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What are the problems with dental implants? Do you know its price in Egypt?

Dental Implant Problems, Dental implants are a technique many people turn to for lost, extracted, or broken teeth. Each technique for treating dental problems has many advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, in this article, we will learn more about the details of dental implant procedures, their success rate, the problems faced by patients, and much more.

Dental Implant Problems

Dental Implant Problems

Dental Implant Problems

Dental implants are a technique used to fill the gaps of missing or broken teeth. Despite the high cost of dental implants, they are highly regarded by patients and doctors alike due to their desirable outcomes.

The dental implant process has many benefits that positively affect the patient’s oral health and psychology. However, some problems and harms have emerged, which we will mention below:

  • Infections at the implant sites.
  • Damage reaching surrounding areas, such as adjacent teeth and their blood vessels.
  • Nerve inflammations.
  • Feeling pain or tingling in the teeth and the entire mouth area.
  • Sinus problems in the case of front teeth implants, and we offer you a comfortable and effective dental treatment experience with our specialized team at The Dental Center.

Success Rate of Dental Implant Procedures

Dental implant procedures enjoy a good reputation and high success rates, with success rates ranging between 95% and 100% according to the latest scientific statistics. The success of the implant depends on the suitability of the case for the nature of the implant procedure steps. The process requires sufficient bone in the jaw, which explains why implants are only performed for specific medical cases. You can learn about the best types of dental implants globally by reading this article.

The Top 8 Problems of Dental Implants

There are problems that can occur after a dental implant procedure, including the following:

  1. Gum bleeding and signs of swelling with fever.
  2. Appearance of sinus problems and inflammations in the nose area when implanting upper teeth.
  3. Nerve damage due to an error during the implant procedure, resulting in damage to the nerve or sensitivity to the raw materials used for the artificial teeth.
  4. Bacterial or fungal infections.
  5. Inflammations at the implant site.
  6. Inflammation of the area surrounding the implant site and damage to adjacent teeth.
  7. Immune system rejection of the medical implant and a severe reaction against it, with the body not accepting it.
  8. Symptoms of gum and teeth sensitivity.
When do you need a dental implant procedure?

When do you need a dental implant procedure?

When Do You Need a Dental Implant Procedure?

All therapeutic and cosmetic techniques suit all medical cases due to their high safety and effectiveness. However, there are conditions required for implementing each technique or that should be present in the medical cases. The cases that need a dental implant are as follows:

  • Cases suffering from tooth loss.
  • Cases that require tooth restoration.
  • Cases that prefer not to use dentures.
  • Cases suffering from speech and pronunciation issues.

How to Perform a Dental Implant

There are steps followed by many doctors to implant teeth in place of damaged ones, including:

  • The doctor starts the process by making an incision in the gum.
  • The doctor needs to drill a hole in the jaw to secure the medical implant inside it.
  • The doctor implants the artificial titanium structure into the jawbone.
  • After successfully implanting the artificial tooth, the doctor closes the wound well for it to heal.
  • The doctor may opt to install a denture over the wound for several days after the implant to avoid pain.
  • The implant is left for several months, up to 3 months, for healing and gum wound healing.
  • After the successful implantation of the tooth in the gum, the doctor installs an abutment and crown to enhance the functional performance of the artificial implant and prevent any complications. You can restore the function and beautiful appearance of your teeth thanks to the expertise and individual attention we provide at The Dental Center.

When Do We Resort to Bone Grafting Before Implantation?

There are some cases where dental implantation is not suitable due to some defects in the gums that do not meet the conditions for performing the implant procedure. However, with modern technological advancements, experts and researchers have developed methods to solve all problems to meet the required conditions for successful implantation.

In cases of jawbone osteoporosis or insufficient bone in the implant area and exposure to a collision or accident that caused tooth loss, doctors recommend adding a sufficient amount of bone through a bone grafting procedure.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants have several advantages, including:

  • Protection and support for jaw and oral bones.
  • Preservation of lost tooth bones from damage and atrophy.
  • Prevention of the tilting and shifting of adjacent teeth into the gap of the missing tooth.
  • Helping the patient chew properly, preventing future digestive problems.
  • Improving speech and pronunciation of words and letters correctly.
  • Enhancing the patient’s psychology and confidence.
Tips After Dental Implants

Tips After Dental Implants

Tips After Dental Implants

There are some tips to follow after the implant procedure to maintain its good results, including:

  • Avoiding hard foods that exert pressure when biting and chewing on the implanted teeth.
  • Eating soft, chewable foods that do not stick to the implanted teeth.
  • Reducing tobacco and smoking consumption.
  • Avoiding cold and hot foods and drinks.
  • Complete rest and avoiding stress or any physical effort.
  • Adhering to the medication schedule prescribed by the doctor.
  • Maintaining oral and dental hygiene using toothpaste, a brush, or a miswak, and dental floss.
  • Adhering to tartar and plaque removal and teeth cleaning sessions periodically.
  • Rinsing the teeth with the appropriate medical mouthwash daily.
  • Ensuring consumption of foods rich in various vitamins and minerals.

What Factors Affect the Success of Dental Implant Procedures?

Several factors control the success of the implant procedure, including:

  • The practical experience of the doctor performing the implant and their manual skill.
  • The high quality of the medical implants used.
  • The quality and availability of sufficient bone in the affected area of the patient.
  • The general health of the patient and their medical history.
  • The condition and quality of the crowns covering the implant.
  • The extent of the patient’s care for their teeth and mouth.
Alternatives to Dental Implants

Alternatives to Dental Implants

Alternatives to Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most used techniques in treating dental problems, but there are some cases where the implant procedure is not suitable. Thus, some alternative techniques have emerged, represented in:

  • Dental bridges: Consist of more than one crown or artificial tooth linked together with adhesive materials, aimed at substituting for the missing teeth. Bridges are fixed on the edges of adjacent teeth, and doctors prefer using dental bridges in cases where a few adjacent teeth are missing.
  • Dentures: Among the most comfortable techniques for patients, resembling the shape and color of natural teeth. The goal of fitting a denture is to compensate for lost teeth and protect the rest of the mouth’s teeth from damage.
  • Dental crowns: A cap or cover placed on the top surface of the affected tooth that needs support due to decay or cracks and fractures. Crowns are usually made of porcelain, zircon, or ceramic materials. You can learn about dental crowns and the best dental center for fitting caps by reading this article.
  • Space maintainers: A device or medical tool that fills the gaps between teeth, relying on the remaining adjacent teeth for support to be fixed on the surface of these teeth, thus helping to protect the remaining teeth in the mouth from tilting and shifting.

What is the Cost of Dental Implants in Egypt?

Dental implants are among the most costly techniques used in treating dental problems due to their impressive results and the many required steps and procedures. We notice that the prices for implanting a single tooth or molar in Egypt range between 8000 and 14000 Egyptian pounds. This cost may change, increasing or decreasing, based on the fluctuation of the dollar rate and the prices of the raw materials used.

The Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

The Dental Center is one of the specialized centers in providing distinguished medical services recently for dental patients with various health problems and age groups. The center offers many cosmetic services with high offers and discounts, ensuring the quality of the raw materials used, providing the latest means of sterilization, cleanliness, and infection control.

The doctors at the center always keep up with everything new in treatment and cosmetic methods worldwide, trying to apply them to patients and constantly updating the medical devices used every period to ensure the provision of high-quality services. You can inquire and book when you visit the official website of the center by clicking on this link. Do not miss the chance to have your own experience.

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