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What are the best dental implants? What is its cost in the Egyptian markets?

Best Dental Implants, can provide you with a distinctive appearance and a look that is as natural as possible. In this article, we will learn about the best dental implants, what are the disadvantages of dental implants, what is the cost of dental implants in Egypt, what is the difference between Korean and German dental implants, and other important and distinctive questions related to dental implants, in addition to other important and distinctive information, so follow us.

Best dental implants

Best dental implants

Best Dental Implants

Straumann dental implants are considered one of the best types of dental implants available globally. They are of the Swiss type, which is made of Roxolid material, which is a mixture of titanium and zirconium. They are highly durable, quick to integrate with the jaw bones and gums, have high biocompatibility with the body, and have a high rate of successful placement.

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Best Types of Dental Implants

In fact, there are many types of distinctive dental implants that can be used by many doctors. Here are some of them:

  • Swiss Straumann implants, where the design of the implants in the company is excellent and ensures the strength of the connection between the external and internal parts of the implant without the need for frequent retightening.
  • Swiss Nobel Biocare implants, and these company’s implants are known to every dentist in the world and in all dental implant books in all universities around the world.
  • German Dentsply Sirona implants, where there is no dispute about the quality of German implant manufacturing. However, when this quality is combined with the necessary experience and technology, the products become the best ever, as the success rates of these implants are very high.
  • Zimmerbiomet American implants, are a breakthrough and a qualitative leap in design, as the design of the implant is characterized by the presence of gaps and holes inside the implant body to allow bone formation inside the implant body.
  • Biohorizon American implants, and these implants have a very large network of agents and distributors in most countries around the world, which reassures the doctor and the patient about the availability of all the necessary parts and accessories in all countries with ease.
  • Bicon implants, and the short implants from Bicon are the best short implants without competition and provide an easy and simple solution for patients suffering from maxillary sinus expansion or jaw bone resorption.
What is the procedure for dental implants?

Best types of dental implants

What are the disadvantages of dental implants?

Dental implants are a surgical procedure used to replace missing teeth by implanting artificial roots into the jaw to secure artificial teeth. Although dental implants are considered an innovative and successful medical procedure, they also carry some disadvantages and risks, which may include the following:

  • Dental implants are considered a relatively expensive procedure, including the costs of materials, necessary tests, surgeon and dentist fees.
  • There is a risk of infection at the implant site, and although precautions are taken to prevent infection, this risk still exists.
  • Dental implants can cause bleeding and swelling in the mouth and face after surgery.
  • There is a possibility of blood clots after surgery, which can cause pain and swelling and may require further medical intervention.
  • Sometimes the patient’s body may reject the artificial implant, leading to failure of the procedure.
  • Bone surrounding the implant may sometimes erode, which can lead to unstable implant fixation.
  • Dental implants may be accompanied by swelling and pain in the surrounding area, but these symptoms are usually temporary.
  • The dental implant procedure and recovery and adjustment period with the new teeth can be time-consuming.

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What is the cost of dental implants in Egypt?

The cost of dental implants in Egypt is one of the costs that varies greatly in price, and this variation is due to the fact that different companies and types of implants placed in the teeth have a significant influence on the cost of dental implants.

Among the most prominent dental implant prices in Egypt, we find that the cost of dental implants with Korean material is approximately 9000 Egyptian pounds for a single tooth, while American implants are cheaper, reaching around 8000 Egyptian pounds. We also find that the prices for German implants can also reach around 9000 Egyptian pounds for a single tooth, in addition to immediate implants having their own prices, which can reach around 12000 Egyptian pounds.

What is the cost of dental implants in Egypt?

What is the cost of dental implants in Egypt?

What is the difference between Korean and German dental implants?

Dental implants differ from each other to a large extent, and the reason for this degree of variation is due to the presence of many advantages that can be obtained from one of these implants over the other. Therefore, in this section, we distinguish between Korean and German dental implants as follows:

German Implants

Korean Implants

  • This type of implant is manufactured in Germany using modern, highly efficient and effective medical techniques when placed in the patient’s mouth.
  • The German implant is considered one of the preferred implants for both the dentist and the patient.
  • German implant trials have proven their ability to achieve stability due to their excellent ability to integrate with gum tissue, as well as their extended theoretical lifespan, so they do not need to be replaced from time to time.
  • German dental implants comply with international standards and are known for their high flexibility to suit all types of bones.
  • Korean implants are one of the modern and preferred options in the world of dental implants.
  • Korean implants appeared in Russian markets some time ago, and some doctors use them in all cities around the world.
  • All Sunckon Korean implants are made of titanium, the best material for dental implants due to its rapid integration with the jawbone.
  • The most important feature of the Korean implant is that the implant surface in the Korean implant is microporous, which greatly improves its biological compatibility and accelerates the integration of bone tissues and the implant.

