Benefit from exclusive information about impacted dental surgery and discover how it is performed efficiently! - المركز الطبي لرعاية الأسنان

Benefit from exclusive information about impacted dental surgery and discover how it is performed efficiently!

Impacted Teeth Surgery, There are numerous surgeries related to teeth and the potential problems that may occur. These surgeries aim to treat any malfunction that occurs in the mouth or affects the teeth. Among these surgeries is the surgery for impacted teeth, which we will discuss in detail in this article. This will also include some important information about various dental surgeries in general.

Impacted Teeth Surgery

Impacted Teeth Surgery

Dental Surgery for Impacted Teeth

Teeth are among the most important areas that affect and are affected by the rest of the body parts; they are responsible for chewing food and preparing it for the stomach to digest without any problems. In addition to giving a cosmetic appearance to the face and maintaining the correct pronunciation of all letters and words, making their role important and vital both physically and psychologically.

There are many cases where teeth are severely damaged and suffer significant harm, requiring surgical intervention as medications are not sufficient for treatment. Among these severe cases are impacted teeth that require immediate removal to prevent impact on the gums, adjacent teeth, and causing damage to the mouth and soft tissues.

What is Impacted Teeth Surgery?

Impacted teeth are teeth that have partially appeared in the gums or have not appeared at all and are settled in the gum cavity within their bone tissues, causing some health problems in the mouth afterward. Wisdom teeth, which appear after the age of 18 years and after all permanent teeth have grown in the mouth, are the most common example of impacted teeth. X-rays are used to examine them and precisely locate their positions in the gums. There are several reasons for the emergence of impacted teeth summarized in the following points:

  • Genetic reasons due to some genetic factors in the individual’s DNA.
  • Small jaw size causing crowding of teeth in the gums.
  • Growth of teeth in a crooked manner, to know more about the reasons for crooked teeth read the following article here.
  • Presence of spaces between teeth.
  • Accidents and violent collisions causing fractures and cracks in the dental structure during their growth.
  • Teeth replacement problems of milk teeth with permanent teeth obstructing the permanent teeth’s breakthrough in the gums due to the milk teeth’s cohesion in the gums and their non-fall.

How to Prepare for Impacted Teeth Surgery?

The surgery for impacted teeth does not require a long time as it is completed in just half an hour. It is also one of the safest and most quality surgeries due to the satisfactory results obtained by all patients. The success of any surgical procedure does not only depend on the actions performed by the doctor but also requires some pre-operative preparations and medical guidelines that must be followed afterward. Therefore, we will display some points summarizing how to prepare for undergoing impacted teeth surgery as follows:

  • Follow up with a highly experienced professional doctor.
  • Undergo the necessary medical examinations before the operation to facilitate the doctor in determining the necessary procedures to complete the operation.
  • Take the medications that the doctor may prescribe before the operation to prepare the mouth and teeth for it.
  • Fast for 6 or 8 hours before the operation.
  • Eat light foods before starting fasting, we understand your concern when suffering from impacted tooth pain, let us ensure a comfortable and effective experience for you at The Dental Center.
How is Impacted Teeth Surgery Performed?

How is Impacted Teeth Surgery Performed?

How is Impacted Teeth Surgery Performed?

The process of removing impacted teeth is carried out in several steps which can be detailed in the following points:

  • Medical examination of the mouth and teeth thoroughly by the doctor with the help of X-rays.
  • Administering appropriate anesthesia to the patient, whether general or local anesthesia, after agreeing with the doctor to proceed with the operation.
  • Making an incision in the gum at the affected teeth to remove the tooth or the affected molar.
  • Removing the tooth or affected molar along with some surrounding bone tissue.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the affected area.
  • Closing the gum wound properly.
  • Protecting the wound with a piece of medical gauze.

How Do I Know I Have an Impacted Tooth?

There are some symptoms resulting from having an impacted tooth in addition to some diagnostic medical devices that help the doctor in understanding the nature of the case. The medical examination of the case can be done as follows:

    • The doctor’s observation of the patient’s mouth and teeth condition.
    • Examination of the mouth and teeth of the patient using X-rays and 3D imaging.
    • Appearance of some symptoms such as:
  1. Swelling of the jaw that includes this molar.
  2. Constant pain feeling.
  3. Difficulty moving mouth joints.
  4. Gum inflammation and the appearance of redness signs in the gum area surrounding the affected molar.
  5. Feeling of bitterness in the mouth.
  6. Appearance of bad smells, specialized dentists at The Dental Center ensure your
  7. comfort and safety during the treatment of the impacted tooth.

Does Impacted Teeth Surgery Hurt?

No, impacted teeth surgery is performed under anesthesia, which does not cause any pain sensation for the patient during the procedure. Doctors ensure the use of the latest technologies with advanced medical devices, causing no suffering or discomfort. However, some cases may experience some anesthesia and allergy symptoms after surgery represented in slight pain and swelling, but the doctor prescribes the necessary medications to control them within a few days,

Diagnosing Impacted Teeth

The specialized doctor conducts a visual examination of the patient’s teeth and mouth and then requests X-rays to clarify the details of the injury; to make a correct decision in determining the treatment technique for the patient after returning to him with the results and knowing his medical history. After listening to the symptoms and problems the patient is suffering from along with medical examination results, the doctor decides whether to proceed immediately with the operation or to wait after receiving some medications that prepare the mouth and teeth for surgery.

