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Details about the price of permanent dental fillings and how to choose the best one!

Permanent Dental Filling Price, Permanent dental fillings are among the most effective techniques for treating dental problems and also achieving significant cosmetic results. Their price is determined by many factors, which we will explain in this article, along with their advantages, disadvantages, types, installation methods, the medical conditions they treat, and many other pieces of information.

Permanent Dental Filling Price

Permanent Dental Filling Price

Permanent Dental Filling Price

Permanent dental fillings are a technique based on a medical material that the dentist fixes in the cavity of the damaged tooth. This material or filling lasts for many years with the patient or may even last a lifetime. The goal of the filling technique is to eliminate tooth decay and nerve damage and help maintain their structure and functional performance.

The price of permanent dental fillings is governed by several factors that we will mention in detail below. Prices vary from one center to another or from one clinic to another, and we will clarify the prices at The Dental Center in the following headings.

Get immediate comfort and relief from toothache with our effective dental filling services at The Dental Center.

What is Meant by Tooth Decay?

The mouth and teeth are among the most susceptible areas to various types of food and drinks from different sources, making them prone to permanent bacteria. The accumulation of bacteria can cause the appearance of a bacterial collection or abscess, causing damage or decay to the teeth or molars and their structure’s brittleness. This infection can reach the inner nerve endings of the teeth, causing nerve, tissue, and surrounding bone damage. Molars are more prone to decay due to the difficulty of cleaning them with a brush compared to the front teeth and canines.

Types of Permanent Dental Fillings

Types of Permanent Dental Fillings

Types of Permanent Dental Fillings

Permanent fillings are divided into several types based on the raw materials they are made from, and these types are represented in:

    • Glass fillings: Match natural teeth in color and have the ability to form fluoride material that fights tooth decay, but they are weak, so they last for short periods, making them suitable for children in the age group of 9 to 12 years.
    • Resin composite fillings: Consist of a mixture of metals that resemble natural teeth in color, adding a cosmetic role making them suitable for front teeth. These fillings do not have the capacity to withstand the pressure from biting and chewing food, so they are not suitable for molars and back teeth.
    • Ceramic filling: These fillings are made from a mix of ceramic or metal coated with a ceramic layer and are characterized by their similarity to the color of natural teeth, enhancing the cosmetic role of these fillings. They are hard and strong, withstand any pressures or changes that occur in the mouth, and are somewhat expensive due to their many advantages.
    • Gold dental fillings: These fillings are made of gold, giving them the necessary durability and strength for various functional tasks and last many years with the patient. Their only drawback is the difference in color of the gold material from the natural teeth color.
    • Silver filling: These fillings are termed silver fillings because they are made from silver material that withstands the pressure from grinding food and lasts for more than 15 years with minimal cost suitable for everyone. However, they respond to temperature changes, causing them to shrink and expand, showing cracks in their structure, in addition to their color difference from natural teeth, making them less preferred by some patients.

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How to Choose the Best Type of Permanent Fillings for Your Teeth

There are factors that control the choice of the suitable filling type for the patient’s condition, the damaged area location in their mouth, their financial ability, in addition to their personal desire. We can present these factors as follows:

      • The extent of tooth or molar damage.
      • The dentist’s decision after examining the patient and their x-rays.
      • The patient’s financial ability.

And the medical opinion has the highest priority in determining the suitable type of filling for the patient, which can help the damaged teeth to perform their functional tasks perfectly and face the changes occurring in the mouth. With our advanced dental filling services at our Dental Center, your smile will be the crown of beauty that adorns your face.

Main Reasons for Tooth Damage

There are many reasons causing tooth damage, but the most impactful is neglecting dental and oral hygiene and not brushing teeth daily with toothpaste before going to bed or using miswak and dental floss. In addition to consuming fizzy or sweetened drinks, sweets, and foods rich in starches or acidic fruits that change the mouth’s environment to acidic, giving bacteria the opportunity to grow and multiply causing decay and damage. Therefore, individuals should always consume whole grains, vegetables, and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

When to Use Permanent Dental Fillings?

