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Types of dental crowns and their different shapes!

Types of dental bridges, dental bridges are one of the types of fixed restorations that help compensate for missing and damaged teeth, but did you know that it has different types and shapes that we will get to know in some detail during the coming paragraphs, in addition to learning about the most important advantages and disadvantages provided to us by the dental bridge.

Types of dental bridges

Types of dental bridges

Types of dental bridges

Metal bridge coated with porcelain

  • It is characterized by durability and strength.
  • Suitable for installation on the posterior molars that need to withstand chewing and pressure loads.
  • It gives good aesthetic results but may be less transparent compared to porcelain only.

Porcelain bridge

  • It comes in two types: a metal bridge coated with porcelain and a full porcelain bridge.
  • It is characterized by durability and high strength.
  • It helps improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth and makes it look natural.
  • It does not cause tooth sensitivity.
  • It is preferable to use it in anterior tooth fillings due to its high stability.

Emax bridge

  • It is one of the best types of dental bridges.
  • It is characterized by a high degree of stability.
  • It is best to install it in anterior tooth fillings to achieve beauty and stability.

Resin bridge

  • It is considered less strong than the metal bridge.
  • It does not last for long periods and needs frequent replacement.
  • It is characterized by its low price compared to other types of dental bridges.

Remember that using a certain type of molar bridge requires an assessment by the dentist and a specialized recommendation according to your needs and the conditions your teeth need. Therefore, a dental specialist should be consulted before making a decision.

What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridges or dental crowns are one of the types of restorations used in dental treatment. Permanent dental bridges provide the final treatment and support and protection for the tooth after its preparation. The dental bridge is made according to the size and specifications of the treated tooth and the adjacent teeth. It is also fixed with a very strong adhesive to obtain sufficient stability and durability. The dental bridge is made of strong and rigid materials in order to withstand the effect and force of pressure from chewing and eating food.

Dental bridges are used to reinforce and protect severely decayed teeth that have been damaged and become fragile and prone to breaking. The dental bridge helps protect natural teeth and restore their function due to their rigidity and durability. In addition to that, dental bridges are also used to restore the natural shape of teeth again when fillings fail to do so.

In short, dental bridges are one of the treatment solutions used in dental treatment to improve the appearance and function of teeth and protect them from damage and fracture. Get your charming smile back with our high quality dental bridges at our specialized medical center for dental care.

If you want to read more about how to install a dental bridge click here.

Benefits of dental bridges

  1. Repair fractures: Dental bridges are used to repair fractures that may occur due to accidents. Dental bridges are an ideal option for rebuilding damaged teeth and restoring their function and natural appearance.
  2. Unify tooth color: Dental bridges are used to unify the color of teeth that may have changed due to decay or due to smoking cigarettes or drinking carbonated and coffee drinks. Dental bridges give the teeth radiance and a beautiful appearance.
  3. Treating children’s dental problems: Dental bridges help treat some of the dental problems faced by children such as decay. In addition, dental bridges help preserve children’s milk teeth until they are replaced.
  4. Reduce gaps between teeth: The aim of dental bridges is to reduce gaps between teeth, which contributes to improving the overall appearance of the teeth and enhancing self-confidence.
  5. Preserving treated teeth: The dental bridge is placed over teeth that have been treated with pulp fillings in order to preserve them for as long as possible.
  6. Cosmetic correction: Dental bridges also play a role in the cosmetic correction of teeth, allowing people to achieve a beautiful and harmonious smile.
  7. Decay resistant: The dental bridge is resistant to decay as it protects the teeth from erosion and damage caused by decay.
  8. Durability and durability: The dental bridge is characterized by durability and strength, which makes it able to withstand the pressures of biting and chewing efficiently.

In short, dental bridges are a common and useful solution for a variety of dental problems ranging from repairing fractures and unifying tooth color to treating children’s problems and helping preserve treated teeth. It is noteworthy that the use of dental bridges requires consultation with the dentist to determine the suitability and appropriateness for the individual’s condition.

Tips for maintaining the shape of the teeth bridge

Eat soft foods: In the days following the installation of the dental bridge, it is necessary to avoid eating hard and crunchy foods that require strong chewing. It is preferable to eat soft and easy to chew foods so that the dental bridge is not exposed to excessive pressure.

  1. Oral hygiene care: It is advisable to take good and regular care of oral and dental hygiene using appropriate brushing and toothpaste. The dental bridge should be gently and carefully cleaned to maintain its shape and durability in the long term. It is preferable to regularly use dental floss to reach tight spaces and remove food residues.
  2. Avoid sticky and rubbery foods: Eating these foods, which are caramel and nougat, may cause the dental bridge to change shape in the long run. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid eating these foods to maintain the shape of the bridge and avoid damage.
  3. Avoid bad habits: Some bad habits such as nail biting or using teeth to open packages can damage the dental bridge. It is best to avoid these harmful habits to maintain the shape and durability of the bridge.
  4. Have regular checkups: It is advisable to visit the dentist regularly to perform the necessary checks and evaluations for dental bridges. The dentist can provide important advice and make any necessary modifications to maintain the shape of the bridges and promote overall oral health.

