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Learn about the prices of laser dental fillings in Egypt and their advantages

Laser Dental Filling Prices in Egypt, Laser dental filling is the latest cosmetic technology developed after technological advancements in the field of dental cosmetics. Due to the serious results it provides, many doctors resort to it to solve various dental problems negatively affecting their overall appearance. This article will discuss the prices of laser dental filling in Egypt in detail, how it is applied, and its many features that currently make it the number one cosmetic technology.

Laser Dental Filling Prices in Egypt

Laser Dental Filling Prices in Egypt

Laser Dental Filling Prices in Egypt

Laser Dental Filling is a technique influenced by several factors, such as the extent of damage in the patient’s mouth, the price of raw materials used and its variation with the dollar rate, the cost of the technology and medical devices assisting in its application, and sterilization methods directly affecting the cost. Additionally, the treating doctor’s experience and the supporting nursing team are also primary factors to consider. Consequently, the prices of laser dental filling in Egypt range between 350 and 700 Egyptian pounds across different clinics and specialized centers. At our Dental Center, we restore your teeth’s function and beauty through advanced and modern dental filling techniques. Obtain permanent repair and high quality.

What's the difference between regular filling and laser filling?

What’s the difference between regular filling and laser filling?

What’s the difference between regular filling and laser filling?

There are many types of fillings used to seal the gaps in damaged tooth cavities or those affected by decay causing them weakness and fragility. Among these types are two main ones: regular fillings used for treatment purposes, serving as a good replacement for decayed material and bacterial accumulation, protecting the tooth structure from loss due to cleaning.

Laser fillings, however, are another type of fillings used for cosmetic purposes as they resemble the color, shape, and composition of natural teeth, helping to hide any deformities or flaws appearing on their surface or within their cavity structure. The laser gives them the necessary strength and durability to face any potential problems.

What are the steps followed for photonic filling?

The process of laser filling is one of the cosmetic techniques done in several simple but effective steps, giving immediate results without exposing the patient to any side effects or complications. This technique only requires the provision of advanced laser devices and an expert doctor to be performed flawlessly. The steps include the following points:

  • Anesthetizing the affected area with local anesthesia or using some sedatives to help relax and not feel any pain.
  • Using a drilling device to bore into the damaged tooth cavity or those affected by decay.
  • Isolating the affected area with a medical insulating material.
  • Removing the decayed material and any nerve endings reached by damage.
  • Sterilizing the cavity with antiseptic chemicals to eliminate any bacteria or germs deep in the tooth’s root.
  • Placing the medical filling in the same shape and color of the cavity to properly fix it and fill all possible gaps in the cavity.
  • Directing a beam of light from the laser onto the medical filling to ensure its fixation in the cavity.
  • Installing a crown or cap on the surface of the teeth that have been filled and leveling their surface together to eliminate any protrusions or excesses that may cause discomfort to the patient while talking or eating.

How long does laser filling last?

Laser fillings are among the cosmetic fillings that have rigidity and durability, which gives the teeth stability and support that makes them remain in place against the changes occurring in the mouth and pressures that are expected to occur for a period ranging between 6 and 8 years, and this period may be possible Increase and decrease based on the condition of each patient.

How is laser tooth filling done?

Laser tooth filling can be done in several simple steps that can be summarized into several stages, and the first stage is the medical examination of the tooth in order to choose the appropriate filling color for it in color, shape, size and composition.

X-rays show all these details, which helps the doctor make many decisions related to determining the procedures necessary to complete the installation of the filling and arrange it, then clean and fill the cavity of the damaged tooth and make sure the filling is fixed by using the latest advanced laser devices that are now used at the level Arabic nation in teeth whitening in general, which enhances the effectiveness of the filling and its ability to get rid of many of the problems facing the tooth.

Pain after filling

Laser filling is a simple application technique and it is not painful as a result of the patient being under the influence of anesthesia, but after the end of the operation, the effect of this anesthesia disappears after two or three hours, which leads to the patient feeling numbness and anesthesia and inability to move the jaw and difficulty swallowing, speaking and signs of swelling and inflammation appear.

All these symptoms are accompanied by a feeling of pain and which is controlled by analgesics and antibiotics prescribed by the doctor until they disappear within a week at most, and if the pain persists, it may be a sign of a problem in the tooth and its weakness or cracking of its structure or the possibility of an abscess and nerve inflammation Which requires consulting the treating physician immediately in order to identify the problem and try to treat it before any other complications occur.

Does laser filling require drilling?

Yes, one of the necessary steps for the laser filling to be securely fixed in the tooth cavity is to drill its cavity using a drill device in addition to draining the nerves in case the damage reaches them, which requires giving the patient local anesthesia or general anesthesia and some sedatives that help him Relaxing so as not to feel any pain or annoyance.

