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Explore with us Italian dental implants and their expected success rate!

Italian Dental Implants, Italian dental implants are a surgical procedure aimed at replacing lost and extracted teeth with artificial ones that resemble them in color and shape and perform the same functional tasks. Italian dental implants involve a lot of details and information that we will discuss in this article, and we will mention many about dental implant techniques and their types.

Italian Dental Implants

Italian Dental Implants

Italian Dental Implants

The Italian implant replaces the natural root of human teeth that has been damaged and is characterized by its integration with the jawbone, which prevents any future problems such as slipping and bone damage, in addition to resembling the color and shape of natural teeth. Italian dental implants aim to replace lost teeth and also to be an alternative to dentures and bridges, and they facilitate the process of eating and speaking without any malfunction or problem. Get a bright and attractive smile with Italian dental implant services at The Dental Center.

Types of Dental Implants and Their Prices

There are three types of dental implants, which can be mentioned as follows:

In-bone implantation

  • This type is preferred by many doctors and patients due to the good stability of its implants in the gum.
  • It suits cases that have a sufficient amount of bone within the jaw cavity, ensuring good integration of the implant with it.

Above-bone implantation

  • This type suits cases that have a problem with low bone density within the gum cavity.
  • The implant is fixed on top of the gum bone so that it heals well and faster with it.

Facial bone implantation

  • A rare type used by doctors or patients.
  • The idea of dental implantation using this technique is complex because it relies on implanting the implant within the facial bones.
  • The last solution for cases that are not suitable for the previous two types.

Dental implantation is characterized by its reasonable cost, but there are some types that are somewhat expensive compared to other techniques that solve the problems of tooth loss and extraction, and we will talk about the prices in detail in the following title in the article.

What are Italian Dental Implants

What are Italian Dental Implants

What are Italian Dental Implants

Italian dental implantation is a surgical process that requires the patient to be under anesthesia, and this implantation goes through several stages that can be mentioned as follows:

The first stage

  • Extracting damaged teeth.
  • Adding more bone to increase its density to provide a solid base in the jaw cavity that can withstand the pressure of the implanted teeth and support them in performing their tasks, and there are some other cases that require bone grafting from any other areas of the body or synthetic.
  • After the bone grows and the jaw is ready for the implantation process, the doctor works on fixing the Italian implants in the gum.

The second stage

  • The doctor starts the process by giving the patient anesthesia and beginning to open a wound in the gum and fix the implant in its cavity.
  • The doctor places a temporary set of teeth to compensate for the lost teeth.
  • Regular follow-up with the doctor after implanting the implant and ensuring the integration between it and the jawbone after several months.
  • The doctor installs a support that carries the artificial tooth or crown to its place above the implanted Italian implant.
  • Leveling the crown with the implant and the support and with the remaining adjacent teeth.

Is Dental Implantation Painful?

Yes, dental implantation is a surgical procedure that requires the patient to be under anesthesia, and after its effect wears off, the pain gradually begins, which lasts for 5 or 7 days, but with the painkillers prescribed by the doctor, it is controlled.

Does Dental Implantation Cause Bad Smell?

No, there is no scientific study or research conducted by specialists that has shown a relationship between dental implantation and the appearance of bad smells in the mouth, where dentists confirmed that dental implantation does not cause any bad smell in the patient’s mouth, unlike denture fittings.

What is the Success Rate of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are one of the surgical procedures that treat many problems and injuries and achieve a high success rate in the field of dentistry, where the success rate can reach up to 98% in most medical cases, a more beautiful smile means a more beautiful life! Join the world of beauty and luxury with our distinguished services in dental cosmetics at The Dental Center.

How to Perform Dental Implant Surgery

How to Perform Dental Implant Surgery

How to Perform Dental Implant Surgery

The necessary steps to complete the dental implant surgery are divided over several medical sessions, where during the first session, the doctor conducts a visual examination of the patient’s mouth and it may require radiographic examination to determine the problem and set the treatment protocol. If the doctor and patient decide on treatment by implanting teeth, the doctor takes measurements of the patient’s teeth to make artificial teeth similar to them in the laboratory, and the doctor prepares the teeth for the implantation process after removing the damaged teeth.

In the second session, the doctor gives the patient anesthesia, once the effect of the anesthetic begins, the doctor opens a slit in the place where the implant is to be implanted in the gum, and in cases suffering from low bone density, the doctor takes this extra step in which he grafts the bones or bone grafting by adding extra bones, then implanting the titanium implant in the bone cavity of the jaw and stitching the wound.

