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What is the method of installing plastic teeth and their most important types?

How to Install Plastic Teeth, Installing plastic teeth is one of the innovative and comfortable solutions in the field of dental cosmetics and installation. This method is characterized by durability, lightness, and a natural appearance, as high-quality plastic materials are used to create ideal teeth that harmoniously blend with the rest of the teeth. Due to its importance, we will address the most important information about it in this article.

How to Install Plastic Teeth

How to Install Plastic Teeth

How to Install Plastic Teeth

In this paragraph, we will present five basic steps to properly install a set of plastic teeth:

  1. Consult your doctor: Initially, you must consult a specialized dentist to obtain an accurate assessment of your condition and determine if a set of plastic teeth is the right solution for you.
  2. Take precise measurements: The dentist takes precise measurements of your jaw to ensure the perfect fit of the set and comfort during use.
  3. Prior trial: A trial is conducted with the temporary set before the final installation to ensure its appearance, comfort, and proper adjustment of color and shape.
  4. Precise installation of the set: The plastic teeth set is installed with utmost care and using high-quality fixing materials to ensure its stability and your comfort during use.
  5. Follow-up and care: After installation, you should continue your regular visits to the dentist to ensure the set’s fit improves and maintain your overall oral health.

What are Plastic Teeth?

Plastic teeth are considered the ideal solution for people suffering from partial tooth loss, as they effectively compensate for missing teeth and can be manufactured from various materials, including thermal plastic.

The removable partial denture is made from this type of plastic, which is metal-free, making it corrosion-resistant and easily adaptable by the body. Plastic teeth are also characterized by reasonable prices, in addition to their effectiveness in performing basic functions such as biting and chewing. They help preserve jaw bones from deterioration and support the stability of remaining teeth.

Artificial teeth, whether partial or complete, are manufactured in the form of removable sets using molds to create artificial teeth with the same size and shape as the original teeth. They are then attached to a plastic base that perfectly matches the color of the gums.
Despite the similarity of artificial teeth to natural teeth, they have flexible properties that allow them to adapt to the size of the teeth and change with the nature of the tooth body in a distinctive way.

Plastic teeth offer many advantages to people, as they can be installed without the need for significant interventions on the gums and mouth, saving the patient from pain and discomfort. If the number of missing teeth is small, installing a removable partial denture is the optimal solution to this problem.

You will experience a unique experience with the method of installing plastic teeth at The Dental Center, for a perfect smile that enjoys naturalness and comfort.

Types of Dental Implants

Plastic dental implants are among the available options for those in need of quick and effective solutions for restoring missing teeth. The technology of these implants has evolved over the years, and there are many different types available. Here are the most prominent types that a dental patient can choose from:

  1. Resin plastic implant: This type of plastic implant is made from synthetic resin materials, and the dentist can shape and design it according to the shape and color of the teeth.
  2. Polymer plastic implant: This type of plastic implant is made using strong polymers connected by chemical bonds, and it can be an insulator for heat and electricity.
  3. Acrylic plastic implant: This type of plastic implant is made using medical acrylic materials, and it can be easily designed according to the patient’s needs.
  4. Affordable plastic implant: These plastic implants are the most economical option, and they are available at relatively low prices, allowing middle- and low-income patients to benefit from them.

Disadvantages of Installing Plastic Teeth

In this paragraph, we will highlight the most prominent disadvantages of installing plastic teeth, which include the following:

  1. Limited lifespan: Plastic teeth implants have a limited lifespan, and patients must replace them periodically. Although this type of implant can last between 5 and 7 years, you will have to reinstall them later on again.
  2. Susceptibility to breakage and wear: Plastic dental implants require periodic maintenance, as they are prone to wear and breakage after short periods of use. Patients must be cautious when eating and drinking, especially since plastic implants are not shockproof or pressure-resistant.
  3. Difficulty speaking and psychological effects: Plastic dental implants cause difficulty in speech, negatively affecting patients’ lives. Patients need a period of adjustment to the implant and training their tongue for proper pronunciation, which can cause them discomfort and embarrassment at times.
  4. Inability to modify: You must think carefully before installing plastic dental implants, as their shape or color cannot be modified after installation. If you wish to change the shape or color of the implant, you must undergo a new installation.

