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Learn about teeth whitening lenses and the cases in which you need to install them

Teeth whitening lenses, teeth whitening is the goal that many patients or people have sought in recent years in order to get ideal sparkling white teeth, which is positively reflected in the general appearance, and one of the ways that help with this are lenses that come in various types and shapes, and in this article we will talk about teeth whitening lenses, their types, shelf life, the most effective cases for them, their special features and possible disadvantages, how to install them and many other information.

Teeth whitening lenses

Teeth whitening lenses

Teeth whitening lenses

Teeth whitening lenses are techniques that help get rid of any staining spots that appear on the tooth surface or gaps that may result from extracting or losing one of them, in addition to their ability to hide any crookedness or lack of symmetry in shape and size between them. These lenses are made of various raw aesthetic materials such as porcelain, emax and many others, and they are also available in different color shades to suit all patients, and it is possible that a number of veneers are installed based on the number of damaged teeth. The recent development in dentistry occasionally discovers other materials that can be used after proving their efficiency and quality in giving the desired functional and aesthetic results to the teeth. We will talk well about these materials and their properties in the next title in the article. Beauty that reflects the splendor of precision and dedication: Cosmetic teeth whitening lenses in our dental center skillfully combines them.

Types of teeth whitening lenses

Types of teeth whitening lenses

Types of teeth whitening lenses

There are types of teeth whitening lenses that help get rid of their flaws and deformities. These types provide an opportunity for the doctor and patient to choose what suits the dental health condition or damage to the teeth. These types can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Veneers: These are fixed lenses installed by the doctor in the clinic and cannot be removed by the patient or even the doctor unless they are damaged, scratched or cracked. This removal process does not occur easily in this case, but requires some techniques and chemicals that help the doctor do that.

The purpose of installing these lenses is to improve the smile and overall appearance of the teeth after removing part of the enamel layer covering them for good fixation, which is a painless procedure that does not require the patient to be sedated, which makes them easy to apply.

  • Lumineers: These are ceramic lenses made of porcelain, emax or ceramic as with veneers. They are similar veneers in all properties and method of installation except for thickness. The difference in thickness between veneers and lumineers makes the cooling step the only difference between them during application. These lenses give the teeth an attractive, smooth appearance.

Both types are characterized by strength and rigidity that help them withstand pressure and changes occurring in the patient’s mouth, which allows them to remain in the patient’s mouth cavity for many years, up to more than 10 years. The thickness of veneers does not exceed 0.5 mm, unlike lumineers which are thinner, with a thickness up to 0.2 mm. This difference is the reason that veneers require the removal of part of the enamel layer covering the teeth, while lumineers do not need that. Therefore, lumineers are the most preferred by most patients and doctors because of their increased safety and preservation of the tooth structure strong. Learn about pictures of dental lenses and details about their prices at the Dental Center through this article.

How long do dental lenses last?

Dental lenses are strong, rigid, and withstand many pressures and changes occurring in the oral cavity resulting from exposure to various foods, drinks, and friction between teeth when speaking. This is due to relying on sturdy ceramic raw materials that allow them to last for years up to 20 years or more if cared for properly by brushing them daily and using all special cleaning products for them.

Which is better, crowns or lenses?

Tooth veneers of both veneer and lumineer types are cosmetic techniques that help hide flaws and deformities of teeth, while crowns, which are usually caps, as well as bridges, their main role is to support the teeth, give them strength and rigidity in order to perform their various functional tasks while speaking or eating food, and protect dental fillings in their cavities, in addition to beautifying them and improving their appearance, which clarifies their therapeutic and aesthetic role in treating and repairing tooth defects.

Other points that clarify the difference between them is that lenses cover the anterior surface of the teeth, unlike crowns that cover the entire tooth structure. The thing they have in common is their ability to restore teeth and give them their attractive smile and improve their overall appearance. The doctor determines the appropriate method for the patient between them, as medical examinations and x-rays show how to treat the condition and the appropriate technique for its health status.

Cases that need teeth whitening lenses

Teeth whitening lenses treat many problems for many medical conditions. These problems include one of the following points:

  • Overcrowded teeth in the gums.
  • Teeth that are not uniform in shape and size.
  • White, gray and yellow stains on the tooth surface.
  • Gaps between teeth and each other, especially the front teeth.
  • Cases suffering from many problems in molars and back teeth.
Advantages of teeth whitening lenses

Advantages of teeth whitening lenses

Advantages of teeth whitening lenses

There are many advantages that teeth whitening lenses add to the patient, including:

  • Hide flaws and deformities of the front teeth.
  • Improve the overall appearance of the teeth.
  • Hide stains and discolorations on the tooth surface.
  • Fill the gaps between the teeth and each other.
  • Coordinate the shape, color and size of the teeth with each other. With The Dental Center, cosmetic teeth whitening lenses give you an irresistible smile.

