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The price of removing braces and what are the most important steps?

The Cost of Removing Dental Braces, If you are seeking more information related to the installation of dental braces, especially the costs involved for each step or procedure, including the removal step, this article will detail the process of removing braces, the associated costs, the importance of installing a retainer after removal, its types, and how to benefit from it sufficiently to keep the teeth stable and healthy.

The Cost of Removing Dental Braces

The Cost of Removing Dental Braces

The Cost of Removing Dental Braces

The technique of installing dental braces is carried out in stages such as the installation, adjustment, removal, and finally replacing it with a retainer to achieve the best possible results. The cost of braces, ranging between 10,000 Egyptian pounds and 20,000 Egyptian pounds, includes the removal step. The price is determined according to the following factors:

  • The cost of chemicals and technologies used.
  • The extent of disease progression and the number of teeth damaged.
  • The number of years the specialist doctor has practiced.
  • The treatment methods followed.

And rest assured, your smile is in the best condition with advanced dental braces from The Dental Center.

Types of Dental Braces

Have dental braces given you healthy, flawless teeth free from deformities? Has the installation of braces helped you speak well? Was installing dental braces your first step towards a sleek and unique appearance? All of this can be achieved through various types of braces, with technology playing a key role in making them available, such as:

  • Traditional metal types.
  • Clear and cosmetic braces.
  • Removable braces.
  • Preventive braces.
  • Functional braces.
  • Surgical braces.

Learn about the signs of teeth movement after installing braces through this article.

Types of Dental Braces

Types of Dental Braces

Disadvantages of Dental Braces

Dental braces are the most prominent and sought-after treatment for various dental issues among many patients. Braces offer many benefits that the mouth and teeth need in different disease states. However, there are some disadvantages that can be highlighted as follows:

  • High cost.
  • Allowing teeth to be damaged.
  • Difficulty in cleaning teeth when wearing different types of braces.
  • Tooth sensitivity.
  • Various gum diseases such as swelling or receding of the tissue.

Learn about ways to alleviate the pain of braces elastics and tips after installation through this article.

When Should Dental Braces Be Removed?

Removing dental braces is easy and can be done in simple steps when necessary, such as at the end of the installation period or when the desired results are clearly achieved on the teeth structure.

In other cases, removing dental braces is the remaining necessary step when the teeth relapse or when many problems arise during the installation of braces, requiring immediate removal to prevent any further complications or endangering the teeth and disrupting the stability and balance of the mouth’s different contents.

Steps to Remove Orthodontic Braces

Recently, it has become easy to remove orthodontic braces to enjoy teeth free from any deformities in their alignment or shapes. It is easy to remove the braces by following these steps:

  • Removing any adhesive residues that were used to attach the braces to the teeth.
  • Cleaning and polishing the teeth after removing the braces and before installing any retainers.
  • Stabilizing the teeth with follow-up retainers.

Is Removing Orthodontic Braces Painful?

No, all steps of installing or removing orthodontic braces are done under the effect of local anesthesia, which ensures that patients do not experience pain or discomfort during the different stages of treatment. Discover the suitable cases for installing Invisalign braces in this article.

Tips to Follow After Removing Orthodontic Braces

After removing orthodontic braces, it becomes easier to speak, eat, and interact freely without any obstacles. However, it’s also easy for the teeth to relapse back to their incorrect position. Therefore, it is essential to follow some guidelines after removing orthodontic braces, which include:

  • Installing a retainer on the surface of the teeth.
  • Cleaning the retainer regularly daily when cleaning the mouth and teeth.
  • Adhering to the medical guidelines for the teeth after installing the retainer and removing the braces.

What is a Dental Retainer?

Installing a dental retainer is the final step that separates patients from obtaining their aligned teeth free from any potential deformities or those they suffered from before. It plays a significant role in keeping the teeth in the same position achieved after removing the braces to ensure they do not move back to their incorrect position.

