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What is fixed denture adhesive? What is the best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetics?

Dental Adhesive for Fixed Dentures, Fixed dentures are used as replacements for missing teeth, and these fixtures are attached using an adhesive with the tissues and bones of the teeth. In this article, we will explore the importance of dental adhesive for fixed dentures, how to install them, and whether there is a possibility of them causing any damage.

Dental Adhesive for Fixed Dentures

Dental Adhesive for Fixed Dentures

Dental Adhesive for Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures are used to solve many dental problems such as decay or fractures. These fixtures are attached to the surface of the affected teeth after filing them down using an adhesive material that provides the necessary stability and rigidity to withstand the pressures and changing conditions that occur in the patient’s mouth. This adhesive material consists of two types:

  • Paste-like adhesive:
  1. It is possible to apply this adhesive on dry dentures, but it is preferred to install it while the teeth are wet.
  2. When applying the adhesive material, care must be taken not to touch the edges of the denture set.
  3. In case a large amount unintentionally escapes, its use on the set should be limited and not excessive.
  4. Upper jaw dentures require 3 strips of adhesive material or many small points along the edges of the set and adhesive material slightly below the center.
  5. For lower jaw dentures, the patient needs to install 3 strips or a sequence of small points of adhesive material in the center of the edges of the installed denture sets.
  • Powdered adhesive:
  1. This adhesive material is used by spraying a simple layer of it on all edges of the surface holding the tissues and bones of the teeth.
  2. Any excess adhesive material is removed.
  3. Press the denture set into the intended place.
  4. It facilitates the cleaning process of installed denture sets.

Many dentists prefer adhesive materials in powder form over paste because it allows for easier cleaning of dentures and their tissues.

How do I secure a dental fixture?

Dental fixtures are easy to install in the jaw cavities when using the appropriate fixing material. The fixing material consists of a range of chemicals selected based on the type of dental fixtures used. There are two types of fixing materials used, either permanent or temporary, and the fixing materials are composed of many types of raw materials, hence there are 5 types available in the market, and there is a specific fixing material for each type of dental fixtures. Below we will mention the steps to correctly apply the adhesive material on the enamel surface:

  • Wash the denture set from any impurities or deposits on its surface and ensure it is thoroughly dry.
  • Clean the mouth and teeth with toothpaste and brush and rinse with water well to remove all remaining food particles.
  • After preparing the teeth and denture set and ensuring there is no obstacle preventing their bonding, the adhesive material will be applied.
  • The adhesive material is applied in the form of many small dots or large strips inside the cavity of the denture set’s surface.
  • Insert the set parallel to the teeth and press firmly until it is correctly fixed in its designated place on the tooth surface.
  • The adhesive material should only be applied once a day to avoid negatively affecting the enamel layer that protects the teeth.

What is the name of the material that bonds teeth?

The material that bonds teeth is called dental adhesive, a substance that increases the stability of fixtures on teeth, preventing them from becoming soft, easy to break, and affected by any pressure, in addition to assisting patients with dry mouth who suffer from a lack of saliva, which plays an important role in the ease of fitting the set in the mouth.

Problems with Fixed Dental Fixtures

Fixed teeth are a recently used treatment method as a substitute for damaged teeth. Due to their modern and safe technology, patients are increasingly opting for them as fixed sets are considered the ideal alternative to implant surgeries due to their modest cost. However, there are some

problems and damages caused by fixed dental fixtures, which we will mention in the following points:

  • Tooth sensitivity and discomfort when touching anything cold or hot.
  • Pain in the jaw joints due to the fixed teeth being longer than the remaining natural teeth in the mouth.
  • Nerve removal before fixing the fixture.
  • Erosion of bones and tissues in the affected area.
  • Inability to chew food properly and the possibility of the patient suffering from indigestion in the long term.
  • Gum inflammation after fixing the fixtures.

