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Learn more about laser nerve filling and the types of fillings used!

Laser Nerve Filling, Laser nerve filling is one of the latest techniques used in various dental clinics and centers in Egypt recently, receiving numerous positive reactions from patients, especially the effective results they achieve. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss in detail the laser nerve filling technique, how it is applied, its types, advantages, or possible disadvantages, and how much it costs.

Laser Nerve Filling

Laser Nerve Filling

Laser Nerve Filling

Laser nerve filling solves many dental problems, starting from consuming food and drinks without caring for and cleaning the teeth afterwards, leading to enamel weakening and erosion, then infection reaching the next dentin layer, causing inflammations at the nerve canal ends and continuous pain especially when consuming sugary foods or cold and hot beverages, which various painkillers cannot alleviate.

All the previously mentioned symptoms indicate nerve damage causing severe pain and discomfort. Upon medical intervention and starting treatment, the doctor removes the nerve to eliminate pain and fills the gaps between teeth with various fillings, helping protect the teeth from loss or extraction. We are committed to providing high-quality services at reasonable prices, and laser nerve filling is no exception in our dental center.

Types of Dental Fillings Used

There are multiple types of dental fillings used to treat various dental problems, especially decay and fractures or structural damage to teeth, emerging due to the manufacturing of fillings from many raw materials. These materials differ in properties and qualities that support damaged teeth and also in the results they provide afterwards, hence the types of fillings used in dental treatment can be mentioned as follows:

  • Silver fillings: These fillings are made from different types of metals like mercury, copper, tin, and the most famous being those made from silver, which are the oldest types of fillings used in treating and beautifying teeth, and are the most durable, lasting over 15 years, without requiring the removal of a part of the enamel coating the damaged teeth.
  • Gold fillings: These fillings are a mixture of gold and copper and last between 10 to 15 years with patients accepting their color compared to silver fillings.
  • Glass and cement mix fillings: These are glass-like fillings that fill the gaps between teeth, protecting and supporting them due to their chemical bonding with calcium and phosphorus in the teeth.
  • Ceramic fillings: These fillings contribute to improving the aesthetic appearance of teeth, giving a bright and attractive smile, filling gaps when installing crowns and bridges, and helping in fixing orthodontic wires, being one of the most used alternatives to porcelain veneers.

Which is Better: Laser Filling or Platinum

Laser filling is better due to some specific disadvantages of platinum fillings, as platinum fillings differ in color from natural teeth color, negatively affecting the overall aesthetic appearance, and many patients show allergic reactions to the metals used in them, lacking the ability to stay fixed inside the tooth cavity.

What Makes You Choose Laser Nerve Filling

Laser nerve filling does not cause any harm to the gums or teeth and preserves their integrity, preventing damage to the surrounding tissues, the enamel coating them, and the bones, due to not having to extract the teeth when treated with laser nerve filling.

When is Nerve Filling Done?

Nerve filling is always the treatment for difficult or advanced cases, usually those that have been subjected to accidents or violent collisions causing fractures and cracks in the tooth structure or damage and inflammation of its pulp due to decay or infection, and the doctor proceeds to remove the decayed material in the nerve endings of the teeth and replace it with a filling.

Benefits of Opting for Laser Nerve Filling

Benefits of Opting for Laser Nerve Filling

Benefits of Opting for Laser Nerve Filling

There are many benefits of laser nerve filling that positively impact the patient’s dental health, which can be summarized in the following points:

  • Laser nerve filling is a quick and easy-to-apply technique requiring only one session to install.
  • It does not result in any pain or side effects, allowing the patient to resume their normal life immediately after the filling session.
  • The doctor does not prescribe any medications or painkillers after the laser nerve filling session due to its high safety and lack of side effects.
  • Laser is one of the latest devices used in dental and nerve filling techniques, characterized by not emitting any annoying sounds, thus not causing stress or discomfort to the patient.
  • Laser devices provide clear vision for the doctor to perform all steps and observe the finest mouth tissues, saving time and comfort without the need to use a light device for visual inspection.
  • It works to eliminate any bacteria or infection in the mouth, protecting it from decay or damage signs on its tissues.
  • Laser helps reduce the amount of anesthesia given by the doctor to the patient, thus reducing the side effects arising from it, most notably allergic symptoms occurring after the filling process.
  • It reduces the chance of the patient experiencing bleeding after the filling operation.
  • Laser nerve filling does not require tooth extraction, thus protecting them from loss or damage, ensuring a unique and comfortable experience at the best dental treatment center in the medical center for dental care in Cairo, with customer satisfaction as a top priority.

