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What is the Lumineer smile technique? And details about its cost in Egypt

Lumineers Smile, there are many techniques that help solve various dental problems, among these techniques is the Lumineers smile, which works to hide flaws, deformations, or cracks and fissures in the structure, making it one of the best cosmetic techniques recently used by patients. This article will explore the steps for installing a Lumineers smile, its benefits, reasons for its use, and the difference between it and the veneer technique.

Lumineers Smile

Lumineers Smile

Lumineers Smile

A Lumineers smile is also a therapeutic technique, not just cosmetic, and is distinguished by its ability to solve the problems of minor gaps between teeth. The Lumineers technique involves thin, transparent veneers with a thickness of 0.2 millimeters that resemble the color of natural teeth, and installing Lumineers lenses is easy to apply as they are glued to the surface of the teeth with adhesive material without the need for tooth reduction. We are here to transform your smile into a stunning art piece, book your appointment at The Dental Center today!

Before Installing Dental Lumineers

On the patient’s first visit to the doctor at the clinic or center, the doctor examines the teeth, gums, and jaw visually, then in some slightly complicated cases, the doctor requests X-rays and medical examinations that may help in a good examination and understanding of the real problem and trying to solve it with the appropriate treatment and preparing the mouth for Lumineers installation.

After ensuring the mouth’s health and the absence of any health problems that may affect the results after installation, such as decay or infections or any gum-related diseases, the doctor prepares the mouth for the lenses installation. You can learn about the causes of gum ulcers, the most common gum-related diseases, and how to treat them by reading this article.

The Process of Installing Dental Lumineers

The process of installing Lumineers veneers takes place over two sessions where the doctor in the first session takes measurements of the patient’s teeth with the help of wax molds and the dental lab technician makes the Lumineers lenses. Then, in the second session, the doctor tries on the Lumineers and checks their fit in shape and size with the teeth before installing and gluing them to the teeth surface if they fit. Get ready to receive an unmatched smile with innovative dental Lumineers at The Dental Center.

After Installing Dental Lumineers

The Lumineers installation process is painless because it is one of the safest techniques, so the patient not undergoing anesthesia does not suffer from any side effects after the installation process and can lead a normal life.

However, some medical guidelines should be adhered to in maintaining oral and dental hygiene so that the lenses last for many years with the patient. These instructions can be summarized in that the patient should brush their teeth daily and reduce smoking so as not to change the color of the teeth, avoid colored and sugary foods and drinks as well as stimulants, and not expose the teeth to any high pressures.

Lumineers and Bad Breath

Many patients treated with dental Lumineers and also veneers complain about the appearance of bad breath odors, and researchers and specialists attribute the cause to the accumulation of bacteria under the surface of the lenses.

Benefits of Lumineers for Teeth

Benefits of Lumineers for Teeth

Benefits of Lumineers for Teeth

There are many advantages that will positively reflect on the patient’s dental health, represented by the following:

  • A painless technique.
  • A technique that does not require administering anesthesia to the patient.
  • There are no side effects, especially allergic symptoms.
  • They have the same color as natural teeth, making the teeth always appear white.
  • An easy and quick-to-apply technique.

My Experience with Lumineers in Egypt

Many cases prefer installing Lumineers lenses recently due to their effectiveness and practicality, which makes them receive a lot of attention from patients. We will present the opinions of one of the cases that underwent Lumineers treatment at The Dental Center, where one of the girls who suffered from yellowing of the teeth and the beginning of white spots on their surface and decay of one of the molars, which affected her health and her psyche due to her inability to smile freely. Upon consulting one of the doctors at The Dental Center, the doctor conducted the necessary examinations and determined the treatment protocol that prepares the teeth before installing the lenses, and once the teeth were fully healed and the mouth was healthy, the doctor installed Lumineers veneers on her teeth surface, and after two sessions, the results exceeded her expectations, making her continue to follow up with the center and ensure to receive special care for her teeth during periodic sessions.

Another experience we like to share is that of Osama, who is 33 years old and suffered from unorganized teeth, which restrained him when talking and smiling. When one of his colleagues recommended The Dental Center, he inquired about the prices, the management system, and booking at the center, and scheduled an appointment with one of the doctors who examined him and took his teeth measurements. The lenses were installed for him in the following session, and Osama’s satisfaction with the results was enough to always recommend the center to his colleagues and acquaintances in case they need periodic check-ups to ensure their dental health.

Cost of Lumineers for Teeth

Cost of Lumineers for Teeth

Cost of Lumineers for Teeth

The cost of any medical service provided is determined according to several factors including the doctor’s experience and the skill of the assisting team, the application of sterilization and infection control methods, the quality of raw materials used and their price variation with the international currency dollar, the nature of the medical case, medical history, the affected area, and the number of damaged teeth.