Does decay come back after filling?

Yes, filling procedures are one of the most effective therapeutic and cosmetic methods to get rid of any problems that teeth face, but at the same time they require some instructions and instructions that are necessary to adhere to in order to keep them in the mouth for as long as possible and not expose them to any damage.

In the event of neglecting these advice related to their hygiene and mouth hygiene, the medical filling may erode as a result of the continuous pressure exerted on it and cracks appear in its structure and infection with decay, and in this case the treating physician should be visited as soon as possible in order to try to find a suitable solution for it.

Which is better, laser or platinum filling?

Which is better, laser or platinum filling?

Which is better, laser or platinum filling?

Laser filling is better compared to platinum filling, and this is due to the fact that these cosmetic fillings last longer in the mouth, which reduces the chance of replacing them and exposing the mouth and teeth to the filling process again, in addition to the fact that the laser filling experience ensures the patient’s comfort as a result No use of viscous materials or those that cause discomfort to the patient as happens when installing platinum filling.

Benefits of laser tooth fillings

Benefits of laser tooth fillings

Benefits of laser tooth fillings

Laser tooth fillings are among the most cosmetic techniques used in teeth whitening in many specialized institutions due to the many benefits they provide to the patient’s teeth when applied. These benefits appear as a result of some advantages that decorative fillings or what is called composite have, which can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Their similarity to natural teeth in color.
  • Ease of implementation of this technique and the filling is quickly fixed inside the cavity of the damaged teeth in a session that does not exceed a few minutes.
  • It protects the teeth and surrounding tissues from exposure to other serious problems or complications later.
  • It gives the teeth the stability they need in order to perform their functional tasks to the fullest and withstand changes occurring in the mouth without being damaged or broken.
  • It is one of the most effective and efficient techniques in solving many health problems related to teeth.
  • It is quickly cohesive with the tissues of the cavity of the affected tooth as a result of containing chemical materials capable of doing so in addition to the effectiveness of the laser light, which helps the tooth restore the strength of its structure and repair defects and cracks on its surface.

A bright smile and strong teeth reflect distinguished care, discover the teeth filling techniques offered by The Dental Center to maintain the health of your smile.

Laser filling drawbacks

Laser filling is one of the cosmetic techniques that benefit the patient and help him overcome many problems that he may face, as mentioned in the previous lines in the article in detail, but despite this, in case any mistake occurs during fixing the filling or non-compliance with important medical instructions after the filling process Some defects may appear, which negatively affect the patient’s teeth and mouth, and these defects are represented in the following points:

  • Front teeth only fit despite their strength, they cannot withstand the pressure on the back teeth, wisdom teeth, and are prone to fracture.
  • It cannot fill the large space inside the cavity of damaged teeth, as it is unable to close all the wide and large gaps resulting from severe decay and deep damage to the root of the tooth as a result of its inability to cohere with its tissues.
  • It is not recommended to be used in cases that have had root canal treatment or those suffering from inflammation of the nerves of damaged teeth.
  • Fillings that wear out quickly and are prone to falling over time in the event of neglecting oral hygiene and following medical advice after the filling procedure.

Laser tooth filling cost

The cost of laser tooth filling is determined according to some criteria, which were mentioned in detail at the beginning of the article, but one of the main factors in the appearance of a discrepancy in filling prices in different centers is the emergence of different types of raw materials used in the manufacture of laser fillings, and prices can be mentioned for different laser fillings as follows:

  • Glass fillings cost up to 1500 Egyptian pounds.
  • Composite fillings range between 600 and 3000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Cosmetic ceramic fillings do not exceed 1500 Egyptian pounds in cost.

Tips after laser filling

There are some tips that can be followed after undergoing the laser filling process in order to ensure its success and protect it against any potential problems while maintaining the stability of the patient’s mouth, and these tips can be summarized in the following points:

  • Brushing your teeth daily with a toothbrush and toothpaste suitable for their sensitivity during this period once in the evening at least.
  • Avoid cold and hot foods and drinks.
  • Eat soft, mushy, easy-to-swallow foods that don’t require chewing.
  • Use dental floss and toothpicks to remove any accumulations between small tooth gaps to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Rinsing with a medicinal mouthwash helps moisturize the teeth and get rid of any deposits on their surface.
  • Adhere to the appointments of analgesics and antibiotics prescribed by the doctor after the filling procedure.

Best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetics

The Dental Center is one of the best specialized centers in Cairo that provides teeth whitening techniques, especially laser fillings, using the latest cosmetic methods by using the most advanced laser devices while being careful to follow sterilization methods. and infection control consistent with what was issued by the World Health Organization, in addition to including the center an elite group of doctors specializing in various teeth whitening operations at the Arab level, and you can visit the official website of the center in order to learn about the latest offers on laser filling operations.

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