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Learn about the types of dental braces for children and the stages of their installation!

Types of Teeth Straightening for Children, Most children suffer from the problem of crooked or misaligned teeth, which affects their overall appearance and psychological state. This leads parents to seek teeth straightening treatment, which plays an important role in modifying and arranging the shape of their teeth in a proper and natural way. In this article, we will discuss the types of teeth straightening for children and more details, follow us.

Types of Teeth Straightening for Children

Types of Teeth Straightening for Children

Types of Teeth Straightening for Children

There are several types or forms of teeth straightening procedure for children, and the choice between them depends on the condition of each child and the doctor’s opinion. These include:

  1. Fixed Metal Braces
    This type is the most commonly used for straightening children’s teeth. Fixed metal braces consist of wires and metal brackets attached to the teeth for an extended period. The pulling force can be controlled by changing the size and shape of the wires, and this type of braces may take between 18 months to 2 years.
  2. Ceramic Braces
    Instead of using metal to make braces, ceramic braces use transparent and colored materials to avoid visible displays. This type of braces lasts longer but is more expensive.
  3. Removable Metal Braces
    Removable metal braces are used to correct incorrect positions and severe crowding of teeth before another brace is placed. This type of braces can be moved in the child’s mouth but can be removed at any time.
  4. Lingual Braces
    Lingual braces are provided by bringing a wire template and placing it inside the mouth to move the upper and lower teeth. This type of treatment takes longer compared to fixed metal braces.
  5. Clear Braces
    Clear braces are used to treat moderate problems such as curves and bends in the teeth. This brace is individually designed for the patient, considering the shape of their teeth, and is gently moved to a lesser degree compared to other braces.

What is Children’s Teeth Straightening?

Children’s teeth straightening is a procedure in which special orthodontic appliances are used to guide the growth of teeth and direct them into their proper position. This treatment is carried out to treat bite problems and correct the alignment of teeth in children. These orthodontic appliances include wire arches, plastic arches, and removable appliances such as arches and clear appliances like Invisalign for children. Teeth straightening for children is important for maintaining overall oral and jaw health, improving outward appearance, and enhancing speech and chewing functions.

At The Dental Center, we provide specialized children’s teeth straightening treatment with the latest innovative techniques and appliances.

Cases that Require Children’s Braces

Installing braces is considered one of the most important treatments that can be offered to children, as it helps correct bite problems and adjust bone positioning. Here are the 7 most important cases that require children’s braces:

  1. Suffering from Malocclusion: This occurs due to improper development of the jaws and teeth.
  2. Crowded Teeth: Where teeth are placed on top of each other due to a lack of space.
  3. Spaced Teeth: The opposite of the previous case, where the space between the teeth is too large.
  4. Presence of Extra Teeth: Where teeth grow abnormally and need to be removed to achieve proper occlusion.
  5. Upper Jaw Protrusion or Retrusion: This can be assessed by the upper teeth protruding behind or in front of the lower teeth.
  6. The Shape of the Jaws Does Not Suit the Child’s Face: The shape of the jaws varies from child to child, and in many cases, the shape of the jaws is not suitable for the shape of the child’s face.
  7. Mouth Breathing: A condition that leads to abnormal facial muscle development and determines the position of the jaws and teeth.

Cases that Require Children's Braces

Benefits of Children’s Braces

There are several benefits to children’s braces, including:

  1. Improving the function and overall appearance of the child’s gums and mouth by correcting dental problems.
  2. Enhancing digestion, breathing, and speech after teeth straightening.
  3. Increasing comfort and self-confidence for the child after improving the appearance of their teeth.
  4. Preventing the development and progression of jaw and teeth defects in the future.
  5. Increasing the accumulation of food debris on top of the braces, which is a suitable environment for bacterial growth and other dental problems.
  6. Improving the appearance of teeth and jaws, and avoiding surgical intervention.
  7. Braces correct bite problems, misalignment, and improve the appearance of teeth and jaws.

Our team of highly experienced dentists provides customized children’s teeth straightening services using innovative and safe methods at The Dental Center

Disadvantages of Children’s Braces

Despite the above benefits of children’s braces, there are several drawbacks and disadvantages, including:

  1. Continuous Discomfort: Braces can be continuously uncomfortable and disruptive, especially during the initial installation period, and can affect the quality of life and comfort of children.
  2. Mouth Sores: Small mouth sores can occur due to the use of metal arches in the braces, but these injuries are usually minor and can be easily treated.
  3. Tooth Relapse: Straightened teeth may relapse after treatment and return to their original condition.
  4. Tooth Root Resorption: There may be resorption of tooth roots due to the pressure applied to straighten the teeth.
  5. Removal of Tooth Surface: The tooth surface may be worn down due to the use of fixed braces.
  6. Pain: Children may experience some pain during the teeth straightening process.
  7. Tooth Gaps after Straightening: Braces may leave some gaps between teeth after correcting defects.
  8. Tooth Brittleness: The tooth structure may be affected over time due to the use of braces.
  9. Inability to Eat: Children may need to change their eating habits and diet to accommodate the braces, which may make it difficult for them to eat the foods they love.

