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How to fill teeth for pregnant women? How does the filling affect it?

Dental Fillings for Pregnant Women, Dental filling procedures are safe and do not result in any side effects or problems that threaten the patient’s health afterward. However, due to the sensitivity of pregnancy and the changes occurring in the mother’s psyche and body, we will delve into the details about dental fillings for pregnant women, symptoms of pregnancy gingivitis, ways to protect pregnant women’s teeth throughout pregnancy, types of safe fillings for them, and necessary advice for choosing the most suitable types of fillings.

Dental Fillings for Pregnant Women

Dental Fillings for Pregnant Women

Dental Fillings for Pregnant Women

Paying attention to dental health and safety throughout pregnancy is a priority that must be adhered to. A woman may need to fix some of her dental issues, such as cleaning her teeth or installing medical fillings to protect her teeth from damage. However, it is preferable not to undergo treatment during the first months of pregnancy. The mother should follow up with a specialist doctor in case of any problems during pregnancy, as it is natural for hormonal changes to affect the teeth that are prone to decay or gum health that is prone to bleeding and plaque deposition on its surface. As mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph, it is necessary to brush teeth with toothpaste and eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals and avoid foods rich in sugars and starches. Benefit from our professional team’s experience at The Dental Center and get the optimal guidance for dental fillings during pregnancy and achieve amazing results.

Symptoms of Pregnancy Gingivitis

Pregnancy is a worrying and unstable period for many mothers due to unexpected hormonal changes that differ from one mother to another. These hormonal changes negatively affect the mother’s dental health, starting with symptoms of gum bleeding when brushing or using dental floss to clean them. The mother may also suffer from tooth sensitivity symptoms and complaints of inability to eat or chew food, and in some cases, teeth may fall out.

Are Dental Anesthetics Safe for Pregnant Women?

No, local dental anesthesia does not pose any risk to the fetus or the mother’s health. Therefore, doctors are not worried about performing any therapeutic methods such as fillings and extractions that require the doctor to inject the gum with an anesthetic injection or spray the anesthetic topically.

Doctors ensure that the amount of anesthesia is sufficient to relieve pain and also not high enough to cause any harm to the mother and fetus, and there is no effect from local anesthesia on early birth, miscarriage, or congenital defects.

Does dental filling affect pregnant women indeed?

Does dental filling affect pregnant women indeed?

Does dental filling affect pregnant women indeed?

No, various therapeutic methods for dental problems such as dental fillings, crown and bridge fittings, or removing damaged teeth should be carried out during the second trimester of pregnancy; because it is the safest period for the mother to receive treatment after the child has stabilized and the first period of pregnancy, which exposes the mother to many problems, has passed.

However, some emergency problems that can be solved during the early months of pregnancy, such as treating dental and gum infections to prevent any complications, should be done. It is necessary that the environment surrounding the mother during treatment or any procedure be sterilized using the latest methods to avoid any infection.

It is advisable to avoid silver fillings due to their mercury content, which threatens the fetus’s life or poses a risk to it, and to discuss with the treating doctor to determine the types of fillings safe for her during pregnancy. Discover the difference that makes us the first choice for dental fillings in Cairo, where we combine experience and innovation at The Dental Center to deliver the best results.

Are Dental X-rays Safe During Pregnancy?

No, doctors prohibit pregnant women from undergoing dental x-rays unless in advanced cases or when problems have developed to a point that poses a danger to her life and the fetus’s life. In these cases, the doctor will cover the mother’s abdomen with a special cover to prevent the rays from reaching the fetus.

Types of Dental Fillings for Pregnant Women

Types of Dental Fillings for Pregnant Women

Types of Dental Fillings for Pregnant Women

There are many types of dental fillings, but for pregnant women, dentists prefer installing the safest types with the least side effects and dangers. Therefore, we notice doctors avoiding the use of silver fillings with pregnant women due to the possibility of metal leakage from them and poisoning the mother and fetus. The fillings that can be used with pregnant women include the following:

  • Composite fillings: These fillings match the color of the teeth, available in different shades so each patient can choose the suitable one for their teeth, and they last many years, up to 7 years.
  • Ceramic fillings: These fillings prevent teeth staining and color change, maintaining their aesthetic appearance, and are among the most durable fillings, lasting up to 15 years, with the drawback of being costly.
  • Glass fillings: These fillings are made from a type of glass called acrylic that controls the color of the filling, and these fillings can exceed 7 years with the patient.

Using Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are techniques responsible for repairing damage to the teeth, such as decay of their cavity and erosion of their structure walls, solving problems resulting from neglect of cleaning them, and restoring cracks and fissures in their structure. Tooth decay is a persistent problem of the age due to the inability to control it as a result of the emergence of fast food and the busy routine of late-night hours and many other factors that negatively affected the individual’s daily habits and timing of their execution, especially the hygiene routine.