The cost at The Dental Center in Cairo reaches rates ranging between 4,000 and 10,000 Egyptian pounds, and the center offers cleaning sessions and cosmetic fillings with Lumineers installation at exclusive discounts and offers, and you can inquire and book by visiting the center’s official website by clicking on this link.

The Difference Between Veneers and Lumineers in Terms of Results

There are differences between veneers and Lumineers based on various comparison aspects, but it is possible to mention the differences between them in terms of results in the following lines:

  • Both aim to improve the overall appearance of the teeth, making them effective cosmetic techniques.
  • They result in an attractive and bright smile.
  • They work to close the gaps in the teeth, whether large or small distances.
  • Both resemble the color of natural teeth, making the final appearance of the teeth after their installation natural and comfortable.
  • They are manufactured from strong and solid raw materials, making them last in the patient’s mouth for long periods without changing their color or being negatively affected.
  • Lumineers are considered a type of veneer, and read more about veneer installation and the cost of veneers by clicking here.

Disadvantages of Lumineers Compared to Veneers

We will compare the disadvantages of Lumineers and veneers to make it easier for the patient to make a decision in choosing one of them. The disadvantages of Lumineers compared to veneers are as follows:

  • Lumineers are thin in thickness, which affects the color of the teeth, so the teeth do not appear as white when Lumineers are installed compared to veneers.
  • Lumineers require a skilled doctor with previous practical experience in their installation to avoid incorrect adherence to the tooth surface, which can lead to cloudiness and gum inflammation.
  • The thinness of Lumineers does not prevent their direct adhesion to the teeth, which can cause an increase in tooth size.
  • Lumineer veneers require high expertise from the technician who manufactures them to fit all their angles and sizes with the angles and size of the patient’s teeth.
  • Veneers weaken the teeth and cause erosion due to the removal of part of the enamel layer that coats the teeth.
  • Veneers are easily damaged due to poor adhesion to the tooth surface after enamel removal, making the teeth more sensitive over time and more prone to decay.
  • Both can cause bad breath due to lack of adhesion to the tooth surface, resulting in bacteria accumulation underneath them.

How to Choose Between Veneers and Lumineers?

The doctor is the only person capable of determining the lenses that suit the patient. The doctor evaluates the patient’s health condition, considers their medical history and the nature of their teeth, whether they are large or small, to decide whether veneers or Lumineers are more suitable. One doctor explained that small teeth needing enlargement are better suited to veneers than Lumineers. The doctor then consults with the patient to explain the situation and ask about the affordability of the treatment so they can choose the best solution together.

The Ideal Candidate for Lumineer Procedure

The Ideal Candidate for Lumineer Procedure

The Ideal Candidate for Lumineer Procedure

Different techniques are used to treat all dental problems, but some cases require specific techniques due to their health condition and medical history. The following are the individuals qualified and recommended for Lumineer lens procedures:

  • Teeth that are closest to being healthy with no significant flaws and do not require extensive treatment.
  • Teeth suffering from surface stains or some cracks in the structure.
  • Teeth that do not require or cannot benefit from tooth grinding.
  • Cases where anesthesia is not suitable.
  • Cases wanting quick results where Lumineers can be installed in a maximum of two sessions.

Reasons for Installing Lumineer Teeth

There are many medical cases requiring intervention with different techniques. The following points mention the cases that need Lumineer veneers installation:

  • Cases suffering from cracks in the tooth structure.
  • Cases suffering from the presence of colored stains and yellowing on the tooth surface.
  • The gaps between the teeth.
  • Crowded teeth and their growth over each other in the gum.
  • Damaged teeth.
  • Teeth small in size.
  • Cases needing orthodontic installation for healing but due to lack of financial capabilities or unsuitable medical history, the doctor looks for an alternative, and Lumineer teeth become the best alternative.

How to Take Care of Teeth

There are some tips that should be followed to maintain the health of the teeth and prosthetic lenses, including the following:

  • Avoid putting pressure on the teeth and refrain from opening hard objects with them.
  • Avoid foods and beverages that cause staining or discoloration of the teeth.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Brush teeth with suitable toothbrush and toothpaste at least once daily in the evening before going to bed.
  • Use dental floss and a toothpick to remove food remnants between the small gapsof the teeth.
  • Avoid hard foods that could cause breakage to the teeth or prosthetics.
  • Use a mouthguard to protect the teeth during impact or while playing sports.

The Best Medical Center for Cosmetic and Dental Treatment

The Dental Center is considered the best center specialized in dental care in Cairo, attracting many patients from both Nasr City and Heliopolis areas due to the good reputation of the center’s doctors and the supporting nursing team; as they hold many international certificates in cosmetic dentistry and treatment techniques, and hold prestigious positions in both government and private dental colleges and hospitals.

The medical team at the center is distinguished by following high and modern techniques, updating the medical devices used in various treatment and cosmetic methods, and the administration always offers discounts and deals that suit different social classes without reducing the quality of the raw materials used.

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