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Crooked lower jaw teeth and how to treat them without braces

Lower Jaw Teeth Misalignment, teeth are among the most susceptible areas of the body to various diseases, and misalignment issues are among the most widespread oral and dental diseases. It’s possible to experience misalignment in either the upper or lower jaw teeth. In this article, we will explain the causes of lower jaw teeth misalignment, its symptoms, treatment methods, the importance of treating it, and the best specialized center for its treatment.

Lower jaw teeth misalignment

Lower jaw teeth misalignment

Lower Jaw Teeth Misalignment

Lower jaw teeth misalignment involves an anomaly or disorder in the jaw and its teeth due to a problem or defect during growth. This anomaly can appear in the size of the teeth and the jaw, their position, overcrowding of the jaw’s gum with many teeth, crooked teeth not aligned straight, or their protrusion, leading to a generally asymmetrical appearance. Misalignment issues start from childhood, either congenital or due to certain harmful habits practiced by the individual over many years. Get beautiful and straight teeth effortlessly! Benefit from our distinguished services at The Dental Center for home treatment of teeth misalignment.

Causes of Lower Teeth Misalignment

There are many causes for dental diseases because this area is prone to a lot of bacteria and fungi due to breathing and consuming different foods and drinks from various sources, in addition to the possibility of genetic diseases. Therefore, we will present the causes leading to teeth misalignment below:

  • Genetic predisposition 

Some genetic predispositions for tooth decay or misalignment may appear in many families, making their teeth more susceptible to various oral diseases.

  • Gaps between teeth

Some cases may suffer from a broken tooth or its loss due to decay or complete damage, and over time, if the resulting gap is not filled, it leads to the misalignment of adjacent teeth to close these empty spaces.

  • Mouth breathing: Those suffering from respiratory diseases and allergies are more susceptible to teeth misalignment and protrusion due to the necessity of breathing through the mouth instead of the nose.
  • Issues with children’s teeth replacement: Delaying the replacement of milk teeth can cause complications for the child, which may affect them later after reaching adulthood. Removing them early is also a factor for misalignment and fragility of permanent teeth. You can learn about children’s teeth replacement issues by reading this article.
  • Pressing teeth with hard objects.
  • Grinding teeth.
  • Placing the finger in the mouth causes the teeth to move from their places and become misaligned.
  • Moving the tongue on the teeth and pressing on them.
  • Lack of oral and dental hygiene

Not being diligent about cleaning and brushing the teeth with toothpaste at least once a day can cause many diseases such as gum infections, which, if not treated, can escalate to periodontal inflammation and damage to the tissues surrounding them, thereby moving the teeth from their places to adjacent ones and showing signs of misalignment and protrusion.

  • Tongue thrusting 

Some medical conditions

suffer from pushing the tongue or pressing it against the front teeth instead of the roof of the mouth, causing them to move forward and showing signs of protrusion and inability to close the mouth.

  • Collisions and accidents 

Cases that are exposed to being hit in the face and the lower jaw area or involved in a collision or accident may 

move their teeth backward.

  • Improper jaw closure

Many children and elderly show signs of one jaw’s teeth protruding forward and the other jaw’s teeth retracting, destroying the ability for the teeth of both jaws to meet each other, with one advancing in front of the other, causing problems with mouth closure and teeth misalignment.

  • Poor nutrition

Children need proper nutrition and adherence to healthy foods and drinks to ensure the good growth of their teeth and bones. However, not consuming enough vitamins and minerals found in vegetables, fruits, and legumes can cause them many dental problems, including decay or misalignment and fragility.

Symptoms of lower teeth misalignment

Symptoms of lower teeth misalignment

Symptoms of Lower Teeth Misalignment

One of the biggest problems that lower teeth misalignment can cause is allowing food remnants to accumulate between the gaps of the teeth, thus enabling bacteria to grow and infection to emerge, causing numerous problems including tooth decay due to the inability to clean the teeth well and reach all the gaps, which causes bad odors.

Other symptoms of lower teeth misalignment include signs of indigestion in patients due to the inability to bite and chew food properly, and suffering while speaking due to the disorder in pronouncing certain sounds and words.

Commonly, these cases show teeth misalignment and appearance in a chaotic form and different sizes, thus affecting the shape of the lower jaw and face. These cases often suffer from the inability of the upper and lower jaw teeth to clasp onto each other and the inability to close the mouth. Check out the amazing transformation of your teeth at home with The Dental Center and the treatment of teeth misalignment.

Treatment Methods for Lower Teeth Misalignment

There are many methods to treat lower teeth misalignment that can be followed at the center or clinic with the treating doctor or resorting to some equipped hospitals. We will present that in the following points:

  • Orthodontics 

Orthodontics is considered the optimal solution for all problems of teeth misalignment and protrusion due to the intensive pressure that orthodontic bonds can exert on the crowned teeth, moving them to their correct place and adjusting their position with the help of orthodontic supports. Choosing the effective and suitable type for each case is necessary based on their health condition and medical history. The types of braces vary between different raw materials like porcelain, metals, and zirconium. Read more about orthodontic problems by clicking on this link.

