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What is a cosmetic removable denture? How much is it?

Cosmetic Removable Dental Prostheses, Removable dental prostheses solve many problems that affect the teeth of elderly patients, and removable prostheses have many advantages that we will mention in this article in addition to their different types, showcasing their harms and how to avoid them.

Cosmetic Removable Dental Prostheses

Cosmetic Removable Dental Prostheses

Cosmetic Removable Dental Prostheses

Removable dental prostheses are used to solve the problems of gaps that result after the extraction of damaged or broken teeth from the mouth, which prevents any chance for bacterial growth and thus avoids many complications that could have occurred. These prostheses help support the remaining teeth in the mouth to perform functional tasks perfectly, especially while speaking or eating.

The dentist takes the patient’s teeth measurements using wax molds and gives them to the dental lab technician to make removable dental prostheses of the same shape, size, and measurement. Then, the dentist installs them in the clinic to ensure they fit the patient, and the patient can remove them at any time because they are flexible and not fixed. These prostheses are used when a patient has lost more than 3 teeth.

There are different raw materials used to manufacture removable dental prostheses such as cobalt chrome and acrylic. These raw materials resemble the natural color of teeth in addition to their shape, so these removable prostheses can be used in cases that need cosmetic fittings especially for the front teeth. You can find out the best dental cosmetic center and the cost of cosmetic dental surgery by reading this article .

Which is Better: Fixed or Removable Dental Prosthesis?

Dental prostheses are the first alternative to dental implant surgeries, with the goal of filling the gaps of lost teeth due to decay or breakage especially in cases of children before puberty that are not suitable for implant surgeries or elderly patients suffering from various chronic diseases. Dental prostheses can be divided into two types based on the ability to remove them from their place after installation. Thus, we notice the existence of fixed dental prostheses and removable dental prostheses, and each type can be used in specific cases determined by the doctor after reviewing X-rays and medical examinations. Each type will be discussed in detail in the following lines:

Fixed Teeth

  • Fixed teeth are considered the optimal treatment in cases suffering from a break or damage to part of the tooth structure, and installing the tooth acts as a support for it. Read about cosmetic dental fillings and how much cosmetic filling costs, which is another treatment method for these cases, by clicking here.
  • Fixed dental prostheses are not recommended in cases where the tooth is completely lost or extracted entirely.
  • Fixed dental prostheses are preferred in cases where one or two teeth are lost.
  • Fixed dental prostheses consistof bridges or crowns made of porcelain, zirconia, or E-max.
  • Fixed teeth made from porcelain or zirconia are used as a substitute for damaged back teeth and molars, while sets made from E-max are suitable for front teeth.
  • Fixed dental prostheses are installed in the clinic by the dentist, and the patient should not move them at home. In case of any problems, they should directly seek the dentist.
  • One of the preparatory steps for teeth before installing fixed dental prostheses on them is grinding their surface by removing a layer of the enamel coating them; to adjust the angles of the teeth with the gums and not cause any inflammation to the gums when fixing the prostheses on them.
  • In cases of completely extracted teeth and the necessity to install fixed teeth, a bridge will be made between the healthy neighboring teeth surrounding this extracted tooth, so these healthy teeth are also prepared before the installation process by grinding them to fix the bridge ends on them.
  • The prices of fixed dental prostheses at The Dental Center in Nasr City, Cairo, range between 600 and 900 Egyptian pounds for a tooth made of porcelain, while a tooth made from E-max can range in prices between 2500 and 4000 Egyptian pounds.

Removable Teeth

  • Removable dental prostheses are the only financially suitable solution for all patients who have lost all teeth of one or both jaws.
  • Removable sets are suitable for cases that have completely lost their teeth either through extraction due to being in an advanced stage of decay or exposure to an accident that led to their breakage.
  • As mentioned at the beginning of the article, removable dental prostheses are made from good quality cosmetic raw materials such as acrylic or cobalt chrome, and they are suitable for both front and back teeth.
  • The sets are installed in the clinic by the dentist, but the patient may remove them during sleep and put them back in the morning.
  • The composite teeth are fixed in the jawbones and tissues, and then the upper teeth are connected to them.
  • The suitable medical conditions for them are those suffering from jawbone osteoporosis and the lack of sufficient dental bones to fix the prostheses on them, patients with diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, and other chronic diseases, and the lack of alignment and coordination of the jaw.
  • The cost of a single removable tooth can reach 5000 Egyptian pounds and starts from 1000 Egyptian pounds. This difference in prices is based on the difference in raw materials and their prices.

The Best Between Fixed and Removable Teeth

  • In terms of cost: The condition is the main controller in determining the cost, and the simpler the installation process, the more affordable it becomes as some complex cases when installing fixed teeth require surgical intervention, making them more expensive.
  • Regarding medical history: The location of the affected teeth, their number, the amount of bone in the jaw, and the distance between the teeth determine the suitable prosthesis between them.
  • In terms of results: The doctor always prioritizes the prosthesis that supports the teeth in performing the functional tasks required of them when chewing and speaking.

