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What to do if a molar tooth falls off? Is it possible to fill a tooth nerve without installing a crown?

The dental crown has fallen off, the dental crown is one of the methods that support the tooth and the nerve filling inside it, making it withstand many pressures without being affected or having any complications. Due to the importance of the crown, we will talk in this article about how to act in case the crown falls off, its price, how to take care of it, and how to avoid its falling.

The dental crown has fallen off

The dental crown has fallen off

The dental crown has fallen off

The dental crown preserves the tooth itself against any complications that might occur due to the pressure it faces when performing its functional duties. However, the crown itself might be a reason for many problems to the patient if it moves from its place and falls off. The crown falls off due to not being properly installed and fixed in its designated place, or because its validity period has been exceeded, or for many other reasons. In case of the crown falling off, doctors at The Dental Center advise the patient to head to the treating dentist immediately and not attempt to reinstall it by themselves. It might be replaced temporarily with a piece of sugar-free gum or toothpaste for a few hours until the tooth cavity underneath is covered until an appointment with the treating dentist is booked.

What to do if the crown falls off?

It’s essential to visit the dentist immediately in case the crown falls off, as sensitivity symptoms might appear after its fall, and the patient might experience pain when consuming cold or hot foods and drinks, and discomfort when eating hard foods. Therefore, it’s necessary to visit the treating dentist on the same day the crown falls off or at most within three to four days.

If the dentist is not visited within a month after the crown falls off, bacteria will reach the affected tooth or molar and cause decay. The damage might easily reach the nerve due to the enamel layer’s weakness covering the tooth or molar. In this case, the patient will experience severe pain that they cannot bear.

Doctors at The Dental Center emphasize the importance of the patient going to the dentist immediately after the crown falls off as the tooth or molar is first examined to ensure its safety, then a medical substance is applied to secure the crown on its surface, and to ensure that the gums or mouth do not suffer from any inflammations or any other problem that might sometimes necessitate replacing the damaged crown with another.

Is a dental crown viable if broken?

Yes, in case of tooth breakage or the appearance of cracks, doctors advise the necessity of installing a crown on its surface to protect it from decay and infection. The crown works to support these weakened teeth and give them strength if the crown is made from good and durable materials.

How is the dental crown secured?

How is the dental crown secured?

How is the dental crown secured?

The process of installing or securing the crown on the surface of the teeth is carried out in two sessions. The dentist examines the teeth during the examination to determine if they need treatment or preparation before the crown installation sessions. The installation process is carried out in two steps, and we will explain the details of the procedures in the following lines:

The first step

  • The dentist examines the patient’s x-rays to determine the health of the roots and bones of the teeth and the health of the mouth’s gums.
  • Cases found to have bacteria in the roots receive the necessary treatment before undergoing the installation process.
  • Administering local anesthesia to the patient.
  • Ensuring the length of the affected tooth after installing the crown on its surface is suitable for the length of the other teeth in the mouth so as not to cause pain and inability to bite or talk when chewing.
  • If the teeth contain decay or are damaged or have suffered a fracture, the dentist will install a filling in its cavity to fillall the spaces in it.
  • Taking measurements of the teeth using wax molds, which are later given to the dental laboratory technician to make the crown fitting these measurements.
  • Placing a temporary crown on the teeth to protect them from any bacteria or pressure.

The second step

  • Replacing the temporary crown with the permanent one made in the lab according to the patient’s measurements.
  • Securing the crown on the tooth’s surface and ensuring its size, color, and shape match the patient’s teeth.
  • Anesthetizing the teeth and gums of the patient.
  • Securing the crown with adhesive medical materials.

Tips after installing the crown

The duration of the crown’s stay in the patient’s mouth depends on the quality of the raw material it is made from. However, there are also some guidelines and tips that, if followed, help prolong the crown’s duration for more than 25 years. These tips are explained as follows:

  • Using a dental rinse suitable for tooth sensitivity daily in cleaning the mouth and teeth.
  • Brushing the teeth with a soft brush and toothpaste twice daily, in the morning and evening.
  • Avoiding foods and drinks that leave stains and discolorations on the teeth, such as caffeine, despite the resistance of dental crowns to these discolorations, aiming to protect the teeth from bacteria produced from stimulants and sugars.
  • Using dental floss to remove food remnants from between the tight spaces of the teeth.
  • Regular follow-ups with the dentist to ensure the crown’s and teeth’s health and the absence of any problems in the mouth. You can learn about the best types of nerve filling and the price of nerve filling through this article.

What is the price of a dental crown?

The price of a dental crown depends on several factors, the most important of which are the dentist’s efficiency and the professionalism of the assisting nursing team, the quality of the medical devices used, the number of affected teeth, and the area being worked on in the mouth. Thus, we notice that the price of a temporary dental crown ranges between 100 and 300 Egyptian pounds, while the price of a back tooth crown ranges between 200 and 700 Egyptian pounds, and the front tooth crown is priced between 300 and 1000 Egyptian pounds, and The Dental Center in Nasr City in Cairo offers discounts and promotions on the anniversary of its establishment, and to not miss these discounts, you can book by visiting the official website of the center by clicking here.

Is it possible to fill a molar nerve without installing a crown?

There’s no direct answer to this question, but we can clarify the opinions of dentists about it. Dentists believe it’s necessary to resort to filling the nerve of molars that have been affected by decay, or have suffered cracks and fractures due to impact, or damage in their cavities due to the arrival of infection and bacteria. In this case, the affected molars are in a state of weakness due to the removal of a large part of their cavities when treating the damage or removing a large part of the enamel layer covering them. As mentioned, it’s necessary to install a crown to protect the affected molars from the pressures they face while eating and talking, or to provide support to prevent them from breaking or getting infected. Read about the pain of nerve filling and book at the best center for nerve filling in Egypt by clicking here.

The best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetic

The Dental Center is considered the best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetics; due to its doctors using the latest technologies used in treating all problems of decay, fractures, and tooth damage, in addition to the management’s focus on providing all the modern medical devices recently used in various dental cosmetics operations. This makes many patients from Nasr City and New Egypt flock to the center to avail of the medical services at good discounts and offers. The center offers these promotions regularly, due to the management and the doctors working at the center’s dedication to ensuring all segments of society achieve the desired results for them at the highest quality level. Therefore, you can visit the official website of the center by clicking here and learn about the current offers.

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