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Tooth misalignment due to wisdom tooth and is it necessary to extract the wisdom tooth for orthodontic treatment?

Teeth Misalignment Due to Wisdom Teeth, many cases experience some dental problems that affect their self-confidence and cause embarrassment when speaking with others or smiling. These problems are related to the outward appearance of the teeth, which is considered one of the most important factors affecting a person. It is necessary to pay attention to treating these damages so that anyone suffering from these problems can feel confident when dealing with others and also to have healthy and sound teeth free from any harm.

In this article, we will learn about the most well-known problem, which is teeth misalignment, its causes, and everything related to it, follow us.

Teeth Misalignment Due to Wisdom Teeth

Teeth Misalignment Due to Wisdom Teeth

Teeth Misalignment Due to Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are considered one of the causes related to the appearance of the teeth misalignment problem, which results in other problems such as severe cavities or gum complications. It also grows inside the jawbone, which leads to tissue and nerve damage over time or above the level of normal teeth, due to its improper and misaligned growth.

It also has a negative impact on the surrounding teeth, leading to teeth misalignment and making the rows of teeth uneven. For this reason, many people resort to having it permanently removed to avoid any kind of problems or damage that may affect the teeth. A group of doctors also recommend removing the wisdom tooth to prevent risks to the teeth.

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Do Wisdom Teeth Change the Alignment of Teeth?

No, wisdom teeth do not cause changes in the shape of the jaw or the alignment of teeth. However, the patient may experience some symptoms after its removal, such as swelling or inflammation of the face. Its effect on the teeth and jaw is not significant, and this is due to several reasons, including:

  • Wisdom teeth grow in an area behind the jaw, which is completely separate from the jawbones. Therefore, wisdom teeth do not cause any changes to the outward shape of the jaw or face.
  • Wisdom teeth form in a surrounding area of skin or tissue, which consists of muscles and fat. There are no changes to these tissues after the removal of the tooth.

What Causes Teeth Misalignment in Adults?

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The occurrence of the teeth misalignment problem in adults is due to some factors or causes that will affect the health of the mouth and teeth and lead to the appearance of this problem or other damages, as follows:

  • Poor oral hygiene: When a person fails to pay attention or care for daily tooth cleaning, it leads to the spread of bacteria and the accumulation of food residues, causing severe cavities or gum inflammation. These can worsen over time and lead to tooth supports. When infected with tooth supports, it leads to weakening of the tissues surrounding the teeth, as well as misalignment and displacement of the teeth from their natural positions or poor jaw occlusion, among other problems that appear as a result of neglecting to treat these issues, which can cause gum diseases and major problems.
  • Early loss of milk teeth: This leads to the movement and deviation of teeth from their natural positions, causing the teeth to overlap with each other. This is due to the early loss of milk teeth before their natural time.
  • Tongue thrusting: Normally, the tongue exerts pressure on the roof of the mouth beside the upper teeth, but when tongue thrusting occurs, pressure is applied to the front teeth only, pushing them outward, which can cause teeth misalignment over a long period.
  • Poor teeth occlusion: This occurs when the edges of the jaws are uneven, especially when closing the mouth, or when the upper jaw protrudes over the lower jaw or vice versa, causing the rows of teeth to appear uneven and also leading to teeth misalignment.
  • Physical injuries and trauma: When a person is exposed to an accident or a severe blow that hits the jaws or displaces the teeth from their natural positions.

Is It Necessary to Remove Wisdom Teeth for Braces?

The decision to remove wisdom teeth for braces depends on the dentist’s assessment. If the wisdom teeth have enough space to grow properly in the mouth, then there is no need to remove them. Many people believe that wisdom teeth cause pressure on the teeth and lead to irregular tooth alignment, but this is not entirely accurate.

The problem of irregular tooth alignment in adults occurs due to the growth of the lower jaw over the upper jaw, which sometimes happens with the growth of wisdom teeth, leading some to believe that the teeth move because of wisdom teeth. However, its effect during this stage is weak and does not cause any harm. If the wisdom tooth is in an improper position, it can lead to some damage to the gums or teeth.

Therefore, it is not a requirement to remove wisdom teeth when getting braces, and it is not considered essential for effective orthodontic treatment. If the dentist determines that removal is necessary, it can be done during, before, or after the treatment.

Is It Necessary to Remove Wisdom Teeth for Braces?

Is It Necessary to Remove Wisdom Teeth for Braces?

What is Teeth Crowding?

Teeth crowding is considered one of the common problems that appear in the mouth, and it is also related to the problem of malocclusion. It is a condition where the teeth are not aligned properly, and there are noticeable gaps between the jaws. It is a problem that affects the outward appearance and health of the teeth and mouth, and its effects can lead to irregular teeth growth, causing constant pressure on the teeth and damaging them. This occurs when the patient neglects to treat this problem, especially when it occurs during childhood. Some of these complications include:

  • Teeth growing inside the jawbone.
  • Gum inflammation and diseases.
  • Severe tooth decay.
  • Misalignment of the jaws, causing difficulty in chewing.
  • Damage or erosion of the jaw joints.