By following these tips, people can maintain the shape of their tooth bridges, including porcelain bridges, and enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile for a long time. It is advisable to comply with the dentist’s instructions and take daily care of the teeth to maintain overall oral health.

Advanced techniques and long experience in installing dental bridges for a more attractive smile at our dental care center.

Tips to maintain dental bridge shape

Tips to maintain dental bridge shape

Dental bridge price in Egypt 2023

The price of dental bridges in Egypt for 2023 varies between different types. The price of zirconia dental bridges starts from 3000 Egyptian pounds, while the price of Emax dental bridges starts from 4000 Egyptian pounds. For porcelain dental bridges, their price starts from 1000 Egyptian pounds.

It should be noted that dental bridges are not permanently durable, but by following the instructions provided by the doctor, their usage period can be extended and potential drawbacks avoided. It should also be known that the price of dental bridges in Egypt may be affected by several factors, such as the shape of the bridge and the type of materials used in its manufacture.

Who is the ideal candidate for installing a dental bridge

The ideal candidate for installing a dental bridge is a person suffering from severe tooth damage due to a particular accident or tooth structure damage. These people suffer from problems such as broken teeth, erosion of the outer layer of teeth, loss of teeth, or erosion of old fillings.

In addition, the ideal candidate for installing a dental bridge may have a desire to improve the appearance of their teeth and restore their beautiful smile. The ideal candidate for these procedures is determined by the dentist based on a comprehensive assessment of the dental condition and patient needs.

Protect your teeth and increase your self-confidence with our innovative dental bridge installation solutions at our specialized dental care center.

Alternatives to dental bridges

Scientific research has revealed that maintaining dental health has a major impact on overall health and personal beauty. In case of loss or severe damage of teeth, there is a need for alternatives to dental bridges that compensate for missing or damaged teeth and restore beautiful smiles and self-confidence. In this list, we will review 7 excellent dental bridge alternatives that suit different cases:

  1. Dental implants:
    Dental implants are one of the ideal alternatives to dental bridges, as this procedure installs artificial roots in the jaw, which replace the original roots of missing teeth, after which artificial teeth are installed on these artificial roots. Dental implants allow the mouth to fully regain its function and look exactly like natural teeth. For more information about dental implants and their cost click here.
  2. Fixed bridge:
    The fixed bridge is an excellent alternative to dental bridges, especially in case of loss of one or more teeth. The bridge installs an artificial structure that is tightened on the teeth adjacent to the gap, giving you stable and more stable teeth.
  3. Direct filling:
    Direct filling can be considered an excellent cosmetic alternative for damaged or broken teeth, as suitable materials are used to fill holes or restore damaged teeth. Thus, their shape and function are remarkably restored.
  4. Tooth veneers:
    Tooth veneers are an ideal alternative for discolored or deformed teeth as they are made of a thin material such as ceramic or composite resin, and permanently cover the anterior teeth allowing tooth veneers to achieve a beautiful and proportionate smile with the oral structure.
  5. Partial dentures:
    Partial dentures are ideal alternatives to dental bridges in case of loss of several teeth. They are fixed to the remaining teeth using clips and braces to restore the natural function of multiple missing teeth.
  6. Full dentures:
    Full dentures are used as an alternative to dental bridges in case of loss of all teeth, as these dentures consist of carefully designed artificial teeth placed in a base that is installed on the gums, with full dentures restoring the smile and self-confidence of people who have lost all their teeth.
  7. Orthodontics:
    In case of uneven or loose teeth, orthodontics is an excellent alternative to dental bridges, as orthodontics works to correct defects such as fractures, gaps and poor alignment to give you straight and beautiful teeth. For more information related to orthodontic installation and its price, you can read this article.

These dental bridge alternatives show that there are diverse and innovative solutions that help improve dental health and restore beautiful smiles and self-confidence. Statistics indicate that people prefer these alternatives as a better solution to dental problems they may face. So do not hesitate to consult your dentist to determine the ideal alternative to dental bridges that suits your condition and needs.

Alternatives to dental bridges

Alternatives to dental bridges

Best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetics

The Dental Care Medical Center is one of the best medical centers in the field of dental treatment and cosmetics in Egypt, as this medical center was established with a vision aimed at becoming one of the best dental medicine centers in Egypt, by providing distinguished dental health services in Egypt and the Arab world while providing the latest technologies and most luxurious dental medicine comforts.

This center is distinguished by providing a variety of health services related to teeth, including orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment, and dental restorations, including fixed and removable restorations, in addition to dental implants and whitening, and the latest dental medicine technologies.

In addition, the center is distinguished by providing comprehensive medical solutions for patients, as it allows them to choose the best cosmetic dentist, within the framework of providing integrated dental services in the best clinics and medical centers in Egypt.

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