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What are the problems with fixed dentures? Learn about the best dental treatment and cosmetic center

Problems with Permanent Dental Installations, Permanent dental installations are techniques used to solve many health problems related to teeth. There are various types and forms of dental installations, and this article will discuss permanent installations and all related information such as their definition, installation stages, expected results, and whether they entail problems or not.

 What are permanent dental installations

What are permanent dental installations

Problems with Permanent Dental Installations

Permanent dental installations help solve many health problems related to teeth and modify their overall appearance. Despite that, some risks and damages have occurred in cases that have installed permanent teeth, which we will mention below:

  • Tooth sensitivity: Some symptoms reflect an allergic reaction of the teeth, most notably sensitivity towards cold and hot foods and beverages.
  • Jaw joint pain: The patient suffers from this if the surfaces of the teeth and the installations are not leveled with each other.
  • Nerve sensitivity: Sensitivity of the nerve towards cold and heat, and a constant feeling of pain.

What are Permanent Dental Installations

Permanent dental installations are a type of permanent dental installations that are fixed to the teeth by the dentist in the clinic and cannot be removed. There are many forms of permanent dental installations, including crowns and fixed bridges.

Crowns are a type of covering placed over the top of teeth or molars to restore and support them for longer periods, while fixed bridges are typically used to fill the gaps resulting from the extraction of damaged teeth. Bridges require adhesive materials to fix them in the tissues and bones of the jaw with the help of surrounding teeth, and they are characterized by durability and stiffness, giving them the ability to withstand pressures and changes that occur in the mouth. Get a bright smile and permanent teeth thanks to our distinguished services at The Dental Center.

Types of Dental Installations

There are many artificial installations that replace damaged teeth, but they are classified into two types:

  • Permanent Teeth

These are teeth that are installed in the gap resulting from extraction or breakage and loss of damaged teeth. The dentist installs them in the clinic or center, and they cannot be removed afterward because they are fixed with adhesive materials in the jaw cavity.

Usually, permanent teeth are in the form of a crown or cap that is fixed on the surface of the tooth or molar from above to support it and give it the necessary strength to perform its functional tasks properly, from eating to speaking correctly. Meanwhile, bridges replace gaps between adjacent damaged teeth, and adhesive materials fix the bridge in the jawbones and the surface of the surrounding teeth.

  • Removable Teeth

This is the other type of installation, characterized by the ease of removal and reinstallation at any time. Removable teeth consist of a base made of different alloys, artificial gums, and adhesive materials that keep them stable in the jaw cavity. These installations require careful maintenance and cleaning and keeping them moist most of the time.

Removable teeth are divided into partial and complete sets. Partial sets are made of acrylic material, known for its ability to conduct heat and cold well, and are made in the lab to match the patient’s teeth measurements. Complete sets are usually the best solution in complex cases where all teeth of one or both jaws are lost, and they help protect the jawbones from erosion over time.

 Stages of the permanent teeth installation process

Stages of the permanent teeth installation process

Stages of the Fixed Dental Implant Process

The fixed dental implant process is carried out in two stages, which are:

First Stage

In the first stage, the dentist installs the appropriate medical implant for the size of the patient’s missing teeth after making an incision in the gum and drilling into the jawbone, allowing the implant to be placed in its correct and suitable position.

Second Stage

This step occurs after a period from the first step and the implant installation, where dentists prefer to give enough time and space for the implant to adapt in place and for the teeth and gums to adjust to it and control any allergic reactions to it. After 3 months, the dentist also makes an incision that helps to fix the crown on top of the implant to provide it with sufficient support to withstand pressures and perform functional tasks. At the end of this stage, complete healing occurs after several weeks of installing the crown, joining our list of happy clients who have regained their dental health and beauty through our unique services at The Dental Center.

Candidates for Fixed Dental Implant Procedure

There are many problems that fixed dental implants can solve, but there are some cases where fixed dental implants are the best and only solution, including the following:

  • People suffering from fractures and cracks in the structure of their teeth.
  • People who have been involved in accidents and collisions.
  • People suffering from various chronic diseases such as heart disease, blood pressure, and diabetes.

