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Discover the types of fixed dentures and their importance!

Types of Fixed Dental Prostheses, Achieving excellent dental health and leading patients to complete recovery from crises begins with appropriate treatment, which are dental prostheses that greatly improve your teeth. Therefore, we present to you complete information about it in this article.

Types of Fixed Dental Prostheses

Types of Fixed Dental Prostheses

Types of Fixed Dental Prostheses

Fixed dental prostheses are an effective solution for various dental problems. These prostheses are used to cover completely damaged or sequentially lost teeth and offer a permanent and sustainable solution for patients. In this article, we will review the best types of fixed dental prostheses.

  1. Porcelain Prostheses:
    Porcelain prostheses are among the most famous types of fixed dental prostheses, characterized by durability and a natural appearance resembling the original teeth. Modern technology is used in their design and manufacturing, making them resistant to wear and damage over time. They also provide an ideal barrier for teeth and enhance the color and aesthetic shape of the smile.
  2. Zirconium Prostheses:
    Zirconium prostheses are modern and innovative options for fixed dental prostheses, characterized by their high strength and resistance to breakage, making them ideal for front facades and teeth that are exposed to stronger biting and pressure. In addition, zirconium prostheses offer a natural and suitable appearance for adjacent teeth.
  3. E-max Prostheses:
    E-max prostheses are among thedurability, and ability to withstand. They help in achieving oral stability and balance and enhance the normal function of teeth and jaws. The prostheses vary in terms of the different layers of the material used, providing a natural appearance and excellent results.

In the end, choosing the right type of dental prosthesis is a personal matter that requires consultation with a specialized dentist. The dentist can evaluate your condition and needs and suggest the optimal solution.

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The Importance of Dental Prostheses

Dental prostheses are important procedures in the field of dentistry and cosmetics, playing a significant role in solving various dental problems. Losing teeth can have a negative impact on overall health and psychological well-being, potentially causing problems in digestion, speech, and other oral functions.

Thus, the installation of artificial teeth is of great importance in their ability to correct these problems. In addition, artificial teeth enhance oral function and improve the aesthetic appearance of the face and mouth, enabling proper chewing and swallowing. Dental Prosthesis Techniques are characterized by their variety and advancement, using high-quality materials and advanced technologies to ensure the restoration of oral functions naturally and reshaping the smile.

Fixed Dental Prostheses in the Past

Historically, fixed dental prostheses used a metal core covered with a layer of porcelain “color”, suffering from unnatural color reflection due to the metal blocking the light falling on them.

When light falls on a tooth, three things happen: the natural transparency of the tooth fades, the tooth appears pale, and the tooth loses its luster and naturalness. These issues made old fixed dental prostheses aesthetically unsatisfying and unnatural. Fortunately, there has been significant progress in cosmetic dentistry and dental prosthetics.

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Fixed Dental Prostheses in the Past

Fixed Dental Prostheses in the Past

Modern Fixed Dental Prostheses

Modern fixed dental prostheses are an effective solution for many dental issues, characterized by being permanently fixed in the mouth using advanced medical techniques. Fixed Dental Prostheses include several options such as dental bridges, crowns, and implants.

These prostheses provide stability and help restore normal oral functions, in addition to improving the aesthetic appearance of the smile. Modern fixed dental prostheses offer strong, multiple benefits and are an ideal solution for those suffering from dental problems and seeking to regain a healthy and beautiful smile.

What Are Fixed Dental Prostheses?

Fixed dental prostheses are a common treatment used to compensate for missing or damaged teeth. These prostheses involve fitting different fixtures in the mouth that can only be removed by a dentist and consist of various forms, including crowns used to cover damaged teeth or molars to restore them and ensure their longevity.

The feasibility of these prostheses for an individual depends on their overall health condition, thus requiring consultation with a dentist to evaluate the situation and make the appropriate decision based on need. With proper care and adherence to necessary advice, fixed dental prostheses can last longer and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

What Are the Conditions for Fixed Dental Prosthesis Procedures?

The process of installing fixed dental prostheses is an important medical procedure that requires adherence to strict rules to ensure the operation’s success and achieve desired results. Here are some basic conditions that must be met for this type of treatment:

  1. Oral and dental health: The gums and other teeth must be in good health before starting the fixed dental prostheses process. If there are any problems with the mouth and teeth, such as decay or inflammation, they must be treated first before proceeding.
  2. Jawbone mass: There must be sufficient bone mass in the jaws to support the fixed dental prostheses. Typically, an X-ray examination is conducted to determine the bone level and evaluate the possibility of the procedure.
  3. Patient’s commitment to oral care: The patient must commit to good oral care after installing fixed dental prostheses. This includes regular teeth cleaning and using appropriate materials to care for the operation and maintain dental and gum health.
  4. Consultation with a specialist doctor: Consulting a specialized dentist before the fixed dental prostheses process is necessary. The dentist will evaluate the oral condition and determine if this treatment is suitable for the patient and the steps to be taken.
what are the conditions for fixed dental prosthesis procedure?

what are the conditions for fixed dental prosthesis procedure?