During the following medical sessions, the doctor examines the implant site until he is sure of the integration of the implant with the jawbone, and in the case of complete integration after several months, up to 3 months, the doctor installs the crown on top of the implant that provides support for it to withstand changes in conditions in the mouth and perform its various functional tasks. Learn about the cost of upper jaw implantation in Egypt by clicking on this link.

Recovery After Dental Implant Surgery

The technological development that has occurred recently has led to the emergence of many modern technologies that dentists use in the recent period in dental treatment and cosmetic deformities, and the dental implant technology is one of the treatment technologies that has developed in the past few years and has become characterized by high success rates and not causing any side effects to the patient after the operation.

Rarely does the patient feel any side effects after the implantation operation in addition to the prescription of some painkillers and antibiotics that control any pain, swelling, or infection that may appear, and in case the patient suffers from any complications or notices any problem in the implant site, it is necessary to consult the treating doctor in order to take the necessary action.

It is necessary to know any complications that may occur in case of not following the necessary medical instructions after the operation or neglecting the cleanliness of the implanted teeth and mouth or infection reaching the implanted site, and it is also necessary to follow up regularly with the treating doctor after the implantation operation in order to reassure the implant or

solve any problem that may appear and work on treating it early before any complications occur.

Symptoms of Dental Implant Failure

In case of any failure or error in implementing one of the steps of dental implantation, some symptoms appear, which are represented in:

  • Inefficiency of the implanted teeth in chewing and biting food.
  • Inflammations and symptoms of gum sensitivity.
  • Constant pain.
  • Looseness of the implanted teeth in their places in the gum, you can learn about the treatment of dental implant failure by reading this article.
Advantages of Dental Implants by the Korean and German Methods

Advantages of Dental Implants by the Korean and German Methods

Advantages of Dental Implants by the Korean and German Methods

Dental implants by the Korean method are characterized by the presence of pores on their surface that accelerate their healing with the jawbone implanted in its cavity, in addition to its distinguished technique that does not require a large wound incision in the gum but is satisfied with a small hole because it has the ability to stabilize well also in the place that contains a small amount of bones.

Dental implants by the German method are characterized by the availability of different sizes of them, where there are many shapes of lengths and diameters, which contributes to their suitability with all different types of bones. Italian dental implant services enhance the beauty and health of your teeth, book your appointment now at The Dental Center.

The Best Medical Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

The Dental Center is the best medical center specialized in providing dental treatment and cosmetic services, where the center includes a group of doctors specialized in various fields of dentistry who hold senior positions in various government and private hospitals and universities, in addition to the presence of a nursing team assisting them trained at the highest level, and the management offers offers and discounts on various treatment and cosmetic techniques you can inquire about these discounts when visiting the official website of the center by clicking on this link.

And the center is keen to provide the latest technologies by the latest medical devices in the world and commit to the best brands for all raw materials used with considering the average cost that suits different segments of society.

Cost of Dental Implants in Egypt

There are a number of factors that determine the price of any medical service provided by any medical center, and these factors can be represented in the prices of raw materials used in different treatment and cosmetic techniques, in addition to the city where the center is located and the living standard of the families there, and the nature of the medical case and the number of affected teeth and the area of injury in the mouth, and the skill of the doctor and the medical team assisting him is one of the factors that affect determining the cost among many others, so after considering these factors, we notice that the price of dental implants in Egypt ranges between 8000 and 14000 Egyptian pounds.

Alternatives to Dental Implants

There are many alternatives to dental implant surgery due to the technological development that has enriched the field of dentistry with many modern treatment and cosmetic techniques, so the alternatives to dental implants can be enumerated in the following points:

  1. Dental bridges: It is a type of fixed artificial teeth connected with each other and is fixed in place of a number of missing damaged teeth.
  2. Dentures: These are artificial teeth similar to natural teeth in color and shape.
  3. Dental crowns: These are artificial teeth that are fitted over damaged teeth to support them and give them the strength and solidity they need to perform their various functions.
  4. Space maintainer device: It is a device that is fitted in the mouth to maintain the spaces and gaps between teeth.

How to Take Care of Your Teeth After Dental Implants?

The advice to maintain your teeth after the implantation process is as follows:

  • Press on the gauze piece covering the gum wound for an hour then replace it with another during the next two days.
  • Place ice packs on the cheek to soothe swelling and inflammation.
  • Eat cold foods and ice cream to help heal the wound.
  • Avoid any effort and ensure complete rest.
  • Stick to soft foods and liquids only.
  • Avoid hard, tough, hot, or spicy foods.
  • Adhere to the painkillers and antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.
  • After 24 hours from the operation, the patient must maintain oral and dental hygiene with toothpaste, brush, dental floss, miswak, or rinse with medical mouthwash.
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