What are Temporary Dental Prostheses?

There is a type of dental prostheses that are temporary or called quick-install teeth, and their role comes after the extraction or loss of some or all of the teeth in the mouth, where these temporary teeth help in reducing gum atrophy after removing their teeth and thus help in the process of speaking and eating without causing embarrassment to the patient. These prostheses need a lot of adjustments until they fit the patient’s teeth but they are a solution for a short period not exceeding 8 or 12 weeks until the permanent removable dental prostheses are prepared.

How much does it cost to install a removable dental set?

How much does it cost to install a removable dental

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Removable Dental Set?

There are factors that determine the price of installing a removable dental set, which we will mention below:

  • The location of the medical center or clinic, where the difference in the city or country where the clinic or center is located is a fundamental factor in determining the material cost of any medical service provided.
  • The price of the local currency against the dollar.
  • The efficiency and professional experiences of the doctor.
  • The nursing staff assisting him and their certificates and previous experiences.
  • The level of cleanliness and sterilization of the place.
  • The location of the affected teeth and their number.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, there are some offers on medical services provided in many clinics and centers based on the decision of the management responsible for the place. The Dental Center offers current promotions for cases that need removable dental prostheses starting from 500 Egyptian pounds per tooth.

Harms of Removable Dental Prostheses

Removable dental prostheses have many benefits that positively reflect on the patient’s life, but despite that, there are some harms that may occur to some cases. These harms are rare, but some patients feel discomfort and an inability to adapt to these prostheses after installing them in the mouth as they feel their weight and hinder them while speaking or eating. After a week of installation, the patient can adapt and no longer complain thereafter. If the doctor’s instructions for caring for these prostheses are not followed, possible harms and serious complications may appear. Let us mention them in the following lines:

  • Mouth inflammation: If the prostheses are not cared for as advised by the doctor, the infection may spread in the mouth accompanied by pain. Dentists have noticed the appearance of these medical conditions as a result of infection with staphylococcal, streptococcal, and other harmful microbes. Diabetics, those with dry throat, and smokers are more susceptible and quickly infected with these inflammations due to their negligence in cleaning the mouth and dental sets. If these inflammations are also neglected, the patient may suffer from angular cheilitis, which spreads red spots on the corners of the mouth and lips from the outside.
  • Mouth ulcers: These complications appear in case the dental sets are not made accurately or with the size and measurements suitable for the patient’s teeth, where the prosthetic teeth collide with the gums due to not being fixed well on the teeth surface. These ulcers can be treated by rinsing with a saltwater solution, but in case of their exacerbation, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

How are Removable Teeth Fixed?

There are ways to help fix a removable dental set, and since there are two types of removable teeth, the way of fixing each type is different from the other. Removable partial teeth are fixed by arms or clasps found in their structure that help them wrap around the tooth and fix it in place. These clasps of partial removable teeth can be connected with the teeth themselves, their roots, or their implants.

These partial removable teeth connect artificial teeth with natural teeth to work as a substitute for the teeth that were extracted or lost. Due to the strength of their natural teeth roots, it is possible to give stability and strength to these partial teeth, making them stronger and more rigid than complete removable teeth.

Adhesive materials are resorted to help stabilize complete removable dental sets on the upper or lower gum line according to the affected area to be repaired. Another method that helps place complete sets in the jaw cavities is suction.

Types of Removable Dental Prostheses

Types of Removable Dental Prostheses

Types of Removable Dental Fittings

There is a variety in removable dental fittings and a diversity in the raw materials manufactured for them, providing many options for patients to suit all their different medical cases. We will mention these types below:

Partial Removable Teeth:

Partial removable dental fittings are temporary treatment methods and are made only from acrylic or plastic. They are sets that resemble natural teeth in color and shape. They consist of a base similar to the shape of natural gums in the mouth, which helps in easier teeth fitting. Partial removable fittings are the optimal solution for cases that have lost some or all of their teeth in one or both jaws, and these fittings are flexible and prone to breakage. These fittings are divided into two types, which are:

  1. Cobalt chrome fittings: They are considered long-term treatment methods because they are solid and strong fittings that last with the patient for many years without being affected by any pressures that occur in the patient’s mouth. They are easy to adapt to and do not cause discomfort to the patient while speaking or eating as they do not occupy a large space of the mouth tissues.
  2. Flexible fittings: These fittings are made from a mixture of acrylic and cobalt chrome, and are available in metallic color and color similar to natural teeth so that they can be used in front teeth fittings. They are called flexible fittings because they are flexible and adapt to changes that occur in the human body when gaining or losing some weight.

