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What is the treatment for black tooth stains? Learn about the wrong habits that cause it

Black Tooth Stains Treatment, Black tooth stains are a problem faced by many patients, especially those who smoke excessively. These black stains can cause many long-term health issues. Therefore, this article will provide more information about these stains, their causes, how to get rid of them, their types, and how to avoid them.

Black Tooth Stains Treatment

Black Tooth Stains Treatment

Black Tooth Stains Treatment

Tooth discoloration is a symptom or indication of various diseases affecting the teeth, often resulting from numerous incorrect habits leading to the appearance of black color on the tooth surface. Read more about the causes of tooth decay in children through this article.

There are some easy-to-follow home remedies for treating black tooth stains, including daily thorough teeth cleaning with toothpaste and a brush, using dental floss to remove food remnants from tight spaces between teeth, drinking plenty of water daily, and rinsing with water after meals. Additionally, avoiding beverages and foods that stain the teeth, such as stimulants and sodas, is recommended.

Black Tooth Stains

Black tooth stains are a pathological condition where teeth appear black due to disease or exposure to decay. Naturally, teeth are white due to the calcium deposits in their various layers. Over time, consuming food and drinks can turn them yellow, negatively affecting the enamel layer, then dark black spots appear on the tooth surface.

What Causes a Black Layer on Teeth?

The formation of a black layer on teeth is usually the result of incorrect habits or lack of attention to dental and oral hygiene. Specialists have indicated that direct causes of tooth discoloration include excessive consumption of stimulants like tea and coffee. Stimulants contain tannins that accumulate over time on the tooth surface, forming dark stains on the enamel coating.

Additionally, these stains can appear due to the ability of some foods to stain the tooth surface, such as berries, cherries, and citrus fruits containing dyes. Tobacco is one of the most common causes aiding the growth of these stains on tooth enamel. Some believe that neglecting to clean teeth after consuming these foods and beverages is a contributing factor to stain formation because regularly removing food and drink deposits protects the teeth from negative effects and prevents damage.

Black Tooth Stains Treatment

There are some methods that help remove black deposits on teeth, including:

  • Teeth Washing

Taking care of brushing teeth with toothpaste, a miswak, fection.

  • Orange Peel

Orange peel helps fight microbes.

  • Fruits

Apples, watermelons, carrots, and many other fruits help clean the teeth.

  • Sesame

A teaspoon of sesame can be added to the brush and toothpaste for thorough teeth scrubbing. It’s important to repeat this step twice a week to achieve desired results in removing deposits.

  • Figs

Chewing figs daily supports the gums, strengthens the teeth, increases saliva production, and removes tartar.

  • Fruits Rich in Vitamin C

Tomatoes and strawberries help combat microbes.

  • Lemon

Lemon, known for its natural antibacterial chemicals, is recommended for washing and rinsing teeth with, preferably repeated to achieve various goals.

  • Coconut Oil

Using a small spoon or two of coconut oil is preferable for massaging the teeth to remove any deposits.

Incorrect Habits Causing Tooth Discoloration

There are many incorrect habits that people follow, leading to many problems and diseases, including:

  • Food and Beverages: Excessive consumption of stimulants and overeating fruits rich in dyes like cherries and berries.
  • Smoking: Smokers’ teeth often turn yellow due to the accumulation of dark brown tar residue from tobacco, in addition to nicotine causing yellowing of the teeth. These stains are difficult to remove.
  • Lack of Dental Hygiene: Not regularly cleaning the teeth daily with medical products causes food accumulation and tartar appearance.

Medical Conditions Causing Tooth Discoloration

Some diseases affect the enamel layer of teeth and change their color. These medical conditions include:

  • Digestive disorders.
  • Mineral deficiencies like calcium.
  • Gum sensitivities and inflammations.
  • Lack of certain vitamins like Vitamin C and D.
  • Chronic diseases like liver diseases.
  • Rickets and immobility.
  • Digestive and eating disorders.

These diseases include some infectious diseases that can be transmitted from mother to child, delaying the development of the child’s enamel layer, causing tooth discoloration.

Medications That Cause Tooth Discoloration

There is a factor that affects the color change of teeth, which is the consumption of certain medications that can cause the appearance of stains on the tooth surface, such as medicinal iron drinks containing substances that stain the teeth when accumulated on the enamel layer.

