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What do the teeth look like before and after braces? How much do braces cost at the Dental Care Medical Center?

The shape of the teeth before and after braces, Orthodontic braces are techniques that help restructure and organize the teeth in a sequential order, positively affecting their functions and the overall appearance of the patient. In this article, we will learn about the changes resulting from the reshaping of the teeth due to braces and when the teeth begin to move towards their correct positions.

The shape of the teeth before and after braces

The shape of the teeth before and after braces

The shape of the teeth before and after braces

Orthodontic braces work to fix dental flaws, move them, and rearrange them attractively and correctly, in addition to supporting and strengthening them so they can perform their functions without any problems and maintain good pronunciation of words and letters. Cases where braces are the optimal solution include:

  • Protrusion of the upper jaw teeth and their excessive length compared to the lower teeth.
  • Crowding of the gums in both jaws with many teeth growing over each other.
  • Gaps and vast spaces between the teeth.
  • Crooked teeth and their uneven growth.
  • Lack of proper occlusion between the jaws.

These previously mentioned cases are advanced and require careful precautions during treatment to achieve desired results and choose the types of braces suitable for each case with the time periods that ensure their complete recovery. Get orthodontic service at our Dental Center for the perfect smile, and prepare for the beauty transformation that will change your life.

What should the shape of the teeth look like after braces?

After braces, teeth should be organized and aligned, but some cases may find the results unsatisfactory due to their teeth’s nature and crowding in the gums or the small size of the jaw and its non-response to adjustment after braces. These cases require surgical intervention by the doctor, who creates spaces between the teeth by shortening their length to allow them to be aligned in a regular sequence.

When do the teeth start moving after braces?

The answer to this question varies due to different response rates for each case compared to others. Some cases respond quickly to treatment, while others need more time and show slow improvement. This is due to differences in age stages, as childhood is characterized by the continuous growth of a child’s bones and teeth, making their treatment period short compared to older patients who require commitment and patience until the first signs of tooth movement appear. Generally, the first signs of success in moving teeth with braces begin 3 months after their installation, with the overall period of wearing braces ranging from a year and a half to three years for patients to achieve the final desired results.

The face shape before and after braces in pictures

The face shape before and after braces in pictures

The face shape before and after braces in pictures

One of the main roles of orthodontic braces is to fix dental flaws and thus correct facial defects resulting from improper jaw occlusion or malocclusion such as underbite or crossbite and the elongation of front jaw teeth, where there might be a clear asymmetry or mismatch in the jaws of some individuals, and in other rare cases, this may not be noticeable. The problems of jaw alignment are due to abnormal positioning of the jaw or its growth stages.

A common misconception among some is that braces make the face longer than its natural length and cause a distortion in its appearance, but this is not true as braces, whether dental or jaw, do not directly affect the nose or face. However, some people might think that braces change the shape of their nose and the angles of their faces because the angles between the lips and the nose or chin may change as the teeth move from their current position to the correct one, consequently changing the shape of the nose or its angles.

The technique of orthodontic braces works by gently and continuously applying pressure on the teeth, leading to the restructuring of their bones. It’s possible for the bones and tissues of the

teeth to fracture painlessly as this occurs continuously throughout a person’s life, requiring no concern and indicating no serious problem; rather, it facilitates the movement of teeth along the braces’ wires without resistance. As the teeth gradually move to their correct position, the lips and the side profile of the jaw change, and in many cases, no change is apparent. In cases where teeth in the jaw grow inversely and against each other, braces and rubber bands help move the jaws until the upper and lower brackets meet and change the jaw. Read information about tooth gaps after braces and how much dental braces cost to close gaps by clicking on this article.

Do braces change the shape of the jaw?

Yes, orthodontic braces reorganize and align the teeth and jaw, changing their shape and overall appearance. Braces achieve the perfect occlusion of the upper and lower jaw teeth because it is essential for the upper and lower teeth to fit together without any protrusions, and the teeth must match each other. In case of improper occlusion of the jaws, tooth wear, breakage, and pain in the joint occur.

Orthodontic braces also correct speech defects such as lisping and articulation of certain letters, preventing tooth damage and other problems related to teeth alignment. One of the effective functions of orthodontic braces is changing the shape of the jaw and face, making it more attractive.

Do braces change the shape of the nose?

No, braces might affect the shape and width of the upper jaw but this impact does not extend to the structures affecting the shape and size of the nose. However, in some cases where the upper and lower jaw teeth are reorganized, the change might extend to the facial shape, especially in the affected or treated area, showing minor changes on the nose. An example is that when adjusting the lips inward, the face and nose area might actually adjust or it could be just a perceived illusion by the patient.

Do braces expose the face?

Braces do not change the shape of the face, but their main purpose is to rearrange the teeth, thus indirectly changing the shape of the lips. In addition to changing the alignment of the teeth, braces can lead to changes in the mouth, face, lips, jawline, and the overall appearance of the patient.

