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Explore the method of installing fixed teeth with pictures and its most important benefits!

Method of Installing Permanent Teeth with Pictures, the method of installing permanent teeth is an advanced procedure that involves permanently fixing artificial teeth to the jaw, providing stability and permanence. The ideal position for the teeth is determined and fixed using screws or implants, and for this reason, during the article, we will display the most important methods of installing permanent teeth.

Method of Installing Permanent Teeth with Pictures

Method of Installing Permanent Teeth with Pictures

Method of Installing Permanent Teeth with Pictures

When a person loses one or more of his teeth, he finds himself in a difficult situation. The loss of teeth affects not only the appearance of the person but also their vital function in chewing and speaking.

Hence comes the importance of installing permanent teeth, or what is known as “permanent dental implants,” which are permanently fixed in the mouth with the aim of obtaining a comfortable substitute for the teeth. Therefore, we will explain to you every step on the way to installing permanent teeth, which are:

  • First step: Dental examination and X-rays; Before undergoing the procedure of installing permanent teeth, the doctor must examine and evaluate the condition of the teeth. This is done by examining the teeth and gums and analyzing the X-rays taken of the area where the tooth will be installed.
  • Second step: Taking measurements; After ensuring the readiness of the teeth, measurements are taken to monitor the precise dimensions of the remaining gap after the loss of the tooth.
  • Third step: Preparing for surgery; In this step, the patient must be prepared for surgery, by giving him clear instructions on how to prepare for the operation and how to prepare the wound for healing.
  • Fourth step: Surgery and implantation; In this step, surgery is performed and the artificial molar is implanted in the permanent teeth. The process ends with the artificial molar being permanently fixed in the mouth.
  • Fifth step: Follow-up and maintenance; The patient must follow up on the condition of the fixed teeth after surgery and ensure that they are healthy, flexible, and completely comfortable. It is also necessary to care for the fixed teeth daily to keep them in the best possible condition.

What is Permanent Teeth Installation?

Permanent teeth installations are cosmetic procedures aimed at replacing missing teeth. This procedure is very popular due to its aesthetic and functional benefits at the same time.

Thanks to these installations, missing teeth are replaced with permanent teeth inside the mouth, providing the patient with a sense of comfort and reassurance. These installations come in several forms, the most important of which are crowns, which are considered the final step of installing permanent teeth.

The process of installing permanent teeth is usually done in one of the following two ways: the first method involves the use of an implant, where a dental prosthesis is installed instead of the missing teeth. The second method relies on dressing the teeth using artificial materials. It is noted that there are many cases that require the installation of permanent teeth, such as chronic gum diseases that lead to bone weakness and tooth loss, and not restoring teeth after root canal treatment.

Prepare for a perfect smile with the method of installing permanent teeth at the Dental Center, where we offer you quality and precision in every step.

What are the types of permanent teeth installation?

In this article, we will take a look at the different types of permanent teeth installations common in the world of dentistry, which are as follows:

  • Permanent crowns: These are installations made of special medical materials and permanently cover the damaged teeth so that the tooth appears natural and healthy. They are also useful in cases where the teeth are damaged or broken.
  •  Permanent bridges: These are installations used to compensate for missing teeth. The process of installing a bridge includes four main parts: the missing tooth, the adjacent natural teeth, the artificial component, and the adhesive. This technique is one of the most widespread techniques in treating tooth loss.
  •  Cantilever bridges: This technique is used in installing missing teeth, and the installation is fixed with adhesive on the other side only. This technique is used when the teeth adjacent to the gap are not sufficient.
  •  Implant bridges: These installations are installed by inserting an implant system or abbreviated as “implant” in the jaw then the bridge is connected between them to compensate for the gap of missing teeth.

Benefits of Installing Permanent Teeth

Fixed dental prostheses are used to improve the integrity and health of the mouth and teeth, and effectively protect them from damage and wear. Here is a list of the benefits of installing permanent teeth:

  • Preserves the appearance of your face: Permanent teeth installations preserve the original appearance of your face and prevent bone loss in the area surrounding the teeth; this helps to maintain the original and youthful shape of the face.
  • Improves speech pronunciation: The improvement in general speech performance after installing permanent teeth is attributed to their ability in correcting pronunciation and making it clearer and more distinct.
  • Improves facial features: Installing permanent teeth provides the perfect aesthetic completion for teeth, as the artificial teeth are manufactured according to the size, shape, and color of the original teeth, making them look natural in a way that does not differ from the missing teeth.
  •  Getting a more beautiful and confident smile: Installing permanent teeth allows for a beautiful smile filled with confidence and reassurance, due to their original and natural appearance.
  •  Improving oral and dental health: Permanent teeth installations protect broken or weak teeth, prevent erosion and damage, and maintain overall oral health.
  • Preventing sagging and wrinkles in the face: Permanent teeth installations help in improving the shape of the face and avoiding sagging and wrinkles in the mouth area, making the patient look younger and more youthful.
  •  Increasing self-confidence and reducing shyness: Installing permanent teeth gives the patient confidence and harmony in dealing with others, especially in social life aspects such as eating and speaking with others.

Discover unmatched comfort and stability with permanent teeth installation, an advanced technique provided to you by our experts at the Dental Center.

