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How to install moving veneers? How much does it cost at the dental center ?

Method of Installing Removable Veneers, The installation of removable veneers is among the technologies that help in solving many dental problems while considering their aesthetic appearance. Due to the search for it by many patients and the recommendation of specialists in most cases, this article will discuss the details about it in terms of the method of installation, its uses, the materials used in its manufacture, the cases that need it, its advantages, potential disadvantages, and its cost in various centers and clinics.

Method of Installing Removable Veneers

Method of Installing Removable Veneers

Method of Installing Removable Veneers

The installation of removable veneers is one of the best cosmetic methods that work to hide various dental problems whether they are gaps resulting from falling or extracting teeth, decay, cracks, or pigmentation spots on their surface. The installation process is carried out after a medical examination of the teeth and mouth and resorting to medical examinations and X-rays that clarify any possible problems inside the mouth cavity.

It is necessary to treat these problems, especially tooth and gum inflammations before installing veneers. In case of a healthy and sound mouth, the doctor takes measurements of the patient’s teeth to make veneer molds similar to them. The veneer installation session takes place 3 weeks after the mouth and teeth preparation session. Beauty starts from the inside and is embodied in your smile, choose removable veneer installation to achieve a noticeable improvement and attention to beauty details with The Dental Center .

What are the Uses of Veneers for Teeth

Dental veneers treat many medical conditions and get rid of many psychological problems that may occur as a result of a lack of self-confidence in the patient due to the poor appearance of the teeth. The uses of veneers for teeth could be one of the following possibilities:

  • Treating problems of pigmentation spots that appear on the surface of the teeth.
  • Hiding any cracks or fractures that appear on the surface of the teeth.
  • Treating tooth fractures.
  • Giving the teeth their shine and luster.
  • Maintaining the overall good appearance of the patient.
  • Filling the large gaps and spaces between the teeth and each other.
How is Removable Veneer for Teeth Installed?

How is Removable Veneer for Teeth Installed?

How is Removable Veneer for Teeth Installed?

The process of installing removable veneers is not among the techniques that are difficult to apply but could be among the cosmetic methods that require some time to be perfectly completed. There are many steps that can be followed to ensure the success of installing veneers on the teeth that need them. The steps of installing veneers are as follows:

  • After medical examination and X-ray examination and determining the treatment by installing veneers, any possible problems in the mouth are treated.
  • After healing any inflammations or diseases related to the teeth or gums in the mouth, measurements of the patient’s teeth are taken using chemical materials and wax molds.
  • Providing the measurements to the dental lab to make similar fittings.
  • Cleaning the teeth well from any infection that might be stuck on their surface.
  • Fixing the veneer fittings on the surface of the teeth, and you can find out how to install veneers and the best center that does this through this article.

Are teeth cooled in removable veneers?

No, removable veneers are temporary tooth arrangements that can be removed and reinstalled again, so they do not require tooth cooling or removal of any part of the enamel layer coating them, which has a positive effect on the teeth and does not affect their structure or damage their internal cavity while maintaining their outer surface from pigmentary changes as a result of eating foods and drinks that stain them with different colors or smoking frequently. Do not be afraid to smile confidently, as installing removable veneers at The Dental Center  can quickly and accurately renew the shape and beauty of your teeth.

What are the materials from which veneers are made?

Veneers from lenses or shells that are used for aesthetic purposes more than therapeutic purposes, so specialists in the fields of research and studies of various dental sciences were keen to manufacture them from ceramic materials that have many aesthetic properties that can be positively reflected on the general appearance of the teeth and give them their luster and shine. Among these materials that veneers are mostly made of are porcelain or emax and ceramic and resin. All these materials are characterized by transparency or similarity in color and shape to natural teeth in the mouth, which gives the teeth vitality and natural flowing shape. Because of this, it is preferred by many specialists in fillings, tooth installations, or different surgeons.

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What is the difference between removable and fixed veneers?

The ceramic tooth lenses that are installed and fixed on the surface of damaged teeth or those with health problems can be either removable or fixed. Both types are used to treat dental deformity problems and are made of shiny white cosmetic materials that match the natural tooth color in the mouth, but there are some differences between removable and fixed veneers that can be mentioned in the following points:

  • The thickness of the surface of fixed veneer shells reaches 0.5 cm and requires cooling the teeth and removing part of the enamel layer coating them, unlike removable veneer shells whose surface thickness does not exceed 0.2 cm and does not require the removal of any part of the tooth enamel.
  • Removable veneers give the patient the ideal smile easily and in a short period of time and at lower costs compared to fixed veneers.
  • Removable veneers are available in several shades such as white, pearlescent and ivory, which gives the doctor and patient many choices in order to determine the shade degree that matches the natural tooth color.
  • Removable veneers are made of copolyester material which is characterized by its ability to resist erosion, making it last long periods of time with the patient.
  • The teeth are prepared and the removable veneer is installed in just two sessions, compared to the fixed veneer which requires a tooth cooling session and sessions that treat dental problems, in addition to installation sessions.
  • The removable veneer requires some special care procedures when removing it, as it is soaked in a special medical solution for it in order to prevent bacterial growth on its surface, and care must be taken to brush it with a special silicon brush, in addition to cleaning it when brushing the teeth of the mouth as well.

Removable veneer care

The removable veneer is a technique that requires care in order to maintain it, but some special types may require a different kind of care than care procedures for other techniques. The procedures related to cleaning the removable veneer include:

  • Washing the installation with soap and water.
  • Soaking the installation in its special solution overnight.
  • Brushing the installation with a soft silicone brush made for it, which helps remove any food residues stuck to its surface.
  • Brushing the teeth, mouth and installation with toothpaste and a toothbrush.
  • Not pressing on the installation.
  • Avoid eating hard or solid foods.
  • Prevent foods or beverages that stain the teeth with different colors such as stimulants. Learn how to clean the veneer and details about its prices when reading this article.

