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Discover dental veneers without sculpting and what are their benefits?

Tooth veneers without shaving, Tooth veneers are one of the most commonly used techniques in recent times effectively in solving different dental problems, and these lenses include those that require teeth shaving and some others that do not require that, so we will talk in detail in this article about tooth veneers without shaving and define them and the difference between them and the veneers that require shaving or other cosmetic peelings and what are their advantages or disadvantages that may occur to the patient and their types and the installation steps followed.

Tooth veneers without shaving

Tooth veneers without shaving

Tooth veneers without shaving

Tooth veneers are one of the cosmetic methods that work to whiten the teeth and show their beauty and attractive appearance, in addition to hiding any defects that may suffer from, and these lenses differ in how to install them on the surface of the teeth, as there are types that require shaving and other types that do not require that, and the lenses that do not require grinding, which we will talk about in this article, are modern lenses that were discovered as a result of the huge technological development that took place in the field of dental medicine.

These are called lumineers, which differ from the traditional veneers that are commonly known and require shaving, and this article will explain the many differences between them and their impact on the health of the patient’s teeth and mouth.

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The difference between tooth veneers and the Hollywood smile

Tooth veneers and the Hollywood smile are among the techniques used to treat and correct dental problems and any deformities or defects that may appear on their surface, and the fundamental difference between them is that tooth veneers are a cosmetic procedure applied in order to get a Hollywood smile in the end, which clarifies that the purpose of the lenses is to beautify the teeth only and not to treat any problems or disorders unlike the steps and procedures of the Hollywood smile which explain that it is one of the techniques that work to treat teeth and their various health problems in addition to beautifying and hiding any defects or deformities in them.

Types of dental veneers

Types of dental veneers

Types of dental veneers

There are many types of dental veneers that have been used in recent times in various clinics and centers specializing in dental cosmetics, and they can be mentioned as follows:

  • Veneer

This type of veneer is characterized by being fixed installations, which requires shaving the teeth and removing part of the enamel layer covering them in order to fix these veneers or shells on their surface. These veneers are made of emax or porcelain and raw ceramic materials that have many cosmetic properties. Easy to install and do not cause pain to the patient, so it is possible to install them without the need to anesthetize the patient in some cases.

These lenses are suitable for cases suffering from gaps between teeth and some of them and others, or teeth that have been fractured and cracks or cracks appeared in their structure, in addition to cases suffering from discoloration of their teeth or the appearance of multicolored stains on their surface.

  • Lumineer

This type of veneer greatly resembles the veneer not only in the method of installation but also in the characteristics. This type was discovered recently by specialists after the technological development, which helps to give a bright glossy smile because of its similarity to natural teeth in color and shape. These veneers are thinner compared to the veneer, so they do not require shaving the teeth, which preserves their strong structure.

These lenses are made from the same raw materials that the veneers are made of, but the difference is that their thickness is 0.2 cm compared to the veneer, which has a thickness of 0.5 cm, and this is the main reason why the veneer requires shaving or grinding the teeth and the lumineer does not need that. Learn about the shape of tooth veneers through this article.

What are the benefits of tooth veneers without shaving?

What are the benefits of tooth veneers without shaving?

What are the benefits of tooth veneers without shaving?

There are benefits for the patient when installing tooth veneers without shaving that can be listed in the following points:

  1. Gives the patient his own attractive smile.
  2. Fast installation, it takes only two sessions.
  3. It is strongly attached to the tooth surface due to not shaving its surface, which is positively reflected in its continuation with the patient for many years without being affected or moving from its place.
  4. It has the same amount of strength and beauty as in veneers that require shaving.
  5. It is available in different degrees of white color, which gives the patient and doctor the opportunity to choose what suits the color of the teeth.
  6. It is characterized by a high degree of stability, which helps it to continue in the patient’s mouth for up to more than 10 years without being affected by any changes or pressures that may occur in the mouth.
  7. It does not cause any allergy symptoms to the teeth towards any type of drinks or foods due to lack of shaving.
  8. It does not require the patient to undergo anesthesia, which makes it suitable for patients who are allergic to various types of anesthesia.
  9. It can be removed and reinstalled at any time. A unique experience and specialized care when installing tooth veneers without shaving can be found at our dental center

Steps to install tooth veneers

There are steps that are followed in order to install the different types of tooth veneers, which can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Medical examination of the condition of the patient’s teeth and mouth in order to determine the problem that needs treatment and prescribe what suits it from different treatment methods.
  • When determining the type of veneers suitable for the patient and agreeing with him on the financial cost, the doctor takes measurements of his teeth in order to manufacture veneers that match them.
  • Giving measurements to the lab and working on preparing the teeth and mouth by prescribing the necessary treatment if the gums or teeth are infected with any health problems, in addition to shaving the teeth if the chosen type of veneer requires it.
  • After complete healing, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned in order to get rid of any food residues that may be stuck that provide an opportunity for the growth of bacteria and cause the spread of infection in the mouth.
  • Testing the veneers on the patient’s tooth surface in order to determine their suitability and making any necessary modifications.
  • Securing the installations on the tooth surface and directing a beam of light from the laser on them in case of using modern techniques when installed. Learn about tooth veneer cleaning methods through this article.

