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The difference between dental implants and crowns, and which one is better?

The Difference Between Dental Implants and Dentures, Dental implants and dentures are advanced treatment options in dentistry that provide permanent solutions for missing teeth. This technique replaces missing teeth with artificial ones that closely resemble natural teeth in shape and function. In this article, we will discuss the importance of dental implants and dentures, how they are performed, and the benefits that an individual can gain by choosing this type of treatment. Follow us.

The difference between dental implants and dentures

The difference between dental implants and dentures

The Difference Between Dental Implants and Dentures

There are a number of differences between dental implants and dentures, which are as follows:

  1. Dental implants are used to replace missing or damaged teeth, where the damaged tooth is removed and replaced with a fixed artificial root.
  2. The dental implant procedure requires surgery, where a part of the artificial crown or another similar body is implanted into the jaw, and then the implanted body fuses with the original jaw through the osseointegration process.
  3. The implanted tooth root is permanent and stable, providing strong support and stability for the implanted teeth.
  4. The dental implant procedure requires time for healing and osseointegration before the dental prosthesis can be placed.
  1. Dentures are used to treat damaged teeth or replace missing teeth without removing the root.
  2. There are different types of dentures, including fixed dentures that cannot be removed and removable dentures that can be removed and cleaned.
  3. Dentures provide a quick and comfortable alternative for missing teeth, restoring normal biting and speech functions.
  4. The denture installation process is less complicated and less expensive compared to the dental implant procedure, and healing is often faster and less painful.

The difference between dental implants and dentures at The Dental Center lies in the techniques and materials used.

Which is Better, Dental Implants or Dentures?

The problem of tooth loss is common for many people around the world. In case of tooth loss, there are two main solutions available to restore the natural function and appearance of the mouth: dental implants and dentures. Although there is a practical difference and cost between these two procedures, both offer an effective and reliable solution for compensating for tooth loss:

Dental Implants:

  • During a dental implant procedure, a titanium post is placed in the missing jawbone, and then the artificial teeth are secured onto this post.
  • One advantage of dental implants is their high stability and longevity in the long term. The integration of the implant with the bone allows it to withstand the pressures and forces that other teeth are exposed to during daily activities such as chewing and speaking.
  • Dental implants have a natural appearance and integrate with the surrounding natural teeth, leading to an improved overall appearance of the mouth and face, and increased self-confidence for the patient.
  • Potential drawbacks of dental implants include the high cost and potentially long treatment duration in some cases. It also requires surgery and careful post-operative care.


  • In the denture procedure, the crown or bridge is secured onto the adjacent natural teeth of the missing tooth using durable medical materials such as ceramic or zirconia.
  • Dentures are a common and cost-effective solution for replacing missing teeth, suitable for many economic levels.
  • Dentures are easy to install and repair if damaged, and they provide immediate results for treating tooth loss.
  • However, in some cases, the adjacent natural teeth to the denture may experience wear and tear. This requires maintaining good hygiene and monitoring the overall health of the teeth and gums.

When are Dental Implants Not Suitable?

Dental implants are a surgical procedure performed by dentists to replace missing teeth with artificial ones. Although this procedure is safe and effective in many cases, there are some situations where dental implants may not be suitable.

One case where dental implants may not be suitable is if there is a lack of sufficient bone density in the jaw. The implant requires a sufficient amount of good quality bone to surround the extracted tooth socket and support the implant. If there is not enough bone, it may be better to explore other alternatives for replacing missing teeth.

Additionally, if the patient has a health condition that affects wound healing, the dental implant procedure may be delayed. For example, patients with diabetes may be at risk for wound healing problems, which could lead to implant failure.

Another situation where dental implants may not be suitable is when the patient is under 18 years old. During this period, the jaw has not yet fully developed, meaning that the patient must wait until growth is complete to ensure the success of the implant.

The patient must also comply with medical instructions regarding optimal oral and dental care. If the necessary instructions and advice are not followed, the results of the dental implant may be negatively affected. Each case should be evaluated individually by the dentist before deciding to proceed with a dental implant. The dentist can determine if the case is suitable for an implant or not, and provide appropriate alternatives if the implant is not optimal for that case.

At The Dental Center, we offer you multiple options to restore your smile, whether you prefer dental implants or dentures.

How Many Sessions are Needed for Dental Implants?

The number of sessions required for dental implants can vary depending on each patient’s condition and specific needs. In some simple cases, dental implants can be performed in a single session. However, in other cases, multiple sessions may be required to successfully complete the procedure.

The number of sessions depends on various factors such as the need for bone grafting or other preparatory procedures. Additionally, the number of sessions also depends on the condition and quality of the bone. On average, the dental implant process typically takes between two to six months, although it should be noted that implants in the upper jaw usually take slightly longer than those in the lower jaw. It is common for upper jaw implants to take between four to six months.

Regarding the placement of the dental implant and the installation of the replacement teeth, this process usually requires at least two stages. The placement of the implant and the installation of the replacement teeth can take anywhere from six weeks to six months.

How many sessions are needed for dental implants?

How many sessions are needed for dental implants?

Is the Denture Installation Procedure Painful?

It is possible that the denture installation procedure may be painful for some people and not painful for others, depending on several factors. Among these factors are the type of procedure required and the individual’s dental condition. In most cases, the denture installation procedure itself is not painful, as the dentist uses local anesthesia to numb the area where the dentures will be installed. Therefore, the patient will not feel any pain during the procedure.