Can you eat with removable veneers?

Yes, the patient can eat with removable veneers if he does not feel uncomfortable and gets used to it for a few days after the procedure, so we notice cases that start eating different types of food on the installation or area where it was placed. But dental specialists often advise patients not to eat on it, as well as remove it when eating so that no food residues or deposits from carbonated and sweetened drinks stick to it, which helps not affect its shape and color and give it the manufactured color.

Can you get a veneer if you have a missing tooth?

Yes, there are many purposes or goals that removable veneers seek to achieve and provide comfort to customers, and one of these goals is the installation of removable veneers that help fill gaps between teeth or replace extracted or fallen teeth as a result of damage or different infections. They can be very effective compared to fixed bridges, which helps them give the patient aesthetic appearance and improve their psychology.

Do removable veneers look natural?

No, the removable veneer is a single mold for all the teeth of the jaw made of plastic material and there are no gaps between the teeth and each other, which does not make the overall appearance natural and makes it easy to distinguish between it and natural teeth. The removable veneer installation technique allows for invisible correction of enamel discolorations and damage, to get a perfect smile with The Dental Center .

Who are the candidates for installing removable veneers?

Who are the candidates for installing removable veneers?

Who are the candidates for installing removable veneers?

Removable veneers suit all medical conditions with their different health statuses and ages, but there are some cases for which removable veneer installation is the ideal solution for them and there is no alternative, represented in the following cases:

  • Cases that suffer from gaps between them and each other.
  • Cases that suffer from tooth loss or falling out.
  • Cases that suffer from crowding of teeth in the gums and their growth over each other.
  • Cases that suffer from the presence of pigmentary spots on their surface that do not respond to tooth whitening techniques.
  • Cases that suffer from lack of coordination of teeth with each other in shape and size.
  • Patients with short or small teeth.
  • Cases of cracks in the tooth structure or the appearance of cracks in them.

What are the advantages of removable veneers?

There are many advantages of removable veneer installations that can benefit the patient, which can be listed as follows:

  • Simple cost compared to other techniques that require high costs.
  • Easy to implement and quick results.
  • Can be one of the techniques used before installing traditional veneers.
  • Do not require any preparations or procedures before installation.
  • An alternative solution for cases that do not have the conditions for tooth implantation or bridge installation.
  • Easy to remove and reinstall again.
  • Do not require any bonding materials to help them adhere to the teeth for installation.

What is the shelf life of a removable veneer?

A removable veneer can last with the patient for different periods of time depending on the extent of dental care and constantly cleaning them of any accumulations or bacteria, but the valid time period for installing it in the mouth in general is no less than 5 years.

How much do removable veneers cost?

Removable tooth veneers are among the techniques that work to solve dental appearance problems, and several factors control determining their price or cost, including professional experience, affected area, number of damaged teeth, in addition to the costs of sterilization methods and infection control, and medical techniques and devices used. Based on that, the cost for veneers for one jaw may reach 2500 EGP, while the upper and lower teeth together do not exceed 4000 EGP, and 3N veneers that do not require cooling start from 9000 EGP per tooth.

Disadvantages of removable veneers

The many advantages mentioned above in the article related to removable veneers do not negate the existence of some disadvantages associated with it that cause harm to the patient or negatively affect their dental health, including:

  • Not suitable for cases with crooked or moved teeth so that food does not accumulate between them, giving bacteria a chance to grow.
  • Requires very careful and somewhat exaggerated care, especially when removing it while sleeping or eating, which requires soaking it in a special solution for it and using a soft silicone brush that is only used when cleaning it.
  • Should not be worn when eating or drinking carbonated and stimulant drinks that may cause stains on its surface.
  • Signs of gingival inflammation and swelling appear in patients suffering from sensitivity problems or cause decay in tooth cavities due to the chance of bacterial growth between its surface and the surface of natural teeth.
  • A cosmetic technology, not a therapeutic one, that lasts no more than 5 years even with extreme care.

How was my experience with removable veneers?

The Dental Center is one of the centers that provide removable veneer services extensively and many patients from different parts of Cairo resort to it, especially the residents of Nasr City and New Cairo who are always looking to get ideal results that give them a beautiful appearance. Among the many experiences of the center’s patients with removable veneers, we will talk about Mrs. Nawal, who is 40 years old and suffers from dental gaps as a result of being exposed to various fractures, which caused the loss of some healthy natural teeth in the mouth.

When she went to the center and underwent a medical examination with one of the doctors, it was concluded to use the quick removable veneer solution that suits her financial capabilities. After agreeing between them, the doctor took measurements of her damaged teeth and chose the appropriate color degree for her, and within two weeks the removable veneer was installed, then after that she began to feel some normal side effects after the procedure which gradually disappear within a few simple days. Mrs. Nawal always recommends the center and installing removable veneers to any patient suffering from the same dental problems she was suffering from.

Best center for dental treatment and cosmetics

The Dental Center is one of the best medical centers that provide top-level dental cosmetics services in Cairo, especially for the residents of Nasr City and New Cairo who are always looking to get ideal results that give them a beautiful appearance. The center is distinguished by providing modern techniques using advanced laser devices in all services it provides to different medical cases of different ages, which ensures that patients get the desired results they want. In addition to the supervision of the most skilled specialized doctors and their assisting medical teams in providing these services to them, you can contact the center’s customer service team when visiting the center’s official website via this link

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