Complete Removable Teeth

Complete removable teeth are known as artificial teeth and are used in cases of complete tooth loss. This technique is an alternative to the expensive implantation technique due to its low cost compared to the high cost of implantation. Complete removable denture sets are divided into two types, which are:

  1. Gel fittings: They are called soft gums because they are a thin layer with a thickness of no more than 2 mm and are placed under the affected gums for a short period until they are healed from inflammations and swelling. It is necessary to remove them after a short period from under the gums and not to leave them for long periods so as not to promote bacteria growth and damage the tissues lining the gums.
  2. Prosthetic dental bridge: It is fitted on one or two healthy teeth and equipped with an attachment that helps it stabilize inside the mouth. If the attachment is damaged due to its use for long periods, it can be replaced, and it is easy to remove at any time. It makes the patient feel comfortable and adapts quickly compared to fixed teeth, and it is one of the fittings that are easy to clean.

Advantages of Cosmetic Removable Fittings

There are many advantages to cosmetic removable dental fittings, making them the most requested treatment methods by patients, especially elderly patients who suffer from many chronic diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, and gum problems. These advantages can be summarized in the following points:

  • These fittings suit patients with gum problems and weak tissues and bones of the teeth.
  • The safe therapeutic solution for elderly patients who need an alternative to their lost teeth.
  • These fittings do not need a support, so they do not depend on neighboring teeth when being fitted in the jaw, making them the suitable treatment technique for patients who suffer from weak mouth teeth.
  • They have no serious damages compared to fixed teeth, and you can learn more about fixed teeth fittings and how much fixed teeth fittings cost when reading this article.
  • They do not require administering anesthesia to the patient during fitting, making them suitable for patients who suffer from anesthesia allergies.
  • Their cost is simple compared to other technologies used as alternatives for lost teeth, such as dental implants or fixed teeth.
How do you maintain cosmetic removable fittings for the longest time?

How do you maintain cosmetic removable fittings for the longest time?

How do you maintain cosmetic removable fittings for the longest time?

Adhering to the following instructions will help the patient retain the cosmetic removable fittings for the longest time, so it is necessary to focus when reading the following points:

  • Adapting to the denture sets initially by putting them in the mouth for long hours, speaking with them, and eating with their help, but it must be ensured that the foods are soft and not solid.
  • Continuously exercising the jaw and tongue muscles to facilitate the process of speaking and eating naturally without any malfunction or causing any embarrassment to the patient.
  • Eating on both sides of the jaws and slowly in the following days after fitting.
  • Cleaning the teeth daily with a brush, toothpaste, and dental floss.
  • Rinsing with medical solutions daily.
  • Brushing removable denture sets daily with special medical cleaners for them and a soft brush.
  • Removing any food residues from the surface of the dental fittings with water.
  • Not using household cleaners to clean denture sets.
  • Not using cleaners for dental fittings to clean natural teeth or the mouth.
  • Washing denture sets well with water before putting them back in the mouth to get rid of any impurities of the chemicals previously used to clean them.
  • Periodic follow-up with the doctor every 6 months or a year to ensure the safety of the fittings or treat any problems that may occur in the early stages before any complications occur.
  • Ensuring to clean the teeth in the clinic with the doctor at least once a year.
  • Avoiding hot water so as not to spoil the fitting sets.
  • Avoiding teeth whitening care products that contain a high percentage of chlorine.
  • Removing dental fittings during sleep hours and putting them in a cup of water to maintain their moisture.
  • Using dental floss and miswak to get rid of any food residues stuck in the mouth that may give bacteria a chance to grow.
  • Reducing smoking as much as possible to avoid other unkind complications.

Signs indicating the need to replace removable dental fittings

Removable dental fittings are made from strong raw materials that give them the necessary hardness to withstand all pressures and conditions that occur in the patient’s mouth, making them last for many years. However, even with the patient’s care for their cleanliness and following all medical instructions after fitting, some signs may occur that indicate the need to replace them. These signs include the following:

  1. Cracks on the surface of removable dental fittings.
  2. Continued difficulty in eating and feeling discomfort when biting or chewing food after a week of fitting the fittings.
  3. Mouth ulcers that occur due to pressure when fitting removable teeth, leading to the patient’s pain and inability to adapt to the set.
  4. Appearance of bad breath after fitting the teeth.

And when one of these signs mentioned above appears, it is necessary to rush to the doctor to solve any other problems in the mouth before any other serious complications occur, examine the fitting and replace it with another or resort to other therapeutic methods.

The best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetic

The Dental Center in Nasr City in Cairo is one of the best centers that contain the latest medical equipment used in various fields of dental treatment and cosmetic, in addition to providing good offers for patients in order to match the service they provide with all layers of society, in addition to the efficiency of doctors and the professionalism of the assisting medical team, and the management’s care to provide the highest level of sterilization and cleanliness and follow the latest methods of infection control. The center enjoys many positive opinions on its official website, and you can benefit from these offers when visiting the site by clicking here.

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