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How to install fixed dentures and what is their cost at the Dental Center?

Installing a Fixed Denture Set, Denture sets have become one of the most sought-after technologies by many patients, especially the elderly, due to their simple requirements compared to other technologies that treat tooth loss and falling problems, which require many conditions to ensure their success. In this article, we will learn in detail about installing a fixed denture set, one of the types of dental fixtures, its types, the necessary conditions for it, how to install it, its advantages, disadvantages, and possible side effects.

Installing a fixed denture set

Installing a fixed denture set

Installing a Fixed Denture Set

Denture sets are effective technologies in treating the gaps of missing or extracted teeth, thereby solving problems related to the process of speaking, pronunciation of letters, incorrect articulation, and complications of the inability to chew food well, which may cause indigestion and many digestive system problems, in addition to the somewhat poor general appearance due to the gaps between teeth.

Thus, the patient’s psyche improves with the improvement of the general appearance of their teeth and avoiding any embarrassing situations while speaking or eating. Fixed dentures work to prevent serious complications that might occur such as teeth misalignment and protrusion of the front teeth due to gaps after extracting teeth for a period without filling them. One of the most important roles or benefits of installing a fixed denture set is to prevent the accumulation of food residues and beverage deposits, thereby preventing any chance for bacteria growth and the spread of infection in the mouth.

What is a Fixed Denture Set

A fixed denture set consists of brackets connecting artificial teeth with synthetic gums, and this structure is fixed to the gum in the patient’s mouth. The idea of a fixed denture set is based on following a method of dental implantation in the jaw cavity and linking them with gum tissues so that the set is well fixed in the jawbones and does not move when any variables or pressures occur in the mouth. This fixture is permanently placed in the gaps resulting from the extraction and falling of teeth and cannot be removed at any time after the treating doctor has fixed it in the clinic.

In case of any damage to it or exposure to any pressures that negatively affected it, it is also necessary to resort to it so that the doctor can try to solve these problems. Generally, the removal method is not easy and is done by chemical substances causing pain to the patient. You can learn about how to install moving Hollywood teeth and their harms through this article.

Types of fixed denture sets

Types of fixed denture sets

Types of Fixed Denture Sets

There are types of fixed denture sets that work to fill the gap of missing teeth, which differ in the raw material used for each type, and the types can be mentioned in the following points:

  • The complete set: There are several types of complete denture sets, immediate and conventional, usually, the immediate types are the easiest and fastest to install because they are ready and fit all patients, whereas conventional teeth require 8 to 12 weeks until the gums are prepared for them, which are manufactured for each patient based on their teeth measurements.
  • The partial set: Used in cases where a number of mouth teeth are lost and not all of them, these are artificial teeth that help support the remaining natural teeth in the mouth in performing their functional tasks and help them stay in their place in the gums without moving and bending or being damaged, some light partial sets are made of rubber or silicone material so as not to cause any discomfort to the patient, and there are two types of partial sets, movable and fixed.
  • The rubber set: The fixed rubber denture set is characterized by its rigidity, which helps support the adjacent teeth and maintains its color and the color of the teeth without changing over time, and this set has several following advantages:
  1. Suitable for teeth that are allergic to different rawmaterials that enter the composition of other types of denture sets.
  2. Flexible, does not require fixing materials.
  3. Does not give a chance for bacteria growth.
  4. Provides the teeth with what they need for health and safety and keeps the gums vital.
  5. Strong, which gives the teeth durability and protects them from breaking in addition to not breaking and maintaining its solid structure.
  6. Available in pink color, which makes the teeth more vibrant and beautiful.
  7. Withstands any pressure or changes occurring inside the mouth.

How to Prepare for Installing a Denture Set

Cases in which the doctor decides to install a denture set require sufficient preparation and conditioning of the teeth and mouth for the installation steps and procedures, starting with the doctor confirming the extent of damage in the mouth through X-rays and medical examinations, then taking measurements of the damaged teeth or affected area and sending them to a dental lab technician to manufacture artificial teeth similar to the taken measurements.

It is necessary to adhere to the medical instructions and guidelines stated by the doctor and to keep up with them before installing the set during its manufacturing period and how to take care of the mouth and teeth after installation, what the possible side effects are and how to avoid them, the necessary rest period after installing the set, and regaining mouth functions and confidence in yourself with our professional fixed denture set installation services at The Dental Center.

How to Install a Fixed Denture Set

There are some steps that help in installing a fixed denture set, including the following:

  • The doctor visually examines the patient’s mouth in addition to requesting X-rays that clarify the details of the dental problems.
  • Preparing the patient’s mouth and teeth for installing the fixed set and treating any potential health problems.
  • Removing and extracting any damaged teeth or stuck root remains in the gum.
  • Taking measurements of the patient’s teeth using wax molds to give them to the dental lab technician to manufacture artificial teeth with the same measurements.
  • The doctor tests the denture set on the patient’s mouth to ensure its suitability and make any necessary adjustments to it.
  • Installing the denture set using good adhesive materials in the jaw cavity to prevent any complications in case of an error during fixation.
  • The doctor schedules some medical sessions that the patient needs to ensure the safety of the installation, enjoy a unique and delightful experience during the installation of a fixed denture set at our distinguished The Dental Center.

The Side Effects of Installing a Fixed Denture Set

Installing a fixed denture set positively affects the health and safety of the patient’s teeth and mouth, but despite this, some side effects may appear, including the following symptoms:

  • Not quickly adapting to them and the patient feeling discomfort for a period after installation.
  • Difficulty in chewing and speaking in some cases, in which case it is necessary to go to the treating doctor.
  • The appearance of sores in the mouth cavity.
  • The appearance of signs of inflammation in the mouth such as tooth and gum inflammations due to the denture rubbing against the gums and adjacent teeth.
  • The possibility of the denture moving from its place when sneezing and coughing.
  • The appearance of bad mouth odors.
  •  The appearance of cracks, fissures, or breaks in the denture structure.

