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Learn about Dental Cosmetics with Zirconium and the Cases Suitable for Dental Veneers

Zirconia Dental Veneers Have you heard of it before? In this article, we will shed light on one of the popular cosmetic procedures, which is the use of zirconia. We will get to know its types, installation method, how it works, as well as its most important advantages and disadvantages, and its suitability for all cases. So, follow us in the following paragraphs to answer all the questions that come to your mind.

Zirconia Dental Veneers

Zirconia Dental Veneers

Zirconia Dental Veneers

Zirconia or zirconia teeth have become one of the widely spread cosmetic procedures in recent times for tooth restoration, as it has become one of the preferred materials for dentists due to its great durability, color that resembles natural teeth, and easy and simple installation method. We will get to know more details about its installation method, its most important features, and its disadvantages in the following paragraphs.

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What are Zirconia Teeth?

Zirconium oxide is a white-colored mineral that does not allow the passage of X-rays like teeth and bones. It has become widely used in the manufacture of dental crowns, which are installed on damaged teeth or those that have lost a part, in addition to its use in forming a complete artificial tooth and installing it as a dental implant. It is characterized by its hardness and corrosion resistance, and has a long lifespan. Additionally, mouth tissues do not give any adverse reaction to zirconium, but rather accept it.

Zirconia teeth are manufactured with great care and precision according to each case individually, using computer modeling methods to achieve the size and shape of teeth that fit the jaw. Zirconia teeth are not an alternative to porcelain but are covered with a porcelain crown. The difference is that porcelain teeth are installed on metal implants, while zirconia veneers are installed on zirconium metal implants, and then a porcelain crown is placed on top of them.

Cost of Hollywood Smile in Egypt

What are Zirconia Teeth?

What are the Cases Eligible for Zirconia Tooth Veneers?

There are some cases in which it is recommended to install zirconia tooth veneers, which have the following characteristics:

  • Cases suffering from tooth yellowing due to various causes
  • People who suffer from brittleness of the front teeth
  • Suffering from tooth decay, which makes the person feel embarrassed to talk or smile in front of someone
  • A person who has a calcium deficiency, where these veneers help protect the teeth

Are There Different Types of Zirconia Teeth?

Of course, there are some types used in installing zirconia teeth, which we will explain in detail as follows:

Translucent Zirconia

This type is characterized by its aesthetic appearance compared to solid zirconia, which makes it a very suitable option for the front teeth. In addition, it is stronger than porcelain tooth restorations, but it is better not to use translucent zirconia in cases where tooth alignment correction is needed.

Solid Zirconia

This type is characterized by its great hardness and is very suitable for teeth that have undergone root canal treatment, as it provides sufficient support for weak teeth. Additionally, its hardness ensures the strength of chewing loads and teeth grinding. Solid zirconia has a more opaque appearance than translucent zirconia and contains materials that increase stability and is used in the back teeth.

Why are Zirconia Veneers Installed on Front Teeth?

Are There Different Types of Zirconia Teeth?

When Did Zirconia Tooth Restorations Begin?

The use of zirconia in dentistry began in the early 1990s until it became widely used in dental crowns or as an alternative to titanium, which had been the pioneer in this field for many years. This is due to its advantages and aesthetic appearance that resembles natural teeth, as well as the desire to use metal-free compounds, in addition to increasing cases of titanium sensitivity.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a permit for the use of zirconia tooth restorations in 2011, and since then, their use has become widespread.

How are Zirconia Teeth Prepared?

Zirconia crowns or zirconia veneers are made from a single zirconia mold, which makes them more resistant to tooth forces, wear, and fracture. Zirconia tooth restorations can be prepared manually or with the help of a computer.

The doctor takes an impression of the teeth on a wax mold and then sends it to the lab, which creates a mold identical to the teeth, either by cutting and dividing the zirconia mold using a laser or other techniques, and then proceeds to use CAD computer programs suitable for designing zirconia tooth restorations.

Zirconia tooth restorations can be prepared from the beginning using a computer to scan and capture precise measurements of the teeth, and then design zirconia teeth that fit them using CAD/CAM techniques for designing and executing tooth restorations.

Why are Zirconia Veneers Installed on Front Teeth?

How are Zirconia Teeth Prepared?