However, the patient may experience some swelling and inflammation in the mouth area after the procedure, and pain may persist for a few days. However, the patient can control and alleviate the pain by using the painkillers prescribed by the dentist and following their instructions. The dentist may advise the patient to avoid hard and hot foods for a few days or recommend avoiding some strenuous household activities for a certain period.

The denture installation procedure is considered a safe procedure and requires skill and experience from the dentist to ensure the success of the procedure and the comfort of the patient. It is worth mentioning that the pain associated with this procedure is usually temporary and will subside over time.

Therefore, it can be said that the denture installation procedure is not necessarily painful, and the patient can communicate with the dentist to obtain further guidance on how to alleviate pain and ensure the success of the procedure and the normal restoration of dental function.

Get a new and attractive smile with The Dental Center and choose between dental implants and dentures.

Are Dental Implants Strong?

Yes, dental implants are strong and designed to last a lifetime with proper care. The artificial root placed in the jawbone is exceptionally resilient and durable. It is securely anchored and serves as a strong foundation for the artificial dental crown. Additionally, the body naturally adapts to the artificial root, with the bone growing around the implant, making the implanted teeth stable and sturdy in the mouth.

It is worth noting that the strength of the implant also depends on other factors such as the installation process, the quality of the materials used in making the artificial crown, and following proper oral care for the implanted teeth. It is important to maintain good hygiene and brush regularly with a soft-bristled toothbrush and suitable toothpaste. It is also recommended to visit the dentist regularly for necessary checkups and evaluations.

To learn more about dental implant pain issues, you can read this article.

Is It Recommended to Install Dental Bridges?

There are several factors that the dentist should consider when determining whether a patient needs to have a dental bridge installed or not. For example, the patient must be able to maintain good oral and dental hygiene, as installing a dental bridge requires regular cleaning to avoid gum inflammation and cavities in the surrounding teeth.

Additionally, the patient must have healthy and strong abutment teeth in the area where the bridge will be attached. If the adjacent teeth to the gap are experiencing problems such as cavities or leaks, it may be better to treat those issues first before making a decision about installing the bridge.

The type of bridge also plays an important role in determining whether it is recommended or not. There are several different types of dental bridges, and the dentist should decide which type is best for the patient based on their health condition and individual needs. For example, the traditional bridge is the most common, where it is secured by crowns on the adjacent teeth on either side of the gap. An adhesive dental bridge can also be used to secure the bridge in place and enhance its stability.

The Dental Center offers personalized consultations to help you choose between dental implants and dentures.

What is the Cost of Denture Installation?

Denture installation is a common surgical procedure in Egypt, whether for cosmetic purposes or to treat dental health issues. One of the frequently asked questions by people seeking dental treatment options is the cost of denture installation in Egypt.

The cost of denture installation in Egypt can vary depending on the type of denture chosen, the location of the center, and the cost of materials used. Generally, the cost of denture installation in Egypt ranges between 8,000 and 14,000 Egyptian pounds per tooth. This cost can increase or decrease based on the aforementioned factors.

For the cost of installing fixed porcelain dentures in Egypt, it can be between 1,500 and 3,000 Egyptian pounds per tooth. As for the prices of installing porcelain dentures, they range from 1,000 to 2,300 Egyptian pounds per tooth. It should be noted that these prices depend on the quality of materials, the service provided, and the overall reputation of the center.

There is also the available option of installing zirconia dentures in Egypt, where the cost of installing zirconia dentures ranges between 2,000 and 2,500 Egyptian pounds when using zirconia, and the prices for installing zirconia dentures start from 2,850 Egyptian pounds.

What is the cost of denture installation?

What is the cost of denture installation?

What is the Cost of Dental Implants?

The cost of dental implants is a topic of interest for many, as maintaining healthy and attractive teeth is an essential aspect of life. The cost of dental implants in Egypt varies depending on the quality and brand used in the procedure.

The prices of dental implants in Egypt range around 20,000 Egyptian pounds for dental implants, and one of the most frequently asked questions by clients is the cost of a single tooth implant. Typically, the prices of dental implants in Egypt range between 8,000 and 22,000 Egyptian pounds. In the case of immediate implants, the cost can range between 5,000 and 13,000 Egyptian pounds for a single tooth.

Learn about the stages of dental implants with pictures through this link.

The Best Medical Center for Dental Care and Treatment

The Dental Center is revealed as the best medical center for dental care and cosmetic treatments in Egypt, located in Nasr City. The center is known for providing high-quality medical services thanks to a specialized medical team and modern facilities that enhance the patient experience.

The center offers a range of services including general dentistry, fixed and removable prosthetics, oral and dental surgery, dental implants, orthodontics, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, and other treatment arrangements. The center’s team comprises experienced doctors and consultants with extensive knowledge in the field of dentistry and the latest techniques used in the field.

The center’s facilities are equipped with modern technology and advanced equipment that contribute to providing the highest level of healthcare for patients. Thanks to the available modern technologies, the doctors at the center are able to achieve excellent results and provide comfort for patients during treatment procedures.

The center’s services are characterized by a focus on quality and attention to meeting the individual needs of patients. Comprehensive advice and guidance are provided to patients based on their health condition and individual needs. The medical team is highly professional and experienced in dealing with patients, always striving to provide a comfortable and satisfactory experience for all patients.

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