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More details about the price of permanent dental retainers after braces and the importance and duration of wearing them

The price of a permanent dental retainer after braces, a permanent dental retainer is one of the types of retainers used in adjusting and fixing problems of crookedness and protrusion of teeth after braces installation. It has proven its effectiveness in keeping the teeth in their correct position for a long time in case of problems with tooth loss and gaps between them. Here are all the details related to the method and duration of its installation and cleaning, in addition to its types and different forms.

Permanent dental retainer price after braces

Permanent dental retainer price after braces

Permanent dental retainer price after braces

The permanent dental retainer after braces is a metal device made of wires and brackets proportionate to the shape and size of the teeth in the mouth. This type of retainer is installed after the braces are removed from the surface of the teeth so that the teeth remain in the position they were moved to by the braces. The advantage of this retainer is that it is permanent, meaning it cannot be removed and reinstalled again when eating or cleaning the teeth, unlike the movable type, which ensures a higher and faster stability of the teeth and prevents them from any potential damage that could cause them harm.

The price of the permanent dental retainer is an important point that many people look for, eager to benefit from its advantages and enjoy its benefits. The price usually varies based on several factors taken into consideration, such as the price of the raw materials used in its manufacture or composition, in addition to the technologies, devices, and sterilization methods used in treatment, as well as the doctor’s experience should be considered with the number of damaged teeth, their location, and the appropriate procedures for them.

Cases that require orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment over several years has proven its efficiency in treating various pathological cases and different problems that teeth face. However, there are some cases where their best treatment is represented in installing braces, such as:

  • Teeth that protrude forward or backward, which are common in anterior beings or affect them significantly.
  • Crookedness of the dental structure.
  • Loss of teeth resulting from their falling, damage, or the need to extract them so as not to cause significant harm to the mouth.
  • Large or small gaps between the teeth, which are the most common, as gaps between teeth are among the most widespread modern diseases at various age stages of people.
  • The teeth of the jaws not biting together correctly and the wrong bite.

Learn about the appropriate time to install the dental expansion braces through this article.

Cases that require orthodontic treatment

Cases that require orthodontic treatment

When is the dental braces removed?

Dental braces, as therapeutic and cosmetic techniques, have gained the trust of doctors and specialists over many years, more than thirty and much more. The goal of installing braces is to reshape, coordinate, and structure the teeth in the jaw cavity without causing any damage or defect to them over a specified period, and to ensure the beautification of the teeth with a touch of magic: dental braces for amazing results and an eye-catching smile with The Dental Center.

At the end of this period and achieving the desired results from it, the doctor removes it and replaces it with a retainer that maintains the same results it gave, and on the contrary, it is possible to remove the braces in case of non-response to the treatment by the patient and giving it opposite results and a greater collapse of the teeth.

What are the types and shapes of braces after orthodontics?

Dental braces after orthodontics have provided many benefits to patients’ teeth of different ages and health conditions, which encouraged specialists in the fields of dental medicine studies and research to apply many technological methods to its procedures until discovering more effective types and shapes that benefit another large sector of patients as well, and types of dental braces may be:

  • Permanent dental brace: It is metal wires, straight or braided curved to suit the different tooth shapes, and the wire is fixed to the back or inside of the teeth to ensure not moving them, they are lingual wires or tied retainers that the doctor only installs.
  • Removable dental brace: It is a type of retainers that are easy to remove and reinstall at any time or period without the patient being exposed to any damage or the teeth being complicated, and this brace is more cosmetic than therapeutic, so there are two types: clear removable orthodontics and hawley removable orthodontics.

The difference between them is in the raw materials used in the manufacture of each, as the hawley relies on acrylic or plastic in the manufacture of the mold with a metal wire, unlike the clear retainer, which is a complete plastic mold that is worn on the teeth.

What are the types and shapes of braces after orthodontics?

What are the types and shapes of braces after orthodontics?

The importance of wearing braces after orthodontics

It is easy to remove orthodontics and be satisfied with the results it gave to the teeth, but over time their situation will deteriorate and become crooked again or move from their place, and from here the importance and benefit of installing dental braces appeared, which are summarized in the following points:

  • Securing the teeth in their new position for as long as possible.
  • Strong and sturdy, not easily damaged or cracked.
  • Permanent retainers are the best because they are not easy to remove after being installed on the tooth surface, which does not give a chance to forget its installation and not get the desired results.
  • It is easy for the doctor to repair or modify it in case it is damaged.

Why is wire-free orthodontics made? The answer is through this link.

Disadvantages of orthodontic braces

Orthodontic braces are one of the best methods preferred by many doctors to complete treatment after orthodontics, given the high level of quality, safety and many advantages they provide, which were mentioned in detail during the article, but despite this, some disadvantages appeared which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Permanent retainers make brushing difficult.
  • Tooth loss due to inability to clean teeth properly.
  • When using a permanent retainer, various gum diseases may appear that may result from plaque accumulation due to the inability to brush teeth daily due to the retainer, especially when installing a permanent retainer.
  • Tooth discoloration due to accumulation of tartar and plaque on the tooth surface and roots.
  • Feeling discomfort and pressure in some cases when installing a permanent retainer.
  • Gum irritation resulting from the use of metal wire in permanent orthodontics.
  • The removable retainer can stimulate the growth and accumulation of bacteria in the mouth.
  • The removable dental retainer is easily damaged.
  • Not adhering to installing the removable retainer for the specified number of hours during the day can easily return the teeth to their wrong position again.
  • If you do not know how to install it correctly and in the specified place, it is easy to get various oral diseases and many complications.