Types and Degrees of Teeth Crowding

The types and degrees of teeth crowding are determined based on the severity of the problem and the patient’s overall health condition. We will discuss three different types and degrees of the teeth crowding problem:

  • Moderate teeth crowding: This type is due to the overlapping growth and intersecting of the front teeth in both jaws.
  • Severe teeth crowding: This occurs due to the irregular growth of the front teeth in the lower or upper jaw, causing the teeth to overlap with each other.
  • Mild teeth crowding: The cause of this type is the twisting of the front teeth in both jaws, occurring in a mild and slight manner.

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Causes of Teeth Crowding

The occurrence of the teeth crowding problem is due to several causes, which we will present in the following points:

  • Genetic factors or causes, such as a small jawbone size from birth, or the appearance of large teeth that do not fit the size of the jawbones.
  • Difficulty in the eruption of permanent teeth as replacements for milk teeth, which can then lead to misalignment with the gum tissues, causing teeth crowding if the milk teeth are not removed.
  • Early loss of milk teeth, causing the teeth to move from their positions and merge with each other, appearing overlapped.
  • Irregular growth of milk teeth without any spaces between each tooth.

Symptoms of Teeth Crowding

You can recognize the teeth crowding problem without visiting a dentist, as some symptoms or side effects appear that indicate you are suffering from this problem, which we will present in the following points:

  • Irregular growth of teeth from childhood, appearing overlapped and without any spaces or gaps between them.
  • Persistent pain, especially when biting down on the teeth, and this pain may occur in different areas of the mouth.
  • Noticeable changes in the jaws and poor occlusion between them, which may worsen over time if not treated promptly.
  • Difficulty for the wisdom tooth to function properly away from the gum due to the irregular size of the teeth, causing severe jaw pain.

Treatment of Teeth Crowding

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Teeth crowding is treated through several therapeutic methods that help to get rid of this problem and treat it accurately, so it does not recur. It cannot be treated through some home remedies or prescriptions, so seeking a dentist is necessary. These treatments include:

  • Extraction of one or more teeth

This therapeutic method is performed when the jawbone size is small, and the teeth cannot grow naturally. In this case, the patient may need to extract one or more teeth to get rid of this problem.

This procedure also provides some effective results that help other treatments to function properly, as it helps braces move effectively within the teeth until they are returned to their natural positions.

  • Braces of various types

Braces are installed to treat teeth crowding and move the teeth to their correct positions. Different types of braces, such as clear or fixed metal braces, can be used.

  • Veneers

Veneers are used to reshape the teeth in terms of size, color, and length, especially for adults with teeth crowding. They are made from different materials and placed over the teeth to give a cosmetic appearance to the outward shape of the teeth.

  • Other treatments

Other treatments can be used to help treat the teeth crowding problem and eliminate it, including:

  1. Surgical procedures to improve the shape of the teeth and jaw.
  2. Placing tooth retainers.
  3. Installing jaw expanders.
Treatment of Teeth Crowding

Treatment of Teeth Crowding

Risks of Teeth Misalignment

Teeth misalignment can lead to some damages or problems that affect the health of the teeth and mouth, which must be treated so as not to lead to other problems that are difficult to solve. These damages or complications include:

  • Chewing and digestive problems: The teeth misalignment problem leads to pain when chewing food, causing significant difficulty in digestion due to improper chewing.
  • Periodontal diseases: It becomes difficult to clean the teeth when they are misaligned or crooked, leading to the spread of bacteria inside the teeth and severe cavities, causing gum inflammation, which can lead to periodontal diseases and eventually tooth erosion or loss.
  • Speech disorders and problems: This is considered one of the most common risks resulting from the teeth misalignment problem, causing difficulty in speaking and pronouncing words correctly.
  • Tooth erosion: This problem leads to cracks and erosion of the teeth, as well as gum erosion and damage to the jawbones.

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Benefits of Wisdom Teeth

Many people believe that wisdom teeth have no benefits, especially when a person has an excessive number of wisdom teeth in the jaws. However, numerous studies have been conducted on wisdom teeth, and it has been found that when wisdom teeth grow properly and without any problems, removing them can negatively impact oral and dental health and may cause some damage or complications.

This indicates that healthy wisdom teeth offer several benefits, which we will present in the following points:

  • They assist in proper chewing of food due to their strength, and cavities in wisdom teeth can be treated.
  • Wisdom teeth play an important role as supports for artificial teeth, if a person suffers from dental damage, as they help the artificial teeth provide effective results.

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