The list of conditions that cause tooth discoloration includes various antibiotics, antihistamines, blood pressure reducers, as well as mouthwash rich in chlorhexidine and cetyl pyridinium chloride, and radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

Causes of Front Teeth Discoloration in Children

Not brushing a child’s teeth with a soft brush suitable for their gums will lead to bacterial growth on their teeth, in addition to changing the color of the teeth. Some infant medications might be used due to the presence of supplementary vitamins such as iron. With the best teething gel on the market, you will find an effective solution for teething your child. At our Dental Center, we provide soothing and calming teething gel that alleviates pain and swelling, offering immediate relief to your child during teething.

Causes of Front Teeth Discoloration in Children

Many mothers notice the appearance of black or brown spots on the front part of their children’s teeth. There are several reasons leading to this, which we will explore in the following points:

  • Children consuming types of foods and drinks that cause staining of their teeth.
  • Consumption of certain medications that deposit their chemical substances on the tooth surface.
  • Tooth cavity decay.
  • Various dental diseases.

Typically, the causes leading to the appearance of black deposits on the front teeth of children are classified into two types:

  • External factors

There are external factors that affect the outer layer of children’s teeth, especially the enamel layer, with black discolorations. These discolorations include consuming dark foods like chocolate, berries, soy sauce, curry, or acidic foods such as oranges and lemons, among other acidic fruits or energy drinks.

  • Internal factors

There are internal factors that cause discoloration of the entire tooth structure, both internally and externally, such as certain antibiotics or excessive use of fluoride during the teething stage, or the child’s exposure to an accident or collision leading to cracks and fractures in some teeth, or nerve damage cases.

Many children suffer from tooth decay, where bacteria accumulate, erode the enamel coating of the teeth, and exhibit symptoms of dental inflammation and decay material in their cavities. Is your two-year-old child suffering from tooth erosion? No need to worry! At our Dental Center, we specialize in treating tooth erosion in young children. Book an appointment now and leave your children in the hands of experts for healthy and beautiful teeth.

Symptoms of Black Tooth Stains

The primary or clear symptom indicating black tooth stains is the change in tooth color from white to other dark colors like brown. The entire tooth structure might not be discolored; instead, some spots may only appear on its surface.

Tips to Avoid Black Tooth Stains

Tips to Avoid Black Tooth Stains

Tips to Avoid Black Tooth Stains

The treatment methods mentioned earlier in the article are among the most effective in removing black stains, but treatment success cannot be guaranteed without adhering to some medical guidelines that doctors ensure their patients are aware of, including:

  • Consistently cleaning the teeth with a brush and toothpaste daily at least once.
  • Rinsing with water or brushing teeth after meals, especially foods and drinks that stain the teeth.
  • Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, in addition to the importance of consuming plenty of proteins.
  • Reducing foods and drinks that stain the tooth surface with various colors, such as coffee, tea, tobacco, and sodas.
  • Adhering to medical appointments with the dentist in the clinic periodically for teeth cleaning and ensuring the health of the teeth, and easily solving any health problem at its onset before complications arise.
  • Possibly consulting the doctor about home teeth whitening methods and choosing the most suitable method for each patient.
  • Quitting smoking to avoid complications of tooth stains and other complex health problems.

Black Tooth Stains Treatment

There are numerous techniques that can help treat black tooth stains, including:

  • Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening techniques usually involve hydrogen peroxide or laser use to whiten the enamel coating of the teeth in cases of external discoloration due to lack of dental hygiene or consumption of staining foods and edibles.
  • Dental Hygiene: Dental cleaning sessions in clinics and centers are among the easiest techniques followed when teeth are discolored and tartar accumulates on their surface.
  • Removing Tooth Decay: Removing decay material from tooth cavities and replacing it with medical fillings are essential steps that help and hasten the treatment of black stains on the tooth surface.
  • Replacing Old Fillings: The nature of the filling affects the health of teeth with black stains, especially due to the negative impact of black metal fillings. Therefore, it’s advisable to replace them with other fillings such as cosmetic composite.
  • Dental Restorations: Dental restorations can be used in cases where discoloration reaches deep into the teeth because whitening sessions are ineffective in such scenarios. Porcelain veneers, lenses, crowns, or bridges play an effective role in improving the overall appearance of the teeth but cannot treat them. You can learn about the best types of front teeth restorations and their costs in Egypt by reading this article.


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