How Many Sessions are Needed for Nerve Filling

There are factors that determine the number of medical sessions required for the patient to fix the nerve filling in their cavity, most notably the nature of the patient’s case and their medical history and the location of the damaged teeth but in many cases, it does not exceed two sessions, and if the teeth or mouth need preparation or treatment of specific problems, the doctor takes the necessary time until complete recovery before fixing the filling.

Steps of Laser Nerve Filling

Steps of Laser Nerve Filling

Steps of Laser Nerve Filling

There are certain procedures the doctor follows to fix the nerve filling using laser in the damaged tooth cavity, varying from one patient to another based on their medical condition, and the steps for installing the filling can be summarized in the following points:

  • Using laser light straps on the surface of the damaged teeth.
  • Removing decayed material or damaged tissues and old fillings in the affected tooth cavity.
  • Drilling the damaged tooth from its surface top to the end of the nerve canals in its root to remove the nerve and extract it.
  • Using laser to sterilize and disinfect the damaged tooth cavity from any remaining bacteria or infection.
  • Replacing this nerve with the filling, filling the affected tooth cavity, and sealing all gaps to not give bacteria a chance to grow again.

What is the Lifespan of Laser Fillings?

Laser fillings are made from many different and diverse raw materials, but most of these materials are strong and durable to support damaged teeth in withstanding many changes occurring in the mouth, in addition to helping them perform their functional tasks perfectly, without negatively affecting the patient’s general health due to not rusting or reacting with the mouth environment, hence the lifespan of most laser fillings exceeds 15 years.

Disadvantages of Laser Filling

Laser filling offers many benefits to patients that cannot be summarized in a few lines because it’s among the finest and most efficient technologies used in treating various dental problems, yet, despite this

, there are some disadvantages that appear in a few cases which we will explain in the following lines:

  • Damage and falling of the back molars due to the fillings’ inability to withstand the pressure from eating or speaking and the nature of tasks and pressures these teeth area in the mouth are subjected to.
  • Laser fillings do not bond with large tooth cavities where decay reaches the root depth.
  • Sensitivity of the tooth nerve to the raw materials manufactured for these fillings, leading to some undesirable symptoms like pain, inflammations, or gum swellings.
Are There Any Risks from Laser Dental Filling?

Are There Any Risks from Laser Dental Filling?

Are There Any Risks from Laser Dental Filling?

No, this type of filling does not cause any risks or harmful side effects to the patient’s dental health or their overall health, but mild symptoms of gum inflammation may appear, or the filling may require drilling numerous holes in the damaged tooth cavity, and continued pain for several days, or the appearance of cracks and wear signs on the filling structure due to exposure to severe pressure.

The presence of excess filling material can cause friction between teeth, resulting in discomfort, and laser filling should not be used with cases suffering from deep decay material within the tooth cavity or cases where the damage reaches the back molars to avoid damage and falling, and you can read a detailed article about the possibility of pain symptoms after nerve filling when pressing here.

Can I Eat After Dental Filling?

Dentists advise their patients undergoing dental filling operations to wait a few hours, no less than 4 hours, before starting to eat or drink warm beverages after the operation to ensure the anesthesia effects completely wear off and to guarantee the drying and fixation of the filling material in the tooth cavity, but the type of raw material the filling is made from greatly controls the suitable duration before starting to eat after the filling.

Laser Nerve Filling Prices

It’s usual for factors to control the pricing of any medical service provided to patients in various medical fields, and in the field of dentistry, determining the cost fundamentally depends on the patient’s case and the extent of damage or progression of their teeth damage, in addition to the treating doctor’s skill and the assisting medical team and the sterilization methods they follow.

Regarding laser nerve filling cases, there are other many factors like the cost of raw materials the filling is made from and the advancement and modernity of the laser devices used, hence the cost of laser nerve filling in Egypt might start from 600 Egyptian pounds.

Best Medical Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetic

The dental center in Nasr City in Cairo is among the specialized centers in various filling operations, always providing the latest medical devices used in different techniques including the most advanced laser devices used in the filling process, and the center receives high ratings from patients who received filling treatment on the official pages of the center on social media or on the official site of the center.

The most skilled doctors in the Arab world handle the many cosmetic and therapeutic specializations in the center, accompanied by their assisting medical teams, always following the latest sterilization methods adopted worldwide, and the administration currently offers discounts up to 20% on different filling operations, not just laser, and you can visit the official site of the center by clicking here to contact the customer service team and know the details.

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