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What are the causes of pain when pressing on the tooth? Learn about the best ways to treat it

Tooth Pain When Pressing on the Tooth, pain is one of the common symptoms of dental problems and can be either continuous or intermittent depending on the underlying cause that leads to the problem in the tooth or tooth. In our following article, we provide you with some medical information about tooth pain when pressing on it.

tooth pain when pressing on tooth

Tooth Pain When Pressing on the Tooth

Tooth Pain When Pressing on the Tooth

Tooth pain is considered one of the problems that cause severe discomfort to the patient and makes them unable to reach the state of comfort they want. There is more than one reason that leads to tooth pain specifically, especially when pressing on it. The patient’s condition can be improved by identifying the cause of the pain and starting treatment.

Getting a good diagnosis of your condition if you feel pain in the tooth is good because it identifies the cause of reaching this state of pain and, therefore, the patient begins the appropriate treatment for him, which helps you feel more comfortable. This has now become available with the latest medical technologies within the Medical Center for Dental Care, which provides you with a large group of dentists with extensive experience in dental treatment and beautification.

What is Dental Filling

Teeth are one of the most important parts of the jaw that allow it to perform its functions, whether in chewing food, speaking well, and also working primarily to improve the pronunciation of sounds. In addition to the aesthetic importance in the shape of the smile that affects the shape of the face as a whole, so you must take great care of the condition of the teeth and always keep them in good health.

Sometimes, as a result of many factors, some teeth and molars may be exposed to decay or erosion or generally damaged, which causes parts of them where bacteria have spread to need to be removed in the best possible way. Therefore, dental fillings can be used to help improve the condition of the damaged tooth.

Dental fillings are the materials that teeth are filled with when a part of them is removed due to damage. There is more than one type of these fillings, including gold, silver cement, and other materials that are placed inside the cavities of the teeth to preserve their hardness and strength.

What is Tooth Pain

The jaw is divided into teeth and molars or incisors, which are located in the back of the upper or lower jaw. These molars sometimes experience a condition of tooth pain, whether mild or severe, resulting from inflammation in them, exposed nerve, decay, and other causes of pain. The pain may be continuous or intermittent.

If tooth pain is not treated quickly, the symptoms may worsen, and the patient may begin to experience headaches, fever, and certainly an increase in the severity of pain in the tooth and the surrounding gum area. Therefore, you should first identify the cause of tooth pain so that the treatment can begin correctly, and you will find a quick effect.

what is tooth pain

What is Tooth Pain

The Difference Between Tooth Pain and Gum Pain

Tooth pain has many causes, and the doctor can certainly differentiate well between the different causes of the pain condition. The patient’s condition can be improved by reaching the best treatment method. However, some may confuse tooth pain with gum pain, and we can distinguish between them in the following points:

  1. Tooth pain is often caused by decay or erosion in the tooth, so there are cavities in the tooth.
  2. Gum inflammation and the accompanying pain are usually accompanied by swelling and severe constant irritation in the mouth.
  3. Gum inflammation may cause pain in the tooth itself, so it is important to consult a doctor to determine the exact cause of the pain and improve your condition.

Get treatment for tooth pain after a good diagnosis for you at the Medical Center for Dental Care.

Why Do Fillings Cause Tooth Pain When Pressing on It?

Tooth filling usually does not lead to a problem or pain unless there are other causes that lead to this pain or a certain defect in the filling itself. Therefore, you should see your doctor if you start to feel pain after tooth filling, especially when pressing on it, to identify the root cause of this pain.

We present together some of the reasons that can lead to tooth pain when pressing on it so that you are aware of them, as follows:

  • Incorrect installation of the filling: In some cases, the problem or cause of pain is the improper installation of the filling or the size of the filling being larger than necessary, which puts pressure on the teeth, leading to the problem of pain.
  • Irritated nerve: If the nerve is irritated, the tooth may experience severe pain that affects its health condition and causes many problems for it and causes severe pain.
  • Inflammation in the tooth pulp: Sometimes the tooth pulp may become inflamed, which can be a result of the depth of the cavity in the tooth, affecting the pulp negatively, or if the patient has filled this tooth more than once. All these causes sometimes lead to the tooth being exposed to pain.

If the pain persists after tooth filling, especially when eating and pressing on it, you should return to your treating doctor, who will help you identify the root cause of the pain, which will work to modify the condition of the tooth and restore its comfort.

Tooth Filling Steps

Tooth filling is one of the medical procedures that helps protect the tooth from decay or deterioration, especially if it has been thoroughly cleaned of decay and deposits on it. Therefore, it is an essential step in treating the damaged tooth. Tooth filling is done through the following steps:

  1. The steps start by injecting the patient with an anesthetic into the tooth, which may cause them some mild pain, but it is important in reducing the sensation of placing the tooth filling.
  2. After the anesthesia starts to take effect, the doctor begins cleaning the tooth and removing the layers of decay on it, both externally and internally, which helps improve the condition of the tooth and reduce the chances of bacteria accumulating on it.
  3. If the decay has reached the tooth nerve, the doctor will remove the nerve after killing it, and then the cleaning step begins.
  4. After removing the harmful bacteria from the decayed teeth, the doctor begins to measure the size of the cavities or spaces that need to be filled in the tooth.
  5. Tooth filling is the remaining step, where the doctor fills the gaps in the tooth with certain materials until the tooth becomes even again.
  6. To prevent any damage to the tooth and maintain its natural shape, the doctor will protect it by placing a crown on it.

