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Details about wisdom tooth nerve filling and its price at the Medical Center for Dental Care

Nerve filling for wisdom teeth, The technique of nerve filling for wisdom teeth is one of the most important techniques that help in protecting the tooth from damage and maintaining it for as long as possible if it performs functional tasks like the rest of the teeth in the mouth. There are many questions about this technique, so we will discuss it in detail through the headings of this article.

Wisdom tooth nerve filling

Wisdom tooth nerve filling

Wisdom tooth nerve filling

The wisdom tooth may have an effective role in a person’s mouth and help maintain its balance or provide support in the case of the presence of the other opposite wisdom tooth in the parallel side to the remaining teeth in the mouth so that it can chew food well and reduce the chances of indigestion later or pronounce the exits of words and letters correctly.

The process of nerve filling for wisdom teeth is simple and does not require much effort or preparations, and it also contributes to preserving the tooth instead of losing it and exposing the mouth to any imbalance that may occur after its extraction. The role of this process revolves around getting rid of possible cavities or infection.

The fillings used also last many years, up to more than 10 years, which ensures the stability of the mouth for a long time. Take advantage of the benefits of modern technology with wisdom tooth nerve filling at our dental care center.

Does a broken tooth need a nerve filling?

Yes, the teeth and molars in the mouth are exposed to fractures or cracks in their structure due to pressure on them or exposure to violent collisions. In this case, one of the best ways to treat them is to perform a nerve filling for them instead of having to extract them or have them fall out later, which preserves them for as long as possible inside the oral cavity and maintains its stability.

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How many nerve filling sessions are needed?

Nerve filling is a technique that is characterized by the ease of its implementation and does not require many steps or preparatory procedures, so it is possible to complete it in one or two sessions and in the most severe and complicated cases, it does not exceed 3 sessions. In this case, dental X-rays are used to accurately and precisely determine the location of the damage.

It also requires the doctor to discuss with the patient in order to choose the filling that suits their health condition and also suits their financial situation, in order to ensure the success of the operation to a large extent without the need for additional procedures in case of failure or complications in the mouth.

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When do wisdom teeth appear?

The wisdom tooth is the last part of the mouth to appear in a person’s mouth. The location of the wisdom tooth is always behind the last tooth present in the upper and lower jaws. This tooth usually appears during the early adolescence period, which is around 17 years old until reaching 25 years old. One of the most common things is for it to grow crookedly or to be embedded in the gum tissue, causing many problems for the mouth.

Causes of wisdom tooth decay

The wisdom tooth is one of the most important parts of the mouth due to its help in maintaining the balance of the mouth and supporting all teeth in their functional tasks when eating or speaking. It is possible for the tooth to be exposed to decay in case one of the following possibilities occurs:

  • Not brushing teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste on a daily basis.
  • Excessive consumption of foods and drinks rich in sugars such as soft drinks.
  • Drinking a lot of stimulants such as tea and coffee.
  • Excessive consumption of citrus fruits such as lemon and orange.
  • The position of the tooth itself at the end of the mouth may cause difficulty in reaching it when cleaning the mouth.
  • The tooth growing in an incorrect way that makes it difficult to clean it.

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Causes of wisdom tooth decay

Causes of wisdom tooth decay

Symptoms of wisdom tooth decay

Suffering from wisdom tooth decay is one of the most common problems among many patients, and this is due to the many reasons mentioned in the previous lines. It is possible to infer that the wisdom tooth is infected with decay through the following symptoms:

  • Feeling pain when chewing food.
  • Appearance of signs of swelling and inflammation in the gum.
  • Redness of the area of the tooth at the end of the affected jaw.
  • Inflammation of the gum or tissues surrounding the tooth.
  • Swelling of the side of the face that contains the affected tooth.
  • Appearance of sensitivity to teeth towards cold and hot foods and drinks.
  • Appearance of unpleasant or undesirable odors in the mouth.
  • Enlargement of the lymph nodes in the area adjacent to the tooth.

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Treatment of Wisdom Tooth Decay

Wisdom tooth decay has several cases that vary in severity. Among these cases, there are some patients where the treatment can yield effective results. The treatment in this case includes drilling a cavity in the affected tooth, removing the decayed material, sterilizing it, and then using various fillings to seal the resulting gaps in the cavity.

As for the complicated cases where the health condition is critical, manifested by the spread of decay to the deep roots of the tooth or the appearance of inflammation signs on the surface of the tooth, or its growth in a crooked manner, the only way for treatment in this case is to extract the tooth or resort to surgical intervention to remove it. It is also possible to use antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs to get rid of pain and bacterial infection and treat the abscess.