When to Use Permanent Dental Fillings?

When to Use Permanent Dental Fillings?

Permanent dental filling techniques are used to solve all dental problems for all medical conditions across different age groups. However, they are the optimal solution for some cases that are not suitable for other techniques, especially cases suffering from decay in the tooth cavity or reaching the nerve and nerve endings or cases with brittle and weak teeth due to weak enamel layer. These fillings replace the damaged part after removing the decay material from it.

How to Fill Teeth with Permanent Fillings?

Permanent dental fillings aim to eliminate problems of decay and damage to the teeth by replacing the decay material in the damaged tooth cavity. The filling process goes through several steps, which will be explained as follows:

      • Numbing the affected area with a local anesthetic or giving an anesthetic injection in the gum.
      • Drilling the damaged tooth cavity.
      • Removing decay material or bacterial accumulation from inside the tooth cavity.
      • Sterilizing the cavity with an antiseptic solution to eliminate bacteria or any infection.
      • Using a medical insulating material to isolate the affected area from the rest of the mouth.
      • It’s possible to use a medical material to protect the root if the decay material is close to it.
      • Installing the fillings inside the tooth cavity.
      • Leveling the filling with the tooth surface to prevent any protrusions causing complications later. To learn about the method of nerve filling without a crown click here.

Disadvantages of Permanent Dental Fillings

The permanent filling technique helps patients in treating many problems and suits many cases, but despite its many benefits and different advantages, it has some disadvantages and causes some harms, including:

      • Appearance of tooth sensitivity signs towards anything cold or hot.
      • Appearance of signs of cracks and fractures in the filling structure due to exposure to intense pressure during speaking and teeth friction against each other or when biting and chewing food.
      • Infection and decay occurring in its cavity due to neglecting dental hygiene and bacteria growth again in the mouth.
      • Infection of the root and nerve due to food accumulation and bacteria growth, and to learn about the benefits of permanent fillings click here.
What to Do After Getting a Permanent Dental Filling?

What to Do After Getting a Permanent Dental Filling?

What to Do After Getting a Permanent Dental Filling?

There are some tips that should be followed after undergoing a dental filling procedure, summarized as follows:

      • Avoid cold and hot foods and drinks.
      • Use toothpaste suitable for sensitive teeth during the days following the filling procedure.
      • Eat soft, easy-to-swallow foods in addition to drinks only.
      • Avoid hard or tough foods that are difficult to bite and chew so as not to put pressure on the filling and cause cracks in it.
      • Take painkillers, antibiotics, or medications prescribed by your doctor.
      • Brush your teeth daily in the evening and morning with toothpaste and make sure to use dental floss or miswak once a day.
      • Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for the health and integrity of teeth and mouth.

Permanent Dental Filling Price in Egypt

The price of permanent dental fillings is controlled by many essential factors, including the nature of the patient’s condition, the number of damaged teeth needing the filling, the types of raw materials that will suit the patient and they choose, and the differences in prices of these materials with changes in the dollar rate. In addition to the skill of the treating doctor and their team, sterilization and cleanliness tools, and the location of the center or clinic are all side factors that may also affect the cost determination.

Based on the previous factors, The Dental Center in Nasr City offers a discount on all permanent fillings up to 10%, where the cost ranges between 500 and 4000 Egyptian pounds.

The Best Medical Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

Dental fillings are precise techniques that require great skill to achieve high success rates, and this is what you will find in The Dental Center in Nasr City, Cairo, where the center hosts an elite group of the largest specialized doctors in dental filling and cosmetic procedures who always follow the latest therapeutic and cosmetic techniques to achieve the desired results for patients always.

The center provides a high level of service and patient comfort methods during the waiting period for the appointment and follows high sterilization methods. You can contact the center’s administration by clicking on the official website link from here to inquire about the latest offers and discounts on permanent fillings and other treatment methods.

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