The steps of tooth filling should be performed after the doctor examines its condition first and then decides the appropriate method for treating it.

tooth filling steps

Tooth Filling Steps

Symptoms of Tooth Pain

There are some symptoms that indicate a problem in the tooth or that the tooth has been exposed to inflammation that has reached the nerve due to extensive decay in it, leading to erosion of the larger part of the teeth. You can be sure that the tooth is damaged by the symptoms accompanying the pain, including the following:

  • Feeling a stabbing or piercing pain in the teeth.
  • Pain reaching the neck and ear.
  • Starting to develop swelling in the face and neck.
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing.
  • Disturbance in body temperature.
  • Feeling severe pain when eating and chewing.
  • Fever.

The appearance of these symptoms, either all or some of them, indicates the need to see a doctor quickly to prevent the tooth problem from worsening and, consequently, increasing the annoying symptoms that the patient is currently experiencing. To be at ease, we at the Medical Center for Dental Care provide you with many diagnostic medical procedures to help you understand the condition of your tooth and the best way to treat it.

Can Tooth Pulp Inflammation Be Treated?

The answer is yes, it is possible to treat tooth pulp inflammation, which helps improve the patient’s condition for the better and relieve the severe pain resulting from it. You can achieve greater relief after treating tooth pulp inflammation by removing the decay affecting it or in the case of tooth restoration. In some cases, the doctor may prefer to prescribe antibiotics for the patient.

If the pain in the tooth pulp persists and no effect is seen after following the previous treatment methods, there is another option, which is tooth extraction or pulp removal if possible. To know which treatment method is best, consulting a specialist doctor is the solution, as they will inform you of what you want to know about the condition of your teeth.

Causes of Tooth Pain When Pressing on It

Tooth pain can occur as a result of more than one reason, leading to a state of discomfort for the patient. The most well-known reasons that lead to severe tooth pain when pressing on it are the inappropriate size of fillings with the gaps in the tooth or inflammation in the tooth pulp, which leads to a severe state of discomfort.

Get ready to receive compliments on your smile after restoring your teeth with us. At the Medical Center for Dental Care, we care about improving the quality of your daily life!

causes of tooth pain when pressing on it

Causes of Tooth Pain When Pressing on It

Helpful Treatments for Tooth Inflammation After Filling

How to treat tooth lies in following some important steps that help you reduce tooth inflammation after filling. We can explain them to you as follows:

  1. Be sure to take the antibiotics and painkillers prescribed by your doctor.
  2. Be sure to clean your teeth regularly with your toothbrush and toothpaste.
  3. After the filling, you should avoid eating on the side that was filled.
  4. Avoid very cold and hot foods and drinks.
  5. Reduce acidic foods that cause tooth pain.
  6. Use mouthwash and dental floss daily.

How Can Tooth Pain Be Prevented?

Taking care of your teeth should be one of the steps you don’t overlook or neglect. Therefore, we offer you tips from the Medical Center for Dental Care to prevent tooth pain:

  1. You should be interested in quitting smoking or consuming alcohol, which negatively affects the condition of your teeth.
  2. Don’t neglect dental floss because it helps clean your teeth well.
  3. Be sure to use the right type of toothpaste for you so that it does not strain your teeth.
  4. Visit the doctor regularly to learn about the actual condition of your teeth and whether there is any sign of tooth disease.

Adhering to the above steps will help you avoid a significant part of the complications of tooth that occur when neglecting their care.

What to Expect After Tooth Filling

After the tooth is extracted, some pain in the teeth may occur, and the person may experience severe pain, but it will gradually decrease until full recovery is achieved. The patient may also experience pain when eating, so they should be prepared and use cold water compresses to reduce gum swelling.

Experiencing tooth filling at the Medical Center for Dental Care: high precision and amazing results!

Best Medical Centers for Dental Treatment and Beautification

Getting rid of the patient from the state of pain that he feels is one of the most important goals that we seek to provide in our medical center for dental care, which is one of the best centers specializing in dental problems and advanced treatment methods. You will find in the center more than one competent doctor who has the extensive experience that you are looking for, and there are a large number One of the modern medical procedures that allows you to fully recover from dental problems.

The Medical Center for Dental Care offers you many good solutions for the problem of tooth pain and dental fillings, and it helps you reach the full recovery that you want and the pain does not return to you again. So all you have to do now is contact the Medical Center for Dental Care, get a suitable appointment, and begin treatment. At the earliest.

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