How long do braces last after orthodontics?

Braces after orthodontics require more time to give the desired results in all cases treated with it, as its idea is, as we mentioned during the article, based on the time factor in which it presses on the teeth, and the longer this time is, the more harmonious the teeth appear in an orderly and attractive sequence, and this period should not be less than 6 months in order to give results that can last for many years afterwards.

The retainer should be removed only while eating, brushing teeth, or playing rough sports in order to get results in the shortest time when installing a removable retainer, and discover more about how clear aligner orthodontics are manufactured through this article.

Does braces after orthodontics straighten teeth?

Yes, the braces installed after removing or ending the orthodontics period in the mouth can correct visible tooth problems that hinder their natural harmonious appearance, as the retainer works by pressing and pulling the teeth until they remain fixed in the same place that orthodontics helped stabilize them in the jaw cavity.

Depending on the nature of the case, the period during which the retainer will be installed is determined, and to restore confidence in your smile: braces after orthodontics to make it look natural and attractive with The Dental Center.

Is braces after orthodontics painful?

No, the process of installing braces after orthodontics is carried out according to the latest treatment techniques and with highly accurate methods using advanced medical devices that prevent the patient from feeling any pain or discomfort, as the installation process is done under anesthesia, so the patient does not feel anything, and learn about ways to relieve orthodontic pain through this article.

How to convince a child to wear braces after orthodontics

The role of the retainer when installed on the child’s teeth is to prevent moving the teeth from their place in the mouth so that they are kept in place without protruding, bending or falling out, and the child can be prepared before installing the retainer by explaining the importance of this retainer in preserving his teeth from damage or losing them or through other methods such as:

  • Being patient with the child and not pressuring him to wear the retainer, and he should not be reminded every period to install the retainer or put it on, but rather leave a period of time until he remembers on his own.
  • Talking to him and encouraging him to wear it in order to get the reward he wants.
  • Leaving a morning message checking on him and encouraging him to install the retainer and preserve his teeth so that his appearance is always good.
  • Taking the child’s opinion in choosing the shape and color of the retainer he wants.
  • Clarifying the benefits that will affect his teeth when installing the retainer and how attractive he will look when his teeth appear healthy, sound and harmonious.

Caring for braces after orthodontics

Installing braces after orthodontics is one of the most important types of installations used to improve the shape and appearance of teeth and eliminate their deformities, whether the type of retainers is fixed or removable, and given the importance of this step, the doctor provides many tips that help take care of the teeth and keep them healthy and sound, namely:

  • Brushing teeth daily once or twice in the morning and evening to ensure that no food residues or impurities from drinks settle on the tooth and retainer surface.
  • Trying to rinse the teeth with water after each meal, given the difficulty of washing or brushing them as a result of installing the retainer, especially the permanent or permanent type.
  • Using dental floss to remove any debris trapped between the teeth spaces.
  • Being careful to use a toothbrush to maintain the tooth or deciduous tooth structure itself intact and free of any infection in it.
  • Rinsing with the medical mouthwash that the treating doctor may suggest in order to eliminate any bacterial infection prevalent in the mouth.
  • Adhering to a healthy nutritional diet rich in vitamins and minerals that strengthen the enamel layer coating the teeth and maintain the tooth structure strong.
  • Avoid stimulants, carbonated and sweetened drinks.
  • Reduce any sugars, starches or acids that can turn the oral environment acidic, which gives bacteria a chance to grow again.
  • Avoiding tough, solid foods that can press on the teeth causing many problems.
  • Avoid sticky foods that can easily stick to the retainer and move it from its place.
  • Eating more soft, easy-to-swallow foods that do not require chewing and pressing on the teeth, which does not expose them to malfunction or various types of damage that may hinder repairing or treating their problems.
Caring for braces after orthodontics

Caring for braces after orthodontics

Permanent dental braces price

The price of permanent dental braces is easy to determine according to the factors mentioned above at the beginning of the article, as the dollar value versus the Egyptian pound plays a major role in determining the installation price of braces for various medical conditions in their various health conditions, and we note that the price of braces after orthodontics in various centers and clinics is 1500 Egyptian pounds for one jaw and 3000 Egyptian pounds for both jaws.

You can learn about the advantages and types of diamond braces orthodontics through this article.

The best center for dental treatment and aesthetics

The Dental Center is the center that provides the most offers suitable for different patients of different social classes, while ensuring the application of all modern approved technologies based on technological methods, as the center is one of the first centers to provide dental treatment and cosmetic services by providing advanced medical devices and advanced sterilization methods that help patients comfort and avoid any feeling of pain or discomfort.

The center includes the most prominent dental doctors names in Egypt and the Arab world, which ensures quality service and stunning results for all our patients that exceed their expectations.

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