Tips for Dental Care After Impacted Teeth Surgery

Tips for Dental Care After Impacted Teeth Surgery

Tips for Dental Care After Impacted Teeth Surgery 

There are some medical guidelines that the patient must adhere to so that no health problems occur. These tips include the following:

      • Getting enough rest during the few days following the operation
      • Applying a cloth containing ice on the affected cheek to calm any swellings or bruises that may occur, in addition to reducing pain severity.
      • Pressing on the wound with a piece of gauze to somewhat control the bleeding.
      • Using a pillow to slightly elevate the head to prevent any pain in the wound.
      • Drinking water and liquids only during the day following the operation and avoiding any foods.
      • Once the doctor allows the patient to eat, adhere only to the permitted food list such as soft and tender foods that are easy to swallow without the need for chewing.
      • Avoid cold and hot foods and beverages.
      • Avoid spicy or seasoned foods to not irritate the wound and prevent its healing.
      • Avoid hard or tough foods that cause pressure on the wound.
      • Be cautious when eating to prevent food residues from accumulating between teeth or affecting the wound.
      • Avoid using straws when drinking liquids to not affect wound healing.
      • Adhere to painkillers that reduce pain and treat inflammations that may appear around the affected area.
      • Avoid exposure to cold air to not affect the wound or cause tooth sensitivity.
      • Adopt a sleeping position on the side as the best choice for the patient to feel comfortable.

The Latest Medical Devices for Dental Surgery

The technological advancement occurring in all fields of science, especially nanotechnology, has aided dentistry in discovering many advanced therapeutic and cosmetic techniques and inventing modern medical devices that assist in applying them with a high level of professionalism. Examples of some of the modern medical devices used in dental surgery include the following points:

      • Advanced cleaning methods of the center or clinic.
      • The medical service provided after the operation.
      • Advanced laser devices.
      • Devices for 3D dental and oral examination.

To learn more about the names of dental surgery tools click here.

What are the Possible Complications of Impacted Teeth Surgery?

What are the Possible Complications of Impacted Teeth Surgery?

What are the Possible Complications of Impacted Teeth Surgery?

Impacted teeth surgery is one of the safest procedures and does not cause any side effects on the patient’s health. However, some complications may appear in severe cases, which may include continuous bleeding for several days after the operation and the non-formation of a blood clot on the wound, or the appearance of inflammation signs in the affected area, constant discomfort and headaches, and imbalance, the appearance of some bruises on the affected cheek along with a fever.

The doctor prescribes some medications that control all these symptoms along with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that gradually reduce the severity of pain until these complications disappear completely.

Instructions After Impacted Teeth Surgery

There are some medical guidelines that the patient must follow to ensure the success of the operation and prevent any side effects that may negatively affect his health. Among these instructions are the following:

      • Getting enough sleep and complete rest during the 24 hours following the operation.
      • Avoiding smoking during the days following the operation.
      • Avoiding oral cleaning during the 24 hours following the operation, and it is possible to start brushing teeth and using different cleaning tools for the mouth and teeth afterward but with caution not to touch the surgery area.
      • Placing comfortable pillows under the head to ensure complete comfort for the jaw and mouth joints.
      • Eating only allowed foods which are usually easy to swallow and do not require chewing.
      • Drinking enough water and ensuring an increase in fluids intake.
      • Avoiding spitting to not cause damage to the wound and prevent its healing.
      • Applying cold compresses on the cheek of the affected area to reduce pain severity and minimize swelling symptoms.
      • Taking the medications prescribed by the doctor after surgery at their scheduled times.

Cost of Impacted Teeth Surgery

The cost of impacted teeth surgery reaches 1500 Egyptian pounds at The Dental Center, where the center offers a 20% discount on surgery during the current period. You can contact the center’s customer service team when visiting the official website through this link.

There are many factors that can control the determination of the cost of any medical service, including the prices of the raw materials used during surgery and the difference in prices with the fluctuation of the dollar rate, the professional experience of the doctor and the efficiency of the nursing team assisting him, and the sterilization methods followed when using the latest medical devices in applying modern techniques for treating and beautifying teeth.

Is Impacted Teeth Surgery Dangerous?

No, there is no danger to the patient’s life when undergoing impacted teeth surgery because it is performed using the latest surgical technologies and with the latest medical devices following global sterilization methods, ensuring patient safety and operation success with the immense professional experience that dentists in Egypt enjoy after the tremendous technological advancement in the field of dentistry and training all relevant and specialized competencies at the highest level of professionalism.

Does Dental Surgery Require Full Anesthesia?

Maybe, there are 3 types of anesthesia that can be used in different dental operations, and the doctor is the person who decides the appropriate type of anesthesia for the patient’s condition based on his health status and medical history. Therefore, the doctor may recommend general anesthesia for complicated cases requiring long periods such as Jaw surgeries and local anesthesia for other cases, especially during pregnancy, while sedatives are a suitable solution for moderate cases.

How Long Does Dental Surgery Take?

The time required for each dental operation depends on the nature of the procedures needed to complete it and the medical condition and history of the patient. Thus, jaw surgeries may take up to two hours, whereas dental implant operations do not exceed one hour, and most other surgeries only require half an hour to complete due to technological advancements that have contributed to reducing patients’ suffering and doctors’ fatigue.

The Best Center for Dental Treatment and Cosmetic

The Dental Center is one of the best medical centers contributing to providing all medical services related to numerous dental problems; to ensure patients achieve the desired results without trouble and at the simplest material costs amidst the current economic conditions suffered by all society segments.

Given the sensitivity of dental and oral diseases and their broad impact on all body organs and general health, it was necessary for the center’s officials to ensure what patients need without any losses. Therefore, the center provides the latest therapeutic and cosmetic techniques using the latest medical devices currently used in the Arab world along with following global sterilization methods.

The various services for patients are overseen by a medical team trained at the highest level of efficiency and professionalism from doctors and nursing. You can follow all official pages related to the center on various social media platforms to know the previous patients’ opinions about the center.

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