Disadvantages of teeth whitening lenses

The many advantages of teeth whitening lenses do not prevent some damage they inflict on the patient. The disadvantages of teeth whitening lenses can be explained in the following points:

  • High financial cost makes them unsuitable for many medical conditions.
  • Cause weakness and fragility of teeth as a result of exposure to cooling and removal of part of the enamel layer covering their surface.
  • Cause tooth sensitivity to cold drinks and foods.
  • Tooth weakness makes them susceptible to decay and damage.
  • Do not treat dental health problems, they only improve their appearance.
  • Give a chance for food accumulation between them and the tooth surface, which gives bacteria a chance to grow and become infected.
  • Their color changes when eating foods and drinks that leave color on the tooth surface.
  • Easily broken when exposed to any pressure when eating hard foods or opening solid objects.
  • Easily detached due to the weakness of the adhesives used during installation.
  • Cracks and cracks occur if exposed to collisions when playing violent games.
Steps to install teeth whitening lenses

Steps to install teeth whitening lenses

Steps to install teeth whitening lenses

Teeth whitening lenses are installed in several steps that can be mentioned in some of the following points:

  • The initial medical examination that helps determine the condition of the patient’s teeth and gums.
  • Conducting medical examinations and dental x-rays that accurately show oral problems and help the doctor prescribe appropriate treatment for them.
  • If the doctor and patient agree on treatment by installing whitening lenses, measurements will be taken for the patient’s damaged teeth.
  • Giving the measurements to the lab in order to manufacture installations similar to these measurements.
  • Treating the mouth from any health problems related to the teeth or gums.
  • Cooling the teeth in case a lens type is used that requires it and preparing the mouth for the installations.
  • Testing the lenses and determining their suitability for the patient and making any necessary modifications for that.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the teeth and mouth before installing the lenses to ensure there are no food residues that could cause infection afterwards.
  • Installing the lenses on the tooth surface and directing a laser beam to fix them firmly in place. Learn about dental lens problems through this article.

How to care for teeth whitening lenses

There are some medical instructions that the doctor gives to the patient to help speed recovery and healing after lens installation and preserve them from any damage or problems that may affect them, and these instructions include:

  • Reduce hard or harsh foods that may put pressure on prosthetics.
  • Wear a mouthguard at night to prevent any damage to the teeth from grinding or when playing violent games.
  • Reduce tobacco.
  • Reduce stimulants, drinks and foods that stain teeth.
  • Use toothpastes containing baking soda.
  • Use floss and mouthwash to remove any food debris stuck between the teeth.
  • Brush your teeth daily once or twice at a minimum.

The difference between teeth whitening lenses and the Hollywood smile

Teeth whitening lenses are a cosmetic technique that works to hide flaws and deformities of the anterior tooth surface, but does not work to treat or repair them, unlike the Hollywood smile technique, which works to treat and beautify different dental problems. Teeth whitening lenses are a procedure that leads to a Hollywood smile.

Cost of teeth whitening lenses

Teeth whitening lenses are techniques governed by many factors when determining their prices in various specialized centers or clinics, such as the price of raw materials used in their manufacture or installation, and price variation according to dollar exchange rate fluctuations. In addition to the nature of the patient’s condition and the necessary procedures, the treating physician’s expertise, the cost of medical devices used in applying techniques, and sterilization methods followed. Taking these factors into account, the cost of teeth whitening lenses can range between 3000 and 5069 Egyptian pounds.

Best dental treatment and cosmetic center

The Dental Center is one of the best specialized centers for providing dental treatment and cosmetic services to get rid of any problems or defects you are suffering from. The center is keen to provide offers and discounts on all services for various age groups, which can be inquired about by clicking on this link. The center is distinguished by providing the latest therapeutic and cosmetic techniques recently developed by specialists and applying them using advanced laser devices while following sterilization methods agreed upon by specialized international institutions. A group of the most skilled dentists in the Arab world oversees all cases of the center, assisted by a top-trained nursing team. The center provides all its patients with safety and comfort during the wait, which does not exceed 10 minutes.

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