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What is the best type of dental implant? And learn about its features

The Best Type of Dental Implant, Dental implants are among the best techniques used in treating and beautifying dental problems and flaws. They have been for many years and continue to be one of the best methods that yield good results for patients, preserving the health and safety of the teeth and oral health for many years. In this article, we will learn about the implantation process, its types, the technology used during treatment, its advantages, disadvantages, cost, and general tips for maintaining it.

Best type of dental implants

Best type of dental implants

Best Type of Dental Implants

Dental implants are highly efficient therapeutic and cosmetic techniques that provide strong, resilient teeth capable of withstanding pressures from speaking, eating, or any oral changes. They rely on a metallic implant anchored in the jawbone cavity, followed by fitting the artificial tooth core and then the crown that protects it from any pressures that might cause it to loosen.

The process takes approximately 9 months or more, and generally, the implants used in the Arab world are made of titanium, but there are many other good raw materials used in implants that provide better results and more comfort and security for the patient. We will learn about these through the following titles in the article, offering a natural and comfortable smile that brings you joy through our dental implant services at The Dental Center.

Is the Dental Implant Procedure Suitable for Everyone?

Yes, the implant procedure can be suitable for anyone as there are no mandatory conditions for undergoing the procedure. It does not require a specific age or health condition to be completed successfully, allowing us to see implants performed in children as well as in the elderly.

This also applies to solving all dental problems in the mouth, whether front teeth, back teeth, or molars, and the problems that can be treated by implantation include gaps between teeth, misalignment of their structure, movement from their natural position in the gums, decay, damage to medical fillings inside their cavity, or fractures and cracks in part of them.

Best types of dental implants by material

Best types of dental implants by material

Best Types of Dental Implants by Material

There are many implants that can be used to fill the gap resulting from tooth loss or as a replacement for damaged teeth that need to be removed, including the following:

  • The Swiss implant, Straumann.
  • The Swiss implant, Nobel Biocare.
  • The German implant, Dentsply Sirona.
  • The American implant, Zimmer Biomet.
  • The American implant, BioHorizons.
  • The implant, Bicon.

Types of Dental Implants Based on the Type of Implant

There are two types of dental implants based on the type of implant: the endosteal implant, which are blade implants that the doctor places inside the jawbone to support the artificial tooth and have the ability to support more than one tooth, and the subperiosteal implant suitable for patients with high jawbones, so the implant is placed above the jawbone cavity. Learn about the best dental implant doctor and the cost of the procedure in Egypt through this article.

Best Types of American Dental Implants

There are many dental implants known for their precision and quality in application and the results obtained by the patient. There are 3 types of American implants, which are:

  • Zimmer Biomet implant

This is the oldest company providing prosthetics and medical devices for 100 years, offering high-efficiency dental implants for 20 years. The company always uses technology to develop implants, making it achieve the

highest sales in America and Europe. The company offers all the surgical tools that may include artificial bones and bio membranes to ensure a successful implantation process, and it has released the Trabecular implants characterized by having pores in their structure that help in forming bone within the implant.

  • BioHorizons implant

This company focuses on research to discover new and advanced implants periodically, which has helped it grow in recent years. These implants are characterized by the Laser-Lok feature that preserves the gums around the implant, giving the mouth a vital and aesthetic appearance due to the nourishment of the blood vessels surrounding the implant, which aids bone growth and increases the density of the surrounding gums and tissues, aiding its spread worldwide.

  • Bicon implant

This is the oldest American company in the field of dental implants, offering a type of short implant that does not exceed 8 mm, which has proven its efficiency, especially in cases of sinus patients or bone erosion around the teeth, reducing the need for implant procedures.

Best Types of Korean Dental Implants

South Korea is among the countries that have succeeded in the manufacturing field, which has helped it develop the field of dental technology and aesthetics. Korean dental implants include three types: DIO, manufactured from titanium, which helps the jawbone accept it without showing any allergic reaction; the Extra SM implant, which is the most suitable for natural teeth and does not cause pressure on the surrounding bones; and the UP implant, which is conical in shape, making it easier to insert the implant into the jawbone cavity without exerting any pressure.

Best Types of Swiss Dental Implants

Dental implants are diverse and manufactured in different countries around the world, including Switzerland, known for its global companies that offer modern and advanced implants, such as:

  • Straumann implants: This company is the oldest in the series of companies offering dental implants for over 40 consecutive years, distinguished by making its implants from a unique material not previously used, Roxolid, as an alternative to titanium, which has always been famous for its use in all types of implants. Roxolid is a mix of titanium metal and zirconia material, giving the implant or artificial root stability, durability, and at the same time, strong and quick fusion with the jawbone cavity, preserving the tissues surrounding the gap where the implant is placed.

Other advantages added by the Straumann implant include the use of advanced and modern technologies called SLA treatment that treats the surface of the implanted implant with chemicals that help it quickly fuse with the jawbone. From the foregoing, we conclude that the design of the implant depends on the strong bond between its internal and external parts, eliminating the need for the use of artificial bonds periodically. This implant is available in various shapes and sizes to suit all patients and their health conditions or the density and shapes of their different bone cavities, in addition to being available in both immediate and conventional types. There is also an alternative to metal implants, which are zirconia implants that give the patient the aesthetic appearance they desire.