Stages of Installing Children’s Braces

Some children need orthodontic treatment to correct teeth misalignment and improve oral health and the cosmetic appearance of their teeth. In this guide, we will explore the stages of installing children’s braces in detail:

  • First Stage: Early Diagnosis (2-6 years)
    At this stage, an examination of the child’s oral and dental health is performed to diagnose any existing problems. If necessary, the child is referred for consultation with an orthodontist.
  • Second Stage: Early Treatment (7-11 years)
    In this stage, an adhesive material is applied to the tooth surface, and then the braces arches are placed and secured with a metal wire. The wire length varies depending on the treatment goal and tooth condition.
  • Third Stage: Traditional Treatment (12-15 years)
    In this stage, traditional metal braces are installed, where the arches and archwires are placed on the tooth surface and secured with a special adhesive. These braces are typically used when the child has lost all their primary teeth and most of their permanent teeth have erupted.

Regardless of the stage, braces are installed to improve dental health and enhance the cosmetic appearance. Children can decide to have braces installed between the ages of 10 and 13. Please consult an orthodontist to determine the ideal time for brace installation and the appropriate type for your child’s condition.

The Right Age for Installing Children’s Braces

Children’s need for braces starts after reaching the age of 7 years, and treatment may begin at 8 to 10 years old if the child has dental problems. The jaws can also be straightened at an early age of around 2 years, as the jaws are the foundation for accommodating teeth. Braces should be installed by a highly experienced orthodontist to guide the teeth into their proper position and avoid side effects.

We pay special attention to children’s comfort and alleviate their anxiety about treatment, providing a relaxed and friendly environment to help them easily cope with teeth straightening treatment at The Dental Center.

The Right Age for Installing Children's Braces

The Right Age for Installing Children’s Braces

Duration of Installing Children’s Braces

The duration of braces installation for children can vary depending on several factors, such as the child’s dental and gum condition, and the type of treatment used. Generally, the average duration of children’s braces is between 18 months to 3 years, but this period may be shorter or longer depending on each child’s case. In some simple cases, the treatment may be shorter, while more complicated cases may take longer.

The length of time for braces installation also depends on the child’s compliance in wearing the appliance and following the provided health instructions from the dentist. It is important for the child to closely follow the doctor’s instructions and maintain cleanliness of the braces, teeth, and gums to ensure the best treatment results and reduce the treatment duration.

How to Care for Teeth and Braces

We provide you with a set of tips that will help you care for your teeth and braces properly, including:

  1. Eat Cold Foods: It is preferable to eat ice cream and chilled yogurt to help maintain braces.
  2. Avoid Nuts: Nuts should be avoided after installing braces to maintain tooth stability.
  3. Avoid Sticky Foods: It is best to avoid sticky foods that adhere to the teeth, as they can damage the braces.
  4. Brush Teeth After Eating: Teeth should be brushed twice a day or after every meal if possible.
  5. Use a Soft-Bristled Toothbrush: A soft-bristled toothbrush should be used gently, paying special attention to the area around the arches and wires.
  6. Clean the Outer and Inner Tooth Surfaces: The outer tooth surfaces should be cleaned first, followed by the inner surfaces and chewing surfaces.
  7. Clean Your Tongue: The tongue should be brushed to remove bacteria and freshen breath.
  8. Clean Braces: Antibacterial soap can be mixed with cold water and used to gently clean the braces.
  9. Rinse with Salt Water: A salt water solution can be used to rinse the mouth after brushing.
  10. Clean Fixed Appliances: Fixed appliances should be cleaned after every meal, especially when away from home, to maintain dental health.

Cost of Children’s Braces in Egypt

The cost of children’s braces in Egypt varies depending on many factors, such as the type of braces and the child’s dental condition, as well as the number of follow-up sessions required with the doctor. In general, the cost of children’s braces in Egypt starts from 9000 Egyptian pounds for a single arch. However, parents should consider several factors before deciding to install braces for their child, so that the cost is suitable for their financial capabilities and the child’s dental condition.

With our experience and expertise in children’s orthodontic treatment, we can achieve optimal results and ensure the best outcomes for their dental health and beauty at The Dental Center

Cost of Children's Braces in Egypt

Cost of Children’s Braces in Egypt

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