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The price of removing braces and when should they be removed?

The cost of removing braces, the method of installing dental braces is one of the best therapeutic methods that are resorted to during the current period and for many years due to its high ability to restore teeth to be vibrant and healthy free from any defect again without allowing them to be exposed to damage or making them prone to loss, and this will be explained in detail later.

The cost of removing braces

The cost of removing braces

The cost of removing braces

The treatment through the installation of braces is known for its good reputation among many patients and doctors due to its many benefits to them and its possession of many features that they learn, and this is clearly shown through the results it gives, which receive a large and positive echo from many who make its cost somewhat high in some specialized places due to the difference in the cost of the various raw materials used in the manufacture of the different types of it.

The main controller of their cost is the economic situation, which changes continuously, meaning the change in the cost of materials and tools used in the making and installation of braces, as well as the experience of the treating doctor and the number of years he has practiced the operations of installing braces and the number of damaged teeth that need treatment are the basic factors controlling the cost of any orthodontic unit to be installed.

Types of dental braces

The technique of installing dental braces enjoys a lot of positive opinions, and many medical cases have undergone its installation, and the results of all these experiments were satisfactory and in the interest of the patient and fair to this technique, and this is what inspired many researchers to apply modern technological methods in developing all its steps until discovering many types that can be represented in:

  • Traditional metal braces.
  • Transparent cosmetic movable braces.
  • Preventive braces.
  • Surgical orthodontics.
  • Functional dental braces.

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Types of dental braces

Types of dental braces

Benefits of dental braces

Many patients consider dental braces to be one of the best therapeutic technologies used to get rid of various problems they face, regardless of their ages and the different procedures suitable for them or their medical history, and this will be clarified when mentioning the benefits that patients gain as follows:

  • Restoring a healthy, flawless dental structure free from any deformities or defects.
  • Improving the overall appearance of the teeth.
  • Giving the teeth the strength and toughness that help them perform their functional tasks in the best way.
  • Helping the teeth chew food well.
  • Speaking well and pronouncing phonetics and words correctly.
  • Preserving the other teeth in the mouth from being damaged and lost eventually.
  • Giving the mouth the balance and stability it needs to maintain its balanced environment not susceptible to bacterial growth.

Steps of installing dental braces

The method of installing dental braces is one of the therapeutic methods that are easy to apply, and the results begin to appear during the first period of treatment, but braces are types of treatments that need a long period of treatment, which makes its results stable and continuous for many years with patients without relapsing again, and the steps of its installation can be:

  • Examining the patient’s mouth using radiographic or tomographic imaging to clarify the damage with high accuracy and to know its extent, location, and help in suggesting the appropriate solution for it.
  • Taking measurements of the teeth in order to know their size and determine the size of the braces that will contain them in orderto fix them in their correct place.
  • Giving the lab technician the measurements and making the braces according to the type and raw materials agreed to be made from.
  • Trying the braces on the teeth and knowing how well they fit them.
  • Fixing the brackets on the surface of the teeth using orthodontic wires and brackets.
  • Connecting the wires and brackets together using orthodontic ties.
  • Tightly tying the braces on the teeth to fix them firmly on them.

When do the results of dental braces appear?

The final results of dental braces can be obtained by the patient after 12 or 18 months, and in some medical cases, the teeth return to their correct position within 6 months, and it is rare for someone to need 24 months or 3 years, and then the braces are removed as soon as the results are clear, but the initial results or signs of improvement in the position of the teeth appear within two or three months.

When should dental braces be removed?

The technique of installing dental braces is one of the techniques that take a long time to achieve the goal of using them in treating dental malalignment, therefore, it should be fixed on the surface of the teeth for many months or years if necessary to reach the desired results, i.e., the average removal of braces is between two months or 24 months in the normal situation i.e., after the treatment process is completed.

It is possible to remove the braces earlier than scheduled if any complications or problems occur or if there is no response to the treatment with it, and in the case of installing movable braces, it should be removed when eating or brushing the teeth or practicing violent sports so as not to be exposed to breakage or damage, and learn about the details of treating diastema with braces and the best other treatment options for it through this article.

Steps for removing dental braces

The process of removing dental braces, like the process of installing them, is done easily and in simple steps with modern tools that do not cause any problems for the patient or any damage to his teeth, it includes the following steps:

  • Removing the adhesive materials that bind between the braces brackets and the surface of the teeth.
  • Cleaning the teeth from any residues stuck on their surface.
  • Removing tartar deposits from the surface of the teeth and polishing them.
  • Taking measurements of the new teeth in order to determine the retainer mold that will be fixed on the surface of the teeth after removing the braces.

Is removing dental braces painful?

No, the process of removing dental braces is not painful because it is done under the influence of local anesthesia that is sprayed on the affected area or the gums, and the techniques used in the removal are modern and do not cause any pain or discomfort to the patient but help to complete the process of removing the braces without any suffering, and at The Dental Center transform your smile with advanced dental braces to last long.