Enjoy a radiant and comfortable smile with the plastic teeth installation technology offered by our specialized experts at The Dental  Center.

Disadvantages of Installing Plastic Teeth

Disadvantages of Installing Plastic Teeth

Advantages of Installing Plastic Teeth

Plastic dental implants are among the popular options for those suffering from tooth loss, and they enjoy a lot of demand due to their numerous benefits and advantages. Here are the main advantages you will get when installing plastic teeth:

  1. Improved appearance: This is one of the main reasons for installing plastic implants, as they restore the natural appearance of the teeth, helping the person look better and more attractive.
  2. Comfort and fit: Plastic implants are manufactured with high precision and precise measurements to fit the patient’s mouth and jaw, allowing them to feel comfortable when using them and providing a perfect fit for the missing teeth.
  3. Improved mouth function: Plastic implants help improve overall mouth function, enabling the patient to eat better, speak clearly and easily, thanks to the effort the practitioner puts into designing the implants to match the jaw and teeth alignment.
  4. Ease of use: Plastic implants are installed easily and simply, and the patient does not need any complicated or surgical procedure, and they can be removed at any time.
  5. Cost and time savings: Plastic implants are a cost-effective option and save time compared to other treatment methods, such as artificial implants, as they can be installed quickly and easily, and are more economical in terms of cost.
  6. Durability and strength: Plastic implants are durable and strong, allowing them to last for a long time, giving the patient confidence that this treatment will last longer and they will not have to replace it frequently in the future.
  7. Easy care: Plastic implants can be cared for easily, as they only require daily maintenance such as brushing the teeth and using an oral disinfectant, thus keeping the implants clean and maintaining dental health.

Solutions to Prevent Plastic Teeth Movement

Removable dental implants are a common treatment in this age, helping to treat problems such as teeth alignment and narrow jaws. However, these implants can slip and move out of place, causing damage to the surrounding teeth and increasing the treatment duration.

Therefore, it is necessary to work on preventing the movement of plastic teeth and maintaining their stability through effective methods. Here are the most important solutions to prevent the movement of removable plastic dental implants:

  1. Implanting artificial roots under the gum: Implanting artificial roots under the gum is an effective solution in preventing the movement of plastic dental implants. High-quality artificial roots for the missing teeth are implanted and secured in the bone surrounding the teeth, and once the artificial roots are firmly in place, the plastic implant can be secured properly.
  2. Using plastic attached to the palate: A lot of time can be spent in dental treatment trying to secure the plastic implant, but the design of the plastic attached to the palate is a good and quick solution for the installation process, as it is used to secure the plastic implant directly behind the front teeth to ensure the stability of the removable teeth.
  3. Securing metal clasps to the teeth: Metal clasps are an additional feature in the field of treating removable dental implants, where the clasps are installed between the plastic implant and the real teeth, helping to secure the removable teeth and ensure they do not move out of place.
  4. Commitment to maintaining a healthy diet: One of the most effective ways to keep removable dental implants in place is to commit to a healthy and varied diet free of sugars and acids. This helps maintain the strength of the teeth and gums in general, thus preventing unwanted movements in removable dental implants.
  5. Commitment to maintaining oral hygiene: Maintaining oral hygiene is important for protecting teeth and removable teeth from movement and damage, so you must brush your teeth daily, and avoid eating hard foods that can deform or move the implant.
  6. Wearing permanent retainers: You must commit to wearing permanent retainers continuously after completing the treatment. The retainer helps maintain the stability of the plastic implant and provides it with the necessary support and protection to maintain the required installation.