  • Corrective jaw surgery.
  • Dental crowns.
How to treat lower teeth misalignment without braces

How to treat lower teeth misalignment without braces

How to Treat Lower Teeth Misalignment Without Braces

There are other scientific methods to treat teeth without resorting to braces, mentioned in the previous point, but let’s discuss these methods in detail, their importance, effectiveness, and efficiency in treating teeth misalignment. These methods can be clarified in the following points:

  • Jaw surgery 

Jaw surgery is famous for treating general misalignment and protrusion of teeth, especially lower jaw teeth. Dentists prefer using these surgeries for cases that do not wish to wear braces for medical reasons or do not suit them due to their long duration, appearance, embarrassment they cause, or their high costs. Cases that suffer from advanced speech and eating problems find jaw surgery an effective treatment method.

There are two types of these surgeries: a minor surgery aimed at adjusting the position of the teeth to their correct position in the bones and gums and securing them there, and a major surgery that works on restructuring and reshaping the jaw and teeth and their bones significantly due to the presence of major problems in speech and eating.

  • Dental crowns 

Doctors prefer to resort to porcelain veneers in simple misalignment cases because the teeth are not misaligned at large angles and proportions from their original position, which makes it easier to adjust them in a short period. These veneers or crowns require only two sessions to prepare the teeth and file them so that they can be fixed on them in the third session, giving the teeth a streamlined, orderly, and refined appearance. These veneers are made of zirconium, ceramic, or veneer, among many other different raw materials.

The Importance of Treating Teeth Misalignment

Treating teeth misalignment accelerates the resolution of many health problems that can cause serious complications later if left untreated. The side effects avoided are represented in the following points:

  • Avoiding digestive system problems: Teeth problems can cause indigestion and many issues in the intestines.
  • Preventing gum diseases: Different dental diseases can also extend to the gums, causing them many problems. .
  • Ability to clean teeth properly: Teeth misalignment hinders the ability to reach food remnants in small gaps between teeth, causing a problem in cleaning the teeth, which causes the accumulation of beverage residues and food remains, thus leading to bacterial growth in the mouth and then tooth decay.
  • Ability to pronounce correctly: Teeth misalignment can cause lisping or incorrect pronunciation of sounds and words, so treating misalignment and gaps between teeth is a necessary matter that should not be neglected.
  • Preventing the negative impact of misalignment: Treating misalignment improves the overall appearance, giving the patient confidence, improving their psyche, and the ability to speak and eat without feeling embarrassed.

Does Teeth Misalignment Cause Pain?

Yes, problems with teeth misalignment can be accompanied by some pain in the jaw, teeth, and the general mouth area, due to the constant pressure from the rest of the teeth due to unequal pressure distribution among all teeth due to misalignment and fragility of one of them, causing pressure on one tooth without the others. This pain is not permanent and is felt by the patient at varying intervals.

Teeth misalignment causes many problems due to the extension of the infection to the jaw area and its joints, and a number of diseases resulting from the inability to clean the teeth and remove any food remnants from its surface such as tooth decay and

gum diseases, accompanied by pain.

What are the complications of lower teeth misalignment

What are the complications of lower teeth misalignment

What are the Complications of Lower Teeth Misalignment

Lower teeth misalignment causes some complications that occur due to the inability to treat them and prevent their damages. The complications are as follows:

  • Periodontal inflammation: Not cleaning the teeth properly, causing the accumulation of food and thus the appearance of infection due to bacterial accumulation and tooth decay and gum diseases.
  • Inability to eat: Misalignment leads to difficulty in biting and chewing food, causing disturbances in the intestines and the digestive system. 
  • Inability to speak: Feeling embarrassed about speaking because teeth misalignment causes disorder in pronouncing certain sounds and words.
  • Teeth erosion: Misalignment causes many gum and jaw problems, and the resulting damage from teeth misalignment can extend to the muscles and tissues surrounding the teeth, causing cracks in the teeth’s structure, weakening them, erosion, and constant headache during this period.

Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

The Dental Center is one of the best medical centers specialized in dental treatment and cosmetics in Cairo, frequented by many residents of Nasr City and Heliopolis due to the high effectiveness and good quality of operations and techniques that treat patients’ problems, and the sophistication and professionalism of the specialized doctors in dealing with them. The nursing team assisting the doctors ensures good patient treatment and provides all means of comfort for them, and the management helps in offering good discounts and promotions on all the medical services provided for different segments of Cairo and even patients coming from outside it.

The center provides the latest medical devices used in dental treatment and cosmetics, and doctors always ensure to update these devices and tools used, and patients appreciate the center because it follows the latest treatment methods and techniques at the global level.

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