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Types of Dental Implants and the Cost of Dental Implants in Egypt

The best types of dental implants, Dental implantation is one of the methods that treat many dental problems such as decay, fractures, and damage. In this article, we will present its advantages, the best implants used in the implantation process, their various brands, followed technologies, and their cost.

The best types of dental implants

The best types of dental implants

The best types of dental implants

Europe always excels in the quality of most brands and trademarks of medical tools and fixtures manufactured there, with Germany, Switzerland, France, and England topping the list of these countries. Most different medical dental implants manufactured by them come with a warranty attachment that provides some information about these implants, such as their dimensions, the company name, and address. Therefore, we will mention some high-quality dental implant brands considered one of the best international brands used in most countries of the world in the following lines:

Struamann Implants

  • Made in Switzerland.
  • Composed of a titanium and zirconium mix called Roxolid.
  • Quickly integrates with dental bones and gums.
  • No allergic reaction from the patient’s immune system towards them.
  • Withstands high pressure.
  • Achieves a high success rate with most dental implant cases.
  • Considered the best type of dental implant globally according to the previous points.

Astra Tech Implants

  • Made of grade five titanium.
  • Unaffected by any pressure resulting from the natural function of teeth or molars.
  • Contains a support that speeds up its integration with the jawbone where it is installed.
  • As mentioned in the previous details, it is considered one of the highest quality types of dental implants.

Zimmer Implants

  • Originated in Germany.
  • Made of non-solid titanium.
  • Characterized by high durability and hardness.
  • The concept of non-solid titanium helps in the passage of blood and bone formation through this hole and its integration with the gums and jawbone from the inside and outside.
  • Lasts for more than 30 years, considered an essential part of the patient’s teeth.

You can learn about the best dental implant companies through this article.

What’s the difference between types of dental implants?

As we mentioned, there are many brands and medical companies producing fixtures used in the field of dentistry worldwide, with Germany, Korea, and America being among the most famous countries manufacturing and exporting dental implants. Their implants are characterized by many qualities that benefit dental implant patients globally. So, let us discuss the difference between the most famous brands used in the implantation process in the following points:

American Dental Implant Types:

  1. zimmerbiomet implants: The latest implants manufactured in America are called trabecular and are characterized by having holes that allow bone formation to reoccur.
  2. Bicon implants: Short implants less than 8mm that help some cases to avoid dental implant surgeries.
  3. Biohorizon implants: Have the ability to maintain their place and the implanted gum.

Korean Dental Implant Types:

  1. Dio implants: Contain titanium as a main component, not rejected by the patient’s immune system, and integrate easily with jawbones and gums, so no inflammation occurs after implantation.
  2. Extrude SM: Lightweight, does not cause pressure on the jawbone.
  3. UP implant: Cone-shaped, which facilitates its fixation in the jawbone and gums.

German Dental Implant Types:

  1. alpha bio tech implant: High quality, easy to install andfix.
  2. ICX implant: Made of lightweight titanium in cooperation between Germany and Switzerland, suitable for all cases requiring dental implants.

There are some guidelines that help maintain the various types of dental implants mentioned above, summarized as follows:

  1. Brush teeth daily with toothpaste and use dental floss to remove food residues.
  2. Quit smoking as it causes damage to blood vessels and bones in implanted teeth, which sometimes leads to the failure of the implantation process.
  3. Avoid certain hard foods that may cause pressure on the implanted teeth.
  4. Regular follow-up with the treating doctor for continuous examination and early treatment of any damages that may occur to the teeth.
What is the cost of dental implants in Egypt?

What is the cost of dental implants in Egypt?

What is the cost of dental implants in Egypt?

There are different types of dental implants, and their designation depends on several factors. Also, the cost of this procedure varies according to these factors that must be taken into consideration, such as the technology used based on the nature of each patient’s case, the type of implant and its composition, whether some cases require some additional steps necessary for completing the implantation process, the quality of the used devices, the efficiency of the doctor, the center or clinic where the patient undergoes the procedure, the country, and the currency exchange rate against the dollar.

The cost of implanting a single tooth in Egypt within The Dental Center ranges from 6500 to 14500 Egyptian pounds for either a prosthetic or immediate implantation, while the cost of a molar may start from 3900 Egyptian pounds and sometimes reach 7000 Egyptian pounds, and these prices are subject to change based on the exchange rate of the Egyptian pound against the dollar.

Best Dental Implant Doctor in Egypt

The Dental Center is considered one of the leading medical centers specializing in dental implants in Egypt. It houses a team of skilled doctors in this field and boasts modern technologies and advanced medical equipment. It is the ideal place for those looking for the best dental implant doctor in Egypt. It is easily accessible, and you can find doctors that meet the search criteria you want and book an appointment immediately. In addition, you have the option to choose your insurance company.