Damage from Dental Adhesive

The many benefits mentioned at the beginning of the article for dental fixture adhesives do not eliminate the existence of some side effects that occur in some patients, which are as follows:

  • Damage to the enamel layer covering the teeth: There is a type of adhesive material that contains chlorine dioxide, which has the same effect as acid, leading to the erosion of the enamel layer.
  • Tooth decay and sensitivity: Damage to the enamel layer can lead to tooth decay due to its weakening, making it susceptible to bacteria or any infection and sensitive when consuming any cold or hot foods and drinks.
  • Gum damage: Adhesive materials containing chlorine dioxide not only damage the enamel layer and teeth but also cause gum inflammation, redness, irritation accompanied by severe pain.
What are the types of fixed dental fixtures?

What are the types of fixed dental fixtures?

What are the types of fixed dental fixtures?

There are types of fixed dental fixtures, and they are classified based on the method of implementing each type’s technique. We will mention these types in detail in the following points:

  • Dental crowns: This technique requires filing down the teeth and removing part of the enamel layer to fix the crown on them. The crown does not occupy the empty space resulting from the extraction of damaged teeth but is placed on only one tooth.
  • Dental bridges: This technique is based on the idea of filing down the teeth and removing a thin layer of enamel that protects the teeth to prepare them for fixing the crown on them. It is placed on one or more teeth to help compensate for the spaces of extracted teeth.
  • Veneers: This technique requires filing down only the front and upper part of the teeth without the need to file the back part. The filing in this case is about removing a very thin layer of enamel so that the veneer shells can be fixed on them. Read more about the veneer technique for teeth and the prices of dental veneers through this article.
  • Endocrown: It is a fixture made from the Emax material that is placed on the tooth whose nerve has been treated before, serving as an alternative to the post and crown.

How are fixed dental fixtures installed?

There are several steps to follow when installing fixed dental fixtures, which we will mention below:

  • Filing down the teeth surrounding the empty area and adjusting the edges to fit the type chosen then installing the bridge.
  • After preparing the teeth to receive the fixture containing the dental bridge, which may consist of two or three crowns together or four depending on the number of missing teeth and the patient’s condition, here comes the role of the adhesive in linking the teeth with these fixtures.
  • In the case of installing a crown, it is fixed on only one tooth and does not compensate for the adjacent missing teeth spaces. In the case of installing a bridge, it is fixed on more than one tooth and compensates for the adjacent spaces.

Do fixed dental fixtures appear like natural teeth?

Yes, and the doctor considers several steps or procedures to help him in fixing the dental fixtures so that they are suitable for the appearance of natural teeth. The doctor chooses the color and shape of the fixtures similar to the color and shape of natural teeth, in addition to choosing a raw material that helps natural teeth perform their function. The doctor

places the gums with the fixtures so that no black marks appear behind them and works to link the sets well with the teeth so that they perform their function perfectly.

What are the alternatives to fixed dental fixtures?

The only and primary alternatives to fixed dental fixtures are dental implants, and during the implantation process, the doctor fixes a titanium implant in the tissues and bones of the jaw without filing down the teeth and weakening the enamel layer covering them, protecting them from inflammations that may affect the nerve or gums. You can learn about the best types of dental implants and the cost of dental implants in Egypt by reading this article.

What is the average lifespan of fixed dental fixtures?

Fixed dental fixtures are made from good quality raw materials that give them the strength and durability to withstand pressures when speaking or eating, in addition to the adhesives that enhance their stability on natural teeth. Therefore, the average lifespan of fixed dental fixtures ranges between 10 and 15 years.

What are the prices of fixed dental fixtures?

There are several factors that determine the price of fixed dental fixtures, such as; the location of the center or clinic, the efficiency of the doctor and the skill of the medical team, the level of sterilization in the place, and the nature of the patient’s condition and the number of affected teeth.

The Dental Center offers discounts on fixed dental fixtures service where prices range between 850 and 2500 Egyptian pounds, and this difference is due to the different raw materials used in the fixtures and their quality.

The best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetics

The Dental Center in Nasr City, Cairo, is among the medical centers most frequented by patients from Cairo governorate, especially residents of Nasr City and Heliopolis, due to the provision of medical service at the highest level of quality, and all patients achieve the desired results for them in various fields of dental treatment and cosmetics.

The administration always ensures to update all medical devices used in dental treatment and cosmetics annually to keep up with the tremendous scientific development occurring in the field, and the administration follows a policy of offering discounts and promotions on all occasions or even ordinary times so that all patients receive the service at a cost suitable for them, making the center suitable for all segments of society.

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