Enjoy a radiant and comfortable smile with the plastic teeth installation technology offered by our specialized experts at The Dental Center.

Optimal Duration for Wearing Removable Teeth

Doctors recommend wearing removable dentures all day, even during sleep, during the first few days, to allow the mouth and muscles to get used to their presence. Then, the patient can remove them before going to sleep to give the gums room to breathe and maintain the oral system.

In general, people who wear removable dentures should take care to wear them regularly and openly for at least 20-22 hours per day, including during sleep, in the following months and years.

Although good dentures can last for 5-7 years, they need to be kept and maintained periodically to maintain their quality and extend their expected lifespan. It is recommended to remove the removable dentures periodically to clean the teeth and mouth, to improve overall oral health.

Alternatives to Removable Dental Implants

Removable dental implants are an easy and effective solution to compensate for missing teeth and improve the appearance of the mouth. However, with other alternatives available, it is essential to explore them all before making the final choice. Here are some alternatives to removable dental implants:

  • Dental implants: This is a procedure to install artificial teeth integrated into the upper or lower jaw, where they are drilled into the bone to secure the artificial teeth. This procedure is considered a more stable and permanent solution than removable dental implants, provided proper care is maintained.
  • Fixed dental bridges: These are dental implants in case of multiple missing teeth, and they are used in upper and lower jaw installations. The bridge consists of replacements for missing teeth and bridge units attached through installation on adjacent teeth.
  • Gap filling: This is the first step before transitioning to a removable dental implant system. When a person loses a tooth, the gap is filled in a way based on filling the gap using a specialized material.
  • Cosmetic treatments: Experts may recommend alternative cosmetic treatments that ensure a beautiful smile. These treatments include orthodontics, cosmetic surgery, tooth restoration, and others.
  • Body dental implants: These implants provide complete tooth replacements, carrying the artificial teeth on the jaw. They consist of artificial teeth secured in a single unit and are offered in complete sets, suitable for those who lose all their teeth.
  • Preserving teeth: In some cases, you can avoid needing removable dental implants by properly maintaining your teeth. Methods for maintaining overall oral health include daily brushing, using appropriate dental cosmetics, and maintaining a healthy dental condition through proper oral health care.

Get an unparalleled smile with plastic teeth installation, featuring durability and natural beauty to enhance your confidence and attractiveness at The Dental Center.

Alternatives to Removable Dental Implants

Alternatives to Removable Dental Implants

How Much Does Installing Plastic Teeth Cost?

Plastic dental implants are among the low-cost options in the field of dental installation, and the cost of installing plastic teeth in Egypt varies according to several factors, the most important of which are the type of material used in making the implant, the reputation and readiness level of the clinic, and the dentist’s experience and reputation.

The cost of installing plastic teeth ranges from 3000 to 5000 Egyptian pounds. These options provide the possibility of obtaining a better smile at a low cost, making them desirable for many people.

However, it should be noted that they are not permanent and require continuous replacement. Patients are advised to consult a specialized dentist before deciding to install plastic teeth.

Best Medical Center for Dental Cosmetics

Residents of Nasr City can obtain the best medical care at The Dental Center. The center offers comprehensive medical services including routine preventive care and all essential dental cosmetic services such as teeth whitening, corrective implants, dental implants, and correction of other cosmetic defects. Additionally, the center has a team of specialists in dental cosmetics who work diligently to achieve the best results.

For those seeking the best dentist in Egypt, The Dental Center has the best medical system, using the latest treatment technologies and providing medical care at reasonable prices, allowing everyone to benefit from its advantages.

Here are some details about The Dental Center:

    • The center has a clean and comfortable environment, with all tools and equipment sterilized regularly.
    • The center’s doctors undergo continuous training and courses to
    • The center uses modern treatment methods and advanced technologies, such as lasers for treating certain conditions, to achieve the best results.


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