  • Nobel Biocare implants: These implants are manufactured by Nobel Biocare, one of the oldest and most prestigious companies specializing in implant manufacturing, like Straumann. Nobel provides various designs to meet all patient tastes and different health conditions. These implants always rank first in surgical operations for dental implants, distinguished by having a technical team that assists doctors in need at no cost.

These implants are distinguished by using advanced titanium material, whether fourth or fifth generation compared to previous implants, and their surfaces are treated with chemicals or modern technologies that help them fuse with the jawbone. The company requires a team of distributors who help spread it faster in Arab countries, especially among surgeons who need them in implant operations.

Technology Used in Dental Implant Procedures

Previously, the implant procedure was performed surgically by making a surgical incision in the gums, fitting the implant, and then waiting 6 months for the metallic implant to fully fuse with the jawbone cavity and any side effects from the surgery to disappear. Then, a temporary crown test is resorted to for two weeks until the abutment is installed, and after securing it well, the permanent crown is fitted, which takes a month and a half to be properly fixed on the surface of the implanted teeth.

This procedure requires a long time, more than 9 months, but after recent technological advancements that provided many advanced technologies and modern medical devices, reducing any pain or fatigue the patient might feel, the implant process is now done using laser technology, which has reduced this time or any risks the patient might face during surgical procedures. Learn about the alternative solution to dental implants and how to choose the most

suitable through this article.

Advantages of dental implant procedures

Advantages of dental implant procedures

Advantages of Dental Implant Procedures

Dental implants offer many benefits to the patient and solve many health problems that may affect their teeth and cause many complications for their gums. These advantages can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Giving the teeth their special aesthetic appearance similar to natural teeth.
  • Improving the overall appearance of the patient.
  • Providing the desired results, which do not change as they depend on fusion with the bones, and once this occurs, no problems causing this bond to break occur.
  • Giving the patient the self-confidence they need, which positively reflects on their psyche.
  • Not requiring any adhesives or other chemical substances when fitted, giving the patient comfort and not causing any discomfort. Dental implants at our Dental Center offer you permanent results and a completely natural appearance, making you feel confident at all times.

General Tips for Maintaining Different Types of Dental Implants

There are some tips that can be followed to keep the implants strong and healthy without causing any harm to the rest of the teeth and different mouth contents. These tips are as follows:

  • Quitting smoking during the implant fitting period or recovery thereafter.
  • Cleaning the teeth daily with suitable toothpaste during this period.
  • Using the appropriate mouthwash daily at least once.
  • Using the implant brush recommended by the doctor to be gentle on them and not cause any sensitivity or problems.
  • It is possible to use a toothpick and dental floss to remove any food residues or deposits resulting from drinks from their surface so as not to give bacteria a chance to grow in the implant and cause complications later.

Is it Possible to Implant Teeth in One Day?

Yes, it is possible to implant teeth in just one day, available for adults over the age of 18, in addition to having high and sufficient healthy jawbone density to withstand the pressure of the implant, crown, and artificial core.

What is the cost of dental implants in Egypt?

What is the cost of dental implants in Egypt?

What is the Cost of Dental Implants in Egypt?

Dental implants are among the most therapeutic and cosmetic techniques used in difficult and advanced cases that do not respond to any other therapeutic or cosmetic methods, making their price somewhat high due to the strong demand for them and their efficiency. Several factors control the cost, including the treating doctor’s experience, the medical team assisting them, the cost of raw materials, technologies, and medical devices used during implantation, the patient’s health condition, and the number of teeth damaged and needing implants. Based on this, the cost of implantation ranges between 8000 and 20000 Egyptian pounds, and this price is subject to change depending on the type and quality of the implant.

When is the Crown Fitted After Implantation?

The implantation process goes through several steps, including fitting the crown, which follows implanting the implant and fitting the abutment, and is the fifth step in the sequence of steps executed during implantation, which occurs after 6 or 8 months from the healing of the gum wound after fitting the implant, temporary crown, and abutment. The permanent crown needs 6 weeks for complete healing and the disappearance of any symptoms after its fitting

. You can learn about the second stage of dental implants and the cost of performing it through this article.

Does Swelling Occur After Dental Implants?

Yes, one of the side effects that might occur when implanting teeth is the appearance of swelling or swelling of the jaw where the implant was placed, consequently causing the cheek to swell and swelling of the face, which develops within the two or three days following the implant surgery and then gradually subsides until it disappears.

How Do I Know if the Dental Implant Was Successful?

It’s easy for some symptoms to appear indicating the failure of the implant procedure or not achieving the desired results, including the following points:

  • Continual pain after fitting the implant that does not subside or lessen.
  • Looseness of the implanted teeth.
  • Inability to perform the functional tasks of the teeth, such as speaking or chewing and biting food.
  • Appearance of swelling signs on the jaw where the implant was placed.
  • Continued feeling of numbness and tingling after the anesthetic effect wears off.
  • Exposure of parts of the implanted implant. Enjoy strong teeth and solid roots through innovative implantation processes under the supervision of our specialized team at The Dental Center.

Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

The Dental Center is the best center offering medical services, whether therapeutic or cosmetic, in the field of dentistry, providing the latest medical technologies using advanced laser devices while maintaining sterilization methods provided by the World Health Organization. The center includes a selection of the best doctors specialized in dental treatment and surgery, assisted by a medically trained team at the highest level. You can inquire about the current discounts on dental implant services for different age groups by visiting the official site of the center by clicking on this link.

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