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How to install artificial teeth and what do they cost?

Dental Prosthetics, Dental prosthetics represent the best therapeutic techniques that compensate for gaps and large spaces between teeth, preventing any complications or health risks that may be related to oral health. Given the importance of their role, this article will cover all the details that should be known about them, such as the cases that require these installations, their types, benefits, potential harms when used, and many other pieces of information.

Dental Prosthetics

Dental Prosthetics

Dental Prosthetics

Dental prosthetics have become the most common technique in recent years in dental centers and clinics due to their ability to treat tooth loss and the appearance of large gaps between them. These installations act as a replacement or alternative to damaged teeth. They consist of artificial roots that doctors implant in the affected jaw cavity and are fixed by a bridge between them. Mostly, these techniques are the best choice in case of losing more than one tooth due to various gum diseases frequently. We believe in the importance of quality and reliability, offering high-quality services at reasonable prices at The Dental Center.

Who are the candidates for dental prosthetics?

Many people experience accidents and violent collisions that cause cracks and fractures in the dental structure, making them need replacement teeth. In most of these cases, the treating doctor opts for one of the dental prosthetic installations, and the cases that can be treated by dental prosthetics include the following points:

  • Cases of tooth decay that can lead to loss or extraction of teeth.
  • Gum sensitivity and inflammation diseases or periodontal diseases that lead to tooth fall.
  • Older adults who suffer from various chronic diseases.
  • Severe collisions causing the loss of all mouth teeth.
  • Cases of complete tooth loss or one of them.

Options for dental prosthetic procedures

There are possibilities for conducting dental prosthetic procedures as follows:

  • Single tooth installation: Only one tooth is damaged, requiring replacement with a crown from different dental prosthetics.
  • Installation of several teeth: Damage to a number of teeth requires their replacement with artificial teeth supported by a bridge.
  • Full dental set installation: Falling or extraction of teeth in the mouth requires a full set installation to fill the resulting gap, supported by a bridge and complete implants.
Steps of Installing Dental Prosthetics

Steps of Installing Dental Prosthetics

Steps of Installing Dental Prosthetics

There are several steps to follow when installing dental prosthetics, which can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Preparation phase

The doctor performs the necessary examination of the patient’s mouth and teeth with the help of medical examinations and various x-rays, which helps in identifying the health problem to determine the appropriate treatment. When deciding on dental prosthetics as a substitute for damaged teeth, the doctor will take measurements of the patient’s teeth to give them to the dental lab technician to manufacture similar artificial teeth. There are some preliminary precautions that can be followed before the installation process, including some antibiotics and a medical mouthwash that prepares the teeth to accept the artificial teeth later.

  • Implant installation phase

The doctor administers local anesthesia to the patient, then proceeds to extract the damaged teeth and begins to open a wound in the gum to fix the prosthetic implants in its bone cavity after drilling it to accommodate them. After fixing the implant, the next part is installed in the tooth, then the gum is closed, and the healing period continues for some time until the implant heals with the jaw bone.

  • Crown installation phase

This is the final stage carried out after complete healing and wound closure of the implant installation. This stage includes opening a wound in the gum to install the crown or cap, whose measurements were taken and sent to the

lab for preparation. After the doctor ensures the crown is securely in place, they will close the gum. With the minor gum wound healing within a few days, the final step in installing dental prosthetics ends. You can learn about the details of the zirconium crown price through this article.

Benefits of Dental Prosthetics

Benefits of Dental Prosthetics

Benefits of Dental Prosthetics

Dental prosthetics are practical solutions that solve many problems facing teeth, especially when they are damaged by cracks and signs of wear. These benefits can appear in this case:

  • Falling and damaging teeth can be compensated by installing dental prosthetics to speak comfortably, pronounce the pronunciation of letters correctly, and chew and eat food naturally without feeling embarrassed in front of others.
  • These teeth have the same shape and color as natural teeth.
  • These installations are available in different color grades to suit all medical conditions across all age groups.
  • The durability and hardness of these installations make them last for many years in the patient’s mouth.
  • They are formed according to the measurements of the patient’s teeth to fit the gaps resulting from their extraction. At The Dental Center, our prices depend on the condition of each patient individually, so you can be sure that the price is suitable for your health condition.

Is the procedure for installing dental prosthetics safe?

Yes, installing dental prosthetics is one of the safest procedures used in treating gaps and spaces between teeth. It’s a safe alternative for missing teeth because it is made of titanium, which is compatible with the body of the teeth and does not have harmful reactions between them, helping in the restoration of teeth and the growth of their bones. The doctor explains the details of the installation steps as we clarified at the beginning of the article, which are characterized by limited risks and provide high comfort levels for the patient.

The ideal candidate for dental prosthetic installation

Dental prosthetics are technologies that suit all patients due to their high safety and the technological development that helped in developing the way they are applied. However, some medical conditions have the conditions needed for the installations to ensure their success. These cases are people who have healthy teeth that can withstand the pressure of oral surgery or tooth extraction procedures, making them capable of enduring all installation steps. Additionally, people who enjoy healthy bone density and gums help withstand the pressure of installing dental prosthetics.

Is installing dental prosthetics painful?

Yes, the nature of the dental prosthetic installation process, which requires surgical intervention and penetration into the depth of the tooth cavity, can cause some pain. However, the patient is subjected to anesthesia to avoid feeling any suffering, even the pain resulting from fixing the installations. The doctor prescribes some strong painkillers and antibiotics to control it.

How long does the dental prosthetic installation procedure take to heal?

The healing time after dental prosthetic installation varies from one patient to another based on their medical condition, medical history, the number of damaged teeth, and the affected area they are in. However, the time frame for complete healing can range between 6 and 9 months.

