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Tooth decay in 5-year-old children

Dental decay in children 5 years old, decay is the age problem that all children suffer from at different age stages, and the main reason for it is the excessive consumption of sweets and sugars. In the following article, we will learn in detail about tooth decay at the age of five, its most important symptoms, and the causes leading to it.

Dental decay in children 5 years old

Dental decay in children 5 years old

Dental decay in children 5 years old

Dental decay in children 5 years old “Learn how to keep your child’s smile healthy and happy with our articles on tooth decay and pain relief.

This age stage is one of the periods in which the child is most exposed to decay in his teeth, which results from following an unbalanced diet that relies heavily on sugars and sweets, and he does not care about cleaning his teeth daily, which leads to the growth of bacteria inside them and the erosion of the enamel layer and decay. In the following paragraphs, we will learn about the most important causes of tooth decay, its symptoms, and how to treat it.

The appearance of tooth decay in children

Tooth decay in children initially appears as white spots on the gum line on the upper front teeth, and many may not be able to see those spots at first, as the child needs to undergo a comprehensive examination and faster treatment to prevent the spread of decay and greater damage.

How can I recognize tooth decay?

There are certainly some signs that appear on the teeth that indicate a person’s decay and serve as a warning to him that he must pay attention to, which are as follows:

  1. Tooth spots: At the beginning of decay, it appears as a white spot, and as time passes, its color becomes dark and turns brown or black later.
  2. Cavity formation: Neglecting decay without treatment leads to the formation of a hole or cavity in the surrounding area, resulting in a broken tooth in severe cases.
  3. Increased sensitivity to cold and heat: Decay leads to the erosion of the enamel layer and the exposure of the dentin layer below it, and we find that its exposure to very cold or very hot foods and drinks stimulates the nerve endings and thus the feeling of pain.
  4. Sensitivity to sugars: Consuming sweets and high-sugar foods causes pain and discomfort for the patient.
  5. Feeling toothache: We find that neglecting the treatment of tooth decay leads to the decay reaching the tooth pulp, which is known to be soft tissue that includes blood vessels and nerve endings, and therefore the patient feels severe pain and an abscess may also form in advanced cases.

When does tooth decay appear in children?

Tooth decay begins from the stage when the milk teeth appear, which is around the age of six months, and the infant is at risk of tooth decay, which makes the matter require attention and care from the parents for their child and feeding him properly, noting the problems that appear, and treating them immediately so as not to exacerbate the situation.

What are the causes of tooth decay in children 5 years old?

There are several reasons that lead to decay in children at this young age, which are as follows:

  1.  The child’s lack of interest in brushing his teeth daily
  2. Neglecting the use of dental floss, which greatly helps to get rid of accumulated food residues in the mouth and which contribute to bacterial growth
  3. Excessive consumption of sweets, sugars, and carbohydrates, especially sticky foods that stick to the teeth
  4. Negligence in taking the child to the doctor periodically to check on the health of his mouth and teeth in general
  5. The child does not care to drink sufficient quantities of water per day

Symptoms of tooth decay in children 5 years old

We find that tooth decay is not limited to pain only, as there are some other symptoms that parents should pay attention to, which include the following points:

  1. Noticing the presence of white or brown spots on the surface of the teeth
  2. The child’s feeling of pain, discomfort, and severe crying
  3. The child’s inability to eat or drink very cold or hot foods and beverages
  4. Noticing swelling and redness on the gums
  5. The child’s lack of desire to eat and suffering from a loss of appetite
  6. Feeling lethargic and sluggish most of the time

What to do if your child suffers from tooth decay?

“Are you looking for solutions to your child’s tooth decay? Our dental care center offers detailed articles containing tips and solutions to combat decay and alleviate pain.”

Not all children are the same in feeling pain if their teeth are affected by decay, so parents should pay attention to the signs and symptoms that prove their child suffers from tooth decay, and we mentioned them in some detail above. Therefore, the mother should quickly take her child to the doctor for examination and assessment of his condition and the most appropriate treatment methods that suit him.

And we at the medical center for dental care seek to reassure you that your child’s teeth are in safe hands, as you will enjoy the best services and achieve the results you hoped for and more.

Prevention of tooth decay in children

From the premise that prevention is better than cure, we at the dental care center offer you some tips that will help you protect your child’s teeth from decay, which are represented in the following points:

  1.  Ensuring protection of the mouth and teeth from the accumulation of food residues in it and thus the growth of bacteria, which of course happens by brushing the teeth daily after meals and before sleep.
  2. Reducing the consumption of sweets, sugars, and carbonated drinks because they are the favorite food for bacteria and feed on it.
  3. Caring for the health of the food and making it follow a balanced and healthy diet rich in protein, vegetables, and fruits
  4. Ensuring that the child drinks a sufficient amount of water every day
  5. Using toothpaste rich in fluoride, which helps protect against tooth decay
Prevention of tooth decay in children

Prevention of tooth decay in children

Home remedies for treating tooth decay in children

If the child is suffering from tooth decay pain and is unable to go to the doctor, the mother will resort to some simple home remedies that somewhat control the situation and relieve pain, which are as follows:

  1. Warm water and salt solution: This is one of the old methods known for pain relief and gives very effective results, as salt helps kill bacteria and warm water reduces swelling.
  2. Garlic paste: Garlic is known for its antibacterial properties that work on the formation of plaque and tooth decay, and the paste is made by crushing two cloves of garlic and placing it on a piece of cotton and putting a layer of it on the teeth.
  3. Cold compresses: It is better to apply cold compresses to the child’s face in order to reduce the pain he is suffering from, and this happens by narrowing the blood vessels and thus reducing swelling and inflammation, and it is applied more than once and each time lasts for twenty minutes.
  4. Peppermint tea bags: Peppermint has been proven to have a strong effect in relieving tooth decay pain in children, as these bags help relieve pain and relax the gums. This happens by placing peppermint bags in the deep freezer, and then placing them between the child’s cheek and gum to reduce pain.
  5. Diluted hydrogen peroxide: This solution is one of the best treatments used for pain relief as it is used in a diluted concentration of 3% as a mouthwash for 30 seconds, but there is a strict warning regarding its use with children so that the child does not swallow it.
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