Do braces change the shape of the mouth?

Yes, and the extent of the change depends on the degree of crookedness and randomness of the teeth. Some cases suffer from the upper jaw teeth being longer compared to the lower jaw teeth, difficulty in closing the mouth, and biting the teeth when talking and eating. We notice a change in the shape of the mouth and the correction of pronunciation of words and letters, which helps change the shape of the mouth when closed.

Do braces increase self-confidence?

It’s very likely that the various results of orthodontic braces, from improving the appearance of teeth to enhancing the smile’s brightness, add attractiveness to a person’s personality, positively reflecting on their psyche and increasing their self-confidence due to fixing all teeth problems and flaws during the braces period. Don’t waste time, start your orthodontic journey with us at our Dental Center today for amazing results in a shorter time.

Orthodontic braces mistakes

Orthodontic braces mistakes

Orthodontic braces mistakes

The process of installing orthodontic braces is characterized by precision in all its steps, but it’s possible for some mistakes to occur during its installation. Let’s highlight some of these mistakes below:

  • Insufficient examination of the patient and incorrect diagnosis: Installing braces requires ensuring the health of the teeth, jaws, and gums and the absence of any diseases in the mouth. Therefore, if the patient’s condition is not properly diagnosed and the x-rays and analyses are not well evaluated, a wrong therapeutic protocol may be set, causing many complications.
  • Inadequate assessment of the patient’s condition: It’s possible for the doctor to set an unsuitable treatment plan for the patient that is not beneficial and does not help reach the desired results from installing braces. Therefore, setting a therapeutic protocol for the patient requires accurately analyzing the patient’s data.
  • Incorrect useof techniques during the installation process:The field of dental treatment and cosmetics is rapidly evolving, with technological advancements making a leap in the medical devices used in different therapeutic techniques, including orthodontic braces technology. However, some doctors are not sufficiently qualified to use these medical tools and have not received adequate training to operate them.
  • Not following the specific timeline for the treatment phase: Failing to implement all treatment steps at the planned times can lead to delayed healing and some complications in many cases, such as decay and tooth erosion.
  • Not ensuring accuracy and complete healing after each treatment step: All steps of installing braces need to ensure they are completed correctly so that adjustments can be made as soon as any problems occur before any complications arise, extending the treatment period.
  • Not applying pressure on the teeth during braces installation: Some dentists rely on the patient’s teeth to execute the steps of installing braces, putting them under pressure they cannot withstand, leading to adverse results such as breakage and erosion.
  • Lack of commitment to oral and dental hygiene: The patient’s lack of commitment to regularly cleaning and brushing their teeth can lead to other health problems not only including the teeth but the overall health of the body, causing the patient to suffer from many complications. Therefore, the patient should adhere to all medical instructions advised by the doctor, in addition to regularly attending dental cleaning sessions with the doctor and periodic examination sessions to not prolong the healing period.

The best age for orthodontic braces

The technique of installing orthodontic braces suits all age groups because it is one of the safest and most precise technologies used in treating and beautifying teeth, giving desired results. However, children aged 8 to 9 years are distinguished by their age stage of continuous growth of their bones and teeth, which accelerates the healing period and achieving results and getting rid of any dental defects represented in protrusions or gaps in a short period without resorting to any surgeries. You can find out about the best orthodontist in Cairo and their prices in 2023 by reading this article.

How do orthodontic braces work

The technique of installing orthodontic braces relies on continuous pressure on the teeth using bands and wires that pull them from their incorrect position to move and fix them in their correct places. Braces consist of four elements: brackets, adhesive, and the wire that maintains the straightness of the teeth, and as soon as this wire presses on the brackets and teeth, the teeth move.

Orthodontic braces results before and after

Most patient cases who have had orthodontic braces installed achieve an impressive and beautiful tooth shape and a bright and captivating smile due to the sequential arrangement of the teeth. However, most dentists install retainers after removing the braces to prevent the teeth from returning to their incorrect position again. The doctor determines the type of retainer suitable for each case and the time period it needs.

How much does orthodontic braces cost?

How much does orthodontic braces cost?

How much does orthodontic braces cost?

The price of orthodontic braces is governed by many factors, the most important of which are the affected area, the number of teeth to be repaired, the case’s medical history, and the extent of health situation development, in addition to the raw material suitable for the patient and its price compared to the dollar rate. Based on these factors, the management of the Dental Center has set the cost of installing orthodontic braces from 7000 to 20000 Egyptian pounds, and this variance is due to the presence of many types of braces and various raw materials used in their manufacture.

Best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetics

The Dental Center in Nasr City, Cairo, is one of the most prestigious medical centers offering dental treatment services in Egypt due to its inclusion of a team of the best specialists in the field of dental treatment and cosmetics with various technologies used and the latest medical devices, in addition to providing prices that suit all segments of society and the management’s constant care to provide the best and highest quality raw materials used in different treatment methods for dental problems. You can book and inquire by clicking on the official website link from here.

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