Types of Dental Prosthetics

Types of Dental Prosthetics

Types of Dental Prosthetics

There are two types of dental prosthetics that can be mentioned as follows:

  • Fixed dental prosthetics: These are installations that are fixed on the teeth that need to have their enamel layer ground down so that the artificial teeth can be glued to their surface. Fixed dental prosthetics can be divided into other types such as:
  1. Dental bridges: These solid bridges consist of 3 crowns connected to each other and are the most used type to fillthe gaps resulting from the loss or fall of a small number of teeth, mostly a single tooth due to their high efficiency. These bridges require adjacent teeth for fixation in the gap of the missing tooth, despite being made of ceramic or zircon, which are durable, enabling them to perform their functional tasks.
  2. Dental crowns: It is a cap placed on the surface of damaged teeth or those that have lost part of their structure due to decay, helping in the restoration and support of teeth against changes and pressures in the mouth, preserving them from extraction and loss. Usually, the crown is installed after removing the decay material in the tooth cavity.
  3. Dental implants: Implants consist of parts implanted in the gum cavity, mostly beneficial in cases of losing any number of teeth. The implant consists of a titanium implant considered the artificial root of the artificial teeth, in addition to the crown that is considered the artificial tooth. Usually, implants are installed surgically, and you can learn about the types of fixed dental prosthetics in more detail by reading this article.
  • Removable dental prosthetics: These installations are characterized by the ability to be removed and reinstalled inside the mouth at any time or place. These installations exist in two different types, which are:
  1. Complete removable dentures: This type of artificial teeth compensates for any loss of natural teeth and fills the gaps resulting from it. Doctors prefer to use it in elderly cases. These sets consist of two rows of teeth on a base of acrylic or nylon, which resemble the pink color of living gum, fitting the gum and supporting the remaining teeth in performing their functional tasks, such as eating and speaking. Your smile speaks for you! Choose complete removable dentures to get an irresistible radiance with us at The Dental Center.
  2. Partial removable dentures: Used in cases where some of the jaw teeth are lost and not all of them. This type is a substitute for part of the mouth teeth, helping to protect and support the other part of them. Its concept is based on fixing the worn part of the teeth to ensure the mouth enjoys vital and healthy teeth.

Cost of Dental Prosthetics

Dental prosthetic installation is a medical service provided by specialized centers and clinics in the field of dentistry for cases suffering from tooth damage, loss, or gaps between them. The cost is always determined based on several factors, including the cost of raw materials used in manufacturing the installations, the impact of the dollar price on this cost, the experience of the treating doctor and the medical team assisting them, the costs of medical devices used in applying different therapeutic techniques, and the sterilization methods followed.

Based on all the factors mentioned in the previous lines, the cost of dental prosthetics made of zircon can range between 2211 and 4388 Egyptian pounds, and the cost of installations made of zircon is approximately similar in prices, possibly ranging between 1400 and 4850 Egyptian pounds.

Disadvantages of Dental Prosthetics

The many benefits that positively affect oral health when installing dental prosthetics mentioned earlier in one of the article segments do not negate the existence of some harms that may affect the patient when they are fixed. The disadvantages are as follows:

  • They require exceptional care to maintain their safety and not to cause any complications or negatively affect the mouth.
  • They may cause weakening and fragility of the dental structure due to grinding and removing a layer of the enamel layers coated on them to install and securely fix the artificial teeth on their surface.
  • Artificial teeth may break in case of exposure to severe pressure or violent collisions.
  • These installations have a fixed color, which in some cases does not match the degree of the patient’s teeth after whitening, drawing others’ attention, and in many cases, their different color degrees also do not match the natural teeth colors.
  • It is possible that the installations are not successfully fixed in the mouth cavity, causing the installation process to fail and many other risks that may cause inflammation of the teeth and gums.
  • Installations may be a source of infection spread in the mouth, causing the appearance of sores in its cavity.
  • They require many steps and procedures over long periods to complete their installation.
  • Their high cost does not suit all socialclasses.

How to care for Dental Prosthetics

There are some medical guidelines that should be followed after fixing the installations in the mouth to preserve them from any risks and prevent any complications. These instructions may include the following:

  • Brush teeth twice daily, morning and evening, to eliminate any food accumulations and bacteria on their surface.
  • Use medical floss that helps remove any food residues or drink deposits between the small gaps of the teeth.
  • Always soak the installation in its special medical solution at night after removing it when sleeping.
  • Avoid exposing the installations to any pressure when eating, so it is necessary to reduce the consumption of hard solid foods and try to prevent friction between the teeth and installations when speaking.

Whitening Dental Prosthetics

Dental prosthetics are installations that replace missing teeth and are treated like the rest of the teeth in the patient’s mouth, receiving the same care and attention. However, when undergoing a teeth whitening procedure, it is not advisable to whiten artificial teeth like natural teeth because they are installations with their own fixed color that does not change. Still, it is possible to maintain the cleanliness of the teeth and installations well and apply medical guidelines, which does not require whitening the teeth from the outset.

Best Cosmetic Centers for Installing Dental Prosthetics

The Dental Center is one of the specialized centers that offer various dental treatment and cosmetic services using the latest laser technologies currently followed at the Arab world level, in addition to the doctors’ keenness to apply modern technologies that may reduce the patient’s suffering, exhaustion, and save time with following the latest sterilization and infection control methods, ensuring patients’ safety and security always,

The medical services provided at the center are supervised by a selection of the best dentists in Egypt and the Arab world, who have international educational certificates and are keen to follow everything new in dental treatment and cosmetics and apply it in a way that benefits patients and allows them to achieve all their desired results. You can contact the customer service team to know the current offers on dental prosthetics through this link.

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