Tips when visiting the doctor and installing tooth veneers

It is customary that there are tips that should be followed after installing veneers, but it is possible to follow some advice before going to the doctor for medical examination and installation of veneers. These tips include informing the doctor of the medical history and knowing the health status of the teeth well and the possible treatments for them, and being aware of all the information regarding the installation of veneers when agreeing to them as a suitable treatment method and the results that can be obtained and their suitability for the patient’s expectations, in addition to reaching an agreement on the financial costs and the time required for treatment.

How long do tooth veneers without shaving last?

Tooth veneers are characterized by being manufactured from raw materials that are rugged and strong, in addition to the aesthetic appearance, so we notice their continuation for many years in the patient’s mouth despite the changes and pressures they are subjected to. Tooth veneers are diverse, including those that require shaving or not, but specialists have concluded that veneers that do not require shaving can last for a period of time close to 20 years without being damaged if cared for properly and cleaned periodically and adhering to medical instructions recommended by the doctor to the patient after installation.

Is it possible to go back on tooth veneers without shaving?

Yes, tooth veneers without shaving are techniques in which shells are installed on the tooth surface using adhesive materials or advanced laser techniques without the need for shaving or removing any part of their structure, so it is very easy to remove these veneers or shells later because they do not cause any problems for them and do not negatively affect them.

Are tooth veneers without shaving suitable for me?

The only person who can answer this question is the treating physician after the patient undergoes a medical and clinical examination, performs x-rays and various medical examinations that help him discover any diseases that his teeth or gums may suffer from, and there are some factors that also help the doctor make the decision to install suitable veneers for the patient, which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Clean teeth without any damage or decay.
  • Healthy and vibrant gums that can withstand the pressure of veneers when installed.
  • A healthy mouth that does not suffer from any problems or infection in its cavity or tissues.

The above conditions focus on obtaining a clean mouth that does not suffer from any problems, but not a mouth that does not suffer from deformities and defects because the role of veneers is to hide and treat these deformities, so a clear distinction must be made between the two concepts and not confuse between them.

Why choose to install tooth veneers without shaving?

Why choose to install tooth veneers without shaving?

Why choose to install tooth veneers without shaving?

Installing teeth without shaving is one of the gentlest and most scientific medical solutions in getting rid of the various problems that teeth suffer from, and it is possible to mention some of the problems that these veneers work to solve in the following points:

  • Gaps and large spaces between teeth.
  • Teeth with fractures and cracks.
  • Crooked and unevenly shaped and sized teeth.
  • Teeth whose color has changed or white, gray or yellow spots appeared on their surface.
  • Misalignment of the teeth of the two jaws on each other.
  • The unattractive appearance of the teeth and the pale smile and turning it into a bright and attractive smile after installation, which improves the aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

In addition to the previous points, which show the effectiveness and efficiency of these veneers in solving the various problems that affect the mouth, they can also work to radically change the texture of the teeth and make them more vibrant and radiant. And not causing the patient any pain and not having to undergo anesthesia when installing them, in addition to providing the flexibility required to use the number of shells needed by the patient based on the number of damaged teeth they have in the mouth.
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Instructions to Follow After Installing Veneers

There are some advice that the doctor obligates the patient with after installing veneers that don’t require filing or sculpting in order to maintain them for the longest possible period without being damaged, in addition to protecting the patient from any possible complications, and these instructions can be summarized in the following points:

  1. Brushing teeth daily and continuously with appropriate toothpaste and brush.
  2. Using dental floss and miswak to remove any debris stuck between the small spaces of the teeth.
  3. Avoiding stimulants and alcohol so as not to cause discoloration.
  4. Avoiding hard and tough foods as much as possible so as not to put pressure on dental appliances which leads to them being damaged or broken.
  5. Using fluoride-rich toothpaste to resist decay.
  6. Rinsing with the medicated mouthwash prescribed by the doctor to keep the teeth healthy and intact.

Veneers Price

Dental veneers are diverse and numerous, and some factors control their pricing such as the cost of raw materials used in their manufacture or used during installation, the dollar exchange rate that controls the cost of technologies used in treatment or medical devices that assist in that, in addition to sterilization method costs, the dentist’s experience and location of the clinic or office where treatment is received, the nature of the patient’s condition and necessary therapeutic procedures, and based on that or after taking these factors into account, the average cost of dental veneers can range between 3000 and 5069 Egyptian Pounds.

Disadvantages of tooth veneers without shaving

The advantages of tooth veneers without shaving are many and we mentioned them earlier in the article, but despite that, there are some damages that affect the patient, including:

  • Thin veneers do not suit teeth with crookedness, uneven structure or damage.
  • Transparent veneers do not suit teeth with yellow or gray spots.
  • Expensive compared to other veneers.
  • Do not withstand any collisions or violent blows, so they do not suit people who play violent games.
  • Requires a highly skilled doctor with high professional skill in order to install them because they require a lot of precision during installation.

The best center for dental treatment and cosmetics

The dental center is one of the best centers that provides medical services related to dental health and aims to repair their problems and beautify their defects, including veneers that do not require shaving, and currently offers discounts and promotions suitable for all age groups and various pathological conditions. You can contact customer service by clicking on this link to inquire and book.

The center guarantees patients the provision of modern technologies using advanced laser devices while following globally recognized sterilization methods, which gives the patient security and a sense of comfort, especially under the supervision of a elite group of doctors providing these services, and you can visit the official pages of the center on various social media sites in order to see the results of different cases of the center’s patients.

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