosmetic braces is a technique that takes place in several simple steps that do not require any preparations or much effort and time. It entirely relies on trying to fix the braces’ brackets on the surface of the teeth when applying it. The concerning matter is that it might be installed by any non-specialist and outside the medical places responsible for treating and beautifying teeth, which was the main reason for the appearance of the aforementioned disadvantages in the beginning of the article.

These braces last in the patient’s mouth from 3 to 5 months based on previous experiences, and after that, the patient feels their teeth’s instability, looseness, and discomfort when talking or eating or their falling out. One of the most irrational behaviors is some people installing braces themselves at home or in non-sterile places like dental laboratories as an alternative to braces that have expired. We at The Dental Center use the latest techniques and materials to provide high-quality fixed cosmetic braces behind the teeth.

And discover the details of installing the retainer after the braces and the suitable age for it through this article.

How to Care for Cosmetic Braces

Cosmetic braces, like many therapeutic and cosmetic technologies used in treating dental problems over many past years, require care and attention so as not to produce adverse results and serious complications for the health of patients’ teeth. The usual care methods include the following:

  • Brushing teeth using a soft brush that helps clean the inner parts of the mouth and around the braces gently without scratching them or causing gum sensitivity.
  • Committing to daily rinsing with medical mouthwash that helps eliminate any bacterial deposits or infections spread in the mouth.
  • Using medical floss helps get rid of food remnants stuck between the teeth or their gaps.
  • Rinsing with salt water daily once to eliminate any gum inflammations or their bleeding.
  • Avoiding pressing on the teeth either by eating hard food that requires chewing or opening hard objects with them as these bad habits destroy the teeth and gums and cause serious complications in the mouth.
  • Sticking to easy-to-swallow softfoods that do not require any chewing of food along with fruits and vegetables filled with vitamins and minerals beneficial for dental health while being careful to reduce sugars, starches, stimulants, and acids.
  • Changing the brush after two months or 3 months at the latest.
  • Keeping the braces in their special care box that helps clean its parts.

Learn about the steps and instructions for tooth extraction for braces through this article.

How to Care for Cosmetic Braces

How to Care for Cosmetic Braces

Tips Before Using Cosmetic Braces

Cosmetic braces are types of braces that a not small group resorts to, so it is necessary to know some tips before deciding to install them, which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Do not install braces if there is no health necessity requiring it or any defect in the mouth for which the only solution is installing braces.
  • Buy braces from specialized medical places and do not care about unknown places so as not to get braces that can easily destroy your teeth and cause damage to the tissues of the oral cavity.
  • Cosmetic braces require care and attention just like medical braces, so do not hesitate or neglect to adhere to the special care instructions for them.
  • Go to the specialist doctor in case you feel any pain or bleeding or inflammation and ulcers occur in the mouth.
  • Visit the doctor if you want to remove it to ensure the health of the gums and the safety of the mouth and not damage the teeth.

And learn about how to install invisible braces for teeth through this article.

How Much Are Cosmetic Dental Braces

Cosmetic dental braces have gained fame recently due to their distinctive and numerous colors, which attract children, youth, and adults, representing a large percentage that should not be underestimated. Therefore, cosmetic braces were designed with simple technology that does not require any long procedures in any case, and its cost was necessarily made simple, ranging between 260 and 600 Egyptian pounds.

The Best Medical Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

The Dental Center in Egypt is a center specialized in various fields of dental treatment and cosmetics in Nasr City, and the center is distinguished by its ability to provide all techniques and means of dental cosmetics. The doctors in the center are keen on treating patients with advanced methods that help them get rid of their different problems, supervised by a group of doctors in Egypt and the Arab world. Start your journey and get perfect, shiny teeth free from any defect.

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