Tips to Follow to Minimize Problems with Fixed Dental Implants

Patients should adhere to the medical guidelines provided by their dentist to maintain fixed dental implants and ensure their longevity for many years, including the following tips:

  • Using high-quality raw materials that go into the composition of fixed dental implants.
  • Choosing implants that match the natural teeth in color, shape, and size.
  • Committing to regular check-ups of the implants to replace them after several years of use.
  • Paying attention to the cleanliness of the implants and washing them with toothpaste, a soft brush, and special cleaning products daily.
  • Avoiding hard, acidic, sugary, and starchy foods.
  • Protecting the implants from any pressure and trying to avoid it.
  • Adhering to regular medical appointments with the dentist to ensure the safety of the implants and teeth.
 Dental Implant Results

Dental Implant Results

Results of the Dental Implant Process

It is always expected after undergoing any treatment or medical service that the patient will fully recover and improve their health condition, which we will present in the following points as results of the dental implant process:

  • Improving the patient’s mood and psychological state.
  • Enhancing the overall appearance of the teeth and achieving a shiny and bright smile.
  • Performing functional tasks perfectly and handling changes that occur in the mouth.
  • Speaking without embarrassment due to the correct pronunciation of sounds and letters.
  • The ability to eat normally.
  • The implants last with the patient for many years without affecting or being negatively affected by the adjacent teeth and mouth, restoring your confidence in smiling and speaking with our superior services in fixed and removable dentistry at The Dental Center.

How Long Do Fixed Dentures Last?

Researchers and specialists have proven that fixed dental prosthetics are treatment methods or techniques that last a long time with the patient, ranging between 10 and 15 years. With careful attention to their cleanliness, they can last even longer or a lifetime. You can learn more about the installation of fixed front dentures and their prices by clicking here.

Can Dental Prosthetics Be Removed?

The answer to this question depends on the shape of the tooth and the adhesive used. The process of removing dental prosthetics is difficult due to the strong bond between the tooth and the adhesive, which is permanent and requires special tools to cut through. However, if temporary adhesives are used, the prosthetic can be easily removed.

Which is better, fixed or removable dentures? Which is better, fixed or removable dentures?

Which is Better: Fixed or Removable Dentures?

Both fixed and removable dentures are among the best practical solutions for many dental problems. The choice of the best type of denture is determined by the nature of the medical condition and the medical history. Fixed dentures are effective in cases suffering from the loss of one or two teeth. However, in cases where more than 3 teeth or molars are missing, the dentist advises the patient to opt for removable dentures. Read about how to install a removable molar and its price at The Dental Center through this article.

Some doctors and researchers specialized mention that removable dentures made of acrylic are the best choice and also enjoy a high demand among patients. Another good option is the use of removable dentures with a metal base, preferably made of chrome cobalt.

Dental Installation Prices

The cost of dental installations is influenced by many factors, the most important of which are the prices of raw materials used in their manufacture, the location of the clinic or center, the professional experience of the dentist performing the operation and the assisting medical team, and the level of attention to sterilization methods and cleanliness of the place. The Dental Center ensures all the aforementioned factors are provided at the highest quality level. The center offers zircon dental installations at a cost ranging from 1500 to 4500 Egyptian pounds, while porcelain ranges between 850 and 2300 Egyptian pounds, and Emax installations are the most expensive, hence their prices range between 1900 and 5000 Egyptian pounds.

The Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

The Dental Center is one of the specialized centers in providing a variety of dental services, from treating different dental problems to cosmetically correcting flaws and deformities. The center includes a team of doctors who hold senior positions in prestigious Egyptian universities and administrative positions in various government and private hospitals, in addition to a nursing team that has received training at the highest level.

The center offers medical services at the highest level of sterilization and cleanliness. This period at the center is characterized by offering promotions and discounts on various cosmetic techniques. You can inquire by visiting the official website of the center by clicking on this link.

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