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Learn about laser dental fillings and their different types!

Laser Dental Fillings, Dental fillings are among the most commonly used methods for getting rid of cavities, and there are several types. However, today we will shed light on the latest method used in fillings, which is laser dental fillings. We will learn together about its types, advantages, disadvantages, associated problems, and costs, so follow us to answer all your questions in this regard.

Laser Dental Fillings

Laser Dental Fillings

Laser Dental Fillings

Laser dental fillings are considered one of the advanced and effective techniques in treating dental problems, where the laser dental filling process is performed through several steps that we will get to know in detail in the following paragraphs.

Laser dental fillings are practical alternatives to extracting damaged teeth, as they have an attractive aesthetic design and offer a natural appearance. This technology is characterized by providing multiple shades of colors to match different teeth. Thanks to the development of filling materials and modern innovations, laser dental fillings have become a common and effective option for improving oral health and appearance.

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Types of Laser Dental Fillings

When a person suffers from tooth decay, the dentist resorts to using a filling to treat the affected area and restore tooth health. Among the commonly used methods in dentistry are laser dental fillings, which are effective and reliable. In this article, we will present to you the different types of laser dental fillings, their advantages, and disadvantages.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are considered one of the most widely used types of laser dental fillings in dental clinics, as they consist of a compound glass material called composite, which is compatible with the color of natural teeth. They are commonly used in anterior filling cases to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. Composite fillings also require laser treatment to reach their final hardness and enhance their durability.


  • Ability to match the color of natural teeth.
  • Resistant to erosion and breakage.
  • Can be easily repaired and reshaped.


  • More expensive compared to some other options.
  • May require multiple layers and additional time in treatment.

Zirconia Fillings

Zirconia fillings are another type of laser dental fillings, consisting of a zirconia ceramic material that provides high strength and good erosion resistance. Zirconia fillings are laser-prepared for better fit and stability.


  • High durability and excellent stability.
  • Provides a natural appearance similar to natural teeth.
  • Resistant to erosion and breakage.


  • Higher cost compared to some alternatives.
  • Requires precise preparation and advanced technical skills.

Before deciding on a laser dental filling, you should consult with a specialized dentist and listen to their recommendations, as the choice of the appropriate filling depends on your needs and dental condition. Remember that regular oral health care and visiting the dentist regularly are essential for maintaining dental health and preventing cavities.

Types of Laser Dental Fillings

Types of Laser Dental Fillings

Advantages of Laser Dental Fillings

Laser dental fillings have several advantages that make them an excellent choice for many people. One of these advantages is the aesthetic appearance resulting from the filling’s color matching with the teeth, surpassing other types. Laser fillings have been designed to blend seamlessly with the color of your teeth, giving them a natural and beautiful appearance.

In addition, laser fillings are safe and effective, as they do not require removing any part of the tooth crown itself. The result of laser dental fillings appears quickly and with high quality. Moreover, they do not cause any pain or annoying complications after the procedure. The outer surface of the tooth is also polished and smoothed at the end to achieve the ideal aesthetic appearance.

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Disadvantages of Laser Dental Fillings (Composite)

Laser dental fillings (composite) are considered innovative techniques in the field of dentistry. However, they have drawbacks and adverse effects that must be taken into consideration. This method may cause the filling material to become somewhat flexible, leading to several disadvantages:

  1. These disadvantages include reduced resistance and increased chances of breakage or easy erosion when exposed to pressure and daily oral care.
  2. As a result, the patient may need to replace the filling more frequently than usual, which represents a financial and time burden on the patient.
  3. Additionally, using a laser in the filling process can lead to tooth sensitivity or allergic reactions in some patients.

Therefore, individuals should review all potential drawbacks and advantages before deciding to undergo laser dental fillings (composite).

Problems Associated with Laser Dental Fillings

The problems associated with laser dental fillings include several drawbacks. It is important to consider that light-curing filling techniques and fillings in general may be accompanied by varying degrees of pain. The patient may experience some mild discomfort after the treatment procedure, which usually subsides within a few hours to two days and is not a cause for concern. However, if there is pain resulting from friction between the treated area and the adjacent tooth surface, the dentist should be consulted to remove the protruding part of the tooth and smooth its surface.

Furthermore, laser technology can be used in detecting cavities, where this application is effective in the early detection of tooth decay and preventing its progression. However, some individuals may experience problems associated with this procedure. Therefore, one should consult with a dentist to understand the potential risks and expected benefits before undergoing any laser dental treatment.

What are the steps involved in laser filling?

Light-curing fillings using lasers are a modern and effective technique in treating dental problems. The steps followed to perform a laser filling procedure are as follows:

  • The dentist begins by numbing the nerve canal and surrounding area to avoid causing pain to the patient.
  • A filling color similar to the natural teeth color is selected to achieve an aesthetic appearance.
  • The dentist removes the decay and cleans the damaged tissues.
  • Then, they ensure that the tooth is dried by isolating the saliva from the tooth to be filled.
  • The dentist applies the light-curing filling in precise layers until the final shape and appearance of the tooth are achieved.
  • Finally, the dentist smooths and polishes the tooth surface to achieve the ideal shape and shine.

Approximate Cost of Light-curing (Composite) Dental Fillings

The cost of laser dental fillings ranges between 600 to 3000 Egyptian pounds, depending on the dental center or clinic. Composite fillings are commonly used for cosmetic filling cases and are known for their diamond-like color and appearance, making the teeth look natural. Many patients consider composite fillings to be less painful and sensitive compared to other filling materials.

What is the expected lifespan of composite fillings?

The expected lifespan of composite fillings varies from person to person, but the duration that doctors have determined through their experience suggests that it ranges from 6 to 8 years. The longevity of the filling depends on several factors, such as the quality of the materials used in its composition and the care and attention given to oral and dental health.

It is worth noting that composite fillings may require re-bonding or replacement over time, depending on the extent of use and natural wear and tear. Therefore, it is essential to adhere to a daily oral hygiene routine and schedule regular visits to the dentist for examination and evaluation of the fillings’ condition and maintaining dental health.

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When is laser filling used?

Laser fillings are commonly used to repair broken or cracked teeth and are highly effective in these cases because they blend naturally with your teeth and give you a beautiful and natural appearance. Laser fillings are characterized by their smooth integration with your natural teeth, making them almost invisible. The material used is slightly flexible, which helps reduce drilling and preserve more of your natural teeth.

Can I eat after getting a dental filling?

After getting a dental filling, dentists usually advise against eating immediately and recommend waiting for some time. This is due to the type of filling used and the dentist’s recommendation. The purpose of not eating is typically to allow the filling to adhere and bond to the teeth properly. Therefore, the dentist may advise waiting for a few hours before eating. However, there are also other cases where eating is permitted immediately after the filling procedure. This depends on the dentist’s assessment and recommendations. It is best to consult with the treating dentist for specific guidance based on your personal condition.

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Can I eat after getting a dental filling?

Can I eat after getting a dental filling?

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