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Jaw braces for children! Find out how much it costs and the factors affecting it

Children’s Jaw Alignment, orthodontic techniques are always the best in treating issues of misalignment, protrusion, and gaps between teeth in the jaw cavity, which are highly prevalent among children as they are the group most affected by dental issues due to their incorrect habits and behaviors, which will be detailed in this article.

Children's Jaw Alignment

Children’s Jaw Alignment

Children’s Jaw Alignment

Children’s Dental Alignment is crucial as they are the group that requires exceptional care and attention compared to adults or the elderly due to their age-related habits and behaviors such as consuming sugary foods, neglecting tooth brushing, and using teeth to open hard objects. Additionally, thumb sucking can cause significant damage.

The role of jaw alignment here is clear and effective when adhered to and fixed on the teeth, as it applies pressure over a long period, pulling them towards their correct position or reshaping them in the cavity and closing the gaps between them. The longer the pressure is applied, the better and more stable the results. The dental aligners in our Dental Center perfectly combine aesthetics and functionality.

Does Your Child Need Dental Braces?

There’s a possibility. It’s essential to monitor and examine children’s teeth from birth, especially until they reach the age of 7 years when their permanent teeth start to appear. Any defects or issues should be promptly treated by a specialist, and if a child needs braces to correct protrusion or crowding, all necessary measures are taken.

Does Your Child Need Dental Braces?

Does Your Child Need Dental Braces?

Reasons for Fitting Children with Jaw Alignment Devices

Children’s teeth can face several issues during teething and the replacement of their milk teeth with permanent ones, requiring immediate treatment to prevent these problems from worsening. Among these treatments, braces are the most precise and effective in providing good results in the following cases:

  • Loss of some teeth in the cleft area.
  • Crowding of the front teeth in the jaw cavity.
  • Problems with the rotation and misalignment of tooth structures with each other.

What is the Appropriate Age for Children to Get Braces?

Fitting braces is not strictly age-dependent but is instead determined by the significance of the bone tissue in the oral cavity and its ability to withstand pressures and excessive loads during the fitting period.

Thus, children as young as 7 years have been known to wear braces, with the common age range for fitting being between 8 and 14 years. Plastic dental braces are among the most important types of aligners, and when a patient needs them can be learned through this article.

Benefits of Dental Braces for Children

Fitting dental braces is one of the best treatment methods suitable for the severity and progression of dental problems in children, especially during the growth stages of their teeth and jaws. The benefits of braces on children’s dental health and safety include:

  • Preventing the overcrowding of teeth or their interlocking.
  • Preventing the worsening of dental problems.
  • Preventing fractures and cracks in tooth structures.
  • Regulating the spacing between teeth and preventing gaps.
  • Reducing tooth damage or cavity decay.
  • Realigning the shape of the tooth structure and dental structures with each other.
Benefits of Dental Braces for Children

Benefits of Dental Braces for Children

Types of Jaw Alignment Devices for Children

Jaw alignment for children is always one of the most therapeutic and cosmetic techniques affecting their teeth positively, encouraging specialists to apply technology to all its procedures to develop it and meet the needs of various children’s cases. The available types are:

  • Functional braces fitting.
  • Surgical dental braces.
  • Preventive braces.
  • Removable clear braces.
  • Fixed metal braces.

Learn about the differences between removable and fixed braces and the types of retainers used for teeth through this article.

Steps for Fitting Jaw Alignment Devices for Children

Fitting jaw alignment devices for children is easy as long as the dentist is specialized, highly skilled, and professional. The steps for fitting them do not require much effort or time but are simple and can be explained as follows:

  • Measuring the child’s teeth to create suitable braces wires.
  • Determining the appropriate type of braces for the child.
  • Choosing the type of brackets to be fixed on the tooth surface according to their attachment method.
  • Applying adhesive material to fix the brackets on the teeth and then the braces.
  • Adhering to follow-up appointments with the treating dentist for examination of the braces and cleaning of the screws, brackets, and wires.