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Why do doctors resort to extracting the wisdom tooth instead of root canal treatment?

It is possible for the wisdom tooth to grow buried within the gum cavity without fully emerging in the mouth. In this case, the situation requires immediate tooth extraction before any complications occur. Doctors prefer to extract any wisdom tooth that has not fully emerged or grows submerged within the gum cavity when the person reaches a young age before the roots and surrounding bone are fully developed, so that the recovery period after extraction is quick. Many people have had their wisdom teeth extracted before they caused any complications or risks.

How to perform root canal treatment on a wisdom tooth

Root canal treatment on a wisdom tooth is one of the most important techniques for dentists and dental specialists, as we

mentioned in the article, due to its many benefits that affect the patient’s teeth and mouth. This procedure is performed through simple steps that can be mentioned in the following points:

  • The treating doctor examines the patient’s mouth and takes X-rays to identify the exact location of the damage in the mouth and develop an appropriate treatment plan.
  • Anesthetize the patient using a local anesthetic spray in the affected area or sedatives to help them relax and get rid of tension.
  • Use a drilling device to drill a cavity in the affected tooth or resort to laser in case of using a somewhat advanced technique.
  • Remove the decay or accumulated germs inside the cavity.
  • Sterilize the cavity with chemical disinfectants.
  • Place the filling inside the cavity to fit its size, shape, and dimensions.
  • Secure a crown on the top surface of the affected tooth to protect and support it against the changes and pressures that occur in the mouth.

You can learn about the laser tooth filling method by reading this article.

How to perform root canal treatment on a wisdom tooth

How to perform root canal treatment on a wisdom tooth

Ways to prevent wisdom tooth decay

Despite the prevalence of wisdom tooth decay among individuals, it is very easy to prevent it and avoid it if you adhere to the following medical guidelines:

  • Brush your teeth daily, morning and evening, especially in the wisdom tooth area, with the appropriate toothpaste and brush.
  • Avoid consuming too much sugar and starches.
  • Limit the use of stimulants and carbonated beverages.
  • Use dental floss to get rid of food remnants stuck between the gaps.
  • Use a miswak to get rid of any bacteria spread in the mouth.
  • Rinse with a medical mouthwash or a warm water and salt solution to control any infection.
  • Regular follow-up with a specialist doctor to reassure the health of the mouth and try to treat any diseases that may occur early before any complications that threaten its safety.

Complications of wisdom tooth decay

As we mentioned in the article, wisdom tooth decay is one of the most common problems in the mouth and affects many people. However, despite this, there are ways to prevent it and techniques to treat it and control it, because in the absence of immediate treatment and as soon as possible after infection, some complications may appear, which are represented in the following points:

  • Feeling severe pain that does not respond to any painkillers, especially when eating.
  • Appearance of signs of gum inflammation.
  • Inflammation of the tissue surrounding the tooth, especially the bones and supports.
  • The chances of abscess formation increase.
  • It is possible for the infection to spread to other parts of the body, such as the brain, and cause inflammation of its tissues, which is the most complicated and dangerous condition.

You can learn about the causes of persistent pain after tooth filling by reading this article.

Cost of root canal treatment on a wisdom tooth

The cost of root canal treatment on a wisdom tooth is determined according to several diverse factors, the most important of which is the cost of raw materials used in the manufacture of medical fillings used during the procedure, and the cost of therapeutic techniques used and medical devices that assist in their application. The extent of development of the sterilization and infection control methods adopted also makes a difference in determining the cost.

The most prominent of these factors is the experience of the treating doctor and the medical team assisting him, as well as the extent of the damage occurring in the mouth and the number of affected teeth or those showing various problems on their surface. After taking all these factors into consideration, the average cost of root canal treatment on a wisdom tooth ranges between 1500 and 3000 Egyptian pounds. You can benefit from the wisdom tooth root canal treatment service at our dental care center to experience the optimal treatment.

Cost of root canal treatment on a wisdom tooth

Cost of root canal treatment on a wisdom tooth

Best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetics

At the Dental Care Medical Center, we believe that a smile is the language of hearts and the foundation of self-confidence. We dedicate our efforts and time to providing the best care services for the health and beauty of your teeth. We also rely on the latest technologies and advanced devices to ensure that your experience with us is unique and satisfactory like no other.

Our team consists of distinguished dentists with deep knowledge and experience. Whether you are looking to improve the appearance of your smile or treat any health issue related to your teeth, we are here to serve you with exceptional care and comprehensive attention. So join our family at the Dental Care Medical Center and regain your beautiful smile and confidence in yourselves.

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