Usually, the problem of decay ended with the extraction of teeth and their loss. Therefore, the greatest role upon discovering fillings was to protect the teeth from damage and loss and preserve their structure as much as possible. Cosmetic fillings also solve general appearance problems of the teeth and any deformities on their surface. Read more about toothache after filling through this link.

Steps for Dental Fillings for Pregnant Women

The process of dental filling involves several steps and requires many precise procedures so that the patient and doctor achieve the desired results. All filling procedures are safe for pregnant women and do not cause her or the fetus any problems. We will explain the steps of filling in the following points:

  • The doctor examines the patient’s mouth and teeth.
  • Conducting x-rays to accurately clarify the cavities allows him to know any problem in the mouth and work on solving it.
  • Anesthetizing the gum with local anesthesia.
  • Drilling the tooth cavity and removing decay material.
  • Isolating the affected area with a medical insulator.
  • Sterilizing the tooth cavity with antiseptic solutions to remove any bacteria or infection residues.
  • Installing the filling material inside the cavity to seal all holes in the root area.
  • Leveling the surface of the fillings with the tooth surface to remove any excesses or protrusions to prevent any pain or problems afterward.

Ways to Protect Pregnant Women’s Teeth

The sensitivity of the pregnancy period makes the mother try to follow any medical advice or home tips that can help her get through the stress of pregnancy safely without any problems or complications. Therefore, mothers are always advised to maintain the safety of their teeth and brush them daily with fluoride-rich toothpaste to avoid decay, and use dental floss that helps remove any food residues that may cause tooth damage. Learn about the cosmetic filling for the tooth and how to choose the right doctor to do it when reading this article.

What are the most important tips for getting dental fillings during pregnancy?

What are the most important tips for getting dental fillings during pregnancy?

What are the most important tips for getting dental fillings during pregnancy?

There are some tips that can be followed to undergo a safe dental filling process without causing any other health problems. These tips include the following:

  • The doctor provides appropriate medications for the mother during pregnancy and the necessary medical instructions for caring for her teeth, so it is necessary to adhere to these instructions and medications.
  • The doctor ensures immediate treatment of any problem that occurs during pregnancy to prevent any complications after pregnancy if not treated, so it is essential to inform the doctor of any emergency problems.
  • Adhere to antibiotics prescribed by the doctor because there are some antibiotics that pregnant women are not allowed to take, examples of available antibiotics for the mother are penicillin, amoxicillin, and clindamycin.
  • Undergo medical examinations requested by doctors to always ensure her and the fetus’s health.
  • Postpone teeth whitening or any cosmetic operations until after birth to avoid any risks and complications for the fetus.
  • Brush teeth daily in the morning and evening with a soft brush to avoid sensitivity to the mother’s teeth and gums.
  • Use toothpaste containing a safe level of fluoride.
  • Use dental floss and a toothpick as the safest cleaning methods.
  • Possible use of a solution of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in water to neutralize the acidity of the mouth and get rid of gum inflammation.
  • Avoid brushing teeth with a brush and toothpaste immediately after vomiting to prevent weakening the enamel layer covering the teeth and to prevent the mother from acid that penetrates the teeth.

Cost of Dental Fillings

The cost of dental fillings depends on several factors such as the skill of the treating doctor and the experience of the assisting nursing team, the cost of raw materials that enter the manufacturing of fillings and their price variation with the dollar rate, the city where the clinic or center is located, sterilization methods and infection control techniques used in various therapeutic and cosmetic techniques followed by doctors with different cases by modern medical devices are factors that control the price of the medical service provided.

Based on the many factors mentioned in the introduction of the paragraph, the cost of dental fillings in many clinics and centers in Egypt was determined between 500 and 2500 Egyptian pounds, whereas the cost of nerve filling can range between 1500 and 3000 Egyptian pounds.

The Best Medical Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

The Dental Center is one of the best medical centers specialized in providing various dental services, therapeutic and cosmetic. The center offers many advantages represented in the following points:

  • The most skilled dentists at the Arab world level.
  • The most efficient and professional nursing teams in Arab government and private hospitals.
  • The latest sterilization and infection control methods followed in Arab countries.
  • The most advanced therapeutic and cosmetic techniques discovered by specialists and researchers in the field of dentistry.
  • The latest medical devices used internationally.
  • Discounts and offers on various medical services.
  • A customer service team that communicates with all patients and answers all their inquiries throughout the day.
  • An administrative team that manages the center and organizes examination appointments and surgical sessions for all doctors, ensures patients wait only a few minutes before being examined to prepare the examination room for them, and works to provide all means of comfort for them in the waiting room. You can contact them by visiting the official site of the center through this link.
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