How Long Does Jaw Alignment for Children Take?

Jaw alignment for children is known to last months to years in the mouth depending on the teeth and the area of damage to be treated. This period can range between 12 or 18 months, and in cases requiring more time, it does not exceed 30 months or 3 years.

For simpler and less complex cases, the period of wearing braces may exceed 6 months. More details about clear dental braces can be learned through this article.

Steps for Removing Jaw Alignment Devices for Children

The process of removing jaw alignment devices for children is as easy as the fitting process, not demanding or painful. The brackets fixed on the teeth are pressed until they are removed, detaching their bond while leaving the adhesive materials on the tooth surface. Then, these materials are removed using chemical substances that dissolve the attachment of the brackets together.

Dental and Orthodontic Care After Fitting

Teeth are parts that require adherence to care steps and procedures to maintain their health, strength, and rigidity. The care methods are as follows:

  • Rinsing with water after every meal.
  • Daily tooth brushing with decay-preventive toothpaste.
  • Using a soft brush to protect teeth and gums from inflammation and sensitivity.
  • Rinsing with medical mouthwash to eliminate bacteria or infection in the oral cavity.
  • Eating small-sized, cut into small pieces food that is easy to chew, focusing on soft, easily swallowable foods and liquids.
  • Avoiding hard foods that might apply pressure on the teeth.
  • Reducing stimulants and carbonated drinks.
  • Regularly cleaning braces wires with water and a special brush to prevent food buildup causing damage.
  • Learning how to properly fit and remove braces.

And learn in detail about the duration of fitting dental braces for the upper jaw through this article.

Results of Jaw Alignment Devices for Children

Jaw alignment devices for children are among the best medical tools used in treating dental problems effectively in many cases of children aged between two and 14 years, providing good results represented in:

  • Improving the overall appearance of the teeth.
  • Aligning the teeth in a uniform shape, size,color, and length.
  • Correcting the bite issues between the jaws.
  • Presenting the tooth structure in a straight manner and fixing it correctly in the jaw cavity.
Results of Jaw Alignment Devices for Children

Results of Jaw Alignment Devices for Children

Factors Influencing the Prices of Children’s Dental Braces

The prices of dental braces for children are known to be somewhat costly lately due to the care methods applied, and also the economic factor of the country where the treatment is conducted is a major influencer in determining these prices because it controls the cost of raw materials used in the treatment, and the cost of technologies and tools as well.

The extent of damage in the teeth, the number of teeth affected, the severity of the issue, and the procedures needed to control it are factors that indirectly influence the determination, and the experience of the treating dentist and their years of practice in fitting braces play a decisive role in determining the cost because they take the previous factors into account and determine the cost.

How Much Do Children’s Dental Braces Cost?

The price for one jaw of children’s teeth varies with the previously mentioned factors, with the child’s dental health condition being the primary factor in its determination along with the type of braces suitable for them. The average price range for fitting braces for children in various centers and specialized clinics in Egypt starts from 9,000 Egyptian pounds for one jaw.

There are many installment systems, discounts, and offers available that allow different social classes to receive treatment without waiting, which could cause more complications for the mouth. Learn more about wire dental braces and their different types through this article.

The Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetic

The Dental Center is your destination if you’re looking for quality, craftsmanship, and safety at affordable prices to treat your teeth and restore their health and safety, and enjoy an ideal attractive smile again.

Our Dental Center includes many medical services adopted in recent times in the field of dental treatment and cosmetic, supervised by a group of the best doctors specialized in all areas of dental treatment and cosmetic.

As we always seek excellence, we have tried our best to provide all modern technologies, advanced medical devices, and sterilization methods so that our patients do not feel any pain or discomfort and save their time. Therefore, do not miss the chance to be one of our distinguished clients and join our family now.

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