The retainer adopts the same concept as braces in terms of exerting pressure on the teeth for a long period to change their position. It is made from raw materials of metal and porcelain, ensuring an aligned smile and a more attractive appearance with an orthodontic retainer from The Dental Center.

What is a Dental Retainer?

What is a Dental Retainer?

Types of Dental Retainers After Braces

It is necessary to install a dental retainer in all medical cases after braces to maintain the teeth in good condition for the longest possible time until they are permanently stabilized. Due to the different health conditions of patients, doctors have turned to technology to develop its types and make it available in more than one form, such as:

  • Removable Dental Retainer: One of the most prominent types of retainers used due to the ability to remove it at any time, especially when eating or cleaning the teeth, providing a degree of flexibility in handling them.

There are two types available: the Hawley retainer, which consists of a plastic mold and metal wires made according to the patient’s dental measurements to manufacture the suitable version for them and their teeth, and the clear removable retainer made of plastic or polyurethane without resorting to any raw metal materials.

  • Permanent Dental Retainer: A type of retainer used in most cases on the lower teeth and is easy to install because it consists of metal wires fixed behind the front teeth, and it is not meant for removal and reinstallation like the removable dental retainers.

Tips for Caring for Your Dental Retainer

Installing a dental retainer is an important step that significantly helps in obtaining healthy, flaw-free teeth, ensuring a well-aligned appearance. Therefore, it is essential to care for your orthodontic retainer upon installation to try to keep it in the mouth for the longest possible period to achieve the desired results. This

can be done by following some of the tips below:

  • Attempting to brush your teeth more than once daily to remove deposits or residues stuck on their surface or the surface of the retainer.
  • Using a soft brush that helps clean the teeth without causing any inflammation or sensitivity to them.
  • Ensuring the use of fluoride-rich, anti-cavity toothpaste.
  • Using dental floss to remove any food residues between the teeth.
  • Rinsing with a medical mouthwash specialized in eliminating any bacterial infection in the mouth.
  • Maintaining daily use of the miswak.
Care Tips for Dental Retainer

Care Tips for Dental Retainer

Cost of Dental Retainer in Egypt

A dental retainer is one of the means that ensures the stability of the teeth in their place after removing the braces, maintaining the results provided by the braces without allowing the teeth the chance to relapse and move towards the gap or misalignment from their correct alignment. The significant role and excellent results of the orthodontic retainer have motivated specialists to apply technology in its techniques and discover various types to meet the different needs of patients.

Therefore, the cost of orthodontic retainers varies based on the type and raw materials used, but it can range from 10,000 Egyptian pounds for traditional metal retainers to 11,000 Egyptian pounds for cosmetic ceramic transparent retainers.

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take?

Orthodontic treatment is known for the impact of time factor in implementing its techniques and achieving the desired results. It relies on tightening and pressuring the teeth over a long period to allow them to move to their correct position in the mouth and attempt to stabilize them there to regain their luster and aligned shape, fulfilling their functional roles perfectly. The specific period for installing the braces is not fixed; it varies from one patient to another based on their medical history, the duration of their dental damage, their health condition, and their response rate to the treatment.

Thus, it is observed that braces can be fixed in some cases from two months to 24 months, but most often, the number of months required by the majority is not less than 6 months and does not exceed 3 years in cases of patients with severe or advanced dental problems that require longer treatment periods.

Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetic

Many patients look for a specialized medical center that offers dental treatment and cosmetic services using modern techniques to avoid any pain or discomfort that might hinder their treatment. They also seek good treatment and understanding from the doctors and the medical team assisting them, which is provided by The Dental Center in Nasr City.

Our center stands out for including a selection of the best consultants in Egypt and the Arab world, applying all techniques using advanced medical devices and modern sterilization methods. Therefore, you can ensure that your journey towards an attractive appearance with perfect teeth is easy and trouble-free under the hands of the most professional and skilled specialists.

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