Splendor and quality come together with zirconium dental lenses and the best prices in Egypt - المركز الطبي لرعاية الأسنان

Splendor and quality come together with zirconium dental lenses and the best prices in Egypt

Zirconium dental lenses, dental lenses Zirconium is one of the techniques that many specialized dentists have started to resort to in order to solve many problems that teeth face, and many patients have started looking for them in order to know all their details and know the extent to which they are compatible with their conditions. In this article, we will talk in detail about them, their composition, the necessary steps to install them, their types, their advantages and disadvantages, and their prices in various centers and clinics.

Zirconium dental lenses

Zirconium dental lenses

Zirconium dental lenses

The healthy smile is the goal that many people have recently sought in order to get the good general appearance that helps boost a person’s confidence while speaking and dealing with others and improve his psyche, in addition to the goal that many doctors seek, which is for their patients to get healthy, strong teeth free from problems and able to perform their functional tasks to the fullest, and zirconium dental lenses are what help give the patient’s teeth this strength and attractiveness.

Zirconium dental lenses are metallic structures or shells that are used in tooth restorations due to the strength and durability of this metal, which ensures that the teeth are not exposed to any damage or harm when biting and chewing food or friction between the teeth with each other when speaking. Zirconium tooth structures in our dental center  mean fully restoring tooth function and improving your daily quality of life.

What are zirconium tooth structures?

Zirconium tooth structures are made of zirconium or zirconium, especially tetragonal zirconium oxide, and this oxide is characterized by being white, which is used in the manufacture of many tooth structures such as crowns. This metal is characterized by having the same properties as titanium metal in terms of lightness in weight and strength. This unique composition of zirconium makes it one of the most suitable structures for the patient’s mouth due to its chemical inactivity and ability to resist oxidation and corrosion, which makes it safe. Learn more information about the composition of zirconium for teeth and its various different types through this article.

Types of zirconium teeth

Zirconium teeth have two important types that can be mentioned in the following points:

  1. Transparent zirconium: It is the most famous type that gives the teeth an attractive and beautiful appearance, which helps beautify the front teeth in particular. It is also characterized by strength, not only aesthetic appearance, which helps restore the position of the teeth.
  2. Solid zirconium: It is the type characterized by the durability that helps damaged, brittle and root-eroded teeth withstand changes in the mouth and perform their functional tasks. Therefore, it is more suitable for posterior and wisdom teeth than anterior.
The most important features of zirconium tooth structures

The most important features of zirconium tooth structures

The most important features of zirconium tooth structures

There are many benefits of zirconium tooth structures that many patients can benefit from, and these features can be clarified in the following points:

  • Strong and durable structures, which helps them last in the patient’s mouth for many years.
  • They have the ability to be modified in case any scratches or problems occur because they are raw materials that are easy to change their color or shape.
  • White in color, which makes it consistent with natural teeth.
  • Do not require scraping off a large layer of the tooth enamel.
  • Suitable for cases suffering from sensitivity to metal structures.
  • Its color does not change over time and does not change the color of the teeth in the mouth as well.
  • It does not react with the mouth content, which makes it safer compared to other structures.
  • Withstand the many pressures and changes that occur in the mouth.
  • It is characterized by the absence of an immune response from the body towards it due to its biological compatibility with the different mouth tissues.
  • It does not cause tooth sensitivity to cold and hot foods and drinks.
  • Easy to implement.
  • It does not contain a metal base.
  • It does not cause any unpleasant odors in the patient’s mouth. Get to know a future free of dental problems with zirconium tooth structures offered by our distinguished expertise in dental care at our dental center .
Cost of zirconium teeth

Cost of zirconium teeth

Cost of zirconium teeth

Zirconium teeth is one of the therapeutic and restorative techniques that work to solve various tooth problems between the gaps resulting from their fall or extraction, fractures or cracks that may appear on the tooth structure when exposed to collisions or violent shocks, in addition to decay that may cause damage to their cavity. Its cost depends entirely on the procedures required for each patient, as there are some cases that are simple or moderate in severity and do not require complex steps during installation, so the cost is not high for them, unlike complex cases that require treatment, examinations and preparation of the mouth before installation in addition to additional procedures during the installation step itself in order to ensure its success. When looking at this point, it is possible to deduce the main reason behind the cost fluctuation of zirconium teeth between 1500 and 4500 Egyptian pounds in various specialized centers and clinics.

The difference between zirconium and porcelain tooth structures

Tooth structures are made from different raw materials, including zirconium and porcelain. The differences between them can be described in order to know the differences between the structures made of them in the following points:

  • The cost of zirconium is more expensive than the cost of porcelain because zirconium is the newest metal discovered and used in various tooth structures.
  • Zirconium is one of the metals that lasts for long periods in the patient’s mouth and resists damage, which makes it difficult to damage.
  • The porcelain structure requires a metal base in order to install it well, unlike zirconium, which does not need this metal part in its installation.
  • It does not change the color of the gums, but keeps them fresh and vital, due to the lack of the metal base that causes discoloration of the gums when using porcelain structures.
  • Zirconium does not cause any harm to the teeth, but protects them from decay or the appearance of unpleasant odors, unlike porcelain, one of the most famous disadvantages of which is the appearance of foul odors in the mouth and decay of the tooth cavities.