Problems with Fixed Dental Prostheses

Fixed dental prostheses can

face some problems that need to be considered. Initially, the patient might experience difficulty in speaking and talking naturally until they get used to the new teeth.

They may also face challenges in chewing or biting food in the days following the installation, especially if the prostheses are in the front part of the mouth. In this case, an increase in saliva secretion may occur in the first few days. Over time, these problems diminish, and the patient adapts to the new prostheses.

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How Much Does Fixed Dental Prosthesis Cost?

Installing fixed dental prostheses is a common step in rebuilding missing teeth. The cost of this procedure varies in the Middle East based on several factors. In Egypt, the price for installing front teeth prostheses starts from 3000 Egyptian pounds to 5000 Egyptian pounds for one jaw, and at the Dental Center, prices are suitable for all types of prostheses.

Duration of Fixed Dental Prostheses Installation

The duration of installing fixed dental prostheses usually requires two visits to the dentist. In the first visit, the dentist prepares the teeth for the prostheses, which can take from 50 to 90 minutes. Decay is removed if present, and the external part of the tooth is measured to ensure the crown fits properly and accurately.

Afterwards, the crown is built and the teeth are shaped if they need additional support. An impression model of

the teeth is taken using a digital scanner. In the second visit, the artificial crown is permanently affixed to the prepared teeth. This procedure must be executed with precision and expertise to ensure the stability of the crown and its beautiful appearance.

Duration of Fixed Dental Prostheses Installation

Duration of Fixed Dental Prostheses Installation

Best Medical Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetics

The cosmetic dentistry sector in Cairo, Egypt, is experiencing a significant increase in demand for dental cosmetic services, due to several factors including increased awareness of the importance of cosmetics and dental care among both men and women.

Amid this growing demand, many are seeking the best medical center for dental treatment and cosmetics in Cairo. Among these distinguished centers, the Dental  Center in Nasr City stands out.

The Dental Center” is indeed one of the best medical centers for dental treatment and cosmetics in Egypt. It is distinguished by offering everything a patient needs in terms of high-quality services and providing comprehensive dental care.

The Dental  Center offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry services, including teeth whitening, corrective prostheses, dental implants, and treatment of other cosmetic defects. These services are ideal for individuals looking to improve the appearance of their teeth and achieve a beautiful and attractive smile.

There are many other centers in Egypt that offer cosmetic dentistry services, and individuals seeking dental treatment and cosmetics are advised to check the reputation of the center and ensure it matches their needs and expectations.

Advice After Fixed Dental Prostheses

After undergoing fixed dental prostheses, special care is needed to maintain dental health. To assist with this, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Rahman, a specialist in dentistry and oral surgery, would like to offer some important advice. Here are five tips for taking care of your teeth after fixed dental prostheses:

  1. Clean between your teeth well using a WaterPik
    After fixed dental prostheses are installed, food and plaque can accumulate between the teeth and under the prostheses. Therefore, it is recommended to use a WaterPik to eliminate these residues effectively, as it cleans the teeth efficiently and helps maintain the cleanliness of both the prosthesis and adjacent teeth.
  2. Use a soft toothbrush and a rotating brush
    Using a soft toothbrush and a rotating brush is crucial for maintaining the health of the prosthesis and the gums. It is recommended to use them gently and in circular motions to clean the teeth and gums, focusing on the area around the prosthesis to remove any food residues or plaque.
  3. Use dental floss for effective cleaning between teeth
    Using dental floss is important after getting fixed dental prostheses. It is advised to gently pass the floss between the teeth to remove any food residues or plaque. Floss or suitable rubber thread for the prosthesis can be used.
  • Avoid sticky, crunchy, and hard foods
    To preserve the health of the prosthesis and adjacent teeth, it is best to avoid consuming sticky, crunchy, and hard foods, as these can cause damage to the prosthesis or lead to the accumulation of plaque and residues between the teeth.
  • Regularly visit the dentist
    Do not forget to regularly visit the dentist to evaluate the condition of the prosthesis and ensure its integrity. It is recommended to visit the dentist every six months for an examination and deep cleaning, which allows the dentist to detect any potential problems and take necessary measures.

Proper care and daily cleaning should be part of your daily routine after undergoing fixed dental prostheses. By following these tips, you can maintain the health of the prosthesis and teeth for a longer period and achieve a healthy smile.

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