When to Implant Teeth

Dental implants are effective treatment techniques for many medical cases that have lost their teeth, but there are some specific cases in which the conditions that guarantee the success of the implantation process are available. They are long-term treatment techniques that last for many years to compensate for the teeth that have been extracted or fallen, especially in the case of losing all the teeth in the mouth. The implanted grafts provide great effectiveness and high protection for the teeth, tissues, and gums for cases suffering from the weakness of different parts of the mouth, and you can learn about how to install bunny teeth and what their cost is in the Egyptian markets through this article.

Candidates for Installing Fixed Denture Sets

Denture sets, as mentioned, treat different dental problems, especially those resulting from the presence of gaps and spaces in the mouth, but there are some cases for which installing a fixed denture set is the best solution, including the following cases:

  • Cases suffering from different gum diseases.
  • Cases suffering from jawbone erosion.
  • Cases suffering from brittle teeth and the possibility of their falling at any time.
  • Cases needing dental restoration.
  • Cases suffering from weak tooth roots.
  • Tooth decay cases.
  • Cases of root decay ending in their extraction.

What After Installing a Denture Set?

After installing a denture set, the patient must adhere to eating easy-to-swallow foods that do not require chewing, and gradually, the rest of the solid foods are introduced but it is preferable to cut them into small pieces easy to chew so as not to cause pressure on the denture set, and over time, the patient will adapt to have the ability to eat somewhat hard foods and try to digest them well, and it is necessary at the beginning not to eat sticky foods that may stick to the set and move it from its place, and also it is essential to limit hot foods and drinks that may cause damage to the set.

How to care for denture sets

How to care for denture sets

How to Care for Denture Sets

There are some medical guidelines that must be adhered to in order to keep the denture sets intact, including the following:

  • Removing the movable denture set for cleaning with water after meals to get rid of any food residues attached to it.
  • Washing the set once a day by soaking it in its special cleaning products.
  • Removing any adhesive residues that may be used in some sets.
  • Using the soft brush specially designed for the set to clean it using warm water.
  • Soaking the denture set overnight while sleeping in a special medical solution for it to moisturize it and keep it from drying in addition to preventing the accumulation of bacteria on its surface and rinsing it with water before re-installing it so that the chemical substances do not affect the patient’s health.
  • Cleaning the mouth’s teeth with suitable toothpaste and an electric brush so that any food accumulations on the tooth surface do not negatively affect the safety of the set.
  • Avoid using any whitening toothpaste so as not to cause damage to the enamel layer coating the teeth.
  • Avoid using hot water, chlorine, or various bleaching materials with denture sets so as not to cause them any damage.

Key Advantages of Denture Sets

Denture sets have several advantages that can be mentioned in the following points:

  • They replace the teeth that have been extracted or lost, and there are some movable types that can be removed and reinstalled in the mouth.
  • They help the mouth’s teeth perform their functional tasks fully and withstand any pressures and changes that may occur in the mouth.
  • They prevent any problems in the digestive system resulting from helping the teeth chew food well, which prevents indigestion problems, get ready completely and enjoy food without worry about tooth gaps thanks to our distinguished services in installing denture sets at The Dental Center.
  • They improve the general appearance of the teeth and give the patient a good-looking smile.
When should I replace my denture sets with new ones?

When should I replace my denture sets with new ones?

When Should I Replace My Denture Sets with New Ones?

Denture sets in most cases last for many years and withstand the pressures occurring in the mouth, but it is possible that damage to these sets requires their replacement so as not to cause any complications or serious problems later, and these problems can include the following:

  • The occurrence of cracks and fissures in the structure of denture sets.
  • Continued discomfort and inability to adapt to the set after a week of installation.
  • Movable denture sets moving from their place despite fitting the patient’s teeth measurements.
  • The appearance of signs of sores in the mouth cavity due to the dentures rubbing against the gums and teeth.
  • The appearance of bad mouth odors.

Disadvantages of Installing a Fixed Denture Set

Despite the many advantages offered by installing a fixed denture set, there are some disadvantages that may affect the patient, including the following possibilities:

  • The inability to speak which may last for days after installing the set.
  • The inability to eat and chew food with difficulty.
  • Teeth sensitivity towards cold or hot beverages and foods.
  • The color, shape, and appearance of the fixture different from natural teeth, affecting the general appearance.
  • The fixture is prone to breaking and moving from its place, causing constant pain.
  • The appearance of nerve sensitivity signs of the teeth that were extracted or lost, causing problems for artificial fixtures later.

Cost of Installing a Fixed Denture Set

The cost of the fixed denture set installation service varies depending on the location, the experience of the supervising doctor and the assisting medical team, the raw materials used in manufacturing the set and their price difference with the dollar rate, the extent of damage to the teeth and mouth, the patient’s medical history, and also one of the most important factors affecting the cost is the technologies used in treatment and medical devices that help apply them and sterilization methods followed, and most centers and clinics range the cost of installing a fixed denture set between 600 and 3800 Egyptian pounds.

Best Dental Fitting Center in Egypt

The Dental Center is one of the most important centers offering dental fitting services in Egypt, always ensuring the provision of recently followed sterilization methods during the application of modern techniques by advanced laser devices, and all cases are supervised by a medical team of the highest level of competence, including doctors and nurses trained on how to use all advanced therapeutic methods used in different dental fittings in addition to dealing skillfully and humanely with the patient and considering their medical condition, and you can inquire about the discounts offered by the center on dental fittings through this link.

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