Disadvantages of zirconium tooth veneers

Zirconium tooth veneers have many advantages, and despite this, some disadvantages have appeared that may negatively affect the patient. These disadvantages can be mentioned in the following points:

  • The teeth opposite the zirconium teeth in the mouth are prone to erosion and damage due to the hardness and strength of these structures, which affect the teeth of the mouth over time.
  • Decay symptoms may appear under these structures, so these structures require continuous follow-up with the treating physician in order to reassure them and resolve any problem that may face them early before more serious complications occur.
  • Its high cost compared to other structures.
Steps for installing zirconium tooth structures

Steps for installing zirconium tooth structures

Steps to install zirconium tooth structures

There are some procedures or steps that can be followed in order to obtain good zirconium tooth structures that help solve various tooth problems and greatly benefit the patient by improving his appearance and strengthening his teeth and performing their functional tasks. These steps can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Computer installation steps: This installation method provides accurate structures similar to the shape of the teeth and does not require any modifications by the doctor. It includes two very simple steps that are performed by giving orders to the computer, which are:
  1. Laser scanning of teeth.
  2. Manufacturing similar zirconium structures to the scanned teeth.
  • Manual installation steps: It is a traditional method performed manually by the doctor by taking measurements of the damaged teeth in the patient’s mouth using wax molds, then placing them in a device that works to manufacture, color them with the appropriate color for the natural color of the patient’s teeth, dry them, then fix their shape by placing them in a ceramic layer, then install them in the patient’s mouth.

How to choose the best medical center for installing zirconium teeth

There are many centers and clinics that provide various medical services for dental treatment and beauty, which provide various techniques and medical devices that help the patient get the desired results. But there are criteria that must be known in order to make sure that this center or clinic is good and the best among them. These criteria include the following points:

  • The practical experience possessed by the treating physician and the entire medical team of the center.
  • The techniques used in treatment, which the center announces or declares its availability, in addition to making sure of the results obtained by the modern devices that apply these techniques.

The best technique reached in zirconium structures is the advanced laser technology that is used in manufacturing zirconium, leading to accurate and high-quality structures. The dental center  includes the most famous and experienced doctors specializing in dental prosthetics, especially zirconium, who have enough craftsmanship to deal with structures and shape them in order to fix them properly.

Best clinic for dental treatment and beauty

The dental center in Cairo is one of the best centers that provide various medical and dental treatment and beauty services for the residents of New Cairo and Nasr City. This is due to the inclusion of an elite group of doctors with a high degree of professionalism and skill in various dental specialties, in addition to their assisting teams who have been trained to apply the latest techniques using the most advanced laser devices in the world while maintaining advanced sterilization and infection control methods. This ensures the patient’s safety and feeling comfortable and confident in obtaining the desired results, and you can learn about the latest discounts and offers offered by the center when you click on its official website by clicking here.

What are the ways to take care of dental prostheses made of zirconium material?

There are some medical instructions recommended by the doctor to the patient after dental prostheses made of zirconium, which help preserve these prostheses and protect them from damage or exposure to any potential problems. These dental care methods can be listed in the following points:

  • Drinking enough water because it contains a high percentage of fluoride.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Avoid foods and drinks that may stain and discolor teeth.
  • Rinsing with the medical rinse prescribed by the doctor in order to preserve the prostheses against decay or damage over time.
  • Brushing teeth daily with proper toothpaste and brush.
  • Using dental floss or thread or any cleaning tool that helps remove food debris stuck between teeth so as not to give bacteria a chance to grow and spread infection in the mouth. Learn about the cost of zirconium tooth installation in detail in various centers and clinics in Egypt through this article.

Zirconium teeth before and after

Before installing zirconium teeth, the doctor prepares the teeth for the prostheses and is careful to have a space on the tooth surface ranging between 0.5 mm and 2 mm so that the somewhat thick prostheses are firmly fixed to their surface. The doctor uses temporary crowns until it is time to use the permanent ones and advises the patient to be careful to thoroughly clean the teeth and mouth and adhere to any medical instructions or take medications on time.

After installing the zirconium teeth, the patient should adhere to the instructions for maintaining the cleanliness of the prostheses and teeth and knowing the nature of these prostheses in order to deal with them correctly. If anything wrong is felt, the treating physician should be consulted immediately in order to resolve any possible complications of the prostheses early before anything more serious happens later.

How much does a zirconium tooth installation cost?

The cost of installing a zirconium tooth is determined according to several factors that can be listed in the following points:

  • The location of the clinic or center.
  • Experience of the treating physician and assisting team.
  • Costs of the techniques used and medical devices that assist them.
  • Cost of sterilization and infection control methods followed.
  • The affected area and the extent of the damage and the number of affected teeth.
  • The price of raw materials used in manufacturing, installation or use.

After taking the above factors into account, the cost of installing a single zirconium tooth does not exceed 4500 Egyptian pounds, which is the most economical price compared to other types of prostheses made of eMax and porcelain.

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