Benefits of Installing Permanent Teeth

Benefits of Installing Permanent Teeth

Negatives of Installing Permanent Teeth

Here we will talk about the most prominent negatives of permanent teeth installations, which are:

  •  High cost: The high prices of permanent teeth installations are one of the biggest drawbacks faced, as they are more expensive than removable teeth installations.
  • Difficulty in cleaning: Permanent teeth installations require great care in cleaning to prevent food accumulation between the installations, thereby necessitating more frequent visits to the dentist to maintain the cleanliness of the installation.
  •  Natural defects: Some natural defects appear in the installation, such as the damage caused by thermal impact and chemicals on the dental installations.
  •  Tooth decay: Permanent teeth installations cause a cavity in which food accumulates, making it difficult to reach and clean, increasing the risk of tooth decay.
  •  Side effects: Some patients suffer from some side effects related to permanent teeth installations, such as pain, sensitivity, scratches, or tooth decay as a result of not paying full attention to cleanliness, and this occurs in case of not following the necessary instructions from the dentist.
  •  Difficulty in speaking: Some people may experience difficulty in pronunciation and speaking after installing permanent teeth, especially in the first days.

Caring for Permanent Teeth Installation

Permanent teeth installations have become very common at the present time, and patients using them work to maintain them in good health and for life. There are many things that people can do to care for permanent teeth installations, and it is important to know the appropriate tips to keep them in good condition. Here is a list of five important tips for caring for permanent teeth installations:

  1. Cleaning teeth and gums well: Patients are required to clean their teeth and gums periodically using a soft toothbrush and appropriate toothpaste. All surfaces of the permanent installations must be deeply and regularly cleaned.
  2. Paying attention to proper nutrition: It is recommended to consume foods rich in calcium, vitamins, and proteins, as well as acidic foods and colored drinks in limited quantities to maintain permanent teeth installations in good condition for as long as possible.
  3. Maintaining the cleanliness of permanent installations: Patients must maintain the cleanliness of permanent installations using dental floss or specialized toothbrushes to remove plaque and dirt that are difficult to reach with a regular brush.
  4. Following the doctor’s instructions: Patients should adhere to the dentist’s instructions related to caring for permanent teeth installations, such as avoiding inappropriate nutrition and some bad habits such as chewing on ice.
  5. Regular visits to the dentist: Patients should visit the dentist regularly for routine examinations and maintain permanent teeth installations in good health, as the doctor can detect any problems and treat them before they worsen.

Enjoy renewed confidence and a charming smile through the method of installing permanent teeth, provided to you by the best doctors and technologies at the Dental Center.

How successful is permanent teeth installation?

Permanent teeth installation consists of several stages, starting from the initial assessment of the patient’s condition and identifying the main problem, to determining the best treatment option, whether that be implantation or bridge installation.

It is important that the installation is carried out by a specialized and qualified dentist, as you can achieve excellent results and meet your individual needs.

In addition, the success of permanent teeth installation largely depends on the health of the person receiving the implants, and the medications being taken that can affect bone healing chances,

and the health of the tissues in the mouth.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid bad habits such as smoking and avoid certain medications that can negatively affect the results of the installation. Over time, regular analysis and medical examination can help evaluate the success of permanent teeth installation and address any issues that appear early.

To learn more about temporary teeth installation click here.

Do permanent teeth installations appear like natural teeth?

Yes, scientific studies indicate that permanent teeth installations can remarkably match the appearance of natural teeth, thanks to modern techniques in designing and manufacturing these installations, in addition to using high-quality and advanced materials.

The specialized doctor provides assistance in choosing the materials that suit the patient’s condition, and ensuring a complete match between the permanent teeth and the surrounding natural teeth.

People who use permanent teeth installations enjoy several benefits, including comfort and a complete match with the neighboring natural teeth, as well as aesthetic similarity to natural teeth. Permanent installations can also help in treating cases of malocclusion and improving the function of the jaws and controlling the movement of the teeth.

Embark on a journey of beauty and confidence with permanent teeth installation, and enjoy the stability and natural appearance provided to you by our specialized experts at the Dental Center.

Do permanent teeth installations appear like natural teeth?

Do permanent teeth installations appear like natural teeth?

Are there side effects to permanent teeth installation?

Yes, among the most prominent side effects that can occur as a result of permanent teeth installation are sensitivity to natural teeth causing severe pain in the mouth, as well as strong pain in the jaw joint in case the installation is elevated above the level of natural teeth, which may require the removal of the nerve of the natural tooth during installation.

This type of installation may also have other side effects such as gaps between the installation and the teeth causing accumulation of food residues and difficulty in speaking and talking, in addition to increased saliva secretion in the mouth.

Although most of these side effects are not serious and range from moderate to mild in severity, it is important to conduct the appropriate diagnosis and treatment, and ensure that dental installations are used safely and effectively in maintaining oral and dental health.

How much does permanent teeth installation cost?

The prices determined for permanent teeth installation vary greatly, due to many factors affecting the cost of this treatment, for example, the cost of permanent teeth installation for porcelain ranges between 2000 and 3000 Egyptian pounds, while the price of zirconia permanent teeth installation is about 2850 Egyptian pounds.

Permanent teeth installation is considered less expensive in Egypt among types of permanent installations, with the price reaching up to 7000 Egyptian pounds, making it a very popular option

for treating dental problems and providing permanent results for patients.

Best Medical Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

The Dental Center located in Nasr City is considered one of the best medical centers in the world in providing cosmetic dentistry services. The center includes a group of the most skilled dentists specialized in dentistry, in addition to the latest medical technologies and tools used for treatment and beautification.

The services of the Dental Center are comprehensive and varied, including teeth whitening treatments, zirconia installation, and correcting spaces between teeth, in addition to installing other installations that reshape the teeth and make them look more beautiful and more similar to the individual’s natural appearance.

The Dental Center  is unique in providing dental treatment with laser technology so that the modern technique is used to treat teeth without pain, making patients feel comfortable and reassured during treatment.

Best Medical Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

Best Medical Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

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