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Relieving toothache in children

Relieving Children’s Toothache, Tooth pain is among the severe pains that many adults may not be able to tolerate, and thus it can be particularly challenging for children. Consequently, many parents are eager to learn about the best pain relievers and methods that can alleviate their children’s discomfort, which we will explore in detail in the following article.

Relieving Children's Toothache

Relieving Children’s Toothache

Relieving Children’s Toothache

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Tooth pain has become increasingly common and is something children suffer from for various reasons, which we will discuss in more detail in the following paragraphs.

Seeing a child cry in pain and feel discomfort and unease can make mothers anxious and eager to find an appropriate method or specific medication to reduce their children’s pain and help them feel comfortable.

Causes of Toothache in Children:

Initially, we should understand the reasons that lead to a child experiencing tooth pain, which include the following points:

  • The most common cause of tooth pain in children is cavities.
  • The presence of cracks or fractures in the teeth.
  • Suffering from gum diseases and inflammation.
  • Inflammation of the tooth and abscess formation.
  • Tooth roots not being adequately protected.
  • Food remnants in the child’s mouth between the teeth or under the gums.
  • Damage to the child’s teeth due to an accident or trauma.

If the child is old enough, they can describe the pain they feel and possibly pinpoint its exact location. However, if the child is too young to speak, then the mother will need to look in the child’s mouth for signs of inflammation, redness and swelling, discoloration of the teeth, or any fractures or deformities.

We must consider that ongoing care and attention to our children’s teeth help us identify the source of the pain and determine the problem before it worsens, leading to an appropriate solution.

Symptoms of Toothache in Children:

There are some signs and symptoms that a child suffering from tooth pain may exhibit. Despite differing causes of pain, they share common symptoms, which include:

  1. The child feeling distressed, uncomfortable, and continuously crying.
  2. The child suffers from loss of appetite and does not want to eat.
  3. Increased drooling from the mouth.
  4. The child becomes irritable and does not sleep well at night.
  5. Some children may experience a slight increase in body temperature accompanying tooth pain.
  6. Upon examining the child’s mouth, you may see redness in the gums or swelling.

It is essential that every parent pays attention to their children’s dental health and understands that children may not be able to accurately describe what they feel. Therefore, it is crucial to observe the symptoms that appear, the child’s mood, and pay attention to the following:

  1. Stimulating the dental nerve through bending the teeth or wrapping them with Rekisim.
  2. Feeling pressure and pain due to the filling of the sinuses.

If you would like to learn more about children’s tooth pain, we recommend reading this article.

Can 5-year-old children experience toothache?

Of course, it is possible in some cases that a 5-year-old child suffers from tooth pain, which is a result of early tooth decay. It is best then to go to a specialized dentist to help you diagnose your child’s condition and the treatment technique to be followed.

Sometimes, as the child approaches the age of six, they may feel pain in their teeth, but this should not cause concern as it may be due to the permanent teeth preparing to emerge instead of the milk teeth.

What should I do for children’s molar pain?

If your child is suffering from molar pain and you want to alleviate and relieve this pain, it is possible to follow the following for your child to enjoy some comfort:

  1. If you notice swelling in the child’s cheek, apply cold compresses by placing a cold bag on the cheek for 10 to 20 minutes and then repeat several times throughout the day.
  2. Make sure that your child does not consume very hot or very cold food and drinks in order to reduce the pain.
  3. Use a saltwater mouthwash every two hours to reduce swelling and pain.
  4. If you take your child to a doctor and they prescribe certain medications such as
  5. antibiotics or pain relievers, it is essential to adhere to the prescription in terms of dosage and frequency of use.

Natural remedies for children’s toothache

Many people prefer using natural remedies to alleviate tooth pain and rely on trying homemade recipes which can give effective results, including the following:

  1. Chamomile tea: Chamomile tea bags are effective in relieving tooth pain in children, especially teething pains, by either rubbing the gums with them or cooling and placing them on your child’s gums.
  2. Honey: Some turn to it for its known ability to kill germs and bacteria in the mouth and gums, and you can mix honey with olive oil and massage your child’s gums with it to get a doubled result.
  3. Clove: Who doesn’t know the significant role that cloves play in relieving tooth pain due to their antioxidant properties, in addition to being anti-inflammatory and antibacterial? You can add 3 drops of clove oil to a quarter teaspoon of sesame oil, dip a cotton ball in this mixture, and wipe it on your child’s affected tooth before sleep.
  4. Consuming herbs: Herbs greatly help your child get rid of the pain in their teeth, like what happens with wild peppermint tea.
Natural remedies for children's toothache

Natural remedies for children’s toothache

Natural remedies for children’s toothache

Ways to prevent toothache in children: Did you know that there are daily habits that children should practice to maintain their dental health?

What are the important healthy habits such as proper brushing and healthy eating? Prevention is better than cure, and from here we find that your child’s enjoyment of healthy and sound teeth free from problems that cause pain starts from following a healthy lifestyle from the beginning. At the medical center for dental care, we provide you with some tips and instructions that help your child to have strong and healthy teeth and avoid feeling pain, including the following:

  1. Parents’ care for their child’s dental health and taking them for a checkup at a specialist dentist every six months for follow-up.
  2. – Teaching the child to ensure cleaning their teeth with the appropriate brush and toothpaste daily after meals and before bed.
  3. Using fluoride-enriched toothpaste helps to strengthen tooth enamel and protect it from decay.
  4. Using dental floss to clean food residues that accumulate between the teeth and gums and to prevent bacterial growth in the teeth.
  5. Make your child refrain from excessively consuming sweets and sugars and replace them with fruits and natural juices.
  6. It is necessary for the child to follow a healthy and balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins needed by the body.”
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