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How to install removable front teeth and what is their cost in Egypt?

How to Install Removable Front Teeth, One of the risks that threaten the lives of many people is the loss of parts of the teeth, especially the front ones, because this affects a person’s confidence when dealing with others and smiling. It also affects the overall appearance of the teeth and causes some problems when living a normal life. Therefore, we will present one of the therapeutic and cosmetic solutions that help compensate for the missing parts of the teeth, which are the removable front teeth installations and everything related to them.

How to Install Removable Front Teeth

How to Install Removable Front Teeth

How to Install Removable Front Teeth

One of the most prominent problems is the loss of the front teeth resulting from some factors, whether due to an accident and severe injury or tooth extraction due to a problem. Therefore, some therapeutic solutions are resorted to, such as removable or fixed installations, where a number of teeth are manufactured according to the missing ones from the original teeth and installed in the empty spaces to compensate for the missing parts and preserve the functions of the mouth, and to appear naturally and beautifully after being exposed to this problem. Therefore, we will talk about this matter in detail throughout this article, follow us.

Who are the candidates for installing artificial teeth?

Artificial teeth are commonly used in medical centers to compensate for missing teeth, as they suit all cases suffering from some of the following:

  1. When most people suffer from the loss of one or more teeth due to tooth decay.
  2. Loss of several teeth due to some diseases or inflammation in the gums.
  3. Complete tooth loss due to neglect in treating teeth after being affected by deep decay or at an advanced age.

What does installing removable front teeth mean?

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Installing removable teeth is one of the procedures that are resorted to in order to compensate for missing teeth and restore the natural appearance of the teeth in a cosmetic way. They are characterized by the ability to be installed and removed at any time according to the patient’s need. When installed, they do not require a long time, as they are done easily and simply, but it is necessary to wait for a few days to get used to them when eating or consuming food. They work to treat all the problems that fixed installations can cause, such as tooth decay or the accumulation of food residues and bacteria in the teeth. They consist of two types: partial in case of the loss of one or more teeth, and the other type is complete in case of the loss of all teeth.

The importance of installing removable front teeth

Installing removable front teeth offers multiple benefits that are of great importance to the affected person, allowing them to live their life very normally. These benefits include:

  • Psychological and social benefits: The patient feels completely comfortable after their number of teeth is completed without any deficiency or problem they suffer from, and this also increases their confidence with others. When choosing removable installations, this also helps to provide relief to the teeth without any pressure on the jaw bones.
  • Health benefits for the patient: Removable installations help improve the patient’s health condition, as they can eat all kinds of food without worry, and they also help in completing proper chewing processes.

Steps to install removable front teeth

The installation method varies according to the type of installation used, but installing the front teeth includes several steps that take place over several weeks, and after choosing the suitable installation and shape for the patient’s case, it includes the following:

  1. The doctor takes the measurement and size of the teeth and jaw, and accurately determines the distance between the jaws.
  2. Then, a plastic mold is made to manufacture the installation with the same size and measurement as the natural teeth, and the doctor tries it on to ensure its suitability with the tooth.
  3. After that, the final and permanent installation is placed.
  4. Reviewing the installation after placing it inside the teeth, and making some adjustments to correct any errors if found.

“Duration of installing removable front teeth”

Installing front teeth can take a longer time for the upper jaw than the lower jaw, as the lower jaw requires a period of 3 to 5 months, while installing the upper jaw requires more than a month longer than this period. Some patients may also need a longer period to complete it completely, especially if dental implants or jaw bone reinforcement were performed.

Recovery after installing front teeth

After completing the installation of the front teeth, it is necessary to follow some instructions or tips that help you protect them from any harm and to ensure a successful recovery and healing period, including the following:

  1. Taking some medical or non-medical medications, as well as antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.
  2. The new teeth cannot be used to open hard packages, and they should not be subjected to any pressure.
  3. Avoid sugar or cold foods to prevent tooth sensitivity.
  4. Pay attention to cleaning the teeth by using a suitable toothbrush or toothpaste, and it is also preferable to use dental floss to get rid of food residues or bacteria.

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Recovery after installing front teeth

Recovery after installing front teeth

Advantages of installing removable front teeth

Removable installations offer some advantages that make many people resort to using them over other types, and their advantages include:

  1. They do not lead to the loss of a large number of bones, unlike other types of installations, and therefore they are widely used with the elderly who suffer from osteoporosis.
  2. This type is also installed between damaged teeth that need to be removed and extracted, and this helps to reduce pressure on them.
  3. Their installation does not require local anesthesia, and therefore they are suitable for a large number of patients.
  4. They increase the patient’s confidence after obtaining healthy and natural-looking teeth.
  5. Improving chewing processes, and it is possible to eat all the foods the patient wants, as they protect the mouth and teeth from any harm.

Disadvantages of installing removable front teeth

Despite the benefits or advantages that removable installations have, they have a number of drawbacks or disadvantages, which include:

  • These installations require a period for the patient to get used to them, and it can last up to three days or more, depending on the person’s training and skill in trying them out several times in a row, and they cause some pain, so it is necessary to visit the doctor a day after installation.
  • It is possible for the patient to feel that the installations are not suitable for the natural size of the tooth to be treated or compensated.
  • Feeling that the installations are expanding more than they were before, due to the erosion and damage of the bones on which the installation was placed, which gave it the opportunity to expand inside the mouth.
  • Removable installations may also be prone to slipping or falling out when talking or while eating, which of course causes embarrassment for the patient.
  • Removable installations cause constant pressure on the gums and mouth, and they are also heavy in weight.

Results of installing removable teeth

The result of installing removable teeth varies from one patient to another, but in most cases, there are several results that can be known through the following points:

  1. Change in the external appearance of the teeth to a cosmetic and natural shape.
  2. The patient gains more confidence when smiling or dealing with others.
  3. The patient feels psychological and physical improvement.

To learn more about installing removable teeth, you can read this article.

Cost of installing removable front teeth

The cost and price of installing removable front teeth are determined according to the number of teeth that need treatment, the level of medical services provided by the center, and the quality of materials used in the installation. In general, the cost of installing removable front teeth ranges from 500 Egyptian pounds to 5000 Egyptian pounds per tooth at our dental center. To learn more about offers or prices, contact us now.

Important tips for maintaining removable front teeth installations

There are some ways or tips that help in maintaining removable teeth installations, including the following points:

  1. It is preferable to use a toothbrush or toothpaste specifically designed for cleaning installations.
  2. It is important to place the teeth installations in a medical solution to get rid of any type of bacteria or microbes that may accumulate between the tissue parts, and it is preferable to do this weekly for 7 to 8 hours.
  3. When cleaning the installation, it is preferable to leave the surface with some water, so that if the installation falls, it will not break easily.
  4. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the mouth and gums.
  5. You can place the removable teeth in a glass of water so that they do not dry out or become dehydrated during sleep.

The difference between installing removable and fixed teeth

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As we know, installations are an effective solution that a group of doctors recommend for restoring missing teeth, and a choice is made between removable and fixed installations. Therefore, there is a difference between them through the following points:

  • Fixed tooth installation: Used to compensate for the loss of one or two teeth, no more than that, to obtain a decent appearance for the shape of the teeth.
  • Removable tooth installation: This type is installed to restore the loss of three or more teeth, especially the back teeth, and this is to protect the teeth and give them a cosmetic appearance.
The difference between installing removable and fixed teeth

The difference between installing removable and fixed teeth

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