Tips to follow after removing dental braces

The step of removing dental braces is not the end of the road for the treatment phase for problems of gaps, misalignment, or protrusion of the teeth, as there are some other complementary procedures that must be adhered to in order for the treatment process to be completely completed and to achieve the desired results, therefore, the doctor provides some tips for the patient that help him improve his condition more and faster after removing the braces, summarized in:

  • Eating soft, easy-to-swallow foods that do not require chewing at all so as not to cause any pressure on the teeth.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, which works to enhance the strength and toughness of the teeth and maintains their solid structure.
  • Avoiding hard or solid foods that may cause pressure on the teeth and expose them to damage.
  • Installing the dental retainer at the scheduled time according to the doctor’s instructions.
  • Adhering to any medical instructions provided by the treating doctor for proper care and attention of the teeth.
  • Cleaning the retainer regularly and avoiding exposing it to damage or any malfunction.

Details about the night dental braces and the candidates for its installation through this article.

What is a dental retainer?

A dental retainer is a medical device similar to braces and follows the same working idea of pressing and pulling the teeth for a long period of time until they are fixed in their designated and correct place, and this period varies depending on the patient’s condition and his specific health situation and teeth.

And it is made from several raw materials that differ in properties but all possess similarity in owning the strength and toughness and the ability to give the desired results from them, and learn about the difference between cosmetic braces and medical braces through this article.

Types of dental retainers after braces

The dental retainer after braces is one of the tools that help in preserving the teeth from any problems they face, as it complements the work of braces in pressing and pulling the teeth, and in order for it to perform its functional role, it has been recommended to be made from different raw materials that make it classified into the following types:

  • Permanent retainer: It is a type of retainers that are used permanently in the mouth i.e., they are not removed after the doctor fixes them on the surface of the teeth, and this type requires special care so that the teeth and gums do not suffer from many complications.
  • Movable retainer: It is the second type of retainers, which is characterized by its ability to keep the teeth stable and at the same time does not negatively affect their appearance.

And the movable retainer is characterized by being able to be removed at any time and anywhere by the patient after he knows the correct way of fixing it from the treating doctor, and there are two types of it, which are the Hawley and the transparent, which have many cosmetic properties.

Types of dental retainers after braces

Types of dental retainers after braces

How is the process of removing dental braces done?

The process of removing dental braces is done in several steps, starting with removing the braces brackets from the surface of the teeth, and the initial steps mentioned above are done by pressing on the brackets until the adhesion between them and the teeth is undone, then getting rid of any adhesive residues on the teeth, and then ensuring the cleanliness of the teeth and their freedom from any deposits on their surface.

Tips for caring for a dental retainer

The dental retainer is one of the installations used in treating health and cosmetic dental problems, and given the importance of cleaning any type of installations used with different patients, the retainer also needs care and following the following tips:

  • Brushing the teeth with fluoride-rich toothpaste resistant to decay and a soft brush that prevents any inflammations.
  • Not neglecting the use of medical mouthwash for rinsing to get rid of any bacterial deposits in the mouth cavity.
  • Regularly using dental floss to remove any food residues stuck between the teeth gaps.
  • Using Miswak to maintain the health and structure of the teeth from any infection or health problems that may occur to them.
  • Rinsing after every meal with water to get rid of any impurities.

And discover the reasons for using a retainer after dental braces through this article.

Tips for caring for a dental retainer

Tips for caring for a dental retainer

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Cost of braces removal in Egypt

Orthodontics is one of the most prominent therapeutic and cosmetic techniques used for years until now in the field of dentistry. Due to their importance and high efficacy, people are asking about the prices for installing them in different places and specialized institutions. The cost of these braces varies according to the raw materials used in their manufacture. Therefore, we notice that the cost of installing a metal brace removal ranges up to 10000 Egyptian pounds, while the aesthetic transparent one does not exceed 11000 Egyptian pounds. This mentioned cost was determined based on several factors: the cost of medical techniques and devices, sterilization methods used in treatment, the reputation of the treatment center or the clinic where the treating doctor repairs the damage in the mouth and restores the number of teeth that need repair. The US dollar exchange rate against the Egyptian pound is the main axis for the cost because changing it affects the cost of chemicals and procedures followed.

Best dental care and cosmetics center

The Dental Center is the best specialized centers in providing various medical services and cosmetic methods in Nasr City, as it has modern medical devices to implement various advanced and diverse techniques with modern sterilization methods. A number of skilled doctors and consultants in the field of dental treatment and cosmetics supervise all disease areas, especially orthodontics, which makes us one of the best centers providing American metal braces. Our doctors try to keep up with everything modern for their comfort and to ensure they get high quality services from the most skilled doctors in Egypt and the Arab world at affordable prices. You can be one of them if you hurry to book an appointment and join our family.

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