Furthermore, you can get accurate and comprehensive information about prices, services, and available appointments, which helps to make the final decision with confidence and ease. Therefore, if you are looking for the best dental implant doctor in Egypt, do not hesitate to contact The Dental Center and benefit from the experience of specialists in this field. You can click here if you are interested in learning about dental filling methods as a treatment for decay and fractures of teeth, their types, and prices.

Who has tried dental implants in Egypt?

 Many people have tried dental implants in Egypt at The Dental Center, and they have shared their successful experience with the clinic. They found the clinic clean, the doctor excellent, the reception wonderful, and their prices reasonable. All the esteemed doctors were characterized by their attention and honesty in their work, and the coordinator’s interaction was very wonderful and excellent in work. This indicates the quality of service at The Dental Center in Egypt. The concept of dental implants at The Dental Center in Egypt is to fix a metal part in the gum in place of the missing tooth, which uses safe titanium metal that quickly integrates with the jawbone. The implant process is successful and has given people permanent results and a new and alternative repair for regular teeth. Therefore, the clinic is considered one of the best clinics in Egypt in the field of dental implants. Front teeth implants with The Dental Center are the best solution to renew your smile.

The technology used in dental implant procedures

Dental implant procedures are performed using two different methods or technologies, which we will highlight in the following points:

  • Traditional surgery: Largely depends on the expertise of the dental surgeon performing the implant and his skill in making the incision in the gum after administering the appropriate dose of anesthesia to the patient, fixing the implant post in it, and estimating the number of stitches needed to close the wound after completion, then fitting the bridge or crown over the protruding part of this implant. This technique may result in some side effects such as infection, bleeding, and inflammation, but the doctor can control these risks by prescribing medications including antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and strong painkillers for a period after undergoing the procedure.
  • Laser: This method relies on technological advancement in the tools used in the dental field, resulting from general technological development, where traditional surgery tools are replaced with a laser device that contributes to making the incision in the gum in the necessary size based on the number of teeth to be implanted and applying light rays sufficiently to fix the implant in the gum between the jawbones, in addition to dispensing with medical stitches to close the wound as it helps to close it and heal the blood vessels in the area to be implanted, control bleeding, and prevent any infection. Laser technology is considered the best type of dental implantation as previously mentioned in this article because it is safer and more successful but more expensive.

The type of implant used in dental implantation

There are types of implants used in dental implantation, and the type of implant plays an important role in determining the technology used during implantation, so we will learn about these types in the following:

  1. Endosteal implants: These are the most commonly used implants in implantation currently and their success fundamentally depends on the strength of the dental bones adjacent to the tooth to be implanted in the jaw because these implants are screws implanted in the gum and fixed inside the jawbone with a protruding part to which the bridges to be placed later are attached.
  2. Subperiosteal implants: These implants are used in case of a strong allergic reaction from the patient’s immune system to the internal implants or weakjawbones unable to bond with the post in it, and these types of implants are characterized by placing a metal piece directly above the gum surface before the jawbones.
  3. Zygomatic implants: Rely on the cheekbones to be fixed between them making them somewhat difficult to install due to requiring long and different steps, and it is the last solution that dentists resort to in cases suffering from weak jawbones or insufficient bones, therefore, they are rarely used in dental implantation procedures.

The composition of the implant

The ideal implant consists of a screw-like root of the tooth made of titanium, whether it has a smooth or rough surface, and dental implants are made of pure titanium available in the Egyptian market in four forms depending on the carbon, iron, nitrogen, and oxygen ratios included in their manufacture, with two types currently most used by dentists in implantation processes, CP4 cold titanium, and grade five titanium used in the manufacturing of the post.

The implant also consists of a part that helps it bond with the tooth bone it replaces. Some implants have a titanium content exceeding 85%, leading to the formation of a titanium oxide layer that impedes its bonding with the dental bones intended for implantation. There are also ceramic implants made of zircon, which may contain the screw and the bonding part together in one piece or in two separate parts, and one of their main benefits is that they reduce the chances of diseases occurring in the implanted area later.

Advantages of dental implant procedures

Teeth face many problems and diseases, but the most common are decay and fractures, which dentists treat with many techniques, including dental implant procedures. Let us mention the most important advantages of the implantation process in the following points:

  • Maintains the integrity of dental bones and mouth.
  • Prevents bone atrophy after tooth extraction and leaving its place empty.
  • Prevents the remaining teeth in the mouth from falling out.
  • Strengthens the function of teeth in biting and chewing food.
  • Allows good movement of the jaw and correct speech.
  • Maintains a good overall appearance, where front teeth implants with The Dental Center are the optimal way to restore confidence in your smile.
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