How are Zirconia Teeth Installed?

The installation of zirconia teeth is done through several steps, which we will get to know as follows:

  • The dentist uses the lab to make an impression of the teeth and send it to the lab.
  • The lab technician works on making a mold from that impression by pouring the dye into it.
  • Then, the technician scans the tooth mold he has made, but after dividing it into several sections.
  • He then transfers these images to a computer into a special program where the appropriate zirconia veneer design is made.
  • The lab sends the veneer to the doctor, who then installs it in the clinic.

Does the Color of Zirconia Teeth Change?

Zirconia is a type of special ceramic whose color does not change over time if it is of good quality. Therefore, we can say that the color of zirconia does not change at all, and if this happens, the doctor should be consulted immediately.

Do Zirconia Restorations Break?

Zirconia is characterized by its strength and hardness. We find that zirconia veneers are one of the strongest and most durable types of veneers, so they do not easily crack or break like porcelain tooth veneers.

Options for Treating Pain After Zirconia Teeth Installation

Do Zirconia Restorations Break?

Advantages of Zirconia Tooth Restorations

Zirconia tooth restorations have many advantages that we will get to know in the following points:

  • One of its most important advantages is that it can resist the formation of tartar on teeth
  • It is characterized by its biocompatibility with body tissues and does not cause sensitivity, which makes it suitable for long-term use. Additionally, it is considered one of the best options in case of titanium sensitivity.
  • It has suitable biological and mechanical properties.
  • It is characterized by being metal-free and therefore suitable for people who suffer from metal sensitivity.
  • Its appearance is very similar to natural teeth, and it is possible for its color to blend with the teeth.
  • It does not require a metal base to maintain its hardness.
  • It has great strength and durability, which makes it less likely to fracture or wear compared to other materials such as titanium.
  • It does not produce any unpleasant mouth odors.
  • Its measurements can be easily adjusted due to the chemical properties of zirconia, and many means can be used to create zirconia tooth restorations that are suitable for the patient, which reduces the possibility of error. Additionally, advanced techniques are used to ensure accurate zirconia measurements through the computer.
  • Its ability to maintain oral health and tooth bones.
  • Zirconia teeth do not conduct heat and cold to the same extent as other materials, making them more comfortable and suitable for those who use them.

Disadvantages of Zirconia Tooth Restorations

After the many advantages we mentioned above, there are also some disadvantages of zirconia tooth restorations, including the following points:

  • The great durability of zirconia teeth, which is one of its main advantages, can have an adverse effect and weaken the surrounding teeth.
  • Secondary tooth decay may occur. Usually, decay does not affect zirconia itself, but in the case of zirconia crowns or veneers, it may hide this decay, leading to the eventual loss of the tooth crown.
  • The high financial cost, as zirconia tooth veneers are the most expensive compared to other dental crowns. However, if we consider that the cost is only once, and that it is worth the quality and efficiency, in addition to the strength and durability of zirconia teeth, and with proper care, they can be used for a lifetime.
Cost of Zirconia Tooth Restorations

Disadvantages of Zirconia Tooth Restorations

How to Care for Zirconia Tooth Restorations

The cost of zirconia teeth is very high, whether used to replace damaged teeth or as veneers for damaged teeth. Therefore, caring for them is very important and a long-term investment. Considering the great durability of zirconia and its resistance to external stains, it will not be difficult for the patient to care for and maintain its appearance.

The patient must use the appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste and be careful to brush their teeth daily and avoid scratching the zirconia.

It is important to use dental floss to remove food debris that gets stuck, in addition to the importance of regular visits to the dentist to ensure the health and safety of the teeth.

Cost of Zirconia Tooth Veneers

The cost of zirconia tooth veneers varies from place to place, depending on several factors that have a significant impact on determining the cost, including the following:

  • The competence, skill, and experience of the doctor in this field
  • The fee charged by the doctor
  • The number of tooth crowns you want to install
  • The medical center where you undergo the procedures, its reputation, level of attention to cleanliness and sterilization, and meeting the patient’s needs

The average cost of zirconia tooth veneers in different countries is around $100 in Jordan, $135 in Egypt, $400 in Turkey, $1000 per tooth in the United States, and $600 in England. If you want to know the latest prices, please contact our The Dental Center through the following link.

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