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Find out the price of cosmetic fillers to fill gaps and the common causes of those gaps!

The Price of Cosmetic Fillings for Closing Gaps, Cosmetic fillings are one of the most adopted techniques by many dentists to improve the general appearance of the teeth and conceal their blemishes or visible deformities on their surface. Among the most effective roles of these fillings is to fill all the voids and seal any holes in the cavity of the damaged teeth. In this article, we will explore in full detail everything about cosmetic fillings including their types, the steps of installation, their features, and the probability of any issues that might arise, as well as their price.

The price of cosmetic fillings for closing gaps

The price of cosmetic fillings for closing gaps

The Price of Cosmetic Fillings for Closing Gaps

Cosmetic fillings are techniques based on the idea of fixing them in place of decayed material or bacterial buildup to fill the cavity resulting from their removal or to seal the holes that may be discovered in the roots’ depth. There are many types of medical fillings that can provide the teeth with noteworthy properties, among them is the strength that helps them withstand the pressure exerted on them and face the abrupt changes occurring in the mouth.

The price of cosmetic fillings is determined by many factors; hence, we notice the variation in costs from one country to another or from one city to another within the same country. The cost often differs from one center or clinic to another. After considering these factors, the cost of cosmetic fillings for closing gaps could range from 750 to 1200 Egyptian pounds.

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What are Cosmetic Fillings?

Cosmetic fillings are composite resin fillings made from a mixture of composite resin. These fillings are characterized by their tooth-like color which helps in enhancing their cosmetic role in improving the general appearance of the teeth and concealing any damage or blemishes on their surface. As we explained at the start of the article, their main role is to fill the voids in tooth cavities or to seal the cracks and fissures in the tooth structure caused by impact.

These fillings do not leave any marks on the teeth nor change their color over time, also their color is stable and does not fade which increases their efficiency and quality in dental cosmetology especially for front teeth.

The most important types of cosmetic fillings

The most important types of cosmetic fillings

The Main Types of Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic fillings are composed of different types of raw materials, and all the raw materials manufactured for them are characterized by hardness and strength which gives the teeth the required durability and emphasizes their functional role especially while speaking or eating. The most prominent types of cosmetic fillings are as follows:

  • Composite Resin Fillings
  1. Among the most widespread types of fillings and are preferred by many patients and many doctors for beautifying front teeth or getting rid of decay in the anterior teeth.
  2. They are made of plastic and resin.
  3. This soft mixture is easily molded into the damaged tooth cavity and is hardened using light-emitting from a laser device.
  4. These fillings are characterized by their tooth-like color, high stability and hardness, and the ease of their installation, which helps in the success of their fixing and durability for many years with the patient.
  • Ceramic Fillings
  1. They are made of transparent porcelain material that is very strong, making the filling stand out from others because of its attractive look while simultaneously providing strength, anchorage, and the ability to face all types of pressure without being affected.
  2. They have a high ability to resist stains, preventing tooth decay or yellowing and forming pigments on their surface.
  3. The texture is easily moldable, which enhances their role in sealing holes and filling the cavities of the damaged teeth without fracturing afterward.
  • Glass Ionomer Fillings
    1. These are fillings made from a blend of glass and acrylic.
    2. Their transparent color secretes fluoride, which is resistant to decay, suitable for children exchanging their milk teeth with permanent ones.

They do not withstand high pressures and are prone to cracking and breaking, thus may not last more than a period of 3 years at most.

  • Metal Fillings
    1. These are fillings made from a mixture of metals like silver, tin, copper, zinc, and mercury.
    2. They are very efficient practical fillings that treat advanced decay cases difficult to address, especially for the posterior teeth requiring support and strength to withstand the pressure.
    3. One of their disadvantages is that their color does not match the natural tooth color, which does not give a good look to the teeth and does not fit the front teeth.

Steps for Installing Cosmetic Fillings to Close Gaps

The procedure for installing cosmetic fillings varies depending on the type of filling and the type of raw material manufactured for it, as well as the disease condition of the patient and their medical history. Some cases may require additional processes if they suffer from specific gum or dental problems. However, the main procedures for fixing the filling inside the distorted tooth cavity are as follows:

      • Completely removing the decayed material from within the cavity of the affected teeth.
      • Sterilizing the cavity at the teeth’s root depth with antiseptic substances to eliminate any residual bacteria stuck there.
      • Applying adhesive substances inside the surface of the tooth cavity.
      • Installing the filling into the cavity, ensuring it is properly shaped to match the cavity so that there are no points of bloat or undersizing in comparison to the size of the cavity.
      • Using a laser to direct a core of light at the junction of the cavity surface and the surface of the filling to weld them together well with each other.
What are the advantages of cosmetic fillings?

What are the advantages of cosmetic fillings?

What are the Advantages of Cosmetic Fillings?

These fillings have several good qualities that positively impact the dental health of the patient and their overall health. The advantages of cosmetic fillings can be summarized in the following points:

      • They closely resemble natural teeth to the extent that others may not notice any difference between the filled teeth and the sound teeth.
      • They improve the overall appearance of the teeth, imparting radiance and an appealing smile.
      • They are relatively low in cost, making them suitable for many individuals from various social classes.
      • They are known for their power, making the teeth more resilient and hardy in withstanding shifts and stresses.
      • They are highly stable, enabling them to adhere to the dental cavity walls.
      • The raw materials they are manufactured from are safe, so they do not cause any side effects on the dental health of the patient.
      • There’s no need for anesthesia, preventing the patient from experiencing withdrawal symptoms like swelling, inflammation, and numbness. Get ready to obtain an effective cosmetic filling with amazing outcomes at prices fitting your budget at The Dental Center.

The Price of Cosmetic Filling for Closing Gaps in Egypt in 2023

Numerous factors influence the price of the cosmetic filling, including the dentist’s expertise, the location of the medical center where the patient is treated, and the prices of the manufactured raw materials for the fillings. We will explain these in the next narrative in the book in detail.

The price of metal fillings in Egypt ranges from 900 to 1500 Egyptian pounds. Gold fillings are the most expensive, whereas the prices of porcelain and resin-made fillings start from 1620 Egyptian pounds and reach up to 4500 Egyptian pounds.

Lifespan of Cosmetic Filling for Closing Gaps

As mentioned in different parts of the essay, there are many cosmetic filling types, with key qualities and properties of each manufacturing material detailed. All the manufacturing materials are known for their hardness and sturdiness, which is why the lifespan of golden, silver, and porcelain fillings varies between 10 to 15 years, but resin-made fillings do not exceed 10 years. The life expectancy of glass ionomer fillings does not surpass 5 years.

Recommendations from The Dental Center to Maintain Cosmetic Fillings

Maintenance of the cleanliness of cosmetic fillings daily by gentle brushing with toothpaste at least twice a day, in the morning and evening, is one of the critical requirements. It is recommended to use a soft brush to avoid causing tooth sensitivity, in addition to using dental floss and a miswak for removing the remnants of food stuck between the small gaps of the teeth. In case of any damage to the filling, it is essential to consult the treating dentist for repair or replacement. Standing out for a special work team and our general health, the medical crew ensures a unique experience that guarantees a bright and wonderful smile, using the most developed modern methods and products in tooth beautification available in our Dental Center.

Factors Affecting the Price of Cosmetic Filling for Closing Gaps

Various elements come into play in determining the cost of cosmetic filling, and these changes affect the overall price. These elements include:

      • The location of the clinic or center and the level of the immediate social population.
      • The treating dentist’s skills.
      • The professionalism of the supporting nursing staff.
      • The price of the manufactured raw materials for the treatments.
      • Exchange rate fluctuations can indirectly impact the cost of imported raw materials and the application of other treatment articles.
      • In-house sterility and defensive measures applied against infection.
      • Therapeutic and beautifying tactics adopted.
      • The selection and the innovation stage of the all-encompassing medical equipment in use.

What are the Causes of Gaps Between Teeth?

Gaps between teeth are a frequent dental challenge across diverse groups, and some reasons for the appearances of these separations include but are not limited to:

      • Genetic causes can promote the production of dental diseases and the emergence of col between in specific families, percolating down to children and grandchildren.
      • Observed in children interchanging their primary for permanent dentition amid the early 6 to 8 ages because of tooth size and molars.
      • Gum disease resulting from the contagion of bacteria and the subsequent range of infections in the maxillary.
      • Misfits in size, construction, and rate of tooth formation.
      • Aberrant gr under the minimal steering and fit from the direct structure.
      • Factors of expressing the oral conditions and first-hand health inevitably approach, with a recruitment of said development openings and sizable destruction offers available to any. Therefore, it is also likely to signal our office. For updated detractions and place a time for a prescription, have a look at our website

Who are The Ideal Candidates for Ferring Mouth Closeness by Implanting Teeth Sealings?

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Find out the price of cosmetic fillers to fill gaps and the common causes of those gaps!
Find out the price of cosmetic fillers to fill gaps and the common causes of those gaps!

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