Is there an alternative to dental implants?

Yes, there are several alternatives to dental implants that depend on the individual patient’s condition, the extent of tooth loss, and specific medical circumstances. Some common alternatives include:

  • Fixed bridges can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge involves placing artificial teeth (crowns) between adjacent teeth to fill the missing space.
  • Removable partial dentures are an option for patients who prefer not to have a fixed bridge, and these dentures can be removed for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Complete dentures are an option for patients who have lost several teeth and need partial replacements. They can be removed and cleaned and are supported by the remaining teeth and resting on the gums.
  • Ridge augmentation can be used to transfer bone from another area of the jaw and graft it into the area where tooth loss has occurred. However, this requires additional surgical procedures and may not be suitable for all cases.

It is important to know that the choice between these alternatives depends on the doctor’s assessment of the patient’s personal condition, needs, and preferences. It is advisable to consult with a specialized dentist to determine the best options for your case and ensure the restoration of tooth function and appearance in the best possible way.

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Alternatives to dental implants

Is there an alternative to dental implants?

What is the success rate of dental implants?

In many cases, the success rate of dental implants is high, according to the opinions of many doctors and specialists. We find that dental implants can have a success rate of up to 95%, and there are many cases where the success rate of the procedure can reach 100%, according to many scientific studies.

In any case, if you are a patient with a sufficient amount of jawbone and your condition is suitable enough for implant placement, or if your general condition is suitable, dental implants can be applied, and a high success rate can be ensured for the procedure in general.

When are dental implants not suitable?

Generally, everyone is eligible for a procedure like dental implants, but there are some cases where it is important to consult a specialist before proceeding, as they may not have this opportunity. The most prominent of these cases include:

  • Patients with osteoporosis
  • Patients with Paget’s disease
  • Patients with osteogenesis imperfecta
  • Those with autoimmune diseases
  • Patients with active cancer
  • Patients who have received high doses of radiation therapy in the jaw or head area

When do dental implants fail?

Dental implants are a successful medical procedure for most patients, but rare cases of failure may occur. It is important that the procedure is performed by a professional and experienced dentist to reduce the chances of failure, as the success rate is affected by several factors. Dental implants may fail in the following cases:

  • If there is a lack of bone in the area that needs the tooth implant, the bone may not be able to properly secure the implant, and in this case, the implant may fail.
  • An infection may occur at the implant site, leading to a failure of the wound to heal or the body rejecting the implant.
  • Bone non-integration around the implant, also known as implant failure to integrate, may occur.
  • If a blood clot occurs at the implant site, it may lead to implant failure.
  • Applying excessive force on the implant immediately may lead to its failure.
  • It is essential to follow the doctor’s instructions after the implant procedure to ensure proper healing and avoid complications.
Can dental implants be replanted after falling out?

When do dental implants fail?

Do implanted teeth decay?

Yes, implanted teeth can decay just like natural teeth. When dental implants are performed, an artificial root is implanted into the jaw to secure the artificial tooth. Since the implanted tooth is not a part of the living body and does not contain blood vessels and nerves like natural teeth, it is not sensitive to pain. However, it should be noted that implanted teeth do not differ from natural teeth in terms of their need for proper care and maintenance. Proper dental hygiene for implanted teeth should be maintained using a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and regular brushing. It is also recommended to visit the dentist regularly to have the implanted teeth checked and ensure their health and detect any potential problems at an early stage.

Additionally, avoiding excessive consumption of sweets and reducing the exposure of implanted teeth to sugars can help prevent decay and maintain the health of the teeth for a longer period. Adhering to proper dental care and following health advice will significantly help in preserving implanted teeth for an extended period and prevent problems such as decay and gum inflammation.

Can dental implants be placed long after tooth extraction?

Yes, dental implants can be placed long after tooth extraction. In many cases, dental implants occur some time after extraction when natural teeth are lost due to severe decay, injury, or gum problems. Patients are often advised to wait for some time after extraction before starting the dental implant process. This allows the jaw and gums time to heal after extraction and the bone surrounding the extracted tooth sockets to heal before the implant is placed.

It is usually possible to have dental implants placed long after extraction, and there may be temporary alternatives to replace the temporary loss of teeth during this period. However, it is best to consult a specialized dentist to assess your personal situation and determine if dental implants are suitable for you and what steps should be taken to achieve optimal results.

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