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Learn more about transparent iron braces and does it give positive results?

Transparent braces, Are you suffering from severe misalignment of teeth? Do you want to achieve a perfect smile without deformities? Or do you need an effective and permanent treatment for years after the procedure? Are you looking for a transparent and invisible procedure during the treatment period? Clear aligners are one of the therapeutic and cosmetic solutions to the problems you want to solve. Follow us in this article and learn about the details related to this topic.

Transparent braces

Transparent braces

Transparent braces

A large number of people require an effective treatment to solve the problem of crooked and overlapping teeth, which leads to an unsightly appearance of the smile or teeth. The optimal solution to this problem is braces, which are one of the most famous traditional therapeutic types used for this purpose.

In the recent period of dentistry, clear aligners have emerged as a new type, containing more cosmetic benefits and advantages that benefit all patients. It is a removable and easy-to-clean treatment, made of highly transparent and effective plastic for treating teeth without the need for high pulling force.

Through this article, we will provide the most important information about clear teeth aligners. Get to know us and benefit from all the contents of this article, follow us.

What is the teeth straightening procedure?

The teeth straightening procedure is considered one of the therapeutic and cosmetic procedures that work to restore the shape and function of the teeth again after being exposed to some deformities or internal damage to the teeth. It works to improve the function of chewing food normally or adjust the pronunciation of letters. It is also an effective treatment to get rid of oral health problems.

Therefore, braces are widely used in different medical centers, due to the effective results they provide in meeting the desires and needs of all patients suffering from dental problems.

Cases that need teeth straightening

There are a number of medical conditions that have problems or deformities in the teeth and need teeth straightening, which are:

  • People who suffer from sleep apnea or snoring, especially during sleep.
  • Having difficulty speaking or mispronouncing words.
  • Cases suffering from persistent pain in the jaw area or gums.
  • The need to treat the problem of large gaps between teeth.

At the Dental Center, we offer clear aligners that look and work like real teeth.

What is the difference between clear and metal braces?

There are a number of differences between clear and metal braces, which we will explain as follows:

  • Metal braces

Metal braces are considered one of the fixed types that are permanently bonded to the teeth. This type consists of a set of metal archwires that are connected to each other by a light metal wire. However, metal braces do not suit many medical cases, as they give an unaesthetic appearance to the teeth during the treatment period, in addition to feeling uncomfortable and annoying.

Advantages of metal braces

  1. Effectiveness and speed in achieving results by adjusting and correcting teeth.
  2. Treating all deformities or problems in the teeth.
  3. Easy to use, as it is fixed and non-removable.

Disadvantages of metal braces

  1. Causes sores in the gums or tongue.
  2. Feeling persistent pain or discomfort from its presence.
  3. The unsuitable appearance the patient has during the treatment period.
  • Clear aligners

Clear aligners are classified as a type of removable braces that are distinguished by the ability to remove them from the teeth. They are prepared by taking a mold of the patient’s teeth and mouth using a wax mold, to manufacture the aligner according to the same model and measurements of the teeth.

After the aligner is prepared, it takes the shape of a plastic or acrylic mold, which is worn snugly over the patient’s teeth, applying a light force to move the teeth to the new position.

It is important that this aligner is worn for a period ranging from 20 to 22 hours per day only, and it can be removed for cleaning or eating, until it achieves successful results after straightening.

Advantages of clear aligners

  1. This aligner does not cause mouth sores or injuries inside the teeth.
  2. Ease of use, with the ability to move or install it as the patient needs.
  3. It does not allow for the loss of teeth, but rather helps maintain the health of the teeth and mouth.
  4. You can see what your teeth will look like after installing the aligner, through a responsible digital technique, which encourages the patient to complete the treatment.

Disadvantages of removable clear aligners

  1. Installing clear aligners requires a higher cost than metal braces.
  2. It does not have the high effectiveness of other types of braces, due to its removal and installation several times in a row.
  3. It can only be used with simple cases of dental problems.
  4. The patient may feel bored wearing this aligner all day.
  5. It increases the chance of dry mouth or excessive salivation.
  6. It is preferable to install it with adults only.

Consult our specialists for installing clear aligners to find the right solution for you at the dental center.

What is the difference between clear and metal braces?

What is the difference between clear and metal braces?

The shape of clear teeth aligners

The shape of clear teeth aligners is a mold made of a transparent material that is not visible to others. It is distinguished by the natural appearance of the teeth and jaws, and it is easy to install or remove as the patient wishes, either for cleaning or eating.

It is installed inside the patient’s teeth by determining the measurements of the teeth and sending them to the medical laboratory responsible for its manufacture. It also does not contain metal wires.

Learn about the experiences of others with clear aligners by reading this article.

The shape of clear teeth aligners

The shape of clear teeth aligners

How are teeth aligners manufactured?

Teeth aligners are prepared in an organized manner and according to the measurements and size of each patient’s teeth. This is done through a set of steps that are followed in order to manufacture teeth aligners, which include the following points:

  1. The size of the problem is determined, whether it is complicated or simple, and based on this, the aligner is chosen. If the case is mild, a clear aligner is manufactured according to the size of the jaw and teeth, and sent to the medical laboratory to manufacture the mold for this aligner.
  2. The clear aligner is designed using 3D technology.
  3. When installing clear teeth aligners, there is no need for many adjustments or brackets and metal wires like traditional braces.

Get a dazzling smile and get ready for the world after clear aligner treatment at our distinguished Dental Center.

Criteria for using the appropriate type of braces

There are two types of braces, whether traditional metal or clear, and there are a number of different criteria upon which the most suitable type for the patient is chosen, which are as follows:

  • Age

It is better to use metal braces with children, away from clear aligners that they cannot tolerate inside their teeth, as they may remove them every now and then, exposing them to damage or erosion.

  • Size of the problem

The choice of the type of braces depends on the severity of the problem that the patient suffers from, whether it is large and requires high force from the tension of metal wires, or a simple problem that does not require treatment over a short period with clear aligners.

  • Some other factors

There are some other factors that affect the type of braces used, such as the level of costs or the appropriate financial capabilities for each patient.

Do teeth aligners give positive results?

Often, clear teeth aligners do not give satisfactory results for many cases suffering from complicated or large dental problems, as they rely on a light pulling force that does not lead to realigning the teeth effectively, like traditional metal braces that apply a strong force to move and adjust the teeth.

However, clear teeth aligners leave positive results with some patients who suffer from simple dental problems. For this reason, their use is suitable for these cases. It is also possible to resort to installing them after metal braces to complete the treatment plan with clear aligners and achieve a successful result after the treatment period.

Enjoy the perfect smile after our distinguished clear teeth straightening.

Do teeth aligners give positive results?

Do teeth aligners give positive results?

How to care for your teeth during braces?

Here are a set of tips to help you take care of your braces during the treatment period, so that they do not get damaged or have other problems:

  1. Daily cleaning of teeth by using a soft brush and toothpaste containing fluoride.
  2. It is preferable to use effective dental floss to remove food particles between the teeth.
  3. Use an antibacterial mouthwash to rinse the mouth and ensure there are no food remains or bacteria.
  4. Commitment to regular follow-up with the dentist to monitor the condition of the braces and the safety of the teeth.
  5. Avoid sugary foods that can cause tooth decay.
  6. Avoid sticky or hard foods, as they can cause the braces to break or stick to their parts.

Avoid the pain and discomfort of traditional braces, benefit from the clear aligner experience available at our Dental Center.

The cost of clear metal teeth aligners

The cost of clear teeth aligners is determined based on several influencing factors in general, the most important of which are:

  1. The level of services or health care provided by the medical center.
  2. The quality of the materials and raw materials from which this aligner is made.
  3. The patient’s health condition, whether they need treatment for some dental problems or not.
  4. The quality of the techniques or devices used during installation.
  5. The doctor’s experience and skill.

In general, the price and cost of clear aligners starts from 10,000 Egyptian pounds to 30,000 Egyptian pounds, according to the previous criteria. You can also benefit from our offers and prices offered by the Dental Care Medical Center for clear teeth aligners. Contact us by sending a text message through our website at the bottom of the page.

The best center for dental treatment and cosmetics

Discover the Dental Center in Cairo, which offers the best dental and cosmetic dentistry services. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality services and a specialized medical team with extensive experience in the field of oral and dental surgery. Regardless of your needs, you will find the optimal solution with us, whether you need medical or cosmetic dental treatments.

Our Dental Center also works to satisfy and gain the trust of patients in achieving the best results from all cosmetic and therapeutic operations. This is evident through the opinions of previous patients in dealing with the center, which are published on various social media platforms.

We offer services such as teeth whitening, correcting dental misalignments using clear aligners, and improving the appearance of teeth using modern techniques. Contact us today to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

The best center for dental treatment